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10 REAL YouTube Beefs

While YouTubers are becoming known for staging fake feuds and pranks, there are some actual beefs that have been extremely entertaining. A lot of the people on this list loathe the type of fake YouTube videos and drama that has come with that.

A lot of these feuds are actually pretty one-sided as there will be examples of career ending drama. So strap in and check out our list of top 10 real YouTube feuds!

10. Keemstar vs. Leafy

We start off this list with probably the two least likable members on this list (or on YouTube in general). Keemstar is the host of the show that follows the fights on this list, DramaAlert, and has gone from reporting on the “news” to creating it by starting and participating in a seemingly non-stop littany of fights that seems to show his hyper vindictive nature.

LeafyisHere (as his channel is named) is one of many vloggers that made their name by bullying and insulting children. He rarely shows his face on camera but loves ripping on the appearances of children, some disabled.

Now, like many YouTubers, these two actually got along at one point in time but their relationship soured after Leafy found out that Keemstar had been speaking ill about him behind his back. After that Leafy decided to “expose” him by pointing out all the shady stuff that Keemstar had done up until that point.

Keemstar responded in typical by playing the victim while also attempting to take credit for Leafy’s success, saying he was the first big vlogger to shout him out. He also decided to “expose” Leafy by stating that he had been paying for bots on his channel.

This all culminated with Leafy claiming to have sued Keemstar. The latter spent entire episodes of Drama Alert celebrating Leafy’s supposed loss of subscribers. Either way, it went down as one of the grosser beefs in YouTube history with neither side really winning and the public not knowing who to root for.

9. Tana Mongeau vs. Freelee

Freelee is also called the “Banana Girl” because she claims to eat over 50 bananas a day, among other weird dieting habits — like not eating cooked food until after 4 pm. She’s one of the most popular vegan YouTubers and solid proof that you can find ANYTHING online.

She got into it with 17-year-old vlogger Tana Mongeau after Mongeau posted a video titled “How I Stay Skinny.” Apparently, that video rubbed Freelee the wrong way and she decided to use her platform to attack her.

Freelee starts by saying that one of her followers — she calls “fruit-bats” — asked her to talk about Tana. She said she liked Mongeau and thought she could “go vegan with a little encouragement.” Freelee says that Tana has a gigantic reach and it’s super important that she sends the right message to her young, mostly female fan-base.

Tana’s response to Freelee had almost four million clicks and Freelee’s only cracked 800k. Talk about an all-time backfire. Even fellow vegans shunned Freelee, calling her a “cyber bully”. Whoops.

8. Fousey Tube vs. Drama Alert/Killer Keemstar

If you haven’t noticed, the host of the hyper popular “news” show Drama Alert, “Killer” Keemstar is on this list a lot. There’s a reason for that and it’s expertly broken down below by idubbbzTV.

Despite the fact that the host of Drama Alert constantly says he keeps things “objective” and only reads the news during his show, he always seems to end up getting into pretty awful arguments with the people he covers. FouseyTube runs a couple of channels.

His most popular moment came when he staged a fake fight with fellow YouTuber RiceGum. They released a video in which it appeared that Gum had punched Tube in the face, although it was hard to see as the person holding the camera decided to have a seizure right before things actually went down.

Fousey and Rice released a followup video after the initial video went viral, stating that it was all staged and was essentially a commentary on the fake drama YouTube. For some reason this really bothered Keemstar, mostly because his entire brand is based on drama.

This feud was never resolved. Fousey basically said it was his goal to end Drama on Youtube and Keemstar continues to insult him on a regular basis.

7. h3h3productions vs. LeafyisHere

It’s sort of funny that these lists are comprised of a lot of similar channels that are all ending up beefing with one another. h3h3  — and it’s main host, Ethan Klein — is a perfect example. Ethan doesn’t play when it comes to people cyber bullying others, especially those with disabilities.

Ethan himself has tourette’s syndrome and took it personal when Leafy made fun of fellow YouTuber TommyNC2010. Leafy called Tommy the most “heroic fedora man in the world” while repeatedly saying “I don’t know if this guy is retarded or what.”

Turns out that Tommy has autism and the next day he posted a video of himself crying in reaction to Leafy’s video — not to mention the death threats he was receiving from Leafy’s fans. Ethan, like YouTube’s version of Batman, defended Tommy by destroying Leafy.

In his video titled “THE LEAFY RANT,” Ethan pointed out that Leafy only makes fun of children, the handicapped and those who can’t fight back. He called Leafy the most “the most dangerous cyber bully on YouTube.”

Leafy removed his video making fun of Tommy and created a “rebuttal.” He stated that Ethan actually DM’d him and complimented his “style.”

Unlike most YouTube battles, this ended up creating a permanent change. Leafy from that point forward put a disclaimer on all of his videos telling his fan base not to “witch-hunt” anyone he talks about. 

6. h3h3 vs. Matt Hoss

This probably should be higher on the list because of the fallout. Essentially, h3h3 routinely make videos in which they sometimes watch the videos of other YouTubers and either mock them or just generally discuss them. This isn’t really any different than 99 per cent of “reaction” videos — just ask the Fine Brothers and their React World program.

However, when Ethan and Hila decided to make fun of Matt Hoss from the MattHossZone, Ross sued them for using his content to make money. The lawsuit was filed in April 2016 and was only resolved this year.

Hoss  — whose real last name is Hosseinzadeh — claimed that he originally attempted to contact h3h3 to “politely ask them to remove [his] content from their channel” as they weren’t following the rules of “fair use.” Had Hoss won, it would’ve completely changed the YouTube landscape and “react” videos as a concept.

Luckily for h3h3 and thousands of YouTubers — who helped raise funds for h3h3’s legal fees — the judge found that h3h3 did in fact follow “fair use as a matter of law.”

5. Matthew Santoro vs. Nicole Arbor

One of the sadder and strangest entries on this list is the end of the relationship between famous YouTubers Matthew Santoro and Nicole Arbor. Now, if you’re not familiar with Arbor she’s universally loathed as the author and performer of the “Dear Fat People” video.

That video went viral for all the wrong reasons even though she claimed she was only doing “satire.” So when Matthew Santoro, a YouTuber who focuses on listicles, posted a video about the emotional and physical abuse he had experienced during a recent relationship, people took it at face value.

Especially considering the fact that Santoro started crying during his story. People really thought Santoro just got out of a terrible relationship — with Nicole. Arbor released a video in response to Santoro’s and ripped him to shreds. In it, she claimed that Santoro had mental problems and was making the entire thing up.

Arbor also posted a video she thought was private and deleted it almost immediately. Titled “Dear Matt,” she apologized for doing everything he accused her of. While he said he broke up with her, she claimed that she was the one who dumped him. Tweets like this may have helped Matt’s case:

Either way you slice it, Nicole already had a bad reputation from the videos she’d made  — she followed up “Dear Fat People” with “Dear Black People”, and even had a black person in it. This situation with Santoro basically killed any chance she had of redeeming herself. 

4. h3h3productions vs. Joey Salads

h3h3productions may be the most respected Youtube channel there is. It’s comprised of husband and wife Ethan and Hila. Ethan (and Hila) has positioned himself as a moral arbitor on YouTube.

He doesn’t go out of his way to insult people, but when he sees something that makes YouTube look bad or that just makes the site in general worse, he can’t help himself. He goes after people that have no legs to stand on, morally.

His best effort ended up being a conversation that he had with Joey Salads, a right wing vlogger who attempts to prove his worldview by lying and staging video. One of Salads’ most popular videos was one where he went into a “black neighborhood” with an “All Lives Matter” sign and a “white neighborhood” with a “Black Lives Matter” sign.

Of course, the black pedestrians were upset with Salads while the white people either supported him or politely disagreed. To Ethan, this was Salads’ way of spreading hate. So, because he fears no man, Ethan had Salads on his show after routinely mocked him for weeks. The interview went amazing; Ethan backed Salads into a corner with his logic.

Salads said, verbatim, that the Black Lives Matter video was fake. Despite the fact that he was a proven fraud, his channel really hasn’t suffered much.

3. Keemstar vs. 62-Year-Old Widower

Keemstar has had a history of speaking before he thinks. His show is popular and influential on YouTube though. He has often used his platform to attack other people. He decided to go after a 62-year old Runescape video game player.

The streamer, named Tony, is a widower who spends his free time playing MMOs and streaming them on Twitch and other services. Somehow he ended up on Keemstar’s radar because he supposedly looked like a sex offender — who was actually still in jail had anyone bothered to look it up.

But because no one did look it up, Keem said that Tony was a pedophile that was playing video games to attract children. Out of nowhere, Tony was attacked by thousands of people and it got to the point where they made him cry on his live stream.

Afterwards, someone researched Tony’s background and proved he wasn’t the pedophile in question. Keemstar, while streaming later that night, began arguing with people. “How do you know it’s not that same dude,” he said. “They look the same? How do you know for sure?”

He then took about 30 seconds to Google Tony and immediately attempted to dodge any responsibility for almost ruining this man’s life. At first, he said it was his staff’s fault. He then said he felt awful and he wanted to give Tony $1,000 despite the fact that Tony could’ve sued him for a lot more than that.

Tony’s stream added nearly 100,000 followers after his name was cleared.

2. idubbbzTV vs. Keemstar

If there’s anyone who has thoroughly destroyed Keemstar it’s idubbbzTV. He makes videos about all sorts of subjects and has millions of subscribers and a ton of videos that have over 10 million views. If you were to type idubbbz into your browser, the first two auto-fill options are “idubbbzTV Leafy” and “idubbbzTV Keemstar” and that’s for good reason.

He has a recurring segment on his show titled “Content Cop.” He polices the content on YouTube while stating his opinion on either popular trends or people on the platform. After an intro where Keem fought a garden gnome, idubbbz opens by stating that he’s going to ignore Keemstar’s racist history.

Perhaps it’s due to the fact that idubbbz has also been called out for his use of the “N-word” but the two couldn’t be any different, in their usage of the word. Keemstar means it while idubbbz says it ironically or because he really just doesn’t care.

He accuses Keemstar of being a sociopath and does an almost clinical job of breaking down how his brain works. It’s brilliant and it’s vicious. Keemstar was utterly decimated to the point that perhaps for the first time ever he had nothing to say in response.

He responded that he liked idubbbz’ content and that he found it hilarious — focusing mostly on the gnome thing and ignoring the “sociopath” allegations. This was a beef in the same way that a 747 hitting a bird is a collision and would’ve been the top expose on Youtube if not for the number one spot on this list!

1. idubbbzTV vs. LeafyisHere

idubbbz’s most popular “Content Cop” episode was about LeafyisHere. Now, unlike Keemstar,  Leafy did muster a response.

Now, to understand this beef you have to understand how YouTube works. YouTube has the youngest demographics of any major social media site or site in general and because of that a lot of the content appeals to younger viewers. It’s pretty much replaced television for many people under the age of 15.

With that comes some users that are known for either creating diss tracks or being jerks in general — especially towards children. While Leafy claims it’s satire, he has said a lot of awful stuff about kids, some of whom are intellectually or physically challenged.

Also, he also tends to hide his face a lot, particularly the lower portion of his face and that’s all well and good but considering how “savage” he is regarding the looks of others you’d think that he’d be walking around looking like Brad Pitt. That’s really all idubbbz needed to go after Leafy.

idubbbz pointed out that Leafy has no chin and put up posters for a “Missing Chin” in his neighborhood. He spent time at a park giving away gifts to those who could pin the chin on Leafy’s face. Leafy tried to make a comeback but idubbbz’s savage video came out right around the time he started losing subscribers.

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