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10 Pringles Flavors That No One Ever Talks About (Part 3)


10 Pringles Flavors That No One Ever Talks About (Part 3)

Potato chips are the world’s favorite snack, and among the topmost brands of potato chips is Pringles. These addictive saddle-shaped potato chips come in a mind-boggling array of flavors, most that you might never even have heard of! Check out some unique Pringles flavors that no one ever talks about.

10. Cheeseburger

Is there anything more American than a good old cheeseburger? Cheeseburger is what most people around the world have come to associate American food with – toasted buns, juicy meat patty, melted cheese and a bunch of condiments, that’s a cheeseburger in a nutshell. Pringles decided to combine cheeseburgers with their signature saddle-shaped potato chips, and voila, Pringles Cheeseburger flavored potato chips were born! Introduced as a limited-time-only flavor, Pringles Cheeseburger chips come in the traditional Pringles tube packaging emblazoned with graphics of a cheeseburger with Pringles chips for the top and bottom bun! To give it an added American style, there’s also a blue checkered tablecloth under the burger. As for the taste of Pringles Cheeseburger, most people agree that these Pringles actually do taste like a real cheeseburger. Imagine mustard, ketchup, pickles and cheese and the tangy, sweet, cheesy flavor that they impart to a cheeseburger, that’s exactly what Pringles Cheeseburger potato chips taste like. The only thing missing is a smoky or meaty taste. Most consumers have stated that Pringles Cheeseburger reminded them of a Big Mac or a Burger King cheeseburger. Pringles advertised it as the flavor that had everything that you loved about cheeseburgers, but without all the mess associated with eating a cheeseburger. The all-American taste of Pringles Cheeseburger was a revelation to many Pringles fans since they were surprisingly very delicious. Even though this flavor was recalled in 2010 for a suspected Salmonella contamination at the plant where it was manufactured, Pringles Cheeseburger continued to enjoy much popularity in the U.S. and abroad.

9. Prawn Cocktail

Pringles’ take on the classic shrimp cocktail is Pringles Prawn Cocktail flavor. Reportedly created specifically for the UK market, Pringles Prawn Cocktail is a flavor whose popularity soon spread to the rest of Europe as well. As it became widely available across European countries like Belgium, Portugal, Greece, France, Sweden, Italy, etc., it became one of the popular Pringles flavors in that region. Many Pringles are seasonal variations of the standard ones, some are limited-time-only and yet some others are distributed in limited markets. Pringles Prawn Cocktail flavor is one such limited market area flavor. Imagine the tangy, spicy and seafood-y flavor of the classic prawn cocktail combined with the salty crunch of potato chips – that is what Pringles Prawn Cocktail tastes like! A lot of consumers have reported that Pringles Prawn Cocktail has a very strong flavor, and for some it was a little too spicy to handle. Pringles themselves describe it in a very colorful way – like someone went deep-sea diving but instead came back with a load of superb jumbo shrimp, which was then masterfully seasoned and grilled by a skilled chef, and finally served up with a tangy, sweet and spicy cocktail sauce to you! Even though the name of this Pringles flavor is ‘Prawn Cocktail’, there are no prawn or prawn-flavored seasonings on the ingredients list. It is even said to be suitable for vegetarians! This tasty Pringles flavor is very addictive and will go down very easily with your friends or family at a party, picnic or gathering. And if you don’t feel like sharing the strong yet tasty Prawn Cocktail flavored Pringles, we don’t blame you coz they are that addictive!

8. Cinnamon Sugar

Pringles really seems to love experimenting with the flavors of their potato chips. And they especially love creating flavors with clashing tastes and leave it to the consumer to decide the fate of that flavor. A prime example of this is the Pringles Cinnamon Sugar flavor! This limited-time-only flavor is part of the Pringles Tortillas range. Made from corn chips, Pringles Tortillas are lighter and heartier than regular Pringles potato chips. As for the Cinnamon Sugar flavor of Pringles Tortillas, you are hit with a delicious smell of cinnamon as soon as you open the tube, just like a box of your favorite cinnamon cereal. The sweet cinnamon aroma blends very well with the scent of corn. The taste of Pringles Cinnamon sugar is also very unique – sweetness of cinnamon sugar combined with the saltiness of the tortilla chips makes for a dynamite flavor combination! With paprika and dried black beans listed as one of the ingredients on Pringles Cinnamon Sugar, the chips are light like corn cereal and have a slight dusting of cinnamon sugar flavoring, giving them a very holiday-like feel. The overall taste is not too sweet, but a pleasant mixture of sweet and salty. The sugar and cinnamon tastes are not overpowering like in other cinnamon sugar flavored snacks. While most folks seem to love the taste of Pringles Cinnamon Sugar, not many liked their previously introduced Pringles Cinnamon & Sugar flavor that was a holiday flavor for the regular potato chips. Somehow the amalgamation of potato, cinnamon and sugar flavors did not go down well with Pringles customers. Full of flavor, with an aroma like that of cinnamon toast and the crunch of tortilla chips, enjoy Pringles Cinnamon Sugar chips all at once or save for later!

7. Soft-shell Crab

Like most other snack brands, Pringles does not hold back on introducing innovative flavors. From limited-time-only, seasonal, limited-market-only to street food editions, Pringles hold nothing back when trying to wow their loyal fans. And fans seem to lap up the flavors equally well. Whether they love the flavors or not, they will surely try them out at least once. Pringles introduced a flavor concept called a ‘limited-run’ flavor, and Pringles Soft-shell Crab is one such limited-run flavor. Limited-run flavors are those flavors that are introduced only in specific countries or regions. Pringles Soft-shell Crab was first introduced in the Asian markets in the early 2010s and did exceptionally well in Thailand. The delicious Soft-shell Crab flavor gets the Pringles signature treatment, making for an awesome snack. The tube of Pringles Soft-shell Crab has a vivid blue color with a picture of a soft-shell crab in the foreground. A faint crab-like aroma hits you when you open the tube. But the smell is neither strong nor offensive. Unlike the Pringles Seaweed flavor, there is no special coloring of the chips or flavoring. Pringles Soft-shell Crab chips look exactly like regular Pringles chips. But as soon you crunch down on a chip, you get the taste of crabmeat. Unlike many other seafood or meaty Pringles flavors, crab extract is actually listed as one of the ingredients on Pringles Soft-shell Crab packaging. Opinion is heavily divided on the likability of this Pringles flavor, some folks outright refuse to try it while many others didn’t think it was all that bad; some even liked it quite a bit because of its subtle crabmeat flavor. Seafood lovers especially seemed to like this Pringles flavor. Whatever your preference, Pringles Soft-shell Crab is definitely one of the most unique Pringles flavors ever!

6. Grand Canyon French Fries

Over the years, Pringles has wowed us with many creative flavors for their famous saddle-shaped potato chips. And some of their most unbelievable flavors seem to have been created for the Japanese market; case in point, Pringles Grand Canyon French Fries. Take a moment to let that sink in. If you’re as baffled as us about the nature of this Pringles flavor, you wouldn’t be alone. The most loyal Pringles fans have had difficulty understanding this flavor. One can only wonder about the thought process that went into creating this flavor. What’s even stranger is that the tube of this Pringles flavor has the picture of towering canyon-like monuments with a silhouette of a cowboy on a horse with a lasso in hand. What does it even mean? And how is this graphic supposed to convey anything about the flavor profile of these Pringles? Maybe Pringles created this flavor to confuse the customers and trick them into buying a pack so that they could uncover the mystery of the flavor themselves! Reportedly sold only in Japan, Pringles Grand Canyon French Fries is part of a series of Pringles flavors created to represent iconic foods of iconic locations like Pringles’ New Yorker’s Street Cheese Dog. But with Pringles Grand Canyon French Fries, there just doesn’t seem to be any logic. Firstly, what does the Grand Canyon have to do with French fries? Secondly, what do you make of potato chips flavored with French fries, which is literally fried potato sticks? After you get over the confusion of this flavor, the actual taste of Pringles Grand Canyon French Fries will not surprise you very much. People who have tasted these Pringles report that it tastes a lot like ketchup. The ketchup dusting is prominent and some consumers even find it a little too strong. So, if you were thinking of dipping these French fry flavored chips in ketchup, it would be quite redundant. But if you’re a collector of novelty Pringles flavors, this is one flavor that you should definitely have.

5. Ketchup

Fried potatoes and ketchup is an unbeatable combination, whether it is in French fries and ketchup form or potato chips and ketchup form. In fact, many people are known to slather their potato chips in ketchup before chowing down on them. A handful of potato chips topped with ketchup also make for an irresistible sandwich, burger or hot dog topping. Now Pringles have given a ketchup twist to their iconic curved potato chips with the Pringles Ketchup flavored chips. First introduced in Europe and Canada, Pringles Ketchup chips reportedly made their way to the U.S. in 2017. In the maze of unbelievable Pringles flavors, we wonder why Pringles decided to wait for so long to come up with the ketchup flavor? Potato fries and ketchup – what’s not to love? The flavor of Pringles Ketchup is absolutely right – sweet, tangy and every bit like ketchup. Some even say that the flavor swings between canned tomato soup and potato chips dipped in ketchup. And if you’re out of ketchup to go with your Pringles Grand Canyon French Fries flavor (see #6 above), Pringles Ketchup chips might be the perfect combination to try together!

4. Lemon & Sesame

Another strange Pringles flavor from Japan, Pringles Lemon & Sesame is from the brand’s ‘Fruit & Nut’ collection. Possibly released in the early 2010s in selected regions of the world, notably Asia, Pringles Lemon & Sesame is a limited-run flavor. Though it claims to be from the Pringles’ ‘Fruit & Nut’ series, the combination of potato chips, lemon and sesame is quite an odd one and the flavor profile is quite hard to imagine until you actually taste it. Packaged in a bright blue signature Pringles tube with ‘Fruit & Nut’ branding at the top with a halved lemon and some sesame seeds zipping off a Pringles potato chip. The taste of Pringles Lemon & Sesame is quite lemony and most people report that the sesame flavor is hardly detectable. But most folks agree that the unusual combination of lemon, sesame and salty potato chips is surprisingly good. Though we’re still trying to figure out the intent of flavor-makers at Pringles in creating this weird ‘Fruit & Nut’ series of Pringles flavors, we can agree that Pringles Lemon & Sesame isn’t all that bad. If you can get your hands on a tube, you won’t be able to stop at just one chip!

3. Pecan Pie

A classic American dish, pie is the ultimate comfort food for most Americans. And flavors like pecan pie are iconic staples of every American kitchen, restaurant and diner. Pringles decided to pay homage to this legendary American pie and created the Pringles Pecan Pie flavor. This limited-time-only flavor was most probably introduced around the holidays since pecan pie is a well-loved American holiday treat. The chips do smell like pecan pie and the taste is also very much like a pie. It is a delectable sweet and salty combination of tastes derived from pecan pie flavoring and saltiness of potato chips. Pringles Pecan Pie does not have any nuts on the ingredients list, which is probably the reason why there is absolutely no nutty taste to this flavor. There is a maple syrup flavor along with the taste of buttered crust or waffles and just a tiny whiff of candied pecans, but no flavor overpowers the other. This sweet and salty snack is a perfect holiday treat and a must-try item for pecan pie lovers!

2. Bourbon Barbecue Chicken

Pringles Bourbon Barbecue Chicken is a limited-edition flavor that was marketed on the packaging as an ‘Exclusive flavor!’ Cheeky graphics of a barrel of bourbon with a Pringles chip grilling chicken legs on the barbecue was depicted on the tube of Pringles Bourbon Barbecue Chicken. Similar to previous barbecue flavors created by Pringles, this flavor is also pretty tasty and has a nice overall smoky taste. The smell when you open the tube is a pleasant barbecue smell and at first glance, the Pringles Bourbon Barbecue Chicken potato chips have a reddish dusting of the seasoning mix. The taste of the chips is both savory and sweet reminiscent of a fresh-off-the-grill flavor. There is also a detectable tang and a smoky flavor along with a little bit of chicken taste. The initial flavor is strong and intense but it soon recedes to the background and you are left with a slight heat and saltiness of the potato chips. On the whole, Pringles Bourbon Barbecue Chicken has a pretty deep and rich flavor, which is both pleasant and likeable.

1. Mozzarella Sticks & Marinara

A limited-run flavor, Pringles Mozzarella Sticks & Marinara was released only in a few countries. The tube of this Pringles flavor declares that it is a part of the ‘Restaurant Cravers’ line, which was designed to drive sales by means of its novelty value. Other flavors in this line included Onion Blossom and Mexican Layered Dip. The packaging also states that it is a flavor in the ‘Super Stack’ series of Pringles. Mozzarella sticks dipped in marinara sauce are pretty standard appetizers on menus of Italian restaurants in the U.S. Pringles ingeniously came up with the idea to combine the goodness of both these flavors. Pringles Mozzarella Sticks & Marinara has a faint marinara smell and the chips have a dark orange hue. Most people report that there is a definite tomato and cheese taste in the chips. It seems that Pringles surely got their mozzarella and marinara sauce tastes right with this flavor!

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