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10 Celebrities Who Love McDonald’s More Than You Do!


10 Celebrities Who Love McDonald’s More Than You Do!

It’s fair to say that McDonald’s is at the top of the fast-food chain; even celebs know this to be the truth. This is why so many of them are not shy to share their love for the fast-food chain. If you ever feel guilty about enjoying that Big Mac way too much, then don’t worry as you’ll be pleased to know that your favorite celebs love it too. We can assume they lick the salt off of their fingers the same as we do! With that in mind here’s our list of 10 Popular People Who Love McDonald’s More Than You Do. 

10. Heidi Klum

No one would look at Heidi Klum and assume that any kind of junk food has ever passed her lips. Her skin is always glowing and flawless, plus she always has that ‘ camera ready’ look.  Not even having 3 kids has changed her figure in any way. However, she is an avid McDonald’s eater. We know this because on more than one occasion she has posted pictures of herself enjoying some McDonald’s tasty treats. Not just an order of small fries either, Klum seems to be a lover of Big Macs and Double Cheeseburgers. Heidi isn’t one to run and hide when the paps catch her with her favorite junk food either. She just strikes a pose proudly smiles and keeps on chewing. Klum may have surprised many people with her love for Junk food, especially on her social media posts, but this is why we love her. A supermodel who is just like us! She even admits that one of her favorite condiments is BBQ sauce; we’re hoping that includes McDonald’s BBQ sauce. Maybe that means she’s a nugget lover? Or maybe she just likes to dunk those fries into something tasty? Either way,  Klum seems to find the enjoyment in life, no matter what form that takes. Being a mom and her extremely tough work schedule may take top priority with this celebrity, but there’s always time for a little fast food indulgence.

9. David Beckham

One can only assume that a trip to McDonald’s for David Beckham is always an ordeal. First of all, he is a celebrity, and not just any celebrity but a world-famous brand. So when he rolls up to his local McDonald’s, the place must be buzzing with excitement as people try to get a glimpse of him. Not just Beckham, but seeing any celebrity eat at a McDonald’s is always shocking as we imagine they’d go for something more sophisticated. The truth is that no matter how much money you make, you can always count on the comfort of McDonald’s to give you a warm, fast-food hug. It seems that David Beckham is no different. He’s been spotted on several occasions at McDonald’s drive-thrus and it seems that the Beckhams order of choice is Big Macs meals and cheeseburgers. They really are just like us! It’s not every day that you see an athlete chow down on fast food, what a treat it must have been to see this extremely popular soccer player show up at the McDonald’s window. Do we wonder how long it took him to get his order and go? We think he should start making review videos about all the delicious fast food places he likes to frequent back home. After all, he may need a career change after retiring from soccer. 

8. Jennifer Lawrence 

During an interview with MTV in 2013, everyone’s favorite movie starlet Jennifer Lawrence shared her love for McDonald’s. The soon to be wife to Cooke Maroney ordered McDonald’s on her way to the Oscars. She stated that she was so busy getting ready that she had forgotten to eat. We hear ya girl, this happens to us all the time. Everyone who watches the Oscars knows that this event is not for the faint of heart, so a hearty meal is a must beforehand. After all, the ceremony is four hours long and then, of course, there are the after-parties. She could have probably eaten there but we get the impression that it’s more alcohol than food at these things, so it’s best to line the stomach first. This time, however, Lawrence didn’t get fries with that. Normally she would grab a whole meal and call it a day, So why no fries this time? Lawrence didn’t even realize that she didn’t get any. “Hang on, I didn’t say fries?” Lawrence told the MTV reporter. “I’m seeing you talk, and all I’m thinking about is me pissed that I didn’t get fries,”. Lawrence is such an avid McDonald’s eater that she even has some recommendations to share. “Never the McNuggets.”  She once said. Why no nuggets? That we don’t know and is best kept between Mrs. Lawrence and her local McDonald’s restaurant.  

7. Kanye West

Kanye West, like his wife Kim, is a lover of fast food. He too has a soft spot for the Golden Arches. His favorite thing to order is the fries. Fresh of course. The Gold Digger superstar loves McDonald’s so much that after rolling through one of his visits to the drive-thru, he wrote a few bars about it. Who else do you know that gets so inspired by McDonald’s that they freestyle about their love of fries? The lyrics for the freestyle were shared on his social media; “McDonald’s Man, McDonald’s Man, The French Fries Had A Plan, The French Fries Had A Plan, The Salad Bar And The Ketchup Made A Band Cus, The French Fries Had A Plan, The French Fries Had A Plan, McDonald’s Man.” Kim has also mentioned on her Snapchat that Kanye loves a hot apple pie and it’s always on their go-to order. Kanye is a fun-loving guy for the most part so we can totally see him loving a warm apple pie after chowing down on all of those fries. Maybe we will get a freestyle about that one day. Hell, maybe Kanye will get a McDonald’s endorsement deal because of this. 

6. Warren Buffett

Regarded as one of the wealthiest people in the world, Warren Buffett is worth a reported $86 Billion and is involved in some of the biggest companies in the world, including Dairy Queen and Coca-Cola. Unlike many entries on our list, who only eat McDonald’s every now and again, Buffett enjoys his Mickey D’s every single day. The 89-year-old admittedly eats like a 6-year-old as he enjoys his McDonald’s breakfast, Dairy Queen treats and his 5 cans of Coke each and every day!  The investor goes into details about his morning routine; after his morning shave he checks the markets and if it’s down he goes for just two sausage patties but if it’s up he goes all out with bacon, cheese, and egg. Whatever is happening with the markets, the breakfast meal never costs more than $3:17, which his wife gives him out of change she puts aside as the multi-billionaire is famously frugal. Still at the top of the business world at almost 90 is extremely impressive, maybe it’s all down to his diet?  Which most of us find unimaginable, but we’re all willing to try a McDonald’s, Coke and Dairy Queen diet to find out. 

5. Britney Spears

People love Britney Spears. Through all of her ups and downs, her fans have stayed loyal. So, her admitting her love for McDonald’s is just one more reason to keep loving her. Normally her diet consists of chicken and veggies but every once in a while she treats herself. McDonald’s is her go-to. The singer and mom of two told ET that while on her “Piece Of Me” tour she can be very strict but she does enjoy a cheat day. “I have the small burgers from McDonald’s,” she said. “The happy meal!”. Britney is doing it right and everyone deserves a cheat day. Is anyone surprised that she enjoys a good burger? Even as a teen star she was honest about loving a good burger and french fries, even is she did feel the pressures to look a certain way. Coming from the south, Spears grew up with good cooking and a little fried something, so she knows what’s tasty. She looks great, probably better than she did when she was in her later teens – early twenties. To be honest, if we could eat that way and look as good as she does than McDonald’s would be on our cheat day list as well. Admittedly, Spears works out constantly, especially while on tour. The chances of that Happy Meal sticking to thighs is slim to none. If Britney can chow down on a happy meal every once in a while then why can’t we?

4. Selena Gomez 

Selena Gomez has always been a ‘down to Earth’ kind of celebrity. So, it’s no surprise that she would totally be down for some McDonalds. Selena juggles a lot on a daily basis so there isn’t always time for her to eat the healthiest of meals. And let’s face it, she has her hands in so many pies, and we’re not talking Apple Pies, that every once in a while she needs to take a break and indulge. A while back Gomez posted a video of herself ordering food at a McD’s drive-thru. She didn’t even have to scour the menu as she knew exactly what she wanted. She orders the number 7, a ranch BLT with chicken; the only thing we didn’t know was if she got grilled or crispy. Gomez also appeared on Carpool Karaoke with James Corbin where they enjoyed some McDonald’s together. Now that Gomez has been diagnosed with Lupus, she is more careful about what she puts in her body. Although she still enjoys her fast food every now and again. Gomez enjoying McDonald’s as her guilty pleasure actually warms our hearts. She has had a tough time lately with checking into a wellness center in 2018 and her Lupus diagnosis, she is certainly allowed a good time every now and again. If that good time means fast food than hey, why not?

3. Mindy Kaling 

“Best goodie bag in history,” said Mindy Kaling. This is how Kaling describers her recent haul from McDonald’s. She poses with 4 Shamrock Shakes and what looks to be larger size Happy Meal boxes. Kaling grew up in a strict household where a lot of foods were not made available to her. some of this was due to strict restrictions from culture and religion so having McDonald’s is a treat for her. We have to wonder if she lets her daughter have some fries? During her wrap party for The Mindy Project, she used McDonald’s and we are sure everyone is really happy about it. Kaling has never been shy about body positivity and eating what she feels like. It’s a huge plus that she is sharing her love of junk food with us. Her honesty is refreshing to a lot of us, and it just makes us want to share our McDonald’s haul in a show of solidarity. We would love to be a fly on the wall next time she places an order. Kaling is normally private about her life; sure she has social media but fans don’t get to see her a lot in public. So the rare glimpses we get of her are even more exciting when she is promoting food. However, we will say, we never took her for a Shamrock shake kind of chick. Maybe we should give the green drink a try when McDonald’s rolls out the next batch. 

2. Katy Perry

You know you’re a super-fan when you wear a dress inspired by your favorite food. According to her team, Katy Perry used to be a pretty big fan of McDonald’s. She would regularly eat it after rehearsals and stage shows. Perry is a frequent drive-thru enthusiast, which she is proud to show off on her social media accounts. She also refuses to be shamed for eating the high-calorie meal; Let’s be honest, she is a woman that we all need to be looking up to. Back in 2014 while on a press tour in Japan, Perry wore a dress with the McD’s logo on it. The sweater dress was made by Moschino and featured McDonald’s signature red and the Golden Arches were shaped into a heart. She even had a matching purse that any purse addict would love to rock. Perry has never been shy about showing off her love for eccentric clothing, so we can only expect the same with her fast-food choices. She even paired the dress with a matching velvet red pump. We live for girls who wear their food on their sleeves. Perry is one of those celebrities who is not concerned with what others think about her choices. 

1. Kim Kardashian 

Kim Kardashian is famous for many things, but one of those things is her body. Her fame may have grown out of scandals, but now people are obsessed with whatever she does as they look to imitate her. If you follow her on social media or watch Keeping up with the Kardashians than you know that she is serious about fitness. She is very strict about what she puts in her body, and the exercise she does. Don’t get us wrong, all that hard work has paid off more than her fans probably know. However, everyone deserves something indulgent and tasty every once in a while and Kim’s indulgence is fast food. She has made no secret of her love for getting into a good burger. In fact, the paps have caught her several times taking a big juicy bite out of burgers from places like Carl’s Jr. and Sonics. That being said, she really does enjoy her McDonalds. Don’t worry Kim K fans, the mom of four is sticking with her strict diet and is very much in control of what she puts in her body. She is known to order small fries with either chicken nuggets or a cheeseburger, and sometimes she will scrap the fries altogether and will order a side of nuggets. Only eating half. Now that is discipline. Quite frankly, we would eat every last bite. Kim knows that her fanbase is based on her image, her curves, and her overall presence. She has found a way to enjoy what she loves and still maintain an amazing body. Maybe she has stumbled upon some secret that we could all benefit from. Now that you see how many McDonald allies you have don’t be afraid to share your love for the franchise on your social media accounts. Who knows maybe you will go viral and be the next McDonald’s spokesperson. Crazier things have happened. 

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