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10 Popular Foods that are CLEARLY OVERRATED (Part 2)


10 Popular Foods that are CLEARLY OVERRATED (Part 2)

Have you ever found yourself eating something just because someone swore it was the best thing they ever had? And then, mid-bite, you realized that it just wasn’t? Peer pressure doesn’t just happen on the playground, you know. Just because people say something is good doesn’t mean you should always listen and blindly follow the hype. On that note, here are 10 Popular Foods That Are Clearly OVERRATED (Part 2). 

10. Ice Cream

Now, before you get all angry and start throwing rocks, please hear this out: ice cream isn’t bad at all. In fact, it’s the perfect summer treat and a dessert staple in many parts of the world. However, what makes it great isn’t the ice cream; it’s the stuff that comes with it. The sugary cones, the sprinkles, the cookie crumbs, you name it. That’s what makes it an actual treat. Otherwise, what do you have? Frozen sugar milk scooped in a sad, boring-looking bowl, liquefying in minutes, only to be left with melted mess? No thanks. All the flavor and fun comes from the toppings, not the almost tasteless vanilla scoop. It’s merely a guest in the sundae bowl, at best. Plus, why is it so darn cold on your teeth that it hurts? The rare and mysterious individuals who can bite into one of these frozen treats without batting an eye would surely disagree, but if you have a rather standard level of tolerance for cold stuff, you know exactly what we’re talking about. Ice cream hurts your teeth, period. It’s not a fun thing to eat, and it certainly shouldn’t be taking over social media like it is. You bought an ice cream cone? Good for you, now let’s see you take it up a notch and make it exciting. Kids go crazy over that stuff, but that’s because most of them don’t know anything better. As a functioning member of society, it’s time to put a stop to this madness. Ice cream is overrated, and so is your Instagram post. 

9. Bacon

What is up with people and their obsession with bacon? Seriously? You can literally find bacon on everything. Really – Everything. Even, funny enough, as an ice cream topping. Hasn’t this mania been going on long enough? Yes, bacon is delicious and perfectly complements your eggs and your toast in the morning, but do we really need to keep pushing the envelope. There are some places where it just doesn’t belong. It has its specific use, like in a good ol’ BLT sandwich or as a meaty pizza topping, but it should probably stop there. People put bacon on a pedestal it doesn’t seem to want to come down from. It’s gotten so popular that the price for bacon has increased exponentially over the years. It’s become that overpriced indulgence you go crazy over when it’s on sale. And, by the way, bacon isn’t exactly the best choice when to comes to your health either. As humans, we tend to turn to the greasier foods simply because, well, it usually tastes better than a bland salad. But why is everyone always jumping at the chance to block their arteries like that? For the people who say “bacon makes everything better,” here’s one question: how far are you ready to go to back this up? Because truth be told, the rest of the world is still not over that fateful day when bacon toothpaste was invented. Yea, bacon toothpasteJust the thought is enough to send chills down your spine. Are you still positive that bacon makes everything better? 

8. Corn On The Cob

Nothing says messy more than corn on the cob. Slippery fingers, oily face, and teeth filled with little wayward corn kernels, what’s not to love, right? Don’t get us wrong, corn can be delicious and full of nutrients – we’re not arguing that. But why oh why does it have to be eaten right from the cob? Where’s the fun in that? You need to slobber it with butter and salt for it to taste good, and when you do, you’re stuck with butterfingers and a shiny face. You cannot eat corn on the cob and still look presentable. It’s an impossible task. Just try and you’ll see. At least, if people cut if off the cob to eat it, then maybe we could talk and reach a settlement. But, no. To some it has to be on the cob or nothing else. The overall effort needed to eat one of these is just simply not worth it for what it is. It’s hard to understand how it’s gotten so popular over time. Again, not saying that corn is bad or overrated. Just the way of eating it. And, we’re also not talking about the many different other ways to prepare it; some are actually quite tasty – if not still impossible to eat. No, it’s the dull butter/salt combo that we have an issue with – oh, and all the flossing that goes on afterwards.

7. Avocado Toast

Or really, just avocado in general. The Holy Grail of Sunday brunch and the star on every single food enthusiasts’ list, avocado toast is easily one of the most – if not the most- popular recent breakfast additions. Food bloggers around the world have been praising the tasty dish and have encouraged everyone to just give it a try! And, well, it caught on pretty quickly. Soon enough, the internet was over-flowing with avocado toast, and everyone seemed to have chosen their forever favorite breakfast. But how good is it really? It is, after all, just smushed avocado on a piece of bread. Sure, you can add some salt or a couple of chili flakes to add some spice, but other than that, where’s the thrill. There’s no actual distinct flavor. You’ve got to admit it’s not that exciting to eat. Plus, it’s not the most filling thing ever. Again, it’s avocado and toast. And, more than that, it’s pricey as heck. Restaurants know the length people will go to follow trends, and they also know all about your avocado obsession. They use that to their advantage and sell it for ridiculously high prices. The worst part? It works. People still spend tons of money on this flavorless piece of toast instead of investing it in… oh I don’t know, fluffy pancakes, maybe. Overall, if you still enjoy your slice of toast and mushy green stuff, by all means, keep eating it.  But please don’t shove it down everybody’s throat, selling false hope that it’s more than it is, which is avocado on a half-burned piece of bread. 

6. Tacos

Soft shell or a Hard shell taco, that is the question. A question that most people take way too seriously sometimes. But it’s not that serious. Both are delicious, cheap, wildly versatile, and impossible to eat. But, yea, the hard shells do get a bonus point for the messiness, that’s for sure. Those hard shells are out there, trying to jab the roof of your mouth every chance they get, they break, they fall apart, and you’re left picking up the fallen pieces on your plate with your bare hands. Not a very sophisticated meal, to say the least. But, enough about how hard they are to eat, the issue doesn’t lie there. It lies with the nutty obsession some people have with tacos. They’re everywhere, all the time. Tacos have taken over the Internet and even dating apps like Tinder and Hinge, with people summarizing their whole personality based around tacos. FYI, liking tacos is not a personality trait, folks. They even tried to trademark a day of the week for them, for crying out loud! Get a grip, people; it’s just a taco. Whether it’s a taco truck or Taco Tuesdays, tacos seem to have taken over our lives and gotten the best of some of us. We’re looking at you, Lebron. Obviously, there’s no taking away how great tacos are. They’re pretty amazing, honestly. But do we have to make a big deal about them all the time? They’re awesome, okay, now, move on! 

5. Chocolate-covered Strawberries

Is there anything more romantic than a nice serving of chocolate-covered strawberries to end a cozy date night? If you answered no, then you have a very optimistic way of looking at romance. Chocolate-covered anything is far from being the most attractive thing you can eat on a date. Or anywhere, really. Yes, it’s delicious, granted, but have you ever tried to eat one of these without getting chocolate all over your face, strawberry seeds in your teeth, and a pool of cracked off chocolate on your lap? It’s like mission impossible. You always end up with a brand new shade of chocolate lipstick around your mouth and have to pretend like nothing’s wrong. Plus, the ratio of chocolate to fruit is never perfect. It’s not that strawberries and chocolate don’t go well together because let’s be honest, they were made for each other; it’s just the way they’re served that creates the issue. Why not just melt some chocolate in a pot, dip your strawberries in it and eat it right away? Why wait until it’s hardened and waiting to crack as soon as you take a bite? Plus, They’re always better when freshly made and not sitting in your fridge all day. There’s nothing actually wrong with chocolate-covered strawberries, they’re awesome, but they’re simply not as glorious as everyone portrays them to be. 

4. Caramel Apples

Again, a food that, in theory, sounds heavenly, but is actually a nightmare to eat. Caramel Apples are the snack of choice for most people at any kind of carnival, state fair or even at home for movie night. You’ve probably also seen the trend where parents trick their kids into thinking they made them caramel apples, but surprise, it was actually an onion underneath all that sugary coating. What an evil prank. Originally invented as a way to get children to eat more fruit, they have become a pretty iconic treat and a very tasty delicacy – the apples, of course, not the onions. The only downside? They’re pretty darn hard to eat. How are you even expected to take a bite out of one without looking like a total goof? I mean, a little bit of wind and BAM, your hair is stuck to the apple, your nose, your fingers, it’s everywhere! It’s just so sticky and unpractical to eat, but oh so good. And, if you ever have the bad luck of having your stick break, now we’re talking extra mess! Having to constantly switch your focus from the apple to the napkin bin is not exactly how you want to spend your time.

3. Açai 

Whether you pronounce it “ah-sai,” or “ah-kai,” or some other way, Acai is a Superfood that’s been highly overrated over the years. Just like many of the foods on this list, it’s everywhere. From food blogs to high-end restaurants, these berries have taken over the world of breakfast smoothie bowls. With each bowl looking better than the last, it’s easy to see why people would enjoy this aesthetically-pleasing treat. Acai Bowls are basically just a thick smoothie in a bowl. That’s it. Oh, and with a bunch of toppings, obviously. They don’t taste bad, per se. They can actually be quite tasty if paired with the right ingredients – and they are a superfood, after all,  so you can get all the nutrients you could ever need. However, when it comes to price. Yikes. Is it really worth the high cost? For an overpriced bowl full of berries? For what? The looks? The taste? Your Instagram feed? Kind of like with ice cream, you like it because of the things you put on it, not because of the actual flavor of the fruit. So, before devoting your heart and soul to these little purple berries, think about what you really like about them. Is it the berry or the 2 pounds of coconut shavings and bananas you put on it? 

2. Red Velvet

When you want a good-looking cake that’s nice for pictures, the easy solution is to go with Red Velvet. It’s deep red, classy, and topped with a dainty white cream cheese icing. What’s more elegant, right? But, if you’re expecting a bold and powerful flavor, you might just feel a little underwhelmed. Red Velvet anything; cake, cupcake, pancakes, whichever, is sadly, a tad overrated. Except for the aesthetic, there’s nothing much going on with the flavor. Like really. It’s a regular cake… with extra food coloring. So what about that little extra touch of class we all crave so much? The bakers know all about it and will sell these bad boys for a much higher price than they’re actually worth. Think of it as a chocolate cake, but only in a different color. Would you really pay more just so it matches your festive mood? The problem is, most people would answer yes to this question, which creates unnecessary hype for a very bland and ordinary cake. Yes, it still tastes good, and it can be ridiculously cute when it comes to the little cupcakes or macaroons, but it doesn’t mean it deserves to be put on a pedestal. It’s a pretty color, that’s it. Nothing more, nothing less. 

1. Cronut

Do you remember a couple of years ago when the streets of New York were over-run with the hype of the Cronut? People went completely nuts over this croissant/doughnut hybrid and would literally spend hours in line just to get one. Hours – just to eat this (kind of) expensive treat. For those who didn’t have the time to spare and never stood in the dreadful lines, a Cronut is basically a flaky, crunchy pastry covered with a little bit of icing. And apparently, it’s heavenly. Or at least, that’s the impression people give when they try one. Whenever a new flavor would come out, the lines would appear again, each one longer than the one before. It was unmissable. The Dominique Ansel Bakery, the bakery responsible for this mania, surely couldn’t complain about the good business these little frosted, crowd-pleasing gems brought their way. However, some critics have said that the Cronuts basically tasted like churros, but with frosting. Those who didn’t want to pay the rather high price and waste their Sunday afternoon just to get one were sceptical. While the hysteria has dyed down a bit over the last few years, there’s no denying that most people might have overreacted to this invention and oversold it a little bit. Just a little bit. 

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