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10 Pop Tarts Flavors You Didn’t Know Existed

Whether heated in the toaster or eaten straight out of the aluminum packets they come enclosed in, Pop Tarts are definitely one of North America’s favorite breakfast treats. For those on the go, they’re a perfect way to get something in the stomach when there is little time for meal preparation. But for those that have Pop Tarts on the regular, even they may be surprised to know just how many incredible flavors are out there – every single one as outrageous as the one before. Here  are 10 Pop Tarts flavors you didn’t know existed.

10. Orange Cream Pop Tart

When summer is on the way those hot sweltering days will no doubt include lots of fun, outdoor camping trips and days spent lounging by the poolside. Of course a long with the weather come a multitude of frozen treats to choose from. People all over North America will be stocking their freezers with flavor after flavor of frozen pops and ice cream bars, and probably one of the most popular of those is none other than the frozen orange ice cream bar. The taste here is definitely unbeatable, as you’ve got the vanilla ice cream at the center and the orange flavor coating around it, giving an all-around epic taste and it’s a great way to stave off a bit of the old summer heat. Well, as it turns out, the good people at Kellogg’s have created a Pop Tart that has the exact same flavor as the aforementioned ice cream bar, so it doesn’t have to be summer for one and all to enjoy that great orange cream taste. But who says you can’t enjoy a warm orange cream Pop Tart on a nice morning … even if it is in the middle of July?

9. Red Velvet Pop Tart

And yes, even the red velvet cake has made it to the Pop Tart plant … this cake that has lured many foodies into having a second and third helping of dessert. A cake rich in flavor and let’s face it, some pretty odd ingredients. There’s a lot of food coloring that goes into the red velvet and interestingly enough, some vinegar actually goes into the batter of this one. But in spite of all that, the cake is a revelation in terms of flavor and gooey goodness; from the cake itself to the sweet cream cheese frosting. The word epic comes to mind, but we don’t want to go overboard here. Kellogg’s has launched a red velvet Pop Tart and although it can be considered only a limited edition item, as a lot of these Pop Tarts on this list are, it sure pleased a lot of Pop Tart lovers out there. It’s very nice to have other options outside of the norm, and this one’s definitely out of the norm. Red velvet for breakfast. Who would have thought?

8. A&W Root Beer Pop Tart

Now we love root beer as much as the next person. A tasty cheeseburger, some onion rings and a cold root beer can definitely go a long way, but we’d probably have to draw the line on this one, as a root beer flavored Pop Tart can’t be good, can it? Maybe we’re on the fence about it, as many people probably are, as you wouldn’t think that root beer would be a sought after flavor for an item usually eaten at breakfast time. And yes, we are fully aware that Pop Tarts are also an epic snack food, replacing cookies and sometimes even dessert for quite a few people out there, so maybe by those standards, this particular flavor can actually be considered okay in the end. But this one too is a limited time Pop Tart and it may or may not return again, as a lot of limited edition items often seem to find their way back on the shelves.

7. Orange Crush Pop Tart

As we can see, root beer isn’t the only soda flavor that the good people at Kellogg’s have been playing around with. Crush is definitely one of the hottest sodas around, cream soda, grape and orange being their most popular flavors available, with orange taking the considerable lead as top flavor. And it’s definitely a great soda, sweet and flavorful, really there’s nothing wrong with it. But to think of it as a Pop Tart flavor is pretty outrageous. Considering the sweetness of the soda itself, as the grams of sugar contained within a single serving are pretty much up there, we’d think that a Pop Tart labeled to have the Orange Crush stamp behind it, it would be pretty sweet as well … and maybe a tad too sweet. So maybe starting one’s day with that much sugar is the perfect way to raising the blood sugar a tad too much in our estimation. So as far as orange goes, we’d stick with the orange cream Pop Tart.

6. Maple Bacon Pop Tarts

Now this one’s pretty promising if you ask us. We mean, you say the word bacon and most people will perk up and ask: “Did you say Bacon?” Indeed we did. Kellogg’s is pulling out all of the stops for this one. Bacon is the one ingredient that can make almost anything better and it’s North America’s favorite ingredient, period. Bacon and cream cheese sandwiches anyone? How about bacon and peanut butter? You name the combination and bacon will make it work, at least nine times out of ten. But here, Kellogg’s actually went for a tried, tested and true combination, as bacon and maple have been going together on breakfast dishes since the dawn of time. We mean who hasn’t had a bit of the maple syrup from their pancakes get on their crispy bacon? It happens, and the flavor combination is indeed epic to say the least. Now this is one outrageous Pop Tart Flavor that would in fact fit perfectly at breakfast time for obvious reasons. Can you just imagine the beautiful, mouth-watering aroma escaping the toaster?

5. Watermelon Pop Tart

When they’re ripe and ready to slice open, watermelons are probably one of the sweetest tasting fruits around, and if they’re chilled just right, they’re better than any frozen ice cream bar or treat in existence. The perfect fit for any family BBQ, whether for dessert, or even a supplement to be added to the incredible summertime feast featuring ribs, chicken, salad and a plethora of other offerings made available in the summer season. But maybe we’re going to have to draw the line here at this odd flavor of Pop Tart. Why odd? Well, watermelon has never really translated well outside of its original shape and form. The plethora of juices that have come out recently, claiming to be the best and most flavorful watermelon juice around have all fallen short, the end result tasting way too much like apple juice and very little of the watermelon flavor present at all. And don’t even get us started on the candies and gums out there claiming to be watermelon flavor, as they taste nothing like the fruit. So here, we have no doubt that the Pop Tart interior will come up short, as there’s no way they nailed that flavor, as it hasn’t yet been done and probably will never be.

4. Festival Fun Pop Tart

What exactly does a festival taste like? The question poses other questions, and if we carry on with this we’ll be here all day, but really, what type of flavor is this? Did the bakers at Kellogg’s go around at a festival or carnival somewhere trying all the food and tasting it all for ideas? Maybe they couldn’t come up with anything specific, so what they did was combine all of the festival and/or carnival foods into one recipe. Could be, but if that’s the case here, maybe we shouldn’t want any part of this particular offering from Kellogg’s, as an amalgamation of flavors can’t be too good, now can it? Then again, there’s a distinct possibility that they hit the mark here, as often a plethora of ingredients can sometimes create some treats, dishes or desserts that are in fact extraordinary. Apparently, some chefs put as many as 47 ingredients into a single pasta sauce, and the result is nothing short of spectacular. So here, if they did combine, caramel corn, cotton candy, funnel cake, hot dogs, fries and the like, maybe the end result is something the world has been waiting for, and who would have thought it would come to us all in the shape of a good old Pop Tart? Of course the name of this item would lead one to believe all of this, as it is misleading, but if looked at closely, the box specifies that the flavor concentrated here in this item is vanilla ice cream cone, which is a tad disappointing in the end, isn’t it? We really wanted to know what a cotton candy/hot dog tart would have tasted like. Now we’ll never know … unless they’ll think of that next, which judging by some of these flavors here, is actually quite possible.

3. Chocolate Banana Split

This one’s definitely eye-catching and presents a world of incredible possibilities. After all, you’ve got your chocolate and your banana, which are two items that were made to be placed in sweets. The two ingredients definitely complement each other very well and they’ve gone together in food since the dawn of time. Chocolate being very much like the aforementioned bacon, an ingredient that can only make a recipe better, and here, just like bacon, the more the merrier. Banana, they have to be a tad more careful with, as this is an ingredient that can’t be overdone, and that applies to the  amounts used and the cooking and/or baking process as well. But what is extremely interesting here, is the fact that the Pop Tarts can obviously be heated in the toaster and the heating of the banana in the tarty dough will probably call to mind the resemblance of the aroma to one of the greatest desserts in the world … banana bread. Now who doesn’t love banana bread? Especially if there are chocolate chips thrown in! There’s no doubt in our minds that this Pop Tart would smell spectacular as it heats and our collective stomachs rumble at the thought of how this one would taste. And we can’t forget that there’ll be a hint of vanilla flavoring in there too, as it is being referred to as a banana split, so that addition can only make this item smell and taste that much better, which is really what it’s all about, isn’t it?

2. Dulce De Leche Pop Tart

Here, the flavor seems a tad more exotic than it actually is, but it definitely merited a spot on our list as it isn’t a typical flavor you’d expect to see at your local grocery store, of course other than when it’s offered on a limited edition basis. Basically, dulce de leche is a fancy way of saying caramel cream sauce, or perhaps butterscotch if you prefer. Of course the comparison isn’t identical as this recipe has some stiff old world roots and as such recipes go, the ingredients are indigenous to the regions in which it originated. The origin of this sweet treat is actually up for grabs as Spain and Portugal have laid claim to creating this particular gastronomic offering. Of course North Americans will be apt to calling it caramel or butterscotch but in actuality it couldn’t be further from both those things. It is similar most to caramel, but isn’t quite like it. The substance is made by heating sweetened condensed milk until the desired consistency is reached. The process is known as the Maillard Reaction, which is the slow browning of foods, particularly sugars (named after chemist Louis-Camille Maillard). There is also a version of this in Chile, known as manjar de leche. To see this flavor in a Kellogg’s Pop Tart is pretty interesting, as it brings a touch of  the whole worldly element to the Pop Tart brand and at the end of the day, that isn’t a bad thing. It’s resemblance to caramel would definitely make it a hit in any market, so yeah, we definitely would buy into this one.

1. Guava Mango Pop Tart

Now here’s a tropical sort of treat we never would have guessed would have come in the form of a Pop Tart of all things. The watermelon flavor was the closest we got to island breezes and umbrella drinks by the beach. That was until the bakers at Kellogg’s decided to go with this fruity combo and what a combination it is! Who knows … maybe one of their bakers took a trip to the Bahamas or something and he came back with two things: a serious tan, and the recipe for a new Pop Tarts flavor inspired by none other than his recent trip to the land of all exotic and fruity. But then again, that’s just conjecture on our part, but you must admit it is plausible. Guava is a fruit that isn’t seen all that much in the Northern portion of the States and especially Canada, where climates are a tad cooler and even shipping these fruits presents a wee bit of a problem, but they are predominantly found in tropical regions and are actually quite affordable there. So if you’ve ever traveled south (like our aforementioned Kellogg’s baker friend), then you would have tasted quite a few of these while down there. Mangos on the other hand are quite popular in North America as well and the flavor has been used for many juices and other food products, so the people at Kellogg’s probably thought: “Why not?” Why not indeed? After all, as we’ve seen thus far, they aren’t short of crazy flavor ideas for a breakfast item that had a humble beginning of offering only four distinct flavors—all of which weren’t even frosted at the time—ultimately expanding into the list of possible flavors that we have today. The frosting came a tad later and the world hasn’t looked back since. But again, maybe the tropical combo here isn’t the greatest of directions for a Pop Tart of all things, but at least at the end of the day, we’ve got options as consumers, eh?

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