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10 Stars Feeling The Burn

Gone are the days when a person could go somewhere hoping for some alone time, be it the gym or even out for a walk. The fact that pretty much everyone has a phone that comes with a camera has reduced privacy to just another seven letter word with little or no meaning. Celebrities like to spin this web of mystery around themselves by ensuring they keep our appetites whetted and our minds in a blur as we try to figure out exactly how they do it.

Seeing them on the red carpet looking all polished and refined without a trace of body fat or the sign of a potbelly or saggy skin leaves us wondering what kind of genes these people have and we start to speculate whether or not a knife went under the skin. This mystery is heightened by the fact that these people are rarely seen breaking a sweat, but we see them at dinner parties and pizza parlors and we are left wondering where those carbs go. This time though we are in luck as we get to see stars breaking a sweat and prove that they too need to burn those calories to keep in shape, after all, there really is nothing like a free meal.

10. John Cena

Most of us start exercising and stop mid-way once we decide that we have achieved our goal. Seeing a major WWE superstar breaking a sweat even with his ripped body in tip-top shape proves that exercise should be a continuous thing. John Cena, who is by far the most philanthropic athlete of modern times is a major benefactor of the Make a Wish Foundation where he has granted wishes to over 500 children since 2015.

The star continues to grant wishes and even as his career grows in the ring and in the acting arena, he does not seem to change, preferring to honor these children with his gifts. To keep in shape, John has home gyms where he pumps iron, but he can be seen in public gyms whenever he is on the road.

It is here that a fan took this photo of him with a squatting expression on his face looking like he is truly going through pain and captioned it, “John Cena Lol.” The lol could be because of the expression or the fact that he found it humorous that even a ripped star like John would find it necessary to hit the gym.

9. Ashley Tisdale

Most celebrities who went through Disney came out all messed up. For a kid’s channel where most of our kids find entertainment and that is supposed to offer some form of guidance for growing humans, the stars our kids look up to leave it lost and confused. A case in point is Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears. Ashley Tisdale though managed to come out polished and one mean machine in the fitness department. Ashley starred in the High School Musical and all its subsequent episodes. She later starred in the movie Sharpay’s Fabulous Adventure, Scary Movie 5, and Aliens in the Attic and we have to admit she gave a fairly decent presentation of her role.

Being under the glare of cameras is something she takes with grace and the photogenic actress does not seem bothered by paparazzi. That said, she must have been royally pissed to have someone trying to interrupt this stance she seems to be pulling quite effortlessly, we must say. Ashley was caught in Los Angeles suburb Studio City, in the midst of her work out. This is where we say gyms need to have a no camera policy to give these celebrities a little privacy to burn calories.

8. Vanessa Hudgens

Disney Channel spins out lots of stars and the High School Musical has made a lot of them. The show was a favorite of every teenager and we have to admit it was not too shabby. Vanessa Hudgens was portrayed in the musical as a sweetheart, a character she has deviated from in her role in the movies Machete Kills, Spring Breakers and Gimme Shelter. Being a favorite of many, Vanessa has found her photos taken by random strangers with many photobombs of her shoots.

We do not blame the photographers because a photo of her is good money and this one was Oscar gold. Vanessa was photographed during her workout session in an exercise class as she stretched other students around her doing their thing. It may have been exciting for the women milling around to exercise next to a star and they instantly became famous when this photo went viral. But no one reaped as much from this single shot as the designer who designed the ‘Toesox’ on her feet. The toeless socks made large Amazon sales with every Vanessa fan thinking this is a new trend and wanting to imitate her by getting a pair of the socks.

7. Melanie C

Melanie Chisholm was part of the successful girl band, the Spice Girls. This band, which seemed to resonate with every teenager also included Victoria Beckham. The band made phenomenal sales of their albums, as well as their merchandise. They topped all this up by starring in their own film. All their fans root for their reunion and even though they have gone separate ways and gotten diverse interests, we are still hoping that one day, the girl band will make a comeback. Melanie, who went by the name Sporty Spice has always been an athletic girl, hence the name.

Being a sporty girl means that even her workout outfits point to that and what better pointer than this outfit that looks like she is heading to the soccer field for a match against England? For a glamorous posh girl, this outfit would have her mistaken for a random stranger out to break a sweat, but it surprisingly seems to suit her, given her athletic nature. The photographer, in this case, must have been in awe at how one person can look like a totally different person just by their choice of workout gear. We still love Sporty Spice and we think she is an admirable woman.

6. Mila Kunis

This celebrity can never have a moment to herself as evidenced by this photo where a fan could not even let her dress in peace. Mila, a girl born in the Soviet Union, is truly an inspiration and quite the go-getter. She came to the US with her family and she decided that she was going to be a star after an advertisement on radio her father heard about acting classes. Mila who was just nine years old enrolled in classes and her single-mindedness saw her getting a role in That 70s Show when she was only she was only 14, after she pretended to be eighteen.

Mila who is married to Ashton Kutcher, with whom she has a child has starred in feel-good movies like Black Swan, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Ted, and Bad Moms. Mila has a flirtation with the paparazzi who like to snap photos of her at inopportune moments and it appears that Mila does not care much about the photos and this has been evidenced by her choice of outfits on occasions when she has been photographed taking walks with her husband or just out and about. This one though we think was crossing the line and they should at least have allowed her to dress in peace.

5. Britney Spears

Britney is unmistakably one timeless superstar and her music keeps on giving years after. During her career, the singer was always pitched in a shadow competition between her and Christina Aguilera and the two seemed set for the sky. Britney seemed to win the battle hands down with hit songs like Baby One More Time, Toxic, Gimme More, and Womanizer, all her music hit the top of the charts and she never seemed to release a stinker with packed shows and screaming fans whenever she held her shows.

With such adoring fans and a life that is dogged by paparazzi, Britney started to have problems on the home front and her separation with her husband saw her flip out and shave her head, probably in an attempt to get a new beginning. The singer could not catch a break and her lack of privacy saw her attack paparazzi with an umbrella in an attempt to get them to leave her alone. In the end, she lost her husband and custody of her children, which led to the infamous conservatorship that was a saving grace for the singer as she was able to get her life back on track. The lack of privacy is still a present thing with people following her into the gym and snapping photos of her from various angles.

4. Karlie Kloss

Supermodels are not known for exercising, preferring instead to starve themselves and going on crazy diets. Karlie Kloss is one famous model who snared a gig to star in a cover shoot on Scene magazine at only fourteen. This supermodel is so famous and sought after that she has worked for companies like Yves Saint Laurent, Calvin Klein, and Barneys New York. It takes a lot for a model to become a Victoria Secrets angel and there are models who go their whole career without ever achieving this feat. Karlie Kloss though managed to be among the few chosen to join this prestigious modeling house between 2011 and 2014.

Karlie was caught leaving the gym and she appeared to be quite irritated by the intrusion, but what is awkward here is the fan who photobombed the photographers shot thinking they were there for her. She seemed to enjoy posing for them and flashing a smile, all the time oblivious to the fact that there was a celebrity behind her that the photographer was trying to catch. The photo is both awkward and funny with the annoyed look on Karlie’s face a total contrast from the look on the fans face.

 3. Ariel Winter

Watching Ariel Winters on the show Modern Family is something we like to do and that leaves us with the conviction that the lady can truly deliver great comedy lines. Ariel’s bland sense of humor has seen her give her vocals to five TV shows as well as 18 movies. Her voice is in Ice Age, Bambi II, The Meltdown, Over the Edge, Sofia the First and Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. Ariel had breast reduction surgery to help ease her back pain and she does not make any apologies to those who feel that it was nothing but cosmetics.

Ariel has always been a little on the heavy side and after her surgery, she seems to have taken up working out to give her body the shape she feels happiest in. It is in one of her work out session at the Mack Fit gym in Beverly Hills that someone snapped this photo of her with a towel on her face. We are not sure what she is up to and it could be that she is sweaty and was trying to clean her face or she was tired and she decided to sleep a bit in the middle of her workout.

2. Christina Milian

Christina Milian a pop singer from the 2000s who was signed by the label Def Jam and they managed to catapult her reputation to the sky by virtue of the fact that the label to most people is an indication of quality. Her music was in a class of its own though and Christina sailed the heights with one winning single after the other. She also collaborated with rappers like Young Jeezy, Jermaine Dupri, Ja Rule, and Three 6 Mafia. Her shows did quite well and they were always packed everywhere she went. Christina has eased from the singing limelight lately, choosing to star in her reality show and she made an appearance in the Fox remake of The Rocky Horror Picture Show in 2016.

She does seem to be a paparazzi junkie though, taking every opportunity to have her photos taken. Being our favorite old-timer, we do not mind seeing photos of her and even if she were to release a single we would still scramble for it as we remember her songs with nostalgia. This photo though, cannot be one she wanted to be taken of her as this squatting position brings an ugly image to mind and the expression on her face doesn’t do her any favors either, making her appear like she is having a bathroom moment.

1. Randy Orton

WWE wrestlers appear ruthless on screen with a mean streak and nasty attitudes that give us the shivers. Most people perceive Randy Orton as a jerk and we are not sure whether he really is one or he is just a shy guy who appears to be a snob because he is not outgoing. He has gained the reputation as one of WWE’s most hated personalities, a perception that he tends to fuel, as was the case when this photo was taken.

The look on his face says ‘I will break your bones if you don’t stop that!’ We have to admit the person who took the photo had guts, seeing as this guy is capable of breaking every single bone in a person’s body.

The fan posted later that Randy got in his face about the photos and that he unleashed expletives at him. Randy did not deny it though, going online and tweeting that he had hurt the feelings of a fan, something that had been happening for the past fifteen years. He went as far as to confirm that he did use expletives. We empathize with him on this, seeing as the guy just wanted a quiet work out that this fan decided to invade.

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