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10 Signs Of Kylie Jenner Doing A 180 Since Becoming A Mom

What do you know about Kylie Jenner? Chances are, with a personality as famous and as successful as her, not to mention being beautiful, influential, and having a net worth upwards of $900 million, she might be showing and sharing to people only the things that she wants them to see. She is, after all, a reality TV veteran. Kylie Jenner is an actress, a model, a social media guru, a business mogul, and one of the most influential people, especially among teens, in America.

She is the daughter of Caitlyn (Olympic medalist formerly known as Bruce) Jenner and Kris Jenner. She is the sister of Kendall Jenner and the half-sister of the Kardashian siblings, Rob, Kourtney, Kim, and Khloe. She is just about to turn twenty-one and is about to be the next youngest billionaire. We’re still on the fence as to which one will happen first. But if you ask her, the most important thing she did in her young life would be to become a mother. Her daughter is now a 6-month old baby girl named Stormi Webster. Here are pictures of Kylie that shows and reflects how her life has drastically changed since her daughter entered her life. She has just started experiencing a life-changing event, and here is a glimpse of that wonderful journey.

10. World Premiere

People say there is no greater joy than seeing their baby for the first time. It’s a sensation that overwhelms anyone’s feelings, an indescribable, emotional-flooding, pheromone-overloading, brain circuits-frying human experience. Most moms recall feeling joy and happiness, then just crying while looking at their baby for the first time. When it comes to famous personalities, a celebrity like Kylie Jenner, the closest thing that our fans can come to that experience was if Kylie shared it on social media.

Kylie sure has a lot of followers in social media, 118 million on Instagram to be specific. So when she first shared a picture of her newborn baby on February 6th, the Internet almost blew up! Comments, likes, hearts, re-posts, millions of fans and followers buzzed and fussed over that one pic, and she didn’t even show her baby’s face. Stormi’s fingers clasped tightly on her mom’s thumb, and her tiny mouth and nose blurred in the background, that’s what got millions of people crazy! Kylie just captioned her daughter’s name Stormi Webster, then all her loving fans felt what a mother feels when they saw their baby for the first time. It was a shared moment only an influential personality could make a fan feel through the magic of social media. That picture broke the Internet and melted the hearts of millions at the same time.

9. First Selfie

A phenomenon that started in 2013, the selfie is a staple in all forms of everything. Maybe it started with the convenience of taking a picture using your handy cell phone, maybe it’s because you can immediately post the pic online through a smartphone, or maybe it’s just a cool, new way to express yourself. Maybe it’s all of the above. But the fact is, no matter how hard some people deny and hate it, the selfie is here to stay.

How many times have you seen Kylie Jenner post her selfies on social media, countless times, right? This time, it’s a little bit different. You get variety now that she’s a mom, as a cute and welcome add, you also get to see a baby girl beside her. On March 23, Instagram followers got to enjoy baby Stormi’s first selfies with her proud mom. The images were in black and white, the baby took to her mom, as she looks very beautiful and seemed to be a natural in front of a camera. We’ve got early signs, ladies, and gentlemen, of the makings of a future model. I’m sure her wizard of a businessman mom can book a lucrative shoot for Stormi in the near future.

8. My Pretty Girl

New moms seem to not get enough of their newborn babies, it’s true for everyone. Whether they are a lower-class mother working two jobs, an upper-class mom spending quality time at home while the man of the house works and brings home the bacon, or whether they are a tycoon who owns their own company. They want to soak up every second they can with their little angels, take videos of the little one smiling, laughing, even crying. Thousands of pictures every day, selfies, with effects, with backgrounds, and different themes.

It’s the first clear shot of Stormi, and she just turned a month old. This was on Snapchat, and mom added “my pretty girl.” The father, Travis Scott, was hit with pride over his bundle of joy and could not help himself, he posted the same pic on Instagram with the caption “our little rager,” styled with emoji flames above the little rager’s head. This pretty little girl has a lot in store for her, and we are sure that she will grow up to be as popular and as influential as her mother. One month in and she is already making waves all over social media. What do you expect from the girl when she grows up.

7. Stormi and Jordyn

Good friends share happy moments together, great friends share amazing moments together, and best friends share unforgettable moments together. Jordyn Woods is Kylie Jenner’s real-life and on-screen best friend. We saw her in Kylie’s reality TV show titled Life of Kylie, and she’s a staple in Kylie’s Snapchat and Instagram account. Jordyn’s mom, Elizabeth Woods, is a famous LA socialite and brand manager. She has a much younger sister (11 years old) named Jodi, whom she adores. Through association with the Jenners, Jordyn also has a healthy number of followers in social media. But she is more than that, she’s an advocate and spokesperson for body positivity. She also has businesses in the clothing arena.

On March 10th, proud mommy Kylie shared a Snapchat video of Jordyn and baby Stormi. Two of Kylie’s best girls snuggled up together and creating precious moments. This was the first picture of her 2 BFFs together, Jordyn looking down on the precious angel, loving her only as a best friend’s mom could. Jordyn Woods is just one of the many aunts that Stormi would be looking up to, getting girl advice from, and will definitely go running to whenever she has boy problems. Watch out boys, this girl has an entourage you’d never dream of clashing with!

6. Stormi and Her Great-Grandma

A basic unit in the community is the family. Everything starts at home, that’s what we learned early in school. For the most part, Kylie grew up in a family that is close-knit. She knows the importance of family. She even has her grandma in her social media together with Stormi. Grandma Mary Jo (Nana MJ, what Stormi would call her soon) Shannon, is Kris Jenner’s mother. We’ve seen her in their reality TV series Keeping Up With The Kardashians, and she is one cool grandma!

Everything Kylie does seem to be revolving around her daughter. This moment captured on Instagram and she shared on March 12th is a heartwarming example of close family ties that Kylie grew up on. Her grandma Mary Jo is a proud mom, an even prouder grandma, and now she is an over-the-moon great grandma. She now has a great-granddaughter from her youngest granddaughter. Now that is just magical. It was an image of Stormi looking straight at the camera, pacifier in her mouth, and her great-grandma holding her in her arms, looking down on her great-granddaughter. Kylie was just so happy and added in the photo, “does it get any better than this?”

5. First Easter

New experiences and firsts are very common in a family that has a newborn baby. We document everything they do for the first time. The littlest first step is a very big thing, and an annual Easter celebration is suddenly a moment to remember forever. There are even baby albums one can buy that has all the firsts a baby does. A page for the mold of their hands and feet as a newborn, their first smile, first laugh, first tooth, first time to eat solid food, first time crawling, sitting up, standing, and first steps. It does not stop there, as they grow bigger, you’ll have their first holidays with you. Stormi’s first Easter was spent with her mom and dad.

On April 1st, proud parents Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner shared photos and videos of Stormi’s first Easter with them, and essentially it’s their first Easter as a family. It’s only Stormi’s second month but it seemed that she’s had a lot of life experiences already. This is when Kylie also shared the first photo of the father and daughter together. Stormi is wearing a pink dress with a nice bow. They celebrated Easter at the Kardashian Easter party with family and friends.

4. First Vacation

Most vacations that Kylie takes involve extravagant and very private locations, big yachts and all the works. She had her 2016 birthday vacation documented in Instagram, where she had a yacht, a tropical island that seemed to have no other people but her, and good times with her closest BFFs. Nowadays, she is doing it with a little tyke tagging along. Technically, having a baby along in your vacations is not that different, and at the same time everything has changed. Nonetheless, we see Kylie having her first vacation with Stormi as she shares it in her Instagram account.

It was a bright day in Turks and Caicos, a tropical group of islands near Cuba and the Dominican Republic. Kylie posted pictures of her and baby Stormi sunning it up complete with matching swimwear. It was a family outing, their first ever vacation. Travis Scott was there, too. Also, it was like a 3-month birthday celebration for Stormi as she captioned one of the pictures, “my pretty girl is 2 months old today.” It’s another example of how this 20-year old young woman has grown and seemed to have matured in just 60 days. Look at her spending a nice vacation with her angel and boyfriend.

3. Taking a Stroll

Imagine a nice stroll around the neighborhood with your baby. Now, imagine a nice stroll around the neighborhood by Kylie Jenner and her baby Stormi, how might that go you think? It’s like a show on the street, that’s how it went. Kylie rocks everything from clothes, to accessories, to make up, and now, she rocks it up to Stormi’s gear as well. The nice walk they had looked like a Fendi show featuring their models Kylie Jenner and daughter Stormi.

She hit up Instagram with her Fendi outfit and rocking it with a matching Fendi stroller cradling Stormi comfortably. Her post says, “Stormi strolls.” It’s never an ordinary stroll for Kylie, it’s a catwalk, and the very first one out of many catwalks her daughter will surely have. The Fendi stroller is worth almost $2,000 in the market, that’s Stormi’s first ride, and it’s already worth thousands of bucks. We cannot imagine the endless possibilities for this mother-daughter modeling tandem and the market they have yet to tap. It’s a wide market, and Kylie and Stormi are just testing the waters with this Instagram post. How many purchases did Fendi get off of their stroller after this post, we wonder.

2. Attending a Party

Days of partying hard and long have turned to just daytime partying now. How many times have we seen Kylie on social media at events and shows? Hundreds of social gatherings, all elegant and classy. A venue with a collection of celebrities and famous personalities people will pay good money to get invited to. But now, these will have to take a backseat for Kylie. She’d still attend parties and events, but they are a little low-key, on the daytime schedule, and with more heart into them. First, we saw Kylie attending an Easter party with her daughter. Now here, she is at a birthday party with Stormi.

On June 3rd, Kylie posted a happy birthday greeting to her nieces North and Penelope. The Instagram image showed us a happy mom wearing comfy beige satin shorts and a white tee, with her daughter right there with her. Stormi is crushing it in a Gucci baby carrier. These are the kinds of gatherings that Kylie attends now that she has a baby in tow. Can you imagine what a playdate would look like with Kylie, her daughter, and their friends? It would most definitely be a display of signature clothes, baby apparel and toys, only the richest of the rich can afford for their little bundles of joy.

1. Tummy Time

It seems that baby Stormi got the genes of her Olympic gold medalist grandpa (or is it grandma now?). This last item is the latest update in the colorful life of Kylie Jenner and her growing little angel. We see Stormi in a short video having her tummy time and those little feet dancing around like she’s racing in a decathlon. It must have made Caitlin very proud that the little track and field star has such strong and quick legs.

It was after a break from posting on social media that Kylie posted a video, on July 24th, of Stormi happily and athletically, doing her tummy time. Tummy time is like a workout for babies. It is important to the growth and physical well-being of an infant. Kylie posted this video after she was served some not-so-nice comments about her parenting. We missed Stormi, and this was a nice comeback from that social media break. It’s nice to see the return of our #1 celebrity mom and child, welcome back you two! But we are sure to expect Kylie to have learned from the last bashing and hope she shares and posts more precious moments with baby Stormi, We want to see her grow through her social media posts. We also want to witness how Stormi makes her young mom grow into a mature woman after becoming a mother.

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