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10 Celeb Moms When They Thought No One Was Watching


10 Celeb Moms When They Thought No One Was Watching

These days, it is rare for any celebrity to step out of their house without someone taking a picture of them, thanks to their mobile phones. This is a blessing as one can capture those impromptu moments that are so hard to capture when posed, but it is also a curse to the celebrities who just want to pass through life without always being noticed.

We are not talking about the slay queens who want to appear in every social media page, no, we are talking about that new mother who just wants to get to the store to pick up a can of formula for her newborn. Or that sleep deprived and utterly exhausted supermodel who just wants to get to the store and get something for her child who suffers from colic and who is about to start her screaming ritual that begins at exactly three in the morning. This is the mother who would really appreciate it if the world would just let her pass by, but then again, everyone wants to see that side of her.

Then there is the mother who is going through so much that she has even forgotten that she has a stylist on speed dial. On those rare moments, we manage to capture the following 10 pictures of celebs when they thought the world was not watching.

10. Sofia Vergara

We have loved her on the comedy series Modern Family, and her figure that never seems to give up has been the envy of many. Sophia married her high school sweetheart Joe Gonzalez when she was just 18-years old and had his only son. In a typical Sofia fashion, she named him Manolo after Steven Bauer’s character in Scarface. Sophia and Joe divorced a year later and Sophia enrolled in dentistry school, which probably explains her perfect teeth. This strong mom who once dated Tom Cruise was diagnosed with thyroid cancer in 2000 and had her thyroid removed.
The star, who comes with an accent and made it to People’s 50 Most Beautiful People List. She has also been recognized among the most influential people in the Latino community. Sofia has been a sensation on the red carpet with her elaborate gowns that make her pop. Even in her role as Gloria Pritchett, Sofia manages to look sensational even in the most awkward circumstances. No one is as photogenic as Sofia and that is why this picture caught us by surprise. She looks older and saggy and the exotic beauty with high cheekbones is nowhere to be seen.

9. Tyra Banks

Those of us who grew up watching Tyra Banks will attest that no woman was as shapely and as classy as Tyra Lynne. The supermodel was also our favorite when she starred in the Fresh Prince of Bel Air. During her modeling career, Tyra made it to the cover of many magazines and she came out as one principled model, saying no to full frontal pictures, as well as nudity and cigarettes. Her dating life was also interesting, having dated director John Singleton, musician Seal, as well as actor/rapper Will Smith.

Tyra is the mother of one child and was the most attractive person on every red carpet event. Tyra was always impeccably dressed with impeccable makeup. After the birth of her child, she went through a period where she gained so much weight that the supermodel in her was no longer visible.

This at least proved that even supermodels struggle with their weight and it is not a preserve of common people. According to Access Online, she reportedly gained almost thirty pounds. The weight was made worse by this swimsuit, which when put next to the bikini shot leaves us wondering what went wrong.

8. Jennifer Lopez – Wardrobe Malfunction

Jennifer Lopez is one hot mama and her singing isn’t shabby either. With deadly curves and looks to match, this singing sensation refuses to take the back seat and is still a force to reckon with. Jenny was first married to Ojani Noa before she catapulted to fame and he tried to write a tell-all book about her. The marriage only lasted eleven months, but the bitter aftertaste lasted for years. Her second marriage to Cris Judd only lasted nine months. That is why we’re surprised when her third marriage to singer Mark Anthony, who she married barely six months after breaking up with her then-boyfriend Ben Affleck, and with whom she has two children lasted as long as it did.

Being a mother did not in anyway diminish this Mexican superstar’s good looks and she has continued to wow us on any red carpet she graces. That is until she decided to give us a glimpse of some very unsightly spandex on this photo courtesy of Ranker.

Jenny from the block brought the block back in this picture where she is wearing some form of spandex that does nothing to reduce the unsightly cellulite on her thighs. The flip-flops do not complement the gown either and the whole package just looks bad.

7. Adriana Lima

Adriana Lima, Brazilian model and actress, Victoria’s Secret Angel and Maybelline cosmetics spokesmodel does not require much introduction. Married to Marko Jaric, they have two children: Valentina and Sienna. This supermodel is undoubtedly gorgeous and she is the kind of woman who would make other supermodels appear ugly. The deeply religious supermodel who once wanted to be a nun never had any intention of being a model, viewing it as too much of a hassle despite winning numerous beauty pageants. For a model, this gorgeous beauty has gone a notch higher in her beliefs, having safeguarded her v-card until her marriage. Her career has seen her grace magazine covers and she is now almost on top of the highly acclaimed list of Forbes best-paid models. She has managed to grace the runway twice wearing the Victoria Secret fantasy bra, which is a big deal for those who do not know.

So what was going on with this picture? While every other time Ariana has appeared poised and quite super, on this one she appears to have missed all the marks and even misplaced her hairstylist’s number. Her hairstyle makes her look more like a matron in a nunnery than a Victoria Secret supermodel.

6. Katie Holmes

We first fell in love with Katie Holmes when she starred in Dawson’s Creek. Best known for her marriage to actor Tom Cruise, which went downhill really fast thanks to his involvement with Scientology, as well as his controlling nature. The marriage that nearly broke her came with a set of rules, like no high heels and even rules as pertaining to how many times she can and cannot see her family. She managed to come out fine and even though for a while there she was quite paranoid that someone was watching her, she is a stronger woman now, doing what she does best and dating her new found love Jamie Foxx and the couple appear to be quite in love.

Katie is a mother to one child, Suri Cruise. Her flawless beauty and baby face is always a winner on the red carpet. Being Tom Cruise’s wife, she was always on fleek and it is quite rare to see her without her makeup. After her breakup with Tom, she was filmed on her way to the set of the movie Mania Days wearing a striped shirt and without makeup, looking quite puffy with swollen eye bags and sunken cheeks. While we understand breakups come with stress, this picture does not do her justice.

5. Jennifer Garner

Watching the TV series Alias we are left in awe of her acting and ass-kicking skills and for some of us, Jennifer Garner is our favorite actress of all time. The actress, who has been married twice, first to Scott Foley, a marriage that did not last for reasons she prefers to keep private. She later married Ben Affleck with whom she has three children: Violet, Samuel, and Seraphina. Even though their marriage came to an end, Jennifer has publicly proclaimed that Ben was the love of her life and that given a chance, she would marry him all over again gladly. For now, though, she is alive to the fact that the marriage couldn’t work and the couple has amicably dissolved their marriage as they continue to raise their adorable children.

Taking three munchkins out can be a hassle and Jenifer found herself in such a pickle when she decided to take her three kids for a walk in Santa Monica.

Jen may be gearing up to spend more time away from her little ones with rumored new projects in the works. She is in talks to star in the upcoming film Draft Day alongside Kevin Costner, and Ben recently revealed that he would be taking over parenting duties to allow her to get back to work.

4. Mila Kunis

When it comes to Mila Kunis, not much is known apart from the fact that she is probably in the league of really hot women in Hollywood. Mila seemed set for the box office and we expected really good movies from her but unfortunately she never quite broke the glass ceiling.

The photogenic looks and hot body make her a real bombshell. Married to Ashton Kutcher, she is the mother to one child. Mila can look quite good, especially when she is on the red carpet and even though she and Ashton are never glammed up and tend to leave the house dressed in anything, there are times when they go above and beyond.

Paparazzi are great for the fans since they give us a glimpse of our favorite celebrities looking either amazing or with their hair down. For the celebrities though, they can be quite a headache as they are constantly there trying to outdo each other with their snapshots. When a woman is pregnant, she doesn’t feel very attractive and there are those days when she wakes up feeling like like death warmed over. A pregnant Mila found herself in such a situation as she and her husband Ashton were caught by the paparazzi as they walked their dog looking less than glamorous.

3. Kim Kardashian

No list can be complete without this celebrity icon. Kim Kardashian comes with exotic good looks, wealth and A-class celebrity status. Kim, who wears numerous hats as a socialite, actress, model, and also stars in the reality show Keeping up with the Kardashians is also a mother to her three kids, North, Saint, and Chicago, who was born through a surrogate. She is married to rapper Kanye West.

Kim rose to fame after an x-rated video of herself was leaked online by an ex-boyfriend. While most people would have been mortified by this, Kim kept her head high and went on to redefine herself, achieving success in everything she does. Her fashion sense has always been on point and most of us look up to her to see what is trending in the fashion world. Even when she gained a lot of weight after the birth of her first child, Kim still managed to look attractive in whatever outfit she wore. However, she was captured in this picture going out for an ice cream cone looking rather drab with no makeup and an oversized shirt, looking rather underdressed. We have to be honest though that even without makeup she still managed to come out looking like an exotic princess.

2. Kourtney Kardashian

When we are in our twenties, the world seems wide open and none of us ever thinks of what will become of our lives in the future. This is the age of poor judgment and rash decisions. When we get to our thirties, we begin to feel a little cramped and suddenly we are aware of our own mortality. Hitting thirty-nine makes it worse, as this is the age right next to the fourth floor. At this age, we begin to nest and treasure our kids more as they are a reminder of our youth and an indication of limitless opportunities.

Kourtney Kardashian is at that age. The mother of three children with her former partner Scott Disick, did not look anything near her age dressed in a white tank top showing off her toned abs, paired with a pair of baggy ripped jeans and a baggy jacket. This ensemble did not in any way say thirty-nine and most of us wish we could look that good at any age. On her big day Kourtney chose to spend some quality time with her children, but as usual, someone was following her day out. Kourtney seems to have her balancing act on point like any super mom would.

1. Jessica Alba

The one Hollywood mom who still looks like a teenager with flawless skin and to die for curves is Jessica Alba. The photogenic actress seems to have discovered a forever young portion and in spite of having three children, she still does not have the scars of war. She is married to Cash Warren, whom she met on the set of the Fantastic Four and they have been together for ten years, which in Hollywood is more than a century.

The superstar is not just any ordinary mom, she is the CEO of the Honest Company, which is speculated to be worth over $1 billion. Every relationship comes with issues and theirs has not been spared with recurring rumors of impending divorce, but in spite of all these rumors, the two seem to be going strong and are happily raising their kids: Honor, Haven, and Hayes.

It is almost impossible to get an ugly picture of Jessica and in this one, where she was spotted working on her post-baby bod with the help of her new bundle of joy, dressed in grey sweatpants and dark glasses, she just looks cute. While this outfit would look ugly on some of us. for her, the picture is adorable and it shows that even celebs struggle to get back in shape and what is more adorable than taking the baby out while breaking a sweat?

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