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10 Victoria Beckham Events Which Explains Her Poshness


10 Victoria Beckham Events Which Explains Her Poshness

How we love Victoria Beckham. The former member of the Spice Girls, known as Posh Spice, has reinvented herself into a working mother and respected designer. She has moved out of the shadow of her past and her husband and is recognized as a businesswoman in her own right. She has even received an OBE from Prince William in recognition of her contribution to the British fashion industry.

Her fashion house is well established and is regarded as one of the main players in the world of couture. The designs that Victoria often wears herself have become cherished pieces of some of the most stylish ladies in the world.

10. Out in Paris

Victoria loves Paris, and we often see pictures of her striding along the streets of the French capital, dressed in effortlessly gorgeous outfits. Posh Spice knows how to power dress for shopping, for business or to attend a fashion show.

Knowing that the paparazzi will be there to snap her every move, Victoria often showcases her own designs on her Parisian visits. She looks elegant and on trend. In January she covered up in a beautiful caramel colored two-piece with a long skirt and high brown boots. She might sport a crisp white shirt and wide-legged trousers, or a patterned dress with high boots.

However, she descends from the Eurostar or enters a five-star hotel, Victoria looks as if she belongs in the capital of haute couture and that she means business.

She can be seen entering the poshest hotels in her gorgeous outfits, looking like the successful fashion businesswoman that she is. She may have a business meeting, be launching a new range for her fashion house, or attend a designer fashion show, Victoria never lets the side down and always looks immaculately turned out and bang on trend.

9. Red carpet chic

Victoria has experimented with style, color and fabric and different hem lengths on the red carpet. She always looks poised and polished and never seems to put a foot wrong, despite the jaw-dropping height of her heels. She has never looked gaudy or appeared as a fashion victim. She has an innate taste and knowledge of what suits her.

From classic long gowns to a feminine twist on a tuxedo, Victoria seems very at home on the red carpet. Often in her trademark black, it may be Victoria’s reluctance to smile that gives her a regal aloof look. Her beautifully cut outfits give her a look of elegance and glamour that few can match. She certainly knows how to strike a flattering pose, and she is a seasoned pro at this according to Heart.

Victoria works with fashion models all the time and is a seasoned pro at the best poses to strike. She knows how to get a photographer to take the most flattering pictures of her. She must have studied photos from her earlier days in the limelight and decided how she likes to be portrayed. This leads to a slightly studied pose, but classy and elegant for sure.

8. At gala events with David

When Victoria attended a gala at the Met in 2014 in New York with husband David, she appeared self-assured and at home on the red carpet. She wore a sleek, streamlined white dress with subtle jewelry and loose hair. As she stood on the red carpet with her husband in a white tuxedo, they looked like the elegant successful couple that they are.

At the same event in 2008, she wore white as well, this time a stunning jeweled coat dress with thigh length split. Her trademark pout was in position but Posh and her shaven husband looked sensational.

Victoria may opt for her famous black, sporting a sheath dress or daring thigh split, or she might shock her critics and turn up in glorious color blocking in the brightest shades. Her heels are always high, her smile very much muted, but her elegance and sense of occasion are always in full force.

Indeed her gala appearances make her look like a supermodel. Whether it’s in full length white with cheeky cut out panels or a bust revealing dress from her own collection, Victoria shows off her perfect figure for designer wear.

7. At royal weddings

David and Victoria have the perfect look for a British royal event. They know how to fit into these occasions seamlessly, David dressing like the style icon that he is and his wife showcasing couture fashion in her own elegant way.

The Beckhams were guests at both Prince William and Prince Harry’s weddings, and Victoria chose navy ensembles for both events.

At Prince William’s wedding in 2011 Victoria was pregnant with her daughter, Harper. She wore a beautifully draped navy dress and a small hat perched on her head. She wore staggeringly high heels for a heavily pregnant lady but seemed unfazed by their height. After all, she has mastered the art of walking elegantly in heels, like no one else.

For Harry’s wedding earlier this year, Victoria’s dress was a longer, more streamlined number with splits in the sleeve that gave the impression of a small cape. Again, she chose a small navy hat, this time trimmed with a cheeky veil. She teamed this ensemble with red stilettoes. She has recently championed the trend of contrasting colored footwear and a royal wedding was a perfect showcase for her preference.

6. Wedding day

What can we say about the Beckhams’ royal wedding? For one thing, the event in 1999 was one of the only times we have seen Victoria smile! She was positively beaming in some photos, and it’s delightful to see. David was suave in a white suit and Victoria had short, cropped hair as the Mirror reminded us. Things have changed so much in the fifteen intervening years and not only with their appearance. Victoria has launched her own fashion label, said to be worth £200 million.

The venue, the thrones, the dresses, it was all so sumptuous. Victoria wore a beautiful strapless Vera Wang gown in champagne, when she wed David in Ireland, with baby Brooklyn in tow.

The couple sat on thrones emblazoned with their initials and Victoria wore a crown. Victoria looked so at home in her regal chair, head to foot in designer garb with her prince and her baby by her side.

Later, the couple changed into deep purple outfits, made for them by Antonio Berardi, which they wore as they cut their enormous cake. Again, the couple emulated style and elegance and the sumptuous surroundings of their nuptials mirrored the glamour of the couple themselves.

5. At fashion shows in front row

One of Victoria’s favorite places to be must be the front row of the couture fashion shows. Whether they be in London, Paris or New York, Victoria has a reserved spot at the coveted shows. She is often seen chatting to Vogue editor and legendary fashionista, Anna Wintour.

The whole Beckham family has joined Victoria at the shows, notably Louis Vuitton which the Beckhams are known to love. The family is an elegant addition to these stylish events. They are often to be seen taking up a large part of the front row, often with Harper on the elegantly clad knee of a major fashion critic or designer.

Victoria’s style is carefully crafted for these shows and she looks confident as a spectator and as a part of the fashion industry. She, along with her family, often bow a nod to the designer in question At the Louis Vuitton show recently, the whole family honored the fashion house by wearing or carrying their designs. They are all known to be great fans.

4. Fashion designer at work

Victoria is passionate about her work. Since starting her own label, Victoria Beckham, she has worked tirelessly to prove her worth in the fashion world.

At work, Victoria may dress down to a certain extent. She sports a more casual look, even being seen in jeans and a white t-shirt after one of her shows. This is a sensible approach. She might be pinning a hem of a dress or sewing the finishing touches to a gown. Her practical workwear is the same as that seen on many other fashion designers. There are a lot of muted colors on display, and high heels galore, but Victoria looks as if she is comfortable in her own skin and comfortable in her own clothes.

But when she is in meetings the successful designer looks quite the businesswoman. She often wears her own label to the office, which she has shared pictures of on social media. Crisp, open-necked shirts, beautifully cut trousers and dresses – always with heels – are de rigeur.

However, when Victoria launches a line, her wardrobe is glamour personified. She evidently designs for herself and wears the clothes she designs exactly in that manner.

3. Award Ceremonies

Victoria has been the recipient of many awards in recognition of her fashion career. She won Woman of the Decade in 2013.

In 2011 Victoria won British fashion design of the year. She attended the award in her signature black and was delighted at the honor. She said she was her own ideal customer and that she designed with herself in mind.

She also won an award for her designing in 2014, and once again collected the award wearing her own designs, in black. She has proven her fashion knowledge and skill is down to her talent and not her fame. She was reduced to tears as she received the award for Brand of the Year, for a fashion line she started just six years earlier. Her backless jumper and a pleated monochrome skirt was a knockout choice of outfit for the fashionista.

A year later at the British Fashion Awards, Victoria was in black again, but this time in a tuxedo, perfectly tailored and teamed with her trademark heels.

When receiving an award from her son, Brooklyn, the scarlet-clad designer could not help but smile. She was named one of Glamour’s Women of the Year and her model son handed her the award. Victoria reinforced her aim to make a woman feel as if she were the best version of herself and she certainly practices what she preaches.

2. Victoria receives an OBE from Prince William

Victoria received her own royal honor from Prince William for her services to the fashion industry. She was accompanied by her parents and her husband for the event. The 2017 ceremony was recognition of what Victoria has done to promote British design around the world. Victoria wore a demure long navy dress and burgundy shoes to receive the OBE at Buckingham Palace. Her parents and husband were present on the occasion and her husband shared his pride at his wife’s achievement on social media.

Victoria shared a few words with Prince William as she accepted the honor and smiled throughout the interaction. The two are well known to each other, Victoria is quite at ease mixing with royalty.

She attributed her success to big dreams and hard work and is a believer that anything can be accomplished. The couple arrived covered in a sheet of plastic as their car entered Buckingham Palace and did not pose for photographs outside the Palace, as is the custom for famous recipients of honors. Indeed David posed for photos when he received his OBE some thirteen years earlier. They may not have wanted much exposure, but Victoria looked pleased and proud of her achievement.

1. Hosting Harper’s 6th birthday party at Buckingham Palace

Who else but Victoria Beckham could organize a child’s birthday party at the Queen’s home? Her six-year-old daughter celebrated her special day with several friends and a real-life royal, Princess Eugenie of York, who shares her birthday. The York family are friends of the Beckhams, and they are believed to have organized the event. The Duchess of York and her daughter celebrated some time with the Beckhams which appears to have coincidentally coincided with Harper’s big day. Harper brought some friends along to celebrate and they enjoyed afternoon tea in a real-life palace. Harper then changed into a Frozen outfit, dressed as Princess Elsa and was photographed in the courtyard of the Palace with a balloon.

There were many critics of the event. Palace officials and private commentators likened the event to having Buckingham Palace turned into a theme park. Victoria ignored criticism of the event, and David made it clear that they were invited guests. Other Beckham family members were present at the occasion and shared photos of the party on social media. Victoria was pictured in a silk shirt snuggling with her youngest child.

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