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10 Celeb Kids Rocking Prom Night

Prom night is a special rite of passage for most American children. They dress up and party with their friends, and are treated like adults as they prepare to graduate.
Most youngsters are excited by the prospect of this event, to let off steam after the stress and pressure of the school year. Parents take great pride in throwing parties for their offspring as they prepare to go off to their school parties.

Celebrities might want to keep their children out of the spotlight for their early years, but somehow when it comes to the prom, the gloves are off! Social media buzzes with glamorous pictures of teenage boys and girls in formal wear.

10. Jaden Smith

Jaden is a pro at proms. In 2015 he attended a prom in a dress when he attended Amanda Stenberg’s big night. Well it was a skirt really, but everyone refers to it as a dress. The outfit comprised a black top and leggings with a long white skirt. He teamed it with an oversized jacket and trainers. His girlfriend, Amanda Stenberg wore a more traditional dress. Jaden has a history of wearing exactly what he wants, when he wants and defending his right to do so.

Now that he is seeing Odessa Aldon, he had another prom to go to. However, this year he accompanied his girlfriend in an all-black outfit accessorized with gold jewelry and sporting dyed blond hair. New girlfriend, new look.

When Jaden attended prom with Mecca Kalani, he chose a Batman-themed white outfit, complete with a full-length cape. He accessorized his all-white suit with the cape and paraded around whilst swirling the cape around him, giving a truly dramatic silhouette.
Jaden found the whole experience incredibly stressful and said it put more pressure on him than attending a Met Gala.

9. Leordes Leon

Madonna’s daughter Leordes Leon has grown up fast. For her prom night, the 17-year-old looked beautifully feminine in a strappy black dress printed with white polka dots and trimmed with black lace. She wore extraordinary high heels and bright red lipstick to complete the look and added a few blonde streaks to her super dark hair.
She posed in a garden with her mum and two tuxedo-clad male escorts, looking happy and relaxed as she prepared for her big night out.

Her Dolce & Gabanna dress looked beautiful but was more of a day dress than the traditional prom dress. However, it suited Leordes perfectly. Madonna played the proud mother and acted as photographer for her daughter and friends at a pre-prom get-together, then promptly shared them with the world on social media. Madonna is known to value the privacy of her children fiercely, but she could not resist sharing Leordes’ big moment with the world. Leordes, or Lola, as she’s known, graduated from La Guardia School for the Performing Arts and Music and is expected to start university in the autumn. The University of Michigan is pipped as a possible choice.

8. Amelia Hamlin

Lisa Rinn’s daughter, Amelia Hamlin caused a bit of a stir with her prom dress. The daughter of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star, wore a dramatic black sheath dress with a cut-out neckline that revealed rather more than a traditional prom dress. Her caption on Instagram revealed that she was proud to show off her assets.
The 16-year-old was thought by some commentators to be far too young to be wearing such a revealing dress. Amelia responded by saying that she could wear what she wanted and show off what she chose to! Her boyfriend agreed and hit back at social media ‘haters’ by saying Amelia looked beautiful.

Her dress was strikingly like one worn by her mother, but Amelia teamed her feminine dress with some clumpy black boots, opting for comfort over femininity. She posed with her friends in the garden and they revealed they were also rocking the prom dress with boots look.
Amelia has been in the spotlight for years thanks to her mother’s television appearances and shows no sign of leaving the limelight. She is an aspiring model and hopes to take it up as her profession for now.

7. Dylan Douglas

Dylan’s parents, actors Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones shared a beautiful picture of them with their seventeen-year-old son as he went off to his prom. They were so very proud of the big boy that they let the world know how handsome and grown up he had become. They shared pictures of Dylan alone and a family snap which showed where Dylan gets his good looks from.

The handsome family looked delightful in the shot which the Douglases shared on social media. Dylan Douglas looked suave and sophisticated in his black tuxedo and a white corsage on his collar. His date shared a similar floral ensemble on her wrist to complement her black lacy dress. Catherine and Michael hosted a pre-prom party for Dylan and his friends at their home.
Catherine shared recently that her children are showing a talent for performing arts and that she supported whatever they wanted to do in life. The family is known to be very close and Dylan and his sister Cerys still accompany mum and dad on holiday and seem to have a ball as they share precious time together.

6. Sailor Brinkley Cook

Supermodel Christie Brinkley’s gorgeous 17-year-old daughter looked stunning in her prom dress, as her proud mum shared on social media. The fledgling model chose a pale pink dress in tiered lace and a deep V-shaped neckline. She kept her hair and make up natural and as she posed with her date she looked every inch her mother’s daughter. Sailor had had a rehearsal of wearing prom outfits a year before when she worked at a runway show for prom dresses. She showed that she has the family talent for wearing dresses and making them look exquisite. Christie was equally proud of her daughter’s work on that day and shared the results with the world..

While Christie supports her daughter’s previous modeling work and aspirations to take it up as a profession, she has recognized the need for Sailor to focus on education until she graduated. Now she has we shall have to wait and see what is next for Sailor who her proud mum describes as level-headed and sensible. That may be just as well as Sailor has already encountered her share of online comparison to her beautiful mother.

5. Lottie Moss

Lottie Moss, younger sister of supermodel Kate, wore a beautiful off the shoulder dress to her post-A-level prom. She looked effortlessly gorgeous in the baby pink number, showing that the genes of beauty run deep in the Moss family. The 18-year-old sported a floor-length, close-fitting dress with off the shoulder straps which revealed her stunning figure.
She evidently had a good night at the event in Brighton, Sussex. Her high heels got a bit too much for her and she was pictured carrying them as the night ended. She teamed her outfit with gorgeous sparkling earrings and a match clutch bag.

Lottie says she feels as if she lives in two worlds. She has a teenager’s normal life in England and then jets around the world in her capacity as a model for half her time. Indeed she had just returned from the Cannes Film Festival when she attended her south coast prom in England. She may have paraded designer gear in France, but Lottie opted for a UK high street brand for her prom. She kept her hair loose and make up minimal in sharp contrast to her red carpet look.

4. Lily-Rose Depp

Lily-rose Depp has lived her life on camera. Whilst her famous parents have tried to keep her out of the public gaze, the demand to see the offspring of two beautiful famous parents has been hard to resist. Now Lily-Rose is planting herself firmly in front of the camera’s lens as she kicks off her modeling career. We are used to seeing the beautiful daughter of Vanessa Paradis and Johnny Depp at red carpet events. The teenager played a more usual role for a 17-year-old when she attended her prom night from the LA high school she attended. She looked reed thin in a floor length gold dress in a very simple style, matching the styles of her peers, who opted for similar dress silhouettes.

The model and actress joined her friends to celebrate graduation wearing her snakeskin printed shimmering gown, teamed with strappy black heels. Lilly-Rose looks demure as she posed for pictures in her clingy dress, clutching a mobile phone to record the occasion. There were some comments about the nude coloring to the dress giving Lily-Rose a ‘naked’ look, which was emphasized by the visible lack of a bra!

3. Presley Gerber

It was fairly obvious that 16-year-old Presley Gerber is the son of a model judging by his prom pictures. He looked absolutely gorgeous in his black outfit. The fledgling model bore a striking resemblance to Justin Bieber according to The Telegraph. As she sat, looking relaxed, on an outside step, he could have been posing for a Vogue shoot. His streaked hair added a splash of color to his monochrome outfit.

Presley posted pictures of himself on social media, wearing a black shirt, black jeans, and a black jacket. It appeared he had been wearing white socks, but his mother posted on Instagram that his parents (and dog apparently) had made him change his socks before leaving, so he was pictured putting on a darker pair to go with his black boots.
Presley has a sister, Kaia, who is also the product of the divine Cindy and her husband Rande Gerber and she and her brother are said to be incredibly close. Presley even had his sister’s name tattooed on his arm. According to Kaia, she will be lucky to get to her own prom with a date as they would have to be vetted by her father and brother first!

2. Paris Jackson

Model and actress Paris Jackson has not been one to show a conventional side. Indeed her life has been far from conventional, being born to a surrogate mother and the King of Pop. With the tragic death of her father nine years ago, Paris has grown into a free-spirited young lady.

Paris added a splash of color to her prom night, but not with a dress, with her hair. Her date wore a teal blue dress with a silver snake bracelet. Paris preferred a black suit and white shirt with a teal tie. She dyed her spiky hair in a matching color, posting on social media that only a true friend would dye her hair to match her girl’s dress. Her date Melissa Lauren looked divine in a teal gown that was more along the lines of a traditional prom outfit. The 18-year-old has shown a rebellious streak for some years. Since turning 18, Paris has had numerous tattoos inked onto her body, including one on her inner lip. She decided to cut off her long hair a few months before her prom and revealed her new blue look for the Prom.

1. Pheonix Chi Brown

The daughter of Spice Girl, Mel Brown and Jimmy Gulzar borrowed one of her mum’s old dresses to go to her prom. Scary Spice shared some photos of her 119-year-olddaughter on social media, expressing how proud she was of her daughter. She took pictures of Phoenix and her date, Vic, standing by their carriage for the evening, an orange Bugatti sports car. Mel also revealed that mother and daughter can share clothes as they are the same size, reported Metro. Phoenix chose a silver two pieced outfit for her prom, comprising a high necked long sleeved top, a bare midriff and a floor length slit skirt with a squared pattern. These were worn with high strappy sandals.

Mel seemed more excited than her daughter as she shared a number of exuberant posts on Instagram stating how proud she was of Phoenix. She seemed to approve of her date and stressed that he must look after her daughter, as many other parents have done – celebrity or not. Phoenix and her mother are very close and have had a lot to deal with over the years. Mel was generous in her praise of her eldest daughter, saying she had taught her how to love.

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