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10 Parenting Rules Candace Cameron Makes Her Kids Follow


10 Parenting Rules Candace Cameron Makes Her Kids Follow

For a long time, psychologists have defined some ways to best support a young one as they grow older for kids all over the world. Our parents are there right from the very beginning and surely guide us to the right way of goodness, and teaching us things that we need to learn in life. Parenting practices may be written in books and advised by some doctors or professionals. However, parenting for most individuals is all about believing in a happy family, creating beautiful memories and also ensuring that every member of the family lives in a healthy environment for their mental, emotional, spiritual and physical aspects of individuality.

So, how do celebrities or any public figures handle their parenting style for their own children? One name can come to mind when it comes to parenting rules. Candace Cameron Bure is an American renowned actress, a best-selling author, competent producer and an active talk show panelist. Like her older sibling, she decided to pursue being in the limelight of entertainment. Just like any other who wants to get exposure in the entertainment world, she started to appear in some television commercials. For Candace, family is everything. In her family, she set boundaries in the name of her own parenting style. Now, she has two sons and a daughter – Maksim, Lev, and Natasha –  whom she treats as the gems of her life. Let’s take a look at how she applies her own parenting style and how everyone can learn the details.

10. Tough Love Parenting it Is

Candace Cameron Bure still believes that staying tough and strict while at the same time setting and enforcing limits and boundaries are still needed for her children. This kind of approach has helped a lot of families in providing discipline in a positive way. It considers the young ones’ need to love and be loved. Also to learn all of life’s lessons starting at a young age. We all know that we have expectations for all the growing children, but it is still best to implement firm decisions at their very best.

Candace has said that she agrees when her kids told her that she’s a tough mom. Although she thinks that it is true, she is not the toughest one out there. The truth is that she knows how to balance toughness with plenty of love and affection. The rules and boundaries that she and her husband set are really for the best interest of their children. She believes that in order to have balanced lives, she needs to set specific limits to help them. Without limits and boundaries, one would undoubtedly live out-of-control lives. So it is a challenge for a parent to see their children’s limitations and set the boundaries that they need. For she said that these are the foundation for love and balance, and that tough love will allow her children to start better in life.

9. Excuses are Just for Losers

Sure there will be days when children will be in a situation of experiencing a moment of sheer terror, but parents should always be there to remind them that excuses are just for those who do not want triumphs in their lives. Candace emphasized to her children that they must work hard, take the necessary actions and never make excuses for all the things that they don’t have and always find a way for them to get it. Excuses are only for those who don’t strive for the best and are just in the mediocre level of well-being.

Especially when one of her children wanted to do something, but when the time came for him or her to do it, but procrastination set in and a lot of good reasons just came about. These old good reasons are just simply excuses. These excuses are just for losers only. So, she always reminds them to be a person with great interests and integrity and they should do what they want to do in their lives in a good and positive way. For her children, having a good mindset for their goals means not letting anyone block their way.

8. No Secrets Rule

In this world where bad and unexpected events are likely to happen anytime and anywhere, it is very significant that parents know what their children are up to. This is an important factor of her parenting style for Cameron. Like achieving a specific goal, there are no secrets to success. So in their household, she does not want anyone to have their excuses and hide them from each other. This is one of the big parenting tips that Cameron gave to her readers and viewers that there should be no secrets at all between her and the children.

She is proud to tell everyone that there are no secrets to be kept from her. But when she was interviewed on the show, Rachael Ray, she told viewers that she didn’t know anything about her daughter’s first kiss and any other relationship boy details. Well, it goes to show that maybe there are still facts and details from Natasha that she cannot bear to tell to her mother. Sure Cameron wants only the best for her daughter and sons. She emphasises that honesty still is the best rule to include in relationships of any kind.

7. Closed Doors are Implemented

Knock first before coming into a room. This is one of the many important rules from Cameron to her children in their household. There was one time when she told a story where she and her husband were together alone in their room for some special time and one of her kids abruptly opened the door. So with this, she told her kids that it’s important to knock first and just wait for an answer telling them that it is okay for them to open the door before coming inside the room. This is one way of showing that their children are following one of the rules implemented and goes to show that they are being respectful to their father and mother.

When that incident happened, Cameron went on to say that her child who opened the door and came inside their room without knocking first asked for forgiveness afterward. No problem with that since it’s only the first time that it happened and surely the last one too. I totally agree with this thing because it’s not only for their privacy but as well as for their children’s sake. It can develop their patience towards handling things in their future.

6. Live According to the Bible

Believing in God and having a strong faith in Him is her foundation of being a parent. She encourages everyone to dig into God’s word. Candace wants to pass on to her children the desire to love the Lord our God with all their hearts. She purely emphasizes that they should have a good servant’s heart and put others before themselves. She knows that though everybody is imperfect just like she and her husband, they still give encouragement and remind their children that they are the ones accountable for all their actions. And when they make mistakes, they should immediately ask God and the people they offended for forgiveness. Then again, try to stand up and continue the journey walking with God.

It is an important reminder for her children to set their affections on things above them and that is with God and not to set their sights on, on things on earth. What’s important is what God sees in all things, in all the actions that her children are doing. Lastly, what she always does when everything messes up is she prays silently for the sake of her children. When everything is said and done here, we salute her for doing this.

5. What it Means by Spanking

Candace has always been echoing her thoughts related to parenting method and style. Although things look very normal with the normal environment, her kids Maksim, Lev, and Natasha, are being taught from early childhood that physical punishment comes with an important lesson. What does she do when one of her children steps over the line and willingly disobeys their rules and regulations? Strict discipline is very much to be followed. She said that when her children were younger, she and her husband gave them spanks on the bottom, but they made sure that it also came with some reminders and instructions of love.

That is what she learned from her own parents and that is what she passes also to her own children. And soon enough in the future, this discipline can come by with the children of her children. It just passes on year after year, but surely it yields important learning. This is important that it be imparted to her children because in the future her children might as well have their own family. She said she looked up to her parents as role models in the parenting department and did many of the same things with her own children that her parents taught her as well.

4. Social Media Habits

Candace’s main concern is that her children are getting older and of course technology changes as well. She has a great fear that advanced technology might lure her children into doing something that is not at all appropriate. In her family, her kids started to have a cell phone, but not a smartphone, at the time each of them reached the age of 13. Her son, Lev, did get a personal account online a few months before he turned 13. She swallowed this because for her, the level of maturity of Lev was far different than that of her only daughter, Natasha at that age.

She limits the personal profiles of her children in all social networking sites and she always monitors the pages of them all.  It is not at all bad or has all the negative aspects, but for her, she didn’t see the point of her children needing a personal account to online applications and social networking sites. Natalia is not allowed to talk to her guy friends and Candace already added almost all her friends on Facebook. Sounds like a tactic to scare them away. Does this sounds acceptable or not? For Candace, she just wants to provide protection to her one and only daughter.

3. Power is Responsibility = Responsibility is Power

“With great power comes great responsibility.” Thanks to Voltaire for this and Cameron reminds them her children that responsibilities are for those people who are willing to emerge to be great achievers in life. Achieving goals, her children must not worry about what others have already accomplished, rather they should focus on themselves and their goals to be met. The proper mindset is important so as to attain their goals and don’t let anyone stand in their way of accomplishing them. She taught her kids about being responsible for their actions because the whole wide world is looking at them. She said that once you do something or say something, you cannot take it back once you did it or once the words came out from your mouth.

So what about an issue where she supported a bakery when they refused to make a cake for a lesbian wedding? Cameron Bure views this as not a discriminating act at all and this comes with constitutional rights and amendments, as well as freedom of association. She said these things on national television.

2. Workout Routines

These are the kind of routines she has been so very proud of. Working out with her kids has a lot of advantages. Of course, aside from the fact that it’s a great way to spend time together, they can have health benefits through exercise and workout routines. The more they are used to it, the more they are going to be positively working out altogether. She said that they were working out together when her children were still six-years-old. Well until now, if ever they have extra time for being together, this is the kind of thing that they do. When her children were still 5-years of age, they were already used to doing jogging with her in their neighborhood. Sounds like a lot of fun.

However, others think that this is too much of a routine, especially that her children are too young to maintain such a habit. Truthfully, it isn’t that bad since it’s for their own good, especially since it is their health we are talking about. For some, it looks like they are under rigid training and that makes her children look like they don’t have the freedom to do anything that they want to do.

1. Suitors Go Away

There isn’t anything wrong when someone says that they just want to protect their child. One of the major concerns and fear of Cameron Bure as a parent, like any other parents out there, is when her daughter would do something behind her back. Her daughter is now in her stage of exploration. She grew up pretty and sophisticated like her mother, so it’s not a surprise that every boy who knows her would try to court her.

However, Candace has verbalized that this thing she calls the “hookup culture” is something her daughter must not become involved in. Well, it looks like there’s no chance for anyone since she already tried adding Natasha’s friends to her own Facebook account just so that she has an idea if there are any potential suitors for her daughter. Aside from that, she never allows her daughter to take selfies and post them on her social media accounts. She took a lot of her daughter’s clothes away just so she would have to wear the same outfits for school and she is strict that she is not allowed to talk with boys she doesn’t know well on her online accounts.

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