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10 Over The Top Demands by Stars

Superstars and folks who make a living in showbiz have had the opportunity to live and enjoy some of life’s most expensive and luxurious pleasures. Ranging from owning top of the line cars, multiple homes and millions of dollars compiled in various bank accounts throughout the world. These are just a few of the privileges life has offered them. We idolize them. But what about over the top requirements that occur behind the scenes? What about things that celebrities often ask for prior to reaching an agreement to participate in a major film or to work with a company. Here are ten over the top demands stars have made in the past.

10. Will Smith

The Fresh Prince of Bellaire has had quite a long and successful career behind the television screen and in movie theaters. In the beginning, the young actor tried his hardest to reach the pinnacle of his dreams and he has achieved just that. Now that things have gone well, the likeable actor has won the privilege to make his contractors meet some demands or requirements for him to work with them. Among them, Will Smith demanded for a mega trailer to be crafted for him. We are not talking about a regular stationary set of walls.

No. We mean a fully motorized home nested on 22 wheels, worth about $2.5 million. This beast of a trailer (and beast of a request) has more than 10 televisions, automatic doors, top of the line leather upholstery and an incredibly expensive kitchen with an estimated cost between $100,000 and $200,000. If it was not enough, it has the capacity to transform and expand to a second floor, which offers a screening room and a wardrobe room. There’s even an amazing shower that can switch from having an opaque door or a transparent one, depending on how brazen the occupant is feeling.

9. Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez, the beloved Latin singer, and Hollywood actress, has had a solid appearance throughout her movies and records. Not only is she known for her successful career in the music business and by the crazy hip-shaking moves, but also for her involvement with other very famous men such as singer Marc Anthony and baseball player Alex Rodriguez. Yet, despite all of that, JLO has earned her way to the top just enough to make some crazy requests in order for her to work for others, or maybe just to get in the zone before a big show.

Apparently, the young songstress has this unusual request to not see any color before performing or getting any kind of work done. It is also known that she has taken this request to the extreme by demanding that everything around her be white. This includes her room, the furniture and the simplest of things like flowers, picture frames, and candles. Basically, anything that can catch her sight and distract her. In addition, not only does she prefer the color white, she demands apples and tomatoes to not be in any of her meals.

8. Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey is undoubtedly one of the most successful singers of our time. Although she has as many detractors as there are fans, something that we cannot deny is her enormous talent and unique voice. The self-titled album, Mariah Carey, achieved immediate success, entering the top positions of the most important music shelves. The phenomenon happened again with Emotions and Music Box. The albums launched numerous successful singles such as Hero, Dreamlover and Without You. She is one of the best-paid singers in the world.

Considering that Mariah Carey earns nearly $442 thousand a year for having composed (yes, it’s an original song) and performing All I Want for Christmas is You, it’s not so strange that she has an assistant whose only job is to bring her a glass with a straw every time she gives the signal of “being thirsty,” just like the villain of Specter. Moreover, money exists to be spent.

In her concerts in Las Vegas (where she has been performing all year), she made it clear that she does not want a single woman on stage, and that the dancers should always be paler than her so she can highlight her tan. Unlike her archenemy Ariana Grande, at least Mariah has spent her entire life working to allow herself this nonsense.

7. Kanye West

Tantrums and whims are never enough for Kanye West. On a previous occasion, the American rapper threatened to boycott the 2017 Grammy Awards ceremony if the Academy did not consider including his singer and songwriter, Frank Ocean, on the list of nominees. As reviewed by the English site The Guardian, the husband of Kim Kardashian, made these statements while performing at one of his concerts in Oakland, California. It would not be the first time Kanye has stolen the show at an awards ceremony. We all remember that incident between him and Taylor Swift on behalf of Beyoncé a few years ago.

He said in front of his fans that the album that has been listened to the most this year is the one done by Frank Ocean. He exclaimed that if his album were not nominated in any category, he would not appear at the Grammys. West said that, as artists, we have to unite to fight for recognition.He called on all artists not to attend if Ocean was not nominated. Despite this, Frank Ocean’s last album, Blonde (released on August 20), was not submitted for the competition by the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences, which stipulated the deadline as September 30. According to The Guardian, the decision not to be considered for the awards was made by the artist and his team.

6. Adam Sandler

Undoubtedly, Adam Sandler is one of the most prominent actors in the current American film industry. Mostly light-hearted comedy, Sandler’s films are greatly appreciated and supported by the public, and his last name is already synonymous with good entertainment. Nonetheless, Sandler has had his own share of exquisite requests from the people who work with him or that have been cast in one of his directed movies. This year, actress Rose McGowan reported on Twitter that a call for casting required her to wear a strange garment. This is one of those peculiar demands that only Sandler’s mind understands.

The requirements were a sleeveless top, dark, tight and with a generous neckline, requiring a push up bra. For the bottom, the requirements stated that they be “very tight black leggings or jeans.” In case it had not been clear, they insisted: “No white clothes.” McGowan tweeted that the casting was for a movie with an actor whose name rhymed with “Madam Panhandler,” and everyone assumed that it was Adam Sandler. Or apparently how they refer to him in Sony’s leaked emails, “that as$#0l3.” His agent fired Rose McGowan. Sandler has broken his relationship with Sony and now works with Netflix.

5. Jennifer Aniston

One of the beloved leading characters of Friends as Rachel Green, a young and beautiful woman, somewhat spoiled and selfish, and that of the group is the most concerned and attentive to her appearance. Moreover, behind the unforgettable character, there is the actress, Jennifer Aniston, a native of Californian. She was born on February 11th, 1969 and that against all odds, she could not forget, but transcended Rachel and today she enjoys a successful career as an actress, director, and producer. However, like all stars, Aniston has also been recognized as one of the toughest actors to work with.

The actress gave a headache to the producer of her new film, Mother’s Day, the sequel to other romantic comedies of cross-stories on days marked as romantic holidays such as Valentine’s Day or New Year’s Eve. Aniston demands that no one share a table with her during her lunch on the set. In addition, not only did she avoid car sharing with her colleagues from the wide cast, but she even rented a Chevrolet Suburban exclusively to transport her water bottles. The actress is an image of the SmartWater brand and does not drink anything else, to the point of requiring that the bottles of water have their own driver to make sure they arrive at the hotel before her.

4. Ariana Grande

The 25-year-old singer is a classic example of badly assimilated fame and of a badly advised girl. The young girl, who was born into showbiz on the sets of Nickelodeon has become a pop star sensation in just a few years, highlighting some pretty bizarre and childish behavior. Typical of teens who make it big. This year, she took off in the middle of a photo shoot in Australia because the photographer had broken two of her demands: he took photos with natural light and photographed the right side of her face, a prohibition she shares with Julio Iglesias.

According to Grande herself, she only feels safe inside her bubble, in which she does not let anyone in. That is why she forbids a series of topics in her interviews, such as her love life, the name of anyone she has worked with, the death of her grandfather, and the possibility of making a duet with Justin Bieber or Mariah Carey. This last censorship should have been a lot of fun for talk show host Jimmy Fallon, who a few months ago received Ariana Grande on his set of The Tonight Show. They each had to sing bits of a particular song, but in a different style than the original. Having Ariana do a Mariah Carey might have been a great comedic moment. However, she seemed have missed the possible irony.

3. Donald Trump

One of the most famous whims of the millionaire has been to replace all of Obama’s almonds with Doritos. Anita McBride, who has served as chief of staff at the White House since the George Bush presidency, said the changes in the White House have been abysmal. His wife, Melania Trump, is not left behind with her demands either. Nicole Bryl, head stylist to the ex-model, confirmed that the new First Lady wanted to adapt a room according to her needs, which include shoes and designer dresses, in addition to a lot of makeup.

Trump also planned some changes in the infrastructure of the Presidential residence. He intended to change places in the Great Hall, where it is customary to receive world presidents and where press conferences are held. One of the most painful things among the staff of the mansion was the dismissal of Charles Brotman, who served as the announcer of presidential inauguration ceremonies for 60 years. His replacement was Sean Spicer, 30 years younger who will also be in charge of the government’s press office. We wonder who does the job now?

2. Adele

The favorite singer of the planet, Adele stayed one summer at the luxury resort Soho Farmhouse (Oxfordshire, south-east England), where workers never deny their guests any of their requests. So, when the star went hungry, she decided to take advantage of this service policy. She wanted a pizza, and although the manager assured her that his kitchen was equipped with fabulous wood-burning ovens that could make her an artisan pizza to her liking, Adele insisted that she was an animal of habit: she wanted a pizza from her favorite Italian restaurant. We all know that she is not nuts for choosing that option.

The problem? It was 11 at night and the restaurant in question was 225 kilometers away. The singer responded that they were delaying to deliver her request. An attendant drove there, so unlucky that by the time she returned, Adele had already fallen asleep and without dinner. The next morning, the singer woke up with the pizza still in the box next to the table in her room; and there she left it. Apparently, Adele is not one who enjoys eating cold pizza. She is missing so much out of life. We can only assume that some stars just don’t know how to live.

1. Mark Zuckerberg

Spending the $59 million that the creator of Facebook, 32-year-old Mark, keeps in the bank is not an easy task. Zuckerberg, who last year donated 99 percent of his Facebook shares (valued at $50 million) to charity, is not a typical millionaire, but as a well-off man who also has his hobbies. After all, they still keep $51.557 million in the savings book. The computer programmer has bought four houses adjoining his family residence, for which he paid $35 million, with the sole purpose of destroying them to create a piece of land around his house that gives him more privacy.

However, this is not all: Zuckerberg decided to pay $16 million for one of them when it was only valued at $3 million. Good luck to the owner. In addition, he has created Jarvis, a virtual assistance system for his home. It is an artificial intelligence system capable of doing things such as teaching his daughter mandarin or regulating the temperature of the room. Moreover, the best part, this digital support service features the soothing voice of Morgan Freeman. Designing Jarvis in his free time only took him 150 hours. Mark said that it ended up being much less time than he thought.

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