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10 Outrageous Backstage Demands Made By Justin Bieber


10 Outrageous Backstage Demands Made By Justin Bieber

In 2017, Justin Bieber’s whole spot was blown up after his rider list was released. They featured all the demands he was making while touring in India. This is nothing new, celebrities make demands while on tour all the time. They usually consist of some must-haves for celebrities when they are away from home and on a rigorous tour schedule. These lists can consist of everything from what brand of toilet paper they like. All the way to painting their rooms a particular color. Even down to the finest detail like, what kind of bed linens the promoter has to provide all the way to what kind of alcohol and food must be backstage. However, some of these lists have been over the top and damn near impossible. It seems as though Bieber is just the latest in a line of celebrities who have managed to get caught with a pretty ridiculous list. He is definitely no stranger to crappy behavior and some even say he acts like a child. So, if anything, this list kind of reinforces that he has a lot of growing up to do.

10. The Chopper

We all know that Bieber can be a little bit extra when it comes to flashy things. He makes a lot of money and like most people who make a lot of money, he likes to have nice things. Of course, he would want to roll around in style while he is in India. So, it’s only natural that Bieber requested several modes of transportation while in India for 5 short days. He had the promoters keep a private jet and chopper on hand just in case he had immediate travel to get to. But also, he took it one step further. He decided that unlike any other artist that has performed in India, he will be using the chopper to get to the venue. “A first in the history Bieber will be flying into the stadium on a chopper and not taking the road as most international artists do in India.” Like how extra is that? What’s wrong with traveling the roads of India? Every other artist has done it. Getting a little cocky there eh. Maybe he wanted to do something special? It’s not every day that someone can say they went to India.

9. Food Named After His Songs

Justin Bieber has an extensive catalog of music. He has had 4 studio albums and 29 singles. So, one can say that he has a lot of music to listen too. However, he requested something weird. Something that we aren’t sure how many other famous musicians would request. During this 5-day tour in India, a lot of hotel accommodations were made for Bieber. One of the most narcissistic ones was the hotel food. He requested 5 meals a deal and they all had to be named after his songs. So, we have to ask, does he even have enough of a catalog to have 5 days of 5 meals a day? Probably not. We can predict that there were a lot of repeats. Unless he is also including songs that he guest starred on. Which we will admit he had some bangers. We get it, food is a big deal but does your entourage of forced friends really want to eat songs titles? Baby, Boyfriend, Where Are You Now, and Love Yourself? Can we maybe get some meals that have actual descriptions of what they’re eating in the title? We would love to know what these meals consisted of.

8. Play Time

Boys love their games and Bieber is no different. On tour, people need their vice as well. You know, something to do when they get off the stage. Or, in Bieber’s case he has a huge entourage, so his friends need something to do when he is working. His rider list included a few things that were meant to occupy time. He handed off a list of necessities that he NEEDED in his hotel room and backstage. Apparently, he just had to have them. They included “a ping-pong table, a PlayStation, IO HAWK, a sofa set, washing machine, refrigerator, cupboard and a massage table.”. We get the need for entertainment, but will he have that much free time to be able to play all these games? We have always assumed that touring is so demanding. One would think that passing out afterward seems like the only logical response. And the whole washing machine thing, when are you even going to have the time to do your own laundry? Did he not want the hotel staff to do his laundry? Or maybe he was afraid that some of his things would go missing. That’s a valid fear seeing as people always want a piece of a celebrity. Still, some odd requests for 5 short days.

7. Alkaline Water

Bieber has requested a few particular things for his room and one of them is alkaline water. Alkalising your body is one of the best things anyone can do for themselves. So, we don’t know how hardcore we can judge this request. It’s a known fact that when you visit countries like Indian, DR, Cuba and a bunch of other, that you shouldn’t drink the water. It can cause severe stomach cramps and you could possibly even get sick. So, him requesting alkaline water could just be cautionary. That being said, he also requested a bunch of energy drinks, sugary sodas, almond milk, natural juices and few other random sugary stuff that doesn’t go with the benefits of alkaline water. It’s a bit misleading. Is he trying to be healthy or just being obnoxious? It’s kind of like when you hear something is good for you, so you try it. But you still want to keep eating the crappy stuff because sugar just tastes so damn good. He wants the water to be everywhere. His hotel room, in the chopper and in the dressing room. The same dressing room that he also requested be draped in white curtains only.

6. Menthol And Watermelon Gum

Backstage during the show, performers should be loading up on energy burning carbs. Maybe some healthy protein filled snacks and thirst quenchers like water or Gatorade. Bieber’s backstage requests are like that of a child.” Sliced bread, potato chips, menthol and watermelon gum, white cheddar popcorn, Ghirardelli dark chocolate with sea salt and almonds.” The list is kind of crazy and unhealthy. But the one thing that threw us for a loop was the menthol and watermelon gum. Is that a thing? Or is it menthol as in trying to kick his smoking habit? There were more things on the list like, “vinegar chips, organic dried fruit, peanuts, and all berries cereal.” He also requested Swedish berries and several packs of Haribo Cola Gummies. The healthiest things on this list are probably the all berry cereals and organic dried fruit. And let’s keep it real both of those have hella sugar in them. But really menthol and watermelon gum? We’re kind of interested in tasting that. Granted some of these requests are valid but some are just a junk lovers dream. At this point, he is asking for a hurt stomach. The only good thing is with all that performing and dancing, he will burn it off quickly.

5. Plain White T-Shirts

We have all see Justin Bieber’s style. He seems to be his most comfortable in either a baggy t-shirt or a wife beater. Oh, excuse us, an undershirt or tank top. There is no doubt that Bieber has an interesting taste in clothing. So, of course, when he is on tour his style would be the same. However, we will say, It’s a bit odd that he would request two packs of plain white t-shirts in two completely different sizes extra small and large. It’s not like one size up its several sizes up which is random. But when you see Bieber in public he is sometimes wearing baggy shirts. We can safely assume that that size of the baggy shirt is an extra large. He also requested those white tank tops that he loves in large and extra large is he planning on bulking up? And last and probably the funniest, 3 packs of socks in sizes extra small and large. What is with the size variation? especially with socks? It’s pretty standard to have one size in socks and we honestly can’t see him being able to fit in a size extra small sock. It’s just the weirdest requests because he makes so much money, he can buy his own shirts and tanks and socks. We’re beginning to think he ‘s just being extra.

4. Ranch Dressing

Like almost everyone else in America, Bieber loves him some ranch dressing. So, why not put in a special request, right? His food requests include vegetables with ranch dressing, diced fruit, organic bananas and seedless grapes. Let’s be honest, it’s annoying AF when you have to pull seeds out of a grape that you just want to pop in your mouth. The more substantial food that he requested is deli meat, lettuce, only Colby or provolone cheese, olives and banana peppers. This is a super tame list compared to some other celebrities requesting only red M&Ms or a bunch of deviled eggs. The worst thing about his food demand would probably be that he prefers more organic things over non-organic. That’s just common sense. Oh, and all of this is to be encased in a refrigerator with a glass door only, fancy AF. He seems to be onto something at this point. It looks like he is trying to overhaul his diet. Which is a great thing but overhauling your diet while on tour is hard. He has also contradicted himself several times by also requesting a lot of junk food. The junk food could be for his crew but still, it’s tempting.

3. Yoga Casket

Bieber made a request that was somewhat out of the ordinary for a male. For the purpose of comfort, he wants to be provided with “aromatic oils, incense sticks, and books on chakras and yoga asanas”. He has become very spiritual lately (we think we owe that to Selena Gomez). And he has even been seen attending church regularly. He has also requested a particular masseuse to be brought in from a specific area of India. The list didn’t stop there though, he also added in air fresheners, but they must only smell like wild berries or vanilla. Bieber is supposedly an avid yoga enthusiast, so all these demands really play into the spiritual side of comfort that he is vying for. By the way, all of this will be given to him in a yoga casket. But here’s the thing, after a few hours of research, we couldn’t find anything on a yoga casket. What is it? if we had to assume, it would be exactly what it sounds like a casket. We assume it’s to hold his oils, herbs, and incense. However, you can never assume these days. Once again, we have been stumped by something that Justin Bieber has requested.

2. Purple Carnations

Everyone likes what they like when they stay in a hotel. It’s kind of the beauty of a hotel you don’t have to clean up after yourself. You get to request things that you wouldn’t ordinarily request and of course, it’s like a vacation within itself. That being said, Bieber had the organizers book two 5-star hotels for him alone and to top it off he wants the rooms decorated with purple carnations. That’s kind of a random request but it must be meaningful to him. Maybe even calming. One other thing he specified was absolutely NO LILLIES. So clearly something went down between him and some lilies one day. Maybe they are Selena Gomez’s favorite plant and it’s just to unbearable to be around them. Either way, purple carnations everywhere. When those die, the room is sure to stink. What are the chances that Bieber is going to water those himself? give them plant food if they need it? will he even be in the room long enough to take care of them? Or even look at them? So many questions and zero chance of answers. What was the point of this request, Justin?

1. A Rolls Royce

Bieber loves his cars. That has been proven time and time again. Fans have watched him drive through LA in a Cadillac, a blacked out smart car, a Ferrari and a Lamborghini.  We can say for sure that we are not surprised that he would request a car for his time in India. The problem is, he has crashed a few cars that cost more than most people’s annual salary. So, one can see why we are worried about this last demand. One of the more outrageous demands on this list is asking to be provided with a Rolls Royce to get around town. This is a luxury car that cost anywhere between 200,000 to 250,000 and that’s just the base model. In addition to asking for the Rolls Royce, he also wanted 2 Volvo buses to shuttle around his crew of 120 people. 120 people crew sounds outrageous yes, it takes a good amount of people to make things happen on a tour but 120 people? That seems over the top. Where could he be going in India that he would need a Rolls Royce? He also likely has no time to do much sightseeing.

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