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10 Oreo Products You Never Knew Existed

Are you faced with the constant dilemma of how to get more Oreo cookies in your diet? If so, you may be surprised to learn that Oreo makes more than just the cookies you love. They’ve transformed their product into something that can leave a cookie lover speechless. Go grab yourself a glass a milk and a stack of Oreo cookies. You’re about to go on a chocolatey adventure that’s going to leave you questioning the meaning of life. If that sounds extreme, then you shouldn’t consider yourself a lover of the chocolatey cookie and cream concoction the rest of us call Oreo.

10. Oreo Handi-Snacks

Have you ever wanted to dip Oreo cookies into crème? Doesn’t that sound like one of the most amazing experiences ever? If you’ve ever spent an hour daydreaming about this, then you need to run to your grocery store and see if they have Oreo Handi-Snacks. Some may say you need to reassess your life choices if you’re spending time daydreaming about Oreos, but those people are morons. How can any person not spend a considerable amount of time every day focusing on the delightful chocolate nature of Oreos? What is Oreo Handi-Snacks? They are crunchy cookie sticks that come with a crème icing dip. Do you feel your sugar levels rising? It’s almost impossible not to want to eat all of the dip with your first two sticks. But, you need to be aware that there are a total of six sticks in every pack. That means you’ve got to pace yourself if you want some delicious crème on every stick. Don’t be surprised if your last stick has to be eaten without the crème. It’s for this reason that we suggest you eat the first one or two plain by themselves. That way you can overindulge and go hog wild dipping the other four into the wonderful icing.

9. Oreo Soft Cake

Are you a fan of Ho Hos or Swiss Rolls? If so, you’re so going to be jealous of those who live in India. Oreo Soft Cake is sold in India and a few other countries as well. Anyone who enjoys a Swiss Roll with a cup of coffee or tea and considers themselves an Oreo lover will probably book a flight straight to India after reading this. Yes, some things are good enough to travel half way around the globe for. Anyone with a sweet tooth and a love of chocolate would undoubtedly agree with that statement. No doubt you’d fly to the moon and back for all the delicious satisfaction packed in an Oreo product. What are they eating in India right now that you aren’t? They’re enjoying something called an Oreo Soft Cake. It’s a chocolate cake with a delightful crème center. Did we talk about the thin layer of chocolate on the outside? It’s easy to get lost in the mental satisfaction of trying to imagine such a delicious treat. Good things do come in small packs as these cakes are individually wrapped. That means you can open up with the box without fear of all the cakes going stale. Though, that’s probably not a problem in many households as anything with the Oreo name is typically gobbled up quite quickly.

8. Oreo Chocolate Candy Bar

Have you ever wanted to eat Oreos and a candy bar together? At least one of you have already sandwiched a cookie in between two pieces of chocolate. Admit, you’re probably the one has had done it before. Don’t be shy; we all have our moments of weakness. You need to know that the Oreo Chocolate Candy Bar is so much more complex and delicious than that. It’s going to break your heart if this chocolatey treat isn’t found on the shelves of your local supermarket. Just be aware that international air shipping is a thing and something as delicious Oreo Chocolate Candy Bar can be flown on a plane and shipped directly to your house. So, what exactly is the Oreo Chocolate Candy Bar? Did the build-up to this drive you crazy? If it did, we apologize. Sometimes it’s hard to think when you’re deep in a sugar and chocolate-induced haze. The Oreo Chocolate Candy Bar is what it sounds like. Make sure you’re not driving heavy machinery when reading what’s in this marvelous candy bar. It starts with chocolate; then there’s vanilla crème with little pieces of Oreo cookie inside it. The crème itself makes the candy bar well worth buying. You better buy two while you’re at the store. You won’t be able to stop yourself from eating the first one on the way home.

7. Cadbury Coated Oreos

Here is another one of those Oreo items that you’re going fly around the world to get your hands on. Though, you might be able to find them online. Cadbury Coated Oreos are only sold in a few select parts of the world. If you’re an American, you’re not going to see this product on the shelf any time soon. Sadly, you may never see it at the store. Keep it together. You’ve got to get through this entire chocolatey article. Sometimes you have to realize in life there are things out of your control. It’s a difficult thing to accept, but it’s a road we all must cross during this journey we all call life. Cadbury Coated Oreos are heavenly in every way possible. It’s an Oreo cookie covered in one of the best chocolates in the world. No one knows chocolate quite like Cadbury, and they’ve smothered Oreo cookies in it. Don’t worry; it’s okay to pause and regroup. The sensual creamy goodness of Cadbury meets the chocolatey cream filled delight of an Oreo. Please, stop the madness! Okay, think about cold showers and prickly cactus. Think about anything other than a wonderful Oreo cookie smothered in the best chocolate in the entire world. It’s not possible to think about anything else. We completely understand if you need to stick your head out the window and scream right now. It’ll make you feel so much better since Cadbury Coated Oreos is probably not available in your area.

6. Oreo Creme Filled Brownie

Does the thought of brownies make you weak in the knees? You need to be sitting down when you read about the Oreo Creme Filled Brownie. This is another one of those items that appear to be available in only certain parts of the world. Where exactly is this delicious brownie found? Well, the answer to that question probably depends on when you’re reading this. It seems the good folks over at Nabisco are continuously taking this product and others off the shelf in one area and putting it on the shelf in another. Sometimes it can seem like such sweet sorrow to hear of delicious Oreo items that aren’t available in your area. Please turn away if you don’t think you can handle knowing what’s in an Oreo Creme Filled Brownie. It starts with a delicious chocolate brownie that’s filled with sweet crème. It’s a perfect combination of chocolate brownie and the kind of creamy goodness that only Oreo can deliver. The brownie is soft and sweet while the crème is as delicious as you can only imagine. If you can envision what perfection tastes like, then you know what biting into an Oreo Creme Filled Brownie is all about.

5. Oreo O’s Cereal

Oreo O’s Cereal has a somewhat checkered past that has left lovers of these cookies feeling a bit left out of the loop. The cereal began in 1997 as a breakfast version of the cookies everyone loves along with crème. So, in 2001 they come along and changed everything. The crème was replaced with marshmallow for what they called a better eating experience. Can you really exchange Oreo crème with marshmallows and claim that it’s a better eating experience? If that wasn’t bad enough, then they decide in 2007 to discontinue the cereal everywhere but South Korea. Why on earth were they the chosen people to be able to wake up to the masterpiece of breakfast Oreos in their bowl? Don’t get upset, Oreo O’s Cereal has been brought back. As of 2017, it has returned to supermarket shelves all over the world. Does it taste as good as it once did? Well, that’s up for debate. It seems that quite a few people say it used to taste better before it was discontinued. Then, there are the real hardcore die-hard fans who say it was better in the ’90s. Wasn’t everything better in the ’90s? Yes, it was. That’s beside the point, and everyone should be thankful that they don’t have to fly to South Korea to enjoy a bowl of Oreo O’s Cereal.

4. Oreo Fun Stix

Oreo Fun Stix may or may not exist in the wild. They may only exist in yesteryear. As with almost all Oreo products, it’s hard to say if something has gone the way of the dodo bird or is in limited supply in some far off land you’ve never heard of. So, we’re not comfortable saying that Oreo Fun Stix can’t be found in any supermarkets around the world. But, you’re going to have to look long and hard to find them. Your love of Oreo products will some day turn you into the Indiana Jones of junk food. You’ll have to scour the entire world to find products that can’t be found on the shelves of your supermarket. Okay, enough of all that. Now let’s talk about what you probably can’t find now or may never eat in the future. Oreo Fun Stix is/was in the shape that many people around the world think of when waffles come to mind. They’re long and shaped like straws with a crème filling. Calm down; you might not ever see these. Now isn’t the time to freak out. The outside is a chocolatey cookie and the inside the crème you know and love. Did you expect anything less from Oreo? They are everything you ever hoped for in a snack. The good folks over at Nabisco are always coming up with new ways to make us crave Oreos. If these aren’t currently available, start a petition drive and make it happen!

3. Oreo Pie Crust

The chocolate cookies that make up an Oreo are pretty good. Aren’t they? Have you ever dreamed about turning those chocolate cookies into a pie crust? If so, then Oreo Pie Crust is precisely what you’ve been looking for. Though, you may have to look pretty hard for it. It might be easier finding the Lochness Monster than it is getting your fingers on one of these chocolatey pie crusts. Why does Nabisco do this to us? We fall in love with a product we’ve never seen, and it’s not possible to buy it? If you want to get your fingers on Oreo Pie Crust, you’re probably going to have to hit the internet. That means you’ll have to hold your breath while the cookie pie crust is delivered through the mail. Hopefully, the pie crust won’t suffer any injuries during on the way to your kitchen. If it does, don’t shed a single tear. You can always eat the pie crust like you would a cookie. Though, there won’t be any of that delicious crème to go with it. Sometimes life can be so cruel.

2. Oreo Yogurt

You either love or hate yogurt. Some people believe that Oreos can make anything better. You may not agree with that statement if you’re someone who doesn’t like yogurt. Oreo Yogurt can be found in different parts of the world. The yogurt you have access to may be different than that from someone half way around the globe. Tastes are different, and this fact is reflected in the world of yogurt as it is everything else. It’s hard to imagine that anything that includes Oreos in it could taste anything other than fantastic. If you live in the UK, then you may have access to Oreo Vanilla Yogurt Cookie Crumble. If so, it’s vanilla flavored yogurt with pieces of Oreo cookie inside it. Americans can find YoCrunch Oreo Cookies N’ Cream Lowfat Yogurt on the shelf at their local supermarket. The difference is, the cookie chunks come separate, and you put them in the yogurt yourself. We’ll leave it up to the yogurt lovers to argue which one of these products might be better. If you don’t have either of these two items on the shelf where you live, don’t panic. Go out and buy yourself some vanilla yogurt and crush up a few Oreos and put them in it. Problem solved.

1. Oreo Churros

Churros are taking over the world and for a very good reason. They’re the perfect snack for when your cup of coffee feels so lonely. Oreo Churros kicks churros up to notches unknown. You should be aware that this delightfully chocolatey crème filled donut like snack needs to be baked before devouring them. Yes, there’s some work involved if you want to enjoy this most fabulous of Oreo concoctions. But, the small amount of work will pay off in huge dividends when you’re smiling from ear to ear. Oreo Churros are precisely what you’ve always dreamed of without ever knowing it. The outside is slightly crispy cake, and the inside is luxurious crème that hits all the right spots. You can’t go another minute without giving these a try. Oreo Churros can be found in the freezer section at your local grocery store. They may be where the waffles and breakfast items are sold. Hold on; a crazy idea just popped in your head. What if you ate these for breakfast instead of the usual Pop Tart? Now you’re talking about starting the day off on the right foot! Though, you may want to save these delicious treats as an after dinner snack. Get these while you still can as Nabisco has a habit of pulling things off of the shelf. You don’t want to be the only person in your circle of friends who haven’t tried Oreo Churros.

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