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10 Of The Best TV Characters Of All Time


10 Of The Best TV Characters Of All Time

There is no doubt that television has impacted our lives in ways that we do not even think about. We will reference certain characters or sayings in our daily lives and assume everyone is going to understand what we are talking about. Some television characters have become so famous over the years that they have become a part of our society.

Whether they are cartoons, real people or some mutant species, we have grown to love them over the years. We know their life stories, their ticks and quips and their pursuits. We have become emotionally involved in some way in these characters’ lives. Whether they empower and influence us, make us think long and hard about life or simply make us belly over in laughter, we are happy they have been created! Let’s flip through the channels and watch 10 of the best TV characters of all time…

10. Homer Simpson

The Simpsons is the longest running television show ever. It has broken records and is currently standing at 29 seasons. If you have never heard of The Simpson family, you have been living under a rock. They not only have a hit television series, but a ton of merchandise that ranges from erasers and pencils to clothing branded with The Simpsons logos and references. The hilarious show captures the life of a cartoon family living in The United States. It encompasses working middle class life, school and everything in between. One of the main characters is the family’s father Homer J. Simpson. He is a beer and doughnut loving oaf and although he is not the brightest crayon in the box, he is a gentle giant who absolutely loves his family despite strangling his son Bart all the time. He is famous for his catch phrase “Doh!”, which can be heard in practically almost every episode. There are so many different episodes to choose from to pick your favourite. Despite the series being on for what seems like forever, the characters do not change. We love their personalities and the show and like the saying goes: “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”.

9. Karen Walker

Karen Walker was the reason so many people watched Will & Grace. The show starred Will and Grace, but we all know it was really about Karen and Jack at the end of the day. They are the reason so many people tuned in and the reason for the show`s success. Karen is a multi-millionaire who is constantly full of antics and quick wit. She can usually be seen with a martini in her hand, a great outfit and updo. Although she is good friends with Will & Grace, Grace was never shy to let it be known what she really thinks of Karen, they are total opposites! Somehow the friendship works though, despite Grace thinking Karen is really spoiled and never does an honest day’s work. In order to get away from her husband Stanny and their kids, Karen chose to work as Grace’s personal assistant. Their daily interactions create a comedic working relationship. Karen uses the job to entertain herself and never actually gets anything accomplished. Somehow she manages to keep her job with Grace despite being a horrible employee. The show just made a recent revival and everyone was sure to tune in to get a second glimpse at crazy Karen.

8. George Constanza

George Costanza is by far one of the funniest and most memorable television characters of all time. Sienfeld was a hit show that is still crazy popular today and will forever have a major following. Like most of the characters from Sienfeld, George is totally neurotic. George hates himself and his life and makes audiences laugh with his crazy behaviour each episode. He and the star Jerry have been best friends since highschool. He is short, stocky, wears glasses and not the brightest tool in the shed. He often tries to appear very successful to others, even though that is not always the case. His parents can control his life and they are often a huge part of why he has been so nuts. He has been known to have an obsession with bathrooms. This theme comes out through the series as he continually gets himself in trouble in relation to bathroom dilemmas. The man who created Sienfeld, Larry David actually created the character of George loosely based on his own personality. He was able to make fun of himself and admit that he can totally be neurotic and always getting into silly, comical situations.

7. Tony Soprano

Tony Soprano is a character that you do not want to cross. He is totally crazy, unpredictable and the leader of the italian mob in New Jersey. The Sopranos drew in viewers because it allowed people to take a look into the work/life balance this mob boss had to hold onto. He suffers from anxiety and panic attacks and is instructed to be speaking with a psychiatrist on a regular basis. Throughout the series we see how Tony handles stress from family life as well as his intense job demands. Besides having two children Meadow and A.J with his equally crazy wife Carmella, he also treats another mob member, Christopher like his own. Unfortunately, he ends up taking Christopher’s life in one of the episodes near the end of the series when things really start to hit the fan. This show is packed full of drama, twists and turns and bouts of comedy. We see people give up others and the reprocussions they face for doing so. Throughout the series, we grow to love Tony because we see how he can be soft for some things in his life, but will always remain the tough guy no matter what.

6. Walter White

Walter White is also known as Heinsenberg in the hit television show Breaking Bad. It seems as though everyone was totally obsessed with this series and hung on the every episode. The high anticipated series ending had everybody on their toes and tuning in to see what would happen to this character. Since the beginning of the series, fans have become emotionally invested in Walter’s story. He is a father who is diagnosed with cancer and needs to make enough money in order to leave to his family when he dies. He is also a chemistry teacher and is able to create things that the average joe does not know how to do by using science. He ends up creating the best meth there is and getting involved into the drug dealing world. This newfound drug dealing ends up ruining his marriage and altering his life immensely. This character has created a cult following. There has been tons of merchandise created and sold as well as a video game. The show has won many awards and is praised for its incredible writing. This actor is able to pull off this character greatly and literally made the show what it was and remembered for.

5. Al Bundy

This character is one you will never forget. Al Bundy is the father and husband of the hilarious show Married With Children. He is has striking similarities with the cartoon character Homer Simpson. He is a working class man who is in debt,and  loves beer and complanining. He also sees the glass half empty and finds life to be a struggle. None the less, he sticks by his family and does have love for them deep inside his dark humor and attitude. He use to play football in high school and had a great shot at gaining legitimate success in college football. That is until he suffered a leg injury ruining his chances. Al ended up leading a very different life and works as a shoe salesman at the mall. Money is tight and his wife loves to spend money, which drives him crazy. The couple share two children who are equally funny throughout the series. Although Al is not making a ton of money throughout the series, he stays steadfast with his job and maintains it throughout the series. He never does have to file for bankruptcy and the family always has food on the table and roof over their head. It is a great comedy worth watching.

4. Sophia Petrillo

You may remember the popular show Golden Girls that made viewers laugh and laugh and laugh! The show portrays four older woman who share a home together and what entails living there as they all go about their daily lives. Sophia moved in with her daughter Dorothy as she had aged. She previously lived in a retirement home which she did not like at all and then went on to move in with her daughter instead. She is uncensored and will bluntly state her opinion without hesitation. This often gets her in trouble, but she does not care at all. She takes wise cracks at the ladies whom she is living with. She is authentic Sicilian and proud. Her character was actually only suppose to guest star every once in a while. This totally changed because her character tested so strong with test audiences, so they decided to keep her on as a main character. There was even a spin off series called The Golden Palace, because all of the characters were so loved in this series. This finale episode for The Golden Girls actually became the 17th most watched television finale of all time. This show was definitely a hit and worth watching for some laughs.

3. Mr. Rogers

Fred Rogers also more known as Mr. Rogers was the host of one of the most popular children’s shows of all time: Mister Roger`s Neighbourhood. He composed the music and created the puppets on the show. He was also an ordained minister and felt a need to change the way children’s television was. He is responsible for a positive impact on children’s television over the years. He made such a difference in children’s television that he was actually ranked #35 in TV Guide’s 50 greatest TV stars of all time. He also recieved The Presidential Medal of Freedom and 40 honorary degrees. He was inspired to pursue working in television because he thought it was an amazing tool to reach out and impact people in a positive manner. The programming that was being shown when he was first introduced to television was not satisfactory for him. In his popular show Mr. Rogers Neighbourhood, he was seen coming into his home and talking to the audience. They would go on field trips and he would always instill a good message for the kids to learn in the show. He would end each episode with feeding his fish, after a blind girl was concerned that his fish were not being fed. This act of kindness just goes to show how much Mr. Rogers really cared about the well being of children watching everywhere.

2. Samantha Jones

If you are familiar with the modern popular show Sex and the City then you definitely know a Ms. Samantha Jones. She is the fiery vixen who packs a punch and brings a whole lot of sizzle to each episode. She is part of the fabulous foursome friendship between four modern and successful women living in New York City. She works in public relationships and is not afraid of a challenge. She is a go getter and confident as hell. She loves sex and is not afraid to speak openly about her promiscuity. She is fiercly loyal to her friends and is never judgemental. She will always have their backs no matter what and it shows throughout this series. Her biggest battle was facing breast cancer. She overcame it and beat it, thankfully and naturally it impacted her life and relationships greatly. She owns it and uses this sad time to be strong and explore the world of wigs. She takes on a positive attitude when facing this disease and kicks its ass. Naturally as Samantha Jones handles everything in her life, she dominates cancer as well. There is nothing less to expect when we think of one of the sexiest and most confident women from the series.

1. Roseanne Conner

Roseanne Conner played by Roseanne Barr is definitely a 90s televisions how character we will always remember. This hit TV show Roseanne really portrayed the average American Joe. It featured the lives of a middle class family and their everyday experiences and life. It was a comedy and has actually recently been rejuvenated and shot again to air as a modern version today featuring the same characters and actors. This was a change in television at the time in terms of how to portray the mother and wife of the household. Most characters playing the wife and mother were not too outspoken and the man was the lead in charge. Roseanne was loud and unafraid to voice her opinion when it came to her life, her work, relationships and family. Despite having a harder image and trying to control everybody around her, she does have a soft side. She makes her family time a priority and loves her kids and husband a lot. She is a provider and works regularly to make ends meet. The reception for this show was widely appreciated and a huge fan following was created. Fans are still eager, years later to tune in and see what The Conners are up to now.

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