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10 Of The Best Sex And The City Episodes

This show has had the ability to draw in viewers and keep them watching old episodes long after the series took it`s final bow. It is a guilty pleasure for most who have seen every episode ten times over and never get sick of it. It is a show that so many can relate to in terms of relationship drama, the dating world, long lasting friendships and balancing work life. It is a trip back into the nineties and early 00`s, which can be highlighted in the fashion and mindframes. How so much has changed today as we look back on old episodes. Things that seemed so abnormal or out there would not even make most of us bat an eye today. The FASHION! The fashion has always been amazing in this show, from Charlotte`s perfect housewife looks to Carrie`s daring ensembles, only these characters can pull off and we wish we could. The show is forever hilarious, raunchy and something to love, let`s press play on 10 of the best sex and the city episodes…

10. Hot Child in the City

This episode is amazing for so many reasons. First of all there is a guest appearance from Katt Dennings who plays a young teenage girl who is way ahead of her time. She has hired Samantha as her party planner and is way more sophisticated than the average teenage girl should be. She is rich, bossy and irritates Samantha like crazy. This episode compares the days of youth to adult days. This is shown with Miranda having to get braces. She is really insecure about wearing them as an adult and ends up in many scenarios that are really funny. She even addresses her braces accusing coworkers of making fun of them in her work meeting. Embarassingly enough, they were not and she was totally insecure. She eventually has to take them off and live with her overbite. Carrie ends up dating a guy who owns a comic book store and is pretty immature but lots of fun. He takes her back to this lavish apartment in the city, impressing her great. Unfortunately, it turns out to belong to his parents. Carrie and her comic guy get busted by his parents for smoking weed and he blames her. She gets back at him but accepting the blame and taking his pot as she leaves.

9. One

This episode is exciting because it introduces a new sex and the city man into the mix. The bachelor goes to Carrie this time. It is none other than artist Aleksandr Petrovsky that would make a huge impact on her life in New York City as their romance blossoms. He is intrigued by her wit and continues to pursue her, he is not like her usual suitors. Hilarious Samantha tries to maintain her youth by coloring her hair down there after spotting her first gray one. It does not turn out as planned and she freaks out. Despite how hot Samantha is, the idea of getting old is one of her huge fears. Charlotte finally gets pregnant with Harry`s baby and is thrilled. In a twist of events, she miscarries and they lose the baby. She is totally depressed and her friends worry. She eventually gets inspired by a documentary about Liz Taylor and regains her strength. The episode ends on a happy note when Steve and Miranda finally decide to declare their love for each other and get back together. This ofcourse happens after both of their former partners declare their love for each other. Too bad, so sad Miranda and Steeve were meant to be.

8. Belles of the Balls

This episode is kind of sketchy because of the way Carrie juggles Big her ex boyfriend and Aiden her current love. Aiden and Carrie are in the country cabin and she gets a call from Big where he is totally devestated about being dumped by his movie star girlfriend. He looks for comfort in Carrie and she foolishly invites him up to their cabin. Aiden is naturally like: `What the f&?k?!` but allows him to come anyway (not like he had much of a choice). After Big gets way too drunk, he ends up having to stay over the night because he is too drunk to drive. When he wakes up to a pounding headache, the two men end up going head to head in a battle of egos and get into a physical brawl. At the end of the episode they eventually patch things up and things seem to be okay between the trio. Little does poor Aiden know what is about to come. Nice guys really do finish last it seems. Aside from Carrie`s drama, Samantha dominates her work life by standing up to powerful Richard Wright and getting hired after standing her ground as a powerful,independent woman.

7. The Post-It Always Sticks Twice

This has got to be one of the most memorable episodes of this series and a definite lesson in break up faux pas. The story entails the worst guy Carrie ever dated in the show, Berger. He sucked! He was totally messed up, insecure and just a lot of drama. He plays with her emotions going on and off with her the entire time they are dating and eventually after getting back together,he splits. Without even saying goodbye, Carrie wakes up to a post it note on her computer screen saying: `I`m sorry, I can`t, don`t hate me`. Besides that being so ridiculous, Carrie had not let out her frustrations yet. So when she sees Berger`s friends at a nightclub, things get really awkward and escalate quickly. She pretty much tells his friends off and lets all of her anger out on them, making her look totally crazy. The episode ends with Carrie getting arrested for smoking weed and gets a ticket and let off easy because she shows the cop her break up post it. The episode ends with all of the girls together sharing a banana split and laughing their heads off. It goes to show how important friends are, especially when dealing with getting dumped.

6. The Freak Show

This episode is part of the early SATC days, when the episodes were extra good. It pertains to feeling like all of the people we date are freaks. There is always something that shows up after things have been going too perfect. It demonstrates that it seems like there is always a catch to dating someone, a downfall, a flaw. Carrie as per usual makes a fool out of herself when she is dating this guy Ben. She is unable to find any flaw in him and is desperate to find out what his downfall is. When he leaves her alone at his place one morning, he comes back too soon to find her in a compromising position. She is standing there searching through all of his things and he obviously kicks her out and ends things. She is the one who ended up looking like the freak and not him in the end. Charlotte is dating a man who is great in bed but entirely too feminine outside the sack, despite not being gay. She contemplates if she could have a relationship with a man who is not too macho but great in bed. When they find a mouse after doing the deed, his reaction to it ansewrs Charlottes question.

5. Games People Play

This episode is kind of realistic because it highlights the damage that the end of a relationship can do to someone. After making her friends` ears bleed from constantly talking about Big and the break up, they decide that they can no longer take it. She decides to seek counselling and go to therapy to talk about it. While she is in the waiting room, she continuously keeps crossing paths with a hottie every session. They eventually get to talk and end up going on a few dates. This duo does not end up working out and Carrie finds herself back at square one, totally lost. As for Miranda, she begins engaging in a flirting affair with the neighbor across her building. After flashing him and continuing to flirt with each other, or so she thinks, she spots the man at the supermarket. She bravely goes up to him and decides to introduce herself. Unfortunately he lets her know that he is gay and was flirting with the guy above her unit. Totally embarassed, she immediately books a therapy session. Miranda never fails to make viewers laugh because she is just so crazy and her reactions to situations are extreme and hilarious.

4. I Heart NY

This episode really gets your motor running especially because of what Samantha experiences. She has suspicions that Richard, her former playboy boyfriend is cheating on her. She confronts him and he denies it but she still does not believe him. She decides to follow him one day and ends up discovering the truth. She bursts into his apartment and finds him in an intimate act with another women causing Samantha`s heart to break. For anyone who has been cheated on, the emotion of the viewers becomes triggered at the consequences of the betrayal. This episode is a bit of a downer but pivotal in the character`s lives. Big moves to Napa, California and him and Carrie share a really romantic last night together. As they are in a romantic horse drawn carriage in central park, Carrie gets the call that Miranda is finally going into labour. Carries rushes to the hospital, leaving big and being by Miranda`s side. This shows her loyalty to her friendships despite her lover being what she truly desires. The episode ends with Carrie in an empty apartment that was once Big`s alongside plane tickets to California to use whenever she would like to go visit Big there.

3. Great Sexpectations

Another reason why we all hate Carrie`s ex boyfriend Berger is because they had zero chemistry in the sack. The first few times they got together, she heard the `M-11 bus go by`. They eventually found their spark after having to talk about it and get the engine going. Well in this episode we get to see just how awkward that was for the couple and probably a factor in why they did not last. As for the other girls, the introduction of viewer`s favourite Smith Jarred appears. He is the waiter at this raw food restaurant and Samantha brings her game face. She flirts like crazy and ends up bagging Smith, who ends up changing her life. He is great eye candy and we just love those two together! Charlotte is on the prowl to become a Jew. She is relentless with the Rabbi when it comes to having him accept her. She needs him to teach her how to become a proper Jew and it turns out to be no easy task. Charlotte`s persistence really shows. As for Miranda, she is currently in a relationship with a television recording device. That is until she meets her new neighbour who she ends up dating.

2. When There`s Smoke

This is one of the best episodes ever because it captures the four women in their youthful glory! It is so interesting to see how they have developed and grown over the years. When catching episodes from years earlier, when they are young and at their prime, it is great to see! The four venture out to Staten Island to support Carrie. She has been chosen to judge a hot firefighter competition and the girls eagerly agree. A hot shot politician ends up being interested in Carrie and continuously persues her. She plays coy, but eventually lets him in a bit. Samantha without a doubt knabs a super hot fire fighter only to find out that he is not that bright. She does not seem to care too much and continues their sexual escapade. She tries to play out a hot firefighting fantasy by showing up at his station wearing only the fire fighting uniform. Unfortunately the sirens go off and she is forced to strip down naked as the fire fighters need their equipment for the emergency. That flame fizzled fast, let`s just say! Miranda`s independent attitude peaks when she refuses help after her eye surgery. To her happiness, Steve ends up helping her out when she needs it.

1. The Baby Shower

This episode plays out in the early SATC years where the foursome have to attend an old friend`s baby shower. None of the friends have any prospects or future family or relationship plans that are solid at the time and it is just not their idea of fun to go. Except for Charlotte that is, obviously. They decide to venture out of the city and attend anyway. Throughout the baby shower, they must endure the mundane and annoying baby shower games and senseless new mommy talk. When Charlotte is speaking with the mother to be and host of the party, she becomes very upset. She realizes that the mother to be has stolen her made up baby name from years back; Shayla. The friends rush in to find out why Charlotte is so upset and she tells him. They immediately have her back and call the hostess a b*&?%. It is so extreme and so out of place for the setting that is actually really funny and makes you love the girls even more. They stay true to themselves despite whatever directioneveryone else at their age seems to be going in. Once again, the friends stick together and re enter back into the New York world that they love.

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