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10 of Kate and William’s Royal and Non-Royal Friends


10 of Kate and William’s Royal and Non-Royal Friends

As a member of the Royal Family, it might be hard to associate freely with other people, unlike regular folk or commoners. A prince or princess is more often than not limited to friends that are also of nobility. Prince William is the Duke of Cambridge and second in line to the British throne. Catherine Elizabeth Middleton was born in a village in England called Chapel Row. She is the eldest of three children in an upper-middle-class family. Their union could be middle ground to the friends they have or might have in the future. It’s not a fairy tale for a Prince to marry a common girl, but it is still a magnificent and amazing story, nonetheless. Here is a list of close friends of the couple, both royal and not.

10. Alice Avenel

Alice St. John Webster is one of Kate Middleton’s oldest friends from their teenage years in Marlborough College. Marlborough College is like a non-state-funded school located in Wiltshire, England. Founded in 1843, the school accepts students at ages as young as thirteen to sixteen. Kate and Alice, and perhaps their other Marlborough College friends, may have stayed in one House (college houses in England schools) and built their lasting bonds there. Alice and Kate were also teammates in their tennis team.

She became Alice Avenel when she married Gerald Avenel, a wedding where Kate and Prince William, and Pippa Middleton were in attendance in 2012. Alice had school ties with both sisters, Kate in Marlborough College and Pippa in Edinburgh University. She was also early friends with Prince William through Kate. Rose is the name of her daughter who isonly a year older than Kate and Prince William’s son, Prince George.

People say that friendships that are born in the early years of your adult life are one of the strongest. Alice and Kate’s is one example of it. Kate has got a handful of close Marlborough College friends and there are a few here on this list.

9. David and Victoria Beckham

Celebrities are no stranger to royalty. David and Victoria knew Prince William and Kate, and vice versa. But the men started to get close through the 2018 World Cup bid of England. Prince William, David, and David Cameron form England’s Three Lions, a force supposed to lobby and influence the bid in England’s favor. It was an unfortunate end for England, but there is a silver lining as David and Prince William have since become close friends.

Victoria Beckham was famously known in the nineties as Posh Spice of a five-girl-ensemble group called the Spice Girls.

She was then known as Victoria Adams. They went on to crash all Billboard Records and enter the U.S. and global music entertainment scene by storm. The Spice Girls released four albums and even had a film. David Beckham was a football superstar who played for football clubs Manchester United, Real Madrid and the LA Galaxy. He received countless individual and team awards and is regarded as one of the best to ever play the sport.

The two power couples’ close friendship was kind of publicly declared official when David and Victoria received an invitation to the Royal Wedding. They’ve been seen together, sometimes just the ladies, often in public since then.

8. Sophie Carter

Sophie Carter is a fashion-conscious blond woman whose father is a Norfolk construction tycoon. Sophie has connections to the Royal Couple that no other person might have or even get close to. First, she is one of the godparents of Princess Charlotte. Next, she is currently neighbors with the Royal Family in Norfolk. Kate and Prince William enrolled Prince George in a nursery school in rural East Walton, and from London, they moved to Norfolk. They live in a nice estate called the Turnip Toffs and have close friends in the area aside from Sophie Carter. William van Cutsem was a childhood friend of Prince William and Harry. He also lives in Norfolk (know more about him in a separate entry in this list).

Sophie has been friends with Kate for a long time, some would say she is Kate’s trusted right-hand woman. Sophie and Prince William’s best friend, Thomas van Straubenzee, used to be a thing. Sophie has a brother who is married to Hannah Gillingham, also one of Kate’s oldest friends. She’s often seen with the couple, from attending church service to going on skiing holidays, from watching Wimbledon to Cirque du Soleil.

7. Emilia Jardine-Paterson

Emilia Jardine-Paterson is married to David Jardine-Paterson, a wealthy Scottish heir. David and Prince William were also mates in their Eton days. Like Alice Avenel, Emilia is one of Kate’s Marlborough College friends. But Emilia is special because she has done one thing no other person could ever do to the Royal Couple. She was the one who introduced them to each other. Aside from playing Cupid, Emilia is also an interior designer. Well, she actually runs an interior design company, visit Kensington Palace and Anmer Hall and you would see some of her work here and there.

Emilia was in the middle of the controversial St. Andrews break-up of the couple. Pressures from the finals and the media prompted Prince William to go on a break. Emilia was there for Kate, they went to France to support their heartbroken friend. When the Royal Couple had their second break-up, a much more controversial and more serious one, Emilia was there again. She spirited Kate away to Ibiza. Emilia is one of Kate’s oldest and best friends. How many people can say that they were responsible for the destined meeting of the world’s most photographed couple? Not a lot, one would imagine.

6. Meghan Markle

Rachel Meghan Markle was an American actress. Born in California, Meghan was exposed early to show business as her father was an award-winning lighting director in the TV show Married…with Children. Before the engagement, Meghan was a regular on a long-running TV series titled Suits. The series ran for seven seasons and is in danger of ending abruptly. Meghan also appeared in an assortment of TV shows and films but all small roles and were not runaways at the box-office. There’s a good chance that Prince Harry noticed Meghan in a movie she made back in 2013 titled Random Encounters (UK Title: A Random Encounter). This is why Meghan is in this list, she is married to Prince Harry. They just recently tied the knot and made it official. The connection between the two women is too close to ignore.

It is inevitable that Meghan and Kate will be very, very close one day. For one, they have a lot of things in common, such as being married into royalty. Meghan would do well to be very chummy with Kate because everything that is happening, has happened, and will happen to her, Kate already has gone through.

5. James Meade

James Meade and Thomas van Straubenzee are two of Prince William’s best mates. Prince William and James were in Eaton College together, that is where their friendship was galvanized. James comes from a family of outdoor enthusiasts. His brother Harry, who was in attendance at the Royal Wedding as well, is an event rider (equestrian sport). Their father, Richard Meade, was an equestrian rider and Olympic gold medalist. Richard and Prince Charles’ families were friendly to each other, and that fact made young James and Prince William good friends, too. James is married to Lady Laura Marsham, daughter of Julian Charles Marsham, 8th Earl of Romney. James and Laura also reside in Norfolk, so that makes them neighbors with the Royal Couple.

Aside from being friends since the Eaton days, James is loyal to both Prince William and Kate. During the controversial break-up that the Royal Couple had paparazzi, caught how James provided emotional support to Kate by taking her out to the 2007 Badminton Horse Trials. At the wedding, James gave a speech in honor of the newlywed couple. James is also godfather to Princess Charlotte. A college buddy, neighbor, and godfather – James is really one of the couple’s closest friends.

4. The Obamas

Barack Obama was the 44th President of the United States. He served two terms as President from 2009 to 2016. Before the Presidency, he served three terms in the Illinois Senate and was a US Senator for four years. He was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2009. Born and raised most of his early life in Hawaii, he graduated from Harvard Law School. Years after in 1989, he met the love of his life at a Chicago law firm, Michelle Robinson.

Michelle LaVaughn Robinson Obama was the first African American First Lady. A Chicago native, Michelle graduated from Princeton University and Harvard Law School.

Barack and Michelle Obama were like America’s Royal Couple during the President’s term. They were always chased by paparazzi and were the topic of all kinds of publications. The friendship of these two couples is evidenced in all kinds of media. Michelle often tweets about Kate and William, like when she congratulated the Royal Couple on their third baby. Michelle tweeted that she cannot wait to have a Kensington Palace pajama party with the sweet, little angels. They were also photographed together having a nice time during the 2016 London state visit.

3. Thomas van Straubenzee

Along with James Meade, Thomas van Straubenzee was a key usher at Kate and Prince William’s wedding. And just like James, he also gave a toast to honor the newlywed couple. Thomas and Prince William go way back, they attended Ludgrove School together. Ludgrove School is a preparatory boarding school located in Berkshire, England. Prince Harry was also an Old Ludgrovian. Thomas is managing director of VanHan Ltd., a real estate agency based in London. In 2013, Thomas married Lady Melissa Percy, she is the youngest daughter of the Duke of Northumberland. Prince William and Prince Harry were both ushers in their wedding ceremony. Unfortunately, Thomas and Lady Melissa had a divorce not more than three years after.

Thomas is Prince William’s oldest friend and more likely his best.  In 2005, he was with Prince William on the Prince’s first overseas solo Royal tour. They had it in New Zealand. Thomas, also known to his friends as Van, is also one of just five godparents of Princess Charlotte. Van and Prince William have been through a lot together, happy moments and tragic times as well. They’ve been friends since prep school and are still very close friends today.

2. Zara Tindall

Zara Phillips (17th in line of succession to the British throne) is the Queen’s eldest granddaughter and Prince William’s cousin, and the two have always been very close. Her parents are Anne, Princess Royal and and Olympic gold medalist Captain Mark Phillips. Zara is an equestrian and her professional achievements are as follows: She won the Eventing World Championship in 2006. She won a silver medal in a team event with the British Equestrian Team in the 2012 London Olympics. She was voted BBC Sports Personality of the Year in 2006. Zara is married to former English rugby player Mike Tindall. They have one child, a girl named Mia Tindall. Mike Tindall was captain of the champion England team in the 2003 Rugby World Cup. In his professional career, he played for two clubs, Bath Rugby and Gloucester Rugby.

Zara is godmother to Prince George and she gets along very well with her cousin’s wife, Kate. Prince George and Mia are playmates since birth, Kate and Zara were pregnant at the same time and they had a lot of photographs at the time and were all the buzz in the royalty world.

1. William van Cutsem

William van Cutsem is the fourth child of landowner, horse-breeder, and businessman Hugh van Cutsem. He married entrepreneur Rosie Ruck Keene in 2013, where Prince William served as an usher. These two Williams are so close they don’t even realize it. Anmer Hall was frequently visited by the Royal Family and Prince William and Prince Harry had very fond childhood memories there. Anmer Hall was actually rented by William’s father. This fact could also be the reason why Prince William and his family moved to Norfolk. The estate seemed close to his heart, and maybe he just really likes the place. William and Rosie moved to Norfolk as well and are now distant neighbors to the Royal Couple.

William and his family was so close to Prince William and his family that William and all his siblings were invited at the Royal Couple’s wedding. As a matter of fact, William’s niece, Grace Emilie Claire van Cutsem, was flower girl at the Royal Couple’s wedding. The sweet girl kind of stole the show with her photobomb captured moment when the Royal Couple did their first kiss. William is also godfather to Prince George.

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