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10 Newly Released Fast Food Items You Need To Try


10 Newly Released Fast Food Items You Need To Try

When you have a hunger for something quick and tasty, your local fast food restaurant is the best place to go. However, a lot of these fast-food chains have had the same menu for years, and although they can still be tasty, they can also get a bit boring. The good news is that chains are working hard to bring us new options. So, here are 10 Newly Released Fast Food Items You Need To Try.  

10. McDonald’s: Caramel Brownie McFlurry 

While we all like to treat ourselves to a juicy burger or an oversized pizza, sometimes we just want something sweet, and a great source to feed that sweet tooth is with a McDonald’s McFlurry. Over the years, McDonald’s has given us many choices when it comes to their McFlurry options. As well as the usual candy toppings such as M&M’s, Snickers, Twix, and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, McDonald’s has also brought us seasonal toppings such as Oreo’s and Chips Ahoy! And now, the fast-food giant has given us a brand new flavor choice to get excited about: a very mouth-watering Caramel Brownie. This new flavor combines their trademark vanilla soft serve ice cream with thick chunks of brownie pieces covered in a caramel topping. This choice of McFlurry was actually tested in Canada back in 2017 but has now gone nationwide in the US as of May 2021. McDonald’s decided to go all out when releasing this new ice cream product as it offered customers a chance to get one for free. Using the McDonald’s app, customers were invited to scan a code to receive their free Caramel Brownie McFlurry. If you were one of the lucky ones to get their hands on one, then good for you. The rest of us will quite happily go to our local McDonald’s and pay for one. 

9. KFC: Chicken Sandwich 

In recent years, there has been a bit of a chicken sandwich war going on amongst the fast-food chains. While the likes of Popeyes and Chick-Fil-A are pushing the boundaries on what is possible when it comes to the humble chicken, the king of chicken in the fast-food world, KFC, has decided to up its game in order to keep up. While KFC has been satisfying our chicken needs for decades, it has now decided to bring us a truly potential game-changing chicken sandwich. Replacing the classic Crispy Colonel Sandwich, KFC is giving us the simply named KFC Chicken Sandwich. This new sandwich features a heftier double breaded chicken fillet, which is a quarter-pound of chicken, around 25% larger than the previous chicken sandwich. The new, bigger chicken fillet is served on a buttered brioche bun with thicker, crinkle cut pickles and a choice of either mayo or spicy sauce. This new sandwich was tested last year in a few select restaurants, and with great results it has now gone nationwide. KFC’s Chicken Sandwich could really become a real crowd pleaser and could even be the new benchmark for how a great chicken sandwich should be. We hope that the other fast-food chicken joints are taking notes and are ready to compete with this sandwich. The future looks very bright for chicken lovers.

8. Popeyes: Cajun Flounder Sandwich 

As we go through our list of new fast food items you need to try, you will see that a lot of fast-food chains are focusing on revamping their chicken and chicken sandwich options. A part of that reason is that many people feel like chicken is a healthier option to the more common burger and pizza, even if it is deep-fried. But the main reason, however, is because of the huge chicken sandwich war that has been going on in recent years – and it all started with one main culprit, Popeyes. When Popeyes released its chicken sandwich back in 2019, it caused such a storm and media circus that people almost rioted in the streets to get their hands on one. Now, Popeyes is looking for a similar reaction with its latest sandwich release. Instead of giving us another chicken product, Popeyes has opted to start a fish war. Its new Cajun Flounder Sandwich consists of a Pacific water fried Flounder patty, which is breaded and seasoned in a Louisiana style Cajun spice, and served on a brioche bun. The sandwich is then topped off with barrel-aged pickles and tartar sauce. Popeyes is hoping that this new fish sandwich will be a perfect option for those who don’t want to eat chicken or red meat. Whether that’s for health reasons or dietary restrictions, Popeyes could finally be giving us the perfect fish sandwich, and we think that people will be lining up around the block to get their hands on this sandwich for no other reason than to just taste it. 

7. Taco Bell: Quesalupa 

The next entry on our list isn’t strictly speaking a new item, as it’s been offered before, but it’s one that’s finally coming back. The Quesalupa is heading back to a Taco Bell near you, and we couldn’t be more excited! The famous Tex-Mex chain gave us this delightful item and then took it away from us before we knew what was happing, and now that it’s back, bigger and better than ever, we hope it’s here to stay. The revamped Quesalupa comes with 50% more cheese, which makes for more gooey goodness. The combination of Quesadilla and Chalupa comes with the chains famous crispy shell stuffed to the brim with a mix of melted Pepper Jack and mozzarella cheese. On top of that, the Quesalupa comes with Taco Bell’s trademark seasoned beef, crispy lettuce, shredded Cheddar cheese, fresh diced tomatoes, and cool sour cream. Even though this new version of the Quesalupa comes with a lot more cheese and filling, the price isn’t going to increase, which will keep Taco Bell fans happy. It must also be noted that Taco Bell is planning to enter the Chicken sandwich wars at some point this year when it releases its very first chicken sandwich. So, whether you are in the mood for a Taco Bell classic or want to try something completely different from the Tex-Mex giants, this year could be a very good year to head down to your local Taco Bell. 

6. Burger King: New Chicken Sandwich

As we move through 2021, many of the big fast-food chains are making a real effort to either improve their menu items or bring us completely new items altogether. With our next entry, we turn our attention to Burger King. This giant of the burger world has been delighting us with many great and innovative fast food items over the years, and this year is proving to be no different. Burger King is actually bringing us a few new selections this year, like some different burger options as well as revamping their breakfast menu. However, for this entry, we wanted to focus on their new chicken sandwich. An upgrade on their popular Crispy Chicken Sandwich, Burger King is bringing us this new sandwich to sample. The difference here is that this sandwich will include a hand-breaded chicken fillet. This may not seem like that much of a difference, but we think, and so does Burger King, that having a hand-breaded chicken fillet is going to change the taste of the sandwich drastically. Just like the flame grilled burger patties changed the burger world, this sandwich could just change the chicken world forever. No pressure, though, BK! This chicken sandwich hasn’t been released yet but will be on its way soon, and we are told it will be worth the wait. So keep your eyes open!

5. McDonald’s: McPlant 

Over the years, a lot has changed in the fast-food landscape, especially as major fast-food chains have been adding healthier options to their otherwise calorie-packed menus. A lot of the big boys have been adding specialized items in order to accommodate the public’s ever-changing dietary needs. There has been a big shift to things like gluten-free and dairy-free products. However, the main change on many fast-food menus has been meat-free meat. Vegetarian and vegan options have existed in some form in the past, but it’s usually been a sad, solitary salad that isn’t very exciting. But, all of that has changed since the introduction of products like Beyond Meat. The Beyond Meat burger has been a huge success and has even been able to get meat lovers to jump on the plant-based burger bandwagon. Although many fast-food chains have had Beyond Meat products on their menus for some time, McDonald’s has been uncharacteristically slow. Usually, the Golden Arches are at the forefront of fast-food trends, but not with plant based burgers. Fear not because all that is about to change as this year McDonald’s is launching their McPlant burger. Teaming up with Beyond Meat, McDonald’s is hoping that this burger will be just the start of a plant-based line which will include chicken sandwiches and even their breakfast sandwiches. 

4. Wendy’s: New Breakfast 

When it comes to having a tasty breakfast on a busy morning, many of us have our favorite ‘go-to’ places to grab a breakfast sandwich and hash brown. While there are many challenges to face to claim the fast-food breakfast crown, over the last year, one of the best contestants has been Wendy’s. As soon as the world went into a pandemic, Wendy’s pulled out all the stops in order to claw back the dip in profits that the first lockdown brought. Wendy’s focused on providing the best breakfast possible to get us through this tough time. Wendy’s uses fresh eggs in everything and they even have a morning version of their popular Baconator burger –  the Breakfast Baconator. All of this proved hugely successful for Wendy’s, and it began rising to the top of the breakfast food chain. Even so, you may be pleased to know that Wendy’s wasn’t content on leaving it there and is adding to its breakfast menu this year. The chain is planning to add a bit of spice to our mornings as it’s bringing us breakfast versions of its spicy chicken sandwich and nuggets. The breakfast version of the famous Baconator worked so well that we can’t wait for some more breakfast fusions.  

3. Carl’s Jr: Spicy Burger 

For our next entry on our list of the new fast food items you need to try, we turn to a lesser-known fast-food chain. Starting back in the 1940s as a hot dog stand, Carl’s Jr was actually one of the first fast-food chains, and they set a lot of the industry standards we know and love today. However, while the likes of McDonald’s, Burger King, and KFC took over the world, Carl’s Jr climbed a little slower in comparison. Needless to say that Carl’s Jr may not be one of the big boys, but it still has its fanbase, and if you’re one of those fans, Carl’s Jr has a spicy treat for you. While the chain might be a bit late to the spicy game, it has finally arrived nonetheless. The restaurant chain recently debuted its ‘Fiery Menu,’ which consists of a burger with pepper Jack cheese, jalapenos, sliced onions, tomatoes, lettuce, and a new fiery sauce – habanero ranch. Then there are the chicken tenders. The tenders themselves are nothing new, but the breaded tenders become fiery when you dip them in habanero ranch sauce—food innovation in its finest form and something to really get excited about. 

2. Pizza Hut: Detroit Style Pizza 

You may think that pizza is at the pinnacle of its existence. After all, it is one of the most consumed food items in the world. We all love a good pizza. Whether it’s from one of the many fast-food pizza chains or from a neighborhood pizzeria, whatever your choice, it’s fair to say that pizza is pretty much perfect. Well, there may be some exciting news in the pizza world since there has been a style of pizza that has really been catching on in recent years, and that’s the Detroit Style pizza. This style of pizza is a rectangle-shaped pizza with a thick crust that is crispy and chewy, filled with cheese and tomato, and then topped off with the toppings of your choice. It may not sound like such a big game-changer, but this style of pizza is pretty incredible and has started to pop up everywhere, from your local pizza delivery place to some big chains, and now it’s coming to Pizza Hut. Many families’ favorite go-to pizza restaurant is jumping on the Detroit Style Pizza bandwagon, and its version is a good one  – and a healthier one too. 

1. Chick-Fil-A: Grilled Spicy Chicken 

In recent years, there’s only been one fast-food item that’s caused so much friction between the giants of the fast-food world, and that’s the chicken sandwich. Ever since Popeyes released their now-famous chicken sandwich back in 2019, most fast-food chains have been releasing a new chicken sandwich in order to keep up. With that in mind, the grandmaster of the chicken sandwich, Chick-Fil-A, has now released its newest chicken sandwich to the world. The Grilled Spicy Chicken sandwich looks set to reinvent the chicken sandwich and change the game once again. The main difference between this sandwich and others on the market is the fact that this chicken is not breaded or fried. It is, in fact, a grilled chicken breast marinated in Chick-Fil-A’s famous spices and served on a toasted multigrain brioche bun with lettuce and tomato. This is without a doubt one of, if not the, healthiest chicken sandwich options on the fast-food market right now and could also be one of the tastiest too. If this sandwich sounds familiar, well that’s because Chick-Fil-A has been testing it in certain locations, with very positive results, and it is now ready to roll out nationwide. This could easily become one of the most popular fast food items of the year. 

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