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10 Natural Products to Clean Your Home

Television commercials and advertisements have taught us that keeping a clean and beautiful home can only be achieved using the products that are sold in stores. This is false and, at the same time, these products are harmful to our health because they contain synthetic or petrochemical components. The chemicals used in disinfectants are highly dangerous. In some cases, they can be toxic to our family members and to the environment. If inhaled, we can become intoxicated or produce an allergic reaction.

There is a widespread disease among people who clean houses and offices that include eczema on their fingers, arms, allergic dermatitis, respiratory disorders, hypersensitivity and more. This is mainly due to excessive exposure to these cleaning products without the use of gloves or masks. On the other hand, millions of tons of detergents end up in the rivers and seas of the planet, causing a very large negative impact on the environment. The “quicker” the effectivity of a disinfectant or cleaner, the more chemicals it contains, therefore, it is more toxic. It is necessary to be careful with the articles used at home, especially if there are children or animals around.

Ultimately, how much money do we usually spend on cleaning our home? Products made from chemical elements are not always as effective as we think they are. Sometimes, it is worth remembering and using those simple remedies that our grandmothers always told us about. Those with natural elements that do not spoil our hands and that we use on a daily basis. Do you want to know what they are? Here are 10 natural products we can use to clean our homes.

10. Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is an excellent cleaning option for many applications. It is great for cleaning all sorts of glassware and brightening metallic kitchen accessories. Scrubbing with a cloth dampened with vinegar on cups and glasses can remove hard water marks and the toughest of accumulated grease. Then, we just have to rinse with hot water. It is also excellent for removing dirt from the microwave. All that we need to do is place a cup of it inside the microwave and let it heat for 4 minutes. The steam from the vinegar will help soften the dirt around the walls.

A good resource to get rid of the calcification from the shower is to sprinkle it with vinegar and let it act for 30 minutes. After that, scrubbing a brush on the walls and later rinsing with hot water will guarantee shiny results. Moreover, rubbing the interior of a refrigerator with vinegar helps keep it squeaky clean, especially in those corners where it is slightly oxidized. Let it act for about 20 minutes and rinse with warm water. Apple cider vinegar is also suitable to remove makeup stains from clothes. Using a cloth moistened with water and vinegar will help remove them little by little.

9. Baking Soda

Yes! Baking soda is another vital item everyone should have at his or her disposal. Most of the products to clean pipes are very toxic. That is why baking soda is a great option. It is very easy; we just have to throw baking soda down the drain followed by a glass of vinegar. Allow it to act 15 minutes, and then rinse with hot water. It is also a great softener for clothes. The current softeners work by creating a layer of grease on the clothes’ fiber, to balance the action of detergent and lime. With baking soda, it directly prevents the lime from adhering to the clothes, so it will act as a softener leaving us the perfect clothes.

Baking soda helps to remove dirt from the floor. It works best by adding half a cup per tub of water. Mop as usual and see how bright the floor becomes without marks or scratches. It also absorbs odors. It is great to neutralize the smell of shoes and the blankets where our pets sleep. To clean carpets, all that is necessary is to spread baking soda all over it and let it work overnight. The next day, vacuuming it will leave it clean and free of odors. Baking soda is one of the best natural products to use to clean our homes.

8. Lemons

Lemons are an ideal resource for many areas of our home. It brings good smells and it serves for degreasing and bleaching. However, better yet, lemon juice has antibacterial and antiseptic qualities, which is why many products that we usually use include it in its composition. Lemons are one of the natural products best known by markets. It is very suitable, for example, to recover the shine from white clothes. In order to do so, add half a cup of lemon juice into the rinse cycle of the washing machine when doing laundry. Magnificent results are guaranteed.

When scrubbing by hand or in the dishwasher, add a few drops of lemon to the article being washed in order to eliminate all the fat. Put half a lemon in the fridge and notice how the bad smells go away. It is also perfect to eliminate any stain in the kitchen, whether from wood, rags or glass. A lemon peel is also great to clean sticky surfaces like pans and pots. Just peel and scrub away! In general, add a few drops of lemon to water in a sprayer; it will be an excellent cleaner.

7. Potatoes

Potatoes, in addition to being a food with great nutritional properties, it can help in some domestic matters. Potatoes come in handy to clean mirrors. Split a raw potato in half and rub the entire mirror. Then, rub a cotton cloth that does not release lint soaked in slightly diluted white vinegar to bring out the shine from the glass and, finally, dry it with a dry cloth. It also helps to recover burned pots and pans. As with mirrors, cut a raw potato in half and rub the burned parts. Then, rinse with warm water and dry with a soft cloth. It will be clear how they improve.

In order to restore the shine to stainless steel sinks, use the cooking water of unpeeled potatoes by applying it with a cloth. Its properties will bring the sparkle back. In addition, potatoes are fantastic to remove the remains of cheese from the grater. Grate a raw peeled potato and drag all remaining cheese that has been embedded. Lastly, in order to remove stains from white doors, rub half a raw potato on them. Remember to remove the starch with a damp cloth and dry with another.

6. Olive Oil

Besides being very healthy for our cooking our food, olive oil helps protect the wood and other delicate materials. Olive oil is an excellent substance to use to protect wooden furniture. Rub on a little oil and let the wood absorb it. Periodically taking care of wooden furniture in this manner helps its longevity and overall look. It can also be used to polish metals. For this, soak the end of a cloth with a splash of oil and polish the metal objects in circles until they shine. Remember how Mr. Miyagi taught Daniel-san to wash his car in The Karate Kid? Yes, just like that.

Olive oil is also a great friend of leather. It can be used to clean leather furniture and other pieces of leather. The way to do it is by moistening a cloth with a little oil and quickly rubbing the object in question. Last but definitely not least, olive oil is an amazing product to avoid fogging mirrors and windows. Rub a cloth soaked in oil and then dry the glass with another dry cloth or newspaper. It will give it shine and create a protective layer that will prevent it from fogging so easily.

5. Salt

Salt is one of the great allies in cleaning the home thanks to its “exfoliating” and absorbing qualities. Yes, the tiny crystals are not only pivotal in cooking. They are versatile when it comes to, for example, cleaning the wooden cutting board. Rub salt with the help of half a lemon. The two products together will leave the wooden board clean and disinfected. It can help remove those tough and mean lime stains as well. Both in bathtubs and in sinks, rubbing salt with the help of a sponge will exfoliate lime stains away without scratching the surface.

Salt can also disinfect and clean the floor. Add half a cup of salt to a bucket of hot water and mop the floor with it. It will help remove all stains that are embedded and it will keep it clean for a longer period. If it was not enough, salt can also polish pieces of bronze, tin, silver, and copper from your wardrobe. Now, cleaning watches and bracelets are cheaper and closer to home. Make an equal mixture of vinegar, flour, and salt. Apply it to the objects and let it soak for 20 minutes. Afterward, remove the solution with the help of a brush.

4. Coffee

Do not throw away the coffee grounds because they can have a second life as a home cleaning product. Besides providing an extra boost throughout the day, coffee can be used to unclog pipes. Throw the coffee grounds directly into the sink and let them go down the drain with warm water. They will drag dirt and bad odors from the pipes. Coffee is also frequently used to clean doormats. Spread the coffee grounds on the doormat and let them act for a few hours. Afterward, brush off the shards from the mat.

During cold winter days, wet coffee grounds can help prevent a mess when trying to clean the fireplace. Prior to sweeping the ashes and avoiding having to spend more time cleaning the area around the fireplace, sprinkle wet coffee grounds on top of the ashes to help keep tiny particles from rising. It’s alright, don’t thank me! It can even be used as fertilizer for plants and flowers like roses and bushes to help them grow. The coffee grounds, although used, can still be recycled for their nutrients. It’s silly to think plants can get coffee rushes but, hey, who knows?

3. Carbonated Water

Carbonated water is a very common drink in bars and clubs throughout the world but is also useful in over scenarios that don’t end up puking at the end of the night. It can be used on a myriad of surfaces at home. The bubbliness from the carbonated water will make cleaning extremely easy since it will do most of the work. Make sure to always have some at home, for not only is it a base for peppy drinks, it will also come in handy when difficult cleaning tasks arise.

Carbonated water can be a strong enough agent to remove sticky spots from floors. Pour some of it over the stains and pat dry. Do not scrub! Spray it on clothes and carpets. The fizz will soften the dirt from the fabric so it can be removed with ease. It is an amazing choice to clean chrome since it does wonders for counters and sinks. Just pour and scrub! Carbonated water can also dissolve fat from kitchen and baking utensils. Make sure to pour some when the utensils are still hot so it can lift the grease and dirt from the pots. Afterward, rinse with warm water as usual.

2. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is a multipurpose plant. It serves for practically everything that has to do with skincare and many other health-related issues. However, it is also true that they can be used in a homey way. This powerful plant, from which you can take full advantage of its pulp with its natural antiseptics, can be part of several home preparations, which will help to have a home in better condition. Aloe vera gel can be used to revive wooden furniture, disguise marks and make them shine again. Mix the same amount of olive oil and aloe vera gel and apply on the surfaces with a piece of cloth and polish until it shines.

We can extract the antibacterial gel to disinfect your hands when in a hurry or use on the most diverse surfaces to eliminate viruses, germs, and bacteria. Using a few ingredients, including ethyl alcohol and aloe vera, this homemade antibacterial gel can be made. It can also be a multipurpose cleaner. This cleaner is ideal for the kitchen and bathroom. It will help remove adhering dirt, as well as disinfect and thoroughly clean countertops, the kitchen or toilets.

1. Cinnamon

Who would love for their home to smell delightful without spending money on costly air fresheners? Well, it’s definitely possible! Home remedies have been used for centuries to make humankind’s life more comfortable and this home trick will not be an exception. In addition, its preparation is very simple and tremendously cheap, so it provides the opportunity to make our homes smell great without investing a fortune. Using ground cinnamon or cinnamon sticks with a bit of water we can create our own homemade air freshener following these simple steps:
Pour 2 liters of water inside a pot and put it to boil. Just before it does, add cinnamon powder or cinnamon sticks, both will get the job done. Just after adding the cinnamon into the water, cover the pot. After about 2 or 3 minutes, uncover it and let the steam flood the various rooms of your home. Thanks to this homemade and natural trick, the pleasant aroma that comes from cinnamon will fill every corner of the house. To add variation, this natural remedy can be implemented using another ingredient that emanates a strong scent, such as mint, lavender or any other product.

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