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10 Nastiest Celebrity Child Custody Battles


10 Nastiest Celebrity Child Custody Battles

Divorce is ugly. So, imagine getting a divorce after having kids.Custody hearings are one of the things that prolongs a divorce. Parents are normally not willing to give up their kids. Which honestly, it’s nice to know that your parents are willing to fight for you. However, it can be gut-wrenching and downright nasty. Watching your parents battle it out and throw shots at one another. It’s not something that any kid wants to see. Hollywood has some insane custody battles. No matter how private they try to keep their business something always comes to light. It’s normally the worst of the worst. And, in some cases, the kids are old enough to read all the drama in a sleazy tabloid. Some celebrities have gone to severe lengths to make sure that a number of negative stories hit the tabloids. This is their best effort to make their soon to be ex-spouse look like the bad person. We can only imagine what is said behind closed doors and in mediation. To be a fly on the wall during some of the nastiest, dirtiest, lowdown child custody battles would be beyond interesting. Normally, people who are about to get divorced try their best to make sure their children are protected. However, it seems like with the divorces mentioned on this list the parents were trying their best to use their kids as a weapon.

10. Halle Berry & Gabriel Aubry

Halle Berry has a beautiful daughter, Nahla with model Gabriel Aubry but they just couldn’t make their relationship work. The non stop fighting and the fact that he felt inferior to her as the breadwinner. Well, it didn’t help at all. These two didn’t even make it down the aisle so one would assume that a split would be easy. Wrong. Berry was now on the hook for accommodating Aubry’s lifestyle and their daughters. Halle however, did not go down without a fight. After a judge awarded Aubry $20,000 a month in child support for god knows what. The judge also blocked Berry from moving to France to live with her new husband Olivier Martinez. The two battled it out for a very long time. They went back and forth in the media with claims of abuse and bad parenting skills. Aubry was even accused of using Nahla as a cash cow. The original split was in 2010 and Aubry was basically awarded all he asked for and then some. Then in 2014, after everything was settled, Aubry was awarded $16,000 in child support.

9. Britney Spears & Kevin Federline

This has to be one of the nastiest custody battles in celebrity history. It was spread all over every magazine and news site. Coupled with Spears mental breakdown. Federline who is basically a nobody was given full custody of their two boys. This is all due to his accusations of Spears abusing drugs and alcohol. So while Spears was initially given full custody it was quickly swept away. Around 2007/08 Spears officially lost custody because she was caught driving without a license. In addition to losing custody, she lost all her visitation rights after she refused to hand her boys back over to Federline after a scheduled visit. The singer has certainly had her troubles with some kind of substance because she went to rehab several times. But, never successfully completed a stint. Her bad behavior only gave Federline ammunition to request and receive full custody. It ended up making him look like the good guy when really he is just someone who doesn’t want to get a job. Even as recently as this year, Federline has asked for an increase in child support. Keep in mind he is fully married and moved on with more kids. At this point, it just seems like he and his wife are living off of the child support.

8. Denise Richards & Charlie Sheen

Denise Richards and Charlie Sheen were only married for 3 short years but their divorce and custody battle was epic. The couple divorced in 2005 with Richards accusing Sheen of abuse, unfaithfulness and an addiction to adult films. The actress was also very concerned with Sheen having any kind of alone time with the girls. She was willing to work with Sheen if he abided by her rules. Richards wanted him to have supervised visits and even at those visits, she wanted a nanny present. She went this far because she had given Sheen the opportunity to have an overnight visit and in addition to not having a nanny present one of the girls slept in Sheen’s bed with him. The other one, slept in a bed with Sheen’s new wife Brooke Mueller. Richards rightfully found this disturbing. The actress is very protective of her kids. This little stunt was basically the straw that broke the camel’s back. Both Sheen and Mueller have had many run-in with the law and substance abuse problems. In additions, Sheen and Mueller ended up handing over custody of their twin boys to Richards because they both had to go to rehab. As of 2017, Richards still had custody of the twins, that says a lot.

7. Melissa Etheridge & Tammy Lynn Michaels

Melissa Etheridge and Tammy Lynn Michaels had a divorce battle that seemed like went on forever. The two were doing what any couple who is sick of one another would do; throw shots. Actress Tammy Lynn Michaels stated in her blog that she was blindsided. She had no idea that her partner, singer Melissa Etheridge was even pondering a split. Fans knew this divorce was going to be a mess when Michaels took a petty shot and filed for divorce after Etheridge filed for separation. The couple went on to battle it out in court over the twins they share. The singer filed for joint custody but the actress, well, she wanted it all. Full custody, child support, and spousal support. Michaels felt more qualified because she carried the twins. As the battle went on, Etheridge took a few shots at her accusing Michaels of burning one of their twins with a cigarette. Michaels shot back with the accusation that her soon to be ex-wife left her with $4 to her name. The whole thing was messy. The two eventually came to some kind of agreement but by then the happy ending was so overshadowed by the drama. Fans haven’t heard a peek out of them since the resolution. However, we have to assume that there is still a level of hate that they will never get past.

6. Kelly Rutherford & Daniel Giersch

This has to be one of the worse custody battles in recent years. It’s safe to say actress Kelly Rutherford has been to hell and back when it comes to her now ex-husband Daniel Giersch. Rutherford’s custody battle was all over the media and she was even made out to look like a horrible mother. The truth is, she literally went broke fighting for her kids. In 2012, her kids were sent to live in France and Monaco with their father which Rutherford said induced anxiety in her children. The actress made a risky move and refused to return her kids to Monaco after their 5-week summer break with her. She was labeled a child abductor by her ex-husband’s lawyer and the tabloids went into a frenzy. The actresses custody battle went on for several more years, she filed for bankruptcy trying to pay for child support, alimony and lawyer fees. Rutherford testified in court that her daughter Hermes would regularly vocalize how much she did not want to stay with her father. Currently Giersch still has full custody of the kids… in Monaco. This whole battle is far from over. Rutherford has stated that she will continue to fight for her children.

5. Rob Kardashian & Blac Chyna

One can claim that Blac Chyna has literally made a career out of being a baby mama. She doesn’t have a reason to be famous like, for real, can someone tell us what her talent is? Besides that she managed to get knocked up by Rob Kardashian, she got a TV show out of it and it actually lasted longer than most people thought it would. The two even got engaged but when it ended that was it everything went to crap. They threw insults back and forth and it even got to the point where Kardashian was slandering Blac Chyna’s name on social media and basically to whoever would listen. Kardashian even supposedly posted some revenge porn on his social media pages in an effort to show the world how horrible Blac Chyna is (as if we needed evidence of that). Things came to a head when Kardashian claimed that Blac Chyna was withholding their child from him. He claimed he hadn’t seen his little girl in months. His family eventually had to step in and cry peace between the two. The drama died down and we don’t know the details of the custody. All we know is we see baby Dream in videos and photos posted by Kim, Kris and the rest of the family.

4. Tyrese Gibson & Norma

Tyrese Gibson had a very public response to his custody battle. In fact, he just couldn’t keep his little digits from taking to social media with an outpour of emotions. Gibson’s daughter with his ex-wife Norma was 10 when he began to use social media as a platform to put his business on blast. He constantly accused his ex of refusing to let his daughter see him. Talking about the struggles of paying child support, and even accusing his ex of supposedly putting a restraining order against him. The actor and singer posted a video online a few hours before he was set to appear in a court of himself crying and saying “please don’t take my baby away”. The case got weird when Gibson claimed that he could not afford to pay his ex $13,000 in child support even though the judge pointed out that his net worth was over $10 million. When the judge asked Norma why she was hesitant to give Gibson joint custody. She accused the singer of being abusive towards their daughter. Norma claimed he once beat their daughter so bad that she told her mom “It hurts when I sit down.”. The case is still up in the air.

3. Usher & Tameka Foster

Everyone told Usher not to marry this woman including his own mother. The golden rule is if your mom doesn’t like your significant other than you probably shouldn’t marry them. Of course, he didn’t listen and he ended up in a custody battle that simply put was outrageous. Tameka Foster was older, already had a couple of kids and really had no business getting married again but after about 5 years of marriage, the couple was ready for divorce. By then they had 2 kids and a custody battle was brewing. Foster accused Usher of being an unfit parent because their oldest child was involved in an incident regarding a pool at Usher’s home. She accused him of being absent during crucial moments and often left the kids with family members because of his busy schedule. Apparently, there were a lot of tears shed in the courtroom. And still, a judge granted custody to Usher. A touching picture was shared from the courtroom of Usher consoling Tameka after the judgment was handed down. The judge also took into consideration that Foster had kids from a previous relationship and may not be able to handle the demands of more children and a full-time career.

2. Sherri Shepherd & Lamar Sally

This custody battle is awkward AF. There wasn’t even a baby to fight over at the time but this war got nasty. Actress Sherri Shepherd was forced to re-evaluate the type of person she married when she filed for divorce. Lamar Sally and Shepherd just couldn’t make it work but just because they couldn’t make it work doesn’t mean that the baby they were having with a surrogate would disappear. One would assume that Shepherd should not be on the hook for a baby who has none of her DNA. Yes, the baby had Sally’s swimmers but a donor egg. So, when it came time for divorce, Shepherd assumed she could cut and run. Sally wanted to keep the baby and get child support from Shepherd but she was ready to fight tooth and nail not to part with her hard-earned dollars. A judge ultimately ruled that she was financially responsible for the baby. This made Shepherd hit back by trying to prove that her husband essentially set her up so he could receive child support (AKA not have to work) and that he could trap her. According to Shepherd, he knew she was seeking a divorce so he created this surrogate situation. Word on the street is that Shepherd wants nothing to do with the child even though she is still on the hook for child support.

1. Guy Ritchie & Madonna

Apparently, not everyone is vying to have Madonna as their mother. When news broke that Madonna’s son with Guy Ritchie, Rocco had run away from home people were shocked. He ran to his father’s home and wanted to avoid his mother at all costs. It was reported that Madonna was just so strict that Rocco couldn’t deal. How strict could Madonna be seeing as she was all about free love and expressing yourself? Apparently, she wanted to send him to military school in addition to controlling his every move. Ritchie was more lenient and this was appealing to Rocco. The boy stayed with his father as long as he could and Ritchie never forced him to go home to his mother. Regardless of what custody agreement they had in the past. The battle was set to go to court and it was gearing up to be a nasty one. However, a mere few days before the exes were scheduled to go to court to battle is out, they figured out a new custody agreement. Avoiding the court appearance, more bad press, and extended legal fees. In the end, Rocco got what he wanted which was to live with his dad. He was able to move to London permanently and finish his schooling there. BUT, he would have to visit his mother as often as he could.

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