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10 Most Unique AirBnB Locations Around The World


10 Most Unique AirBnB Locations Around The World

At Air BnB, owners let out their homes and maintain strict quality requirements. Guests are assured of a warm welcome and can expect certain standards to be met. Some of the properties are totally unique. They are the most unusual properties and offer guests the chance to stay in a totally spectacular residence during their stays. Air BnB offers homes for families and couples and offers the chance for those working away from home the chance to have all the comforts of home without the impersonal approach of some hotels. Ratings and reviews from previous guests provide security to those who are staying, safe in the knowledge that there will be no nasty surprises. Air BnB offers the chance to live in some of the most amazing homes around the world.

10. A Cave in Provence, France Amboise Troglydyte, Nazelles Negron

This beautiful home is found in a stone quarry in Bonnieux in France which was originally used by the Romans. It has been lovingly restored from its abandoned state. It has a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, and lounge and there is even an infinity pool dug into the quarry rock. The pool gives a wonderful view of the Luberon area. It is continuously flowing, giving the impression that the pool falls over the cliff where the cave is built.

There is a pool house which offers bathroom facilities and there are facilities to cook. The guests have exclusive use of the pool and of three hectares of grounds. The house is actually built into a cliff and is stunning to look at. It is convenient as well and is only two hundred meters from a village that offers basic amenities. You can also explore the three hectares that the cave is built into. Guest refer to the magic of the place, and reflect on the secret island nature of the place, which makes it feel as if you are alone in the beautiful landscape, a true ‘back to nature’ experience. Because the home is built into the rock, the interior walls are cool and provide welcome relief from the warm Provencal sun.

9. Glass tree house Italy

Casa Barthel is an amazing structure which affords beautiful views of the stunning Tuscan landscape. It’s just outside Florence, so the views are amazing and you can sit on your private terrace to drink in the ambiance if you choose. There is a bed, kitchenette, and bathroom with a rain shower, so all you need is provided in the tree level home including a wood burner for chillier nights. The owners have a passion for interior design, so everything is done in a harmonious taste enhanced with tasteful artwork according to Canopyandstars.

As would be expected from a glass tree house, there is floor to ceiling windows which offer amazing light and exceptional views on to the local landscape. This makes it perfect for budding or established artists to come and take advantage of the light and beauty of the landscape from the comfort of their own accommodation. It is also a wonderfully quirky holiday destination for those wishing to explore Florence and the surrounding Tuscan countryside. It is a little Italian idyll, set amongst olive groves and a chance to get away from the stresses and rhythm of our hectic lives.

8. Cube house Rotterdam

This amazing piece of architecture is found in Rotterdam and was designed by Piet Blom. It has the appearance of a large Rubiks cube and it is unmissable with its vibrant yellow exterior. It sleeps four people in the three-storeyed interior. There is a tiny loft at the top peak of the tilted cube, and this gives 360-degree views of the surrounding landscape. Built in 1985 the home retains a modern feel with traditional comforts including wi-fi, a hairdryer, and dishwasher to make sure your holiday is relaxed and free from day to day chores.

Blom’s inspiration behind the cube houses was to live as if in an urban roof and maximizes the space inside the home by utilizing the top and bottom of the home. The entrance of the home is on ground level, whilst the kitchen and living space is located on the first floor. The second-floor houses the bedrooms and bathrooms and the angled roof is a tiny loft. Some of the cube owners have converted theirs into mini gardens! It’s in a great area in Rotterdam and guests find it very convenient and safe. It’s handy for a quick break as the airport is only three miles away, according to The groups of houses are designed to look like a forest, with each house representing a tree and the plinth of the home as the trunk, with the offset cube roof as the foliage.

7. Cocon doulettes dans les arbres, France

This is actually a canvas structure built into the trees, and the translation of ‘cosy nest’ is apt, as this is probably the closest experience a human can get to feeling like a bird living in the nest in the trees. The nest is accessed by climbing up nets so it is a perfect getaway for the adventurous. The nets then become a hammock where you can relax and absorb the scenery and the unusual ambiance of the surroundings. If you are feeling more adventurous you can take advantage of on-site tennis or relax in the heated pool. You could indulge in a game of table tennis or petanque if you are in the mood or challenge other guests to a spot of foosball.

Inside the nest, there is a round bed and other smaller nets to store your luggage. As the nest is essentially just a bedroom, the owners have provided cabins in the forest where there is a bathroom and a living area to relax or play board games. You share a kitchen with other nest dwellers or you could prepare a barbecue in the grounds. Even though it is akin to a camping experience, guests say that it is more like a hotel in the trees!

6. Seashell house Mexico

Who wouldn’t want to stay in a home shaped like a seashell? In Mexico, this is a possibility in the form of the Seashell House in Isla Mujeres. You can luxuriate in one of two master bedrooms or relax by the pool for a truly idyllic stay. There are concessions to modern luxury with wi-fi and air conditioning to make your stay extra comfortable. There is also a tv with all major cable channels, so you can catch up with your favorite show during your stay.

Anyone with a hankering to live the mermaid lifestyle will not be disappointed by this home which took its inspiration from the local sea life. You can experience the local ambiance from the seclusion of your own little hideaway, removed from the hustle and bustle of crowded pools and beaches. Inside you can luxuriate in a bath made of seashells and local tiles. You will feel the ocean close by in other ways and nature is everywhere, from the tropical foliage to the ever-present iguanas, according to The entire home is unique and a major attraction on the Isle of Mujeres. It has been beautifully and tastefully designed in the best quality materials and architectural style.

5. Dog house Idaho

This is a truly unique and eye-catching home. It is built in the shape of a beagle dog and is found nestling in Cottonwood in Idaho in the US. Dogs are welcome to stay along with humans! The house is in Cottonwood in Idaho and is an amazing shape on the landscape. There is plenty to do while you are in the doghouse as it were, and the hosts will provide recommendations on local pursuits such as boat tours and horse riding. Visitors often think the Dog House is just an attraction but actually, it welcomes guests who can stay in the dog house. It was funded by the owners carving small models of dogs.

There is room for four to sleep and a queen bed in the body of the dog and futons in the head! Everything inside is decorated with a canine theme, so if you are not a dog lover, this might not be the perfect place. Guests enter the dog from a second-floor deck and then venture into the body and head for the rest of the accommodation, ending up in the nuzzle where there is a little space to relax, according to Dog bark park.

4. Converted school bus Salinas

This is a unique experience for sure, this converted school bus is off the grid and offers a surprisingly luxurious experience and amazing views of the surrounding landscape on a five acre farm near Monterey Bay. It’s not for those who demand luxury as athere is actually only a bedroom, but there is access to the bathroom and kitchen in the host’s home. There are beauties inside and outside. If you step out of the comfy interior there is a host of beautiful views of sunsets and sunrises to enjoy.

The hosts live nearby and offer any help you need, as well as providing fresh eggs and yoga sessions if the mood takes you. The locals call it the Magic School Bus Adventure and it has an outer world themse, enhanced by the interior neon lights, according to Aol. The setting is unique in itself, set on a five acre ranch within a private bamboo garden. Inside you can relax on a quen side bed or sit in the central sitting area, but for more basic amenities, such as a bathroom, you need to visit the host’s house, a short hop away.

3. Bamboo eco cottage bali

This beautiful cottage is found in the midst of rice paddy fields and is made completely out of woven bamboo. It has a modern bathroom and a little loft and a beautiful outdoor living space. There is a woven bedroom and touches of luxury to give you a back to nature feel but modern conveniences. You will be contributing to the environment with your holdiday as the entire cottage is fully sustainable. Yet there is a luxury available in a beautiful curtained bed. The cottage is cut off from the outside world and is accessed through its own private pathway which cuts through the paddy fields.

Although you are on your own in this mainly outdoor living space, there is the chance to join other guests and the hosts for food, salt water swimming and lively company. There is no need to worry about food though, as complimentary cell phones are provided with the home, from which guests can call up a delivery service of local delicacies to enjoy in the cottage. Staff will assist you in every way you desire, but there are plenty of opportunities to explore the unique tropical landscape.

2. Igloo house Australia

This igloo house is on Trinity Beach near Cairns in Australia. There is a group of five igloos on the site and each one has one bedroom, and you can reach the beach and a pool within a few minutes of the frontn door. The house comprises a kitchen with a loft above it which has more sleeping space. It has easy access to nearby Cairns, and a local restuarnat just outside the igloos provides a friendly welcome.

The host is very friendly and provides everything anyone could need on a holdiday stay. Although the exterior of the igloo may look primitive, there is air conditioning inside and cable tv making it perfect for all age groups. The igloo is made of stucco rather than the ice inferred in its name. guests report a somewhat prehistoric feel to the accommodation, with the landscape backing this up. There is jungle type foliage and even crocodiles next door. There are also jellyfish on the beach so it is wise to be alert. It’s set a short walk from local restaurants and shops and only half an hour away from Cairns if the tranquillity gets too much.

1. St Pancras clock tower London

The station at St Pancras houses a clock tower which has been turned into accommodation for AirBNB. There are two double bedrooms in the apartment, with the guest bedroom being virtually self contained with a sitting area, TV and kitchen. The master bedroom is right at the bottom of the clock tower, and there is a mezzanine bathroom above. There is also a dining room with kitchen in it, under the ten metre high clock ktower. There is even an old staircase which leads up to the clock mechanism area. The clock is powered electronically but there is still a winding room which dates back to the time when the clock was manually powered.

It is a beautiful airy space with high celings and all modern comforts. The tower is a famous landmark in London and was built in 1868. It was constructrd in the Gothic revival era and not only is it ideally situatied for sight seeing but it also gives guests the privilege of staying in one of the homes of the best views in London. Obviously, it is ideally situated for transport links!

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