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10 Most Powerful Weapons In Anime

Anime, by its very nature as a fictional genre, can create the most amazing and deadly weapons. Fans will debate endlessly about which weapon should be voted as the best, because of superior versatility, strength, power or creativity. There is a myriad of weapons which feature in anime, and some imbue incredible powers upon those who wield them. Some are put in the hands of villains, some are used to defeat them. Whatever their role in the weird and wacky stories, their importance and prominence is undisputed. What would a deadly anime war be without an array of deadly anime weapons?

10. Death Note

Although it might seem odd to include a note as a powerful weapon, the Death Note has the ability to kill whoever uses it in a trice. The attacker only has to think of the face of its intended victim and they will die of a heart attack. The enemy can find gruesome ways for his foe to die as well, so the Death Note is a powerful killing tool. It’s a very simple weapon to use which makes it very dangerous in the wrong hands. One person could use the Death Note to wipe out whoever they chose in vast quantities.

Light Yagami finds the supernatural notebook and attempts to give himself a godlike status by using the book. He plans to rid the world of all evil by using the notebook and killing all those he believes to be bad. His quest to annihilate those he believes should die attracts the attention of a girl in his class as well as a demon and a detective, describes Netflix. Rumors of the Death Note gave rise to many copycat books which students were using to try and kill people they didn’t like, and the Death Note ended up being banned.

9. X-Gloves (Reborn)

This is a pair of combat gloves or mittens and they have three-pronged abilities. They have the ability to put out the fire, they have enormous strength and they allow the wearer to fly. They were essentially a pair of woollen mittens with a number twenty-seven printed on them. They transformed into a pair of metal covered gloves by the Dying Will Flame. This flame seems to imbue the gloves with its amazing properties. The flame can form on the wearer’s head, giving him the ability to use the flame to fly at a target and emit the Dying Will Flame that is magically connected to the gloves.

There is another version of the X-Gloves, called the Vongola Ring version and they have a different appearance and different abilities. These upgraded gloves, given extra properties by the Vongola Ring, are red rather than black. These gloves produce more powerful flames which are accompanied by writing when ignited. The gloves can produce two types of flame, soft flames which are more like regular fire and can be controlled, and hard flames which are much stronger and harder to control, according to Aminoapps.

8. Cutter of Creation (Akame GA Kill)

The Cutter of creation is one of the 48 tuigi or powerful relics. It is actually an enormous pair of scissors. Also called Extase, it is wielded by Sheele, who manages the weapon with ease despite its size, due to the weightlessness of the Cutter. Sheele is a member of Night Raid, a group of assassins. He was charged with the task of ridding the Empire of corruption, for which the Cutter of Creation came in very handy.

The Cutter can emit a flash of light from its blade which can temporarily render its victim sightless, without actually blinding them. It might seem odd to be fighting evil with a giant pair of scissors with a picture of a panda on them, but the Cutter of Creation still makes the grade in terms of powerful anime weapons. It is frighteningly sharp and because of its size is useful to deflect ammunition and can be used as a sword as well as a shield. After Sheele’s death, the cutter was taken by the Empire and fell into the hands of Dr.Stylish, but Night Raid reclaimed the cutter soon afterwards.

7. Tessaiga (Inuyasha)

Inu Yasha uses this super sword in the animation of the same name. it can not only change its form, but it can harness the powers of other weapons. It can deflect enemies and kill hundreds of enemies with one swing of its mighty force. The sword was made from the fang of Inu No Taishu and is also known as the Iron Crushing Fang or the Sword of Destruction. The sword seems to have its own personality and is seen giving Inu Yasha advice about how and when to wield it.

The sword was originally a whole item, which was broken into two and given to the owner, Inu Daiyokai Toga’s sons to teach them qualities about life. Inu Yasha received the sword of destruction, whilst his brother received the sword of life, the Tenseiga. One weapon could kill a hundred in one blow and the other could give life to a hundred with one swipe. The tessaiga was also able to absorb other strengths and powers into its form, making it a more powerful weapon the more it was used, such as the ability to break down barriers.

6. Dragon Slayer (Berserk)


This weapon is used by Guts, or the One Hundred Man Slayer and no one is going to argue with him with that name. It is incredibly heavy, which obviously gives it great slaying power, but means that the swordsman has to be strong enough to wield it. He mostly uses it to slay demons. Guts was a skilled swordsman from childhood and continuously used a sword bigger than the previous one, eventually progressing to the Dragon Slayer.

It weighs around 500 pounds, and as Guts has superhuman strength, it protects him against any manner of missiles, including projectiles. He also has a special clamp in his prosthetic hand to help him to hold onto the mammoth sword, and had intensive training before he was able to wield the sword successfully according to Honeysanime. Such is the sword’s power that it can kill evil spirits and other beings that would be beyond a normal weapon. This has given the Dragon Slayer the ability to exist and slay in the physical and astral worlds so that it can kill beings and creatures that other swords can only dream of.

5. Sword of Rupture EA (Fate Stay/Night)

This magical sword is capable of splitting ground and sky. It was conceived before the traditional word sword was in use, so although it is called a sword, it has more of a drill like a shape according to Fairytail-rp. This unconventional ‘blade’ has a tip which can pierce its prey, but the shaft of the blade can spin in different directions causing optimum damage. This rotation of the cylinders causes a magical reaction within the sword which causes carnage to those who come into contact with the energy that the sword emits. The mystical weapon is the most powerful of what are known as Noble Phantasms in the mythical Fate universe. Its odd appearance is almost like a cross between an underwater oil drill and a traditional spear.

Also known as Ea in the Fate universe, it is used and owned by Gilgamesh. Such is the power and mystical significance of the sword, that he only uses it on enemies that he thinks worthy of such a revered weapon. He respects the sword and often speaks to it as a trusted friend. The sword of rupture was allegedly formed by gods before heaven and earth were split, so it knows truths about the universe that we can only guess at.

4. Scissor Blades (Kill La Kill)

The Scissor Blades are actually a giant pair of scissors that are specifically designed to cut through human fibers. The Blades are actually made of human fibers and this gives them magical powers enabling them to cut through otherwise impenetrable materials. There are two blades, they were split into purple and red and are owned by different people. The red blade has the traditional crescent-shaped hilt of a pair of scissors, and the blade is able to extend and change its size. When it extends into a larger sword it forms what is known as Decapitation mode. It is a handy weapon as it can be reduced into a small form, which its owner can keep secreted in a pocket until it is needed.

The purple blade is slightly shorter than its red sister, but it can transform its color, and become red. Although they can be used independently when they combine they have the power not only to severe life fibers but to stop any regeneration of the fibers according to Kill-la-kill.wikia. When used together the scissor blades are known as the Rending Scissors. When used in this form they are the deadliest of weapons in Kill La Kill.

3. Bustermarm Sword (Fairy Tail)

The Bustermarm is a massive sword, approximately four times the size of its user, according to Kyles-secret-lives.wikia. It starts off smaller near the hilt and then becomes enormous towards the end of the blade. The hilt is made in the form of a monstrous looking feline head. Its strength is enormous, being able to cut through earth and iron, the latter according to Panther Lily but found to be untrue by Gajeel the dragon slayer. Its size obviously makes it deadly as does its double-edged blade. The only thing capable of successfully combatting this sword is the Iron Dragon’s Scales which fortunately was called into action by the character Gajeel, who managed to destroy the sword before it sliced through the entire earth!

The sword was originally owned by Panther Lily, a member of the Fairy Tail Guild. Panther Lily seems to like using enormous weapons such as the Musica Sword and the Bustermarm. The latter was destroyed by Gajeel Redfox, Panther Lily’s companion, hence his subsequent use of the Bustermarm. Panther Lily has amazing strength, obvious by his competent handling of the Bustermarm, but can also fly and has incredibly co-ordination, all handy qualities in the Fairy Tail Guild.

2. Wolfwood’s Punisher (Trigun)

The Punisher is a gun which forms a cross-shaped with a skull-shaped trigger. It is comprised of two machine guns and a rocket launcher as well as pistols, all in one weapon according to CBR. It is used by the members of the Eye of Michael, and only ten of them existed. Not only does the user have to have the strength to carry the enormous weapon, but has to work out which component of the weapon to use at any given moment! Wolfwood was given the weapon by the Eye of Michael because of his amazing potential and ability.

Wolfwood uses the Punisher is his final battle with Razlo and Vash puts the sword on Wolfwood’s grave, saying that the sword is too heavy, not to carry but too heavily weighed with the enormity of Wolfwood’s death. Wolfwood believed the sword’s weight was because it was so full of mercy. The Punisher that is most commonly seen in anime, and in Trigun, is that used by Wolfwood. However, there are nine others and they are all slight difference in appearance. Wolfwood was given the pseudonym, Nicholas the Punisher as a result of his success with the weapon.

1. Three-dimensional manoeuvre gear (Attack on Titan)

This gear was actually developed by humans in an attempt to find some combat gear that would defeat the Titans. It is actually a weapon in the form of a body suit and allows the wearer to engage in combat in a 3D environment. It needs a huge amount of skill and training to be able to use the gear, but once it is mastered, the wearer has superior mobility and ability. It comprises a different component, including piston fired grapple hooks, which are propelled by gas to attach to objects and then allow the suit’s occupant to propel themselves to that point, also by gas. These hooks can also penetrate Titan flesh and move faster than a Titan, giving the suit great power against this foe.

There were three years of training enforced before a soldier could use the suit, and they had to demonstrate immense physical and mental strength before being allowed to use it. The blades within the gear are made of super hard steel, which is capable of piercing even Titan flesh. It has an operating system within the suit which can also be transformed into a sword’s handle.

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