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10 Most Insane Pizzas Exclusive to Pizza Hut

Whatever your opinion on their food is, you have to admit that Pizza Hut is one of the most creative brands out there. Over the course of their existence, they’ve had quite a few harebrained ideas. From marmite-stuffed crust pizza to creating a pizza box that becomes a movie projector, here are the 10 Most Insane Pizzas Exclusive to Pizza Hut.

10. Cheeseburger Crust Pizza

When Allison K worked with Pizza Hut to invent stuffed-crust pizza in 1995, she probably didn’t envision what would become of her creation. When Pizza Hut released the Cheeseburger Crust Pizza in 2012, customers were skeptical. Much like the name suggests, this pizza has adorably round hamburgers in place of the crust, effectively ending the age-old argument of hamburgers vs pizza. With this creative invention, you can enjoy both. Pizza crust once only served one purpose: to be held while eating the rest of your triangular slice. But Pizza Hut UK has given it a much more important mission: to be a delivery system for even more meat and cheese. Not that we’re complaining. Was this a bit overkill? Maybe, but Pizza Hut knows what they’re doing, in terms of attracting customers. People love saying that they tried out ridiculous food, and this certainly falls into that category. The only issue with this pizza is how you would go about holding each slice. Do you grab the hamburger end or the pizza end? Would you forsake the name of hand-held foods and go in with a fork and knife? These are the questions that anyone who doesn’t live in the UK might have if they’ve never experienced this slice-of-insanity. The Cheeseburger Crust Pizza was never released in America, but that didn’t stop food critics from far and wide from wanting to get their hands on one of these specialties. 

9. Poutine Topped Pizza

Is there anything more purely Canadian than a good quality serving of poutine? This classic snack originated in Quebec, and has become a staple part of fast food restaurants for all Canadians. Only Pizza Hut Canada could get away with something so distinctly Canadian. This is just like any old regular pizza, except it’s topped with golden fries, deliciously melted cheese curds, and gravy. And listen, we know that pizza already has cheese on it, so there’s not much of a point of adding more, but cheese curds are an absolute must when it comes to poutine. Pizza Hut Canada knows their customer base well: they’ve sprinkled this pizza with just the right amount of those scrumptious cubed bits of Heaven. Oh, and they also added some steak, just to make sure you get enough protein in your diet. How thoughtful! This beast was released in 2013 and was part of Pizza Hut’s five-pizza limited edition “Something For Every Canadian” menu, which was inspired by Canada’s cultural diversity. The other pizzas on this menu included Creamy Butter Chicken, Asian BBQ, Grilled Chicken Club (an ode to Canada’s perenially popular sandwich), and Smokey Maple Bacon (perhaps an even more well known flavor associated with Canada). This pizza was only available in the Great White North, and it was advertised as a unique spin on a true Canadian classic. Well, they’ve certainly got the unique part down. In any case, this is definitely something to pick up on your next trip to Pizza Hut, eh?

8. Giant Cookie Pizza

What defines a pizza, exactly? Is it the Italian origins? The flat, round dough? The tomato sauce and cheese toppings? According to Pizza Hut, it’s none of these things, because in 2014, they released something called the Giant Cookie Pizza, which is, essentially, just a giant cookie. Pizza Hut has no reservations about what they’re willing to create, as long as it makes customers happy. This 8-inch giant chocolate chip cookie is sliced just like a pizza, and is available for dine-in, pick-up, or delivery. If it’s shaped like a pizza, and if it’s delivered like a pizza, that means it must be a pizza, right? We’re not here for any philosophical debates, and what really matters is that this is just another example of Pizza Hut’s kooky inventions. The pizza cookie was an addition to the dessert menu they had at the time, which also offered Hershey’s Chocolate Dunkers, a sweet treat that was made from pizza dough and topped with a touch of white chocolate and Hershey’s milk chocolate. To highlight the giant cookie’s launch, Pizza Hut’s 6300 US restaurants hosted a bake sale to sell the cookies, with 10% of each cookie sale going to the World Food Programme, a humanitarian agency that fights world hunger. While it may be hard to stomach an 8-inch monstrosity, it certainly goes down better knowing that there’s an act of charity behind the entire thing. Just don’t forget your giant glass of milk.

7. Hot Dog Stuffed Crust

Hot dogs, hamburgers, oh my! It seems as though Pizza Hut is a tad obsessed with stuffing their crusts with other fast foods. This pizza, which is surrounded by tiny bite-sized hot dogs, combines the much-loved greasy cheesiness of pizza with hot dogs. This certainly gets points for experimentation, but we ask again, how do you eat this, exactly? Do you rip off a bit of the hot dog and dip it in the pizza grease? Do you nibble all the way around the pizza, only consuming the hot dogs, like a chipmunk? And do the hot dogs have classic hot dog toppings on them, like ketchup, mustard or relish? This innovation was first released in Asia, then the UK, then Australia, then in Canada, and then, finally, in the US. Surprisingly, it was garnering rave reviews worldwide, with many saying that this pizza was the stuff of dreams, reaching new levels of culinary delight. While this seems to be one of the most All-American pizzas on this list, in terms of some of the other crazy fast food offerings served up across the USA, this one is rather tame. While it was only released in America for a few short months in 2012, the Hot Dog Stuffed Crust made a glorious return in 2015! Alas, it was only available for another short few months, but hey, if it made a return once, it can happen again. At least, that’s what we’re hoping for.

6. Mac N’ Cheese Topped Pizza

Mac N’ Cheese on pizza? That’s comfort food stacked on top of comfort food. Comfort times two. Comfortception. Loaded with penne, mushrooms, and cheese, this isn’t for the faint of heart, or for the weak of stomach. Pizza Hut seems to love adding carbs to its creations, and this is a prime example of this. Pizza Hut Germany is responsible for this particular frankenpizza, and we adore it. Is there such a thing as a bad pizza? Some say yes, most would say no. What we know for sure is that this pizza falls directly into the good pizza classification, no ifs, ands, or buts about it. Some may say that putting mac n’ cheese on a pizza, which already has plenty of cheese, is going too far. To those people we say, where’s your spirit of adventure? Of innovation? This combination may seem overwhelming at first, but man, the moment you lay eyes on that delicious golden pie, your mouth will be watering like a ravenous wolf’s. Okay, maybe not, but you get the idea. Really, this pizza has surprisingly good reviews. It’s sure to fill you up, and is extremely rich going down. Even if combo pizzas aren’t your thing, this is certainly worth a few bites. Just to say you’ve tried it.

5. Cornflake Covered Crust

They’ve done hot dog pizza crusts, they’ve done hamburger pizza crust. What else could there possibly be? Pizza Hut Kuwait says cornflakes! Is this an insane idea or a stroke of genius? It’s up to you to decide. In Kuwait, you can order your pizza crust coated with cornflakes, just to add a bit of that extra crunchy texture. You’re probably thinking that there are other ways to add some crunch to your crust, and that’s certainly true, but is it as much fun? While this may seem a little nutty at first glance, it’s actually not so crazy as some of the other crusts we’ve seen rolling out of Pizza Hut’s ovens. Let’s not forget that cornflakes have long been used as a staple in cooking. There are plenty of cornflakes based recipes that you wouldn’t have thought of. They’re not just for eating in a bowl with milk, but also for making peanut butter cornflake cookies. So while cornflake covered crust sounds like a weird idea, maybe it’s not as strange as you thought. Definitely something worth checking out, at the very least. And hey, everyone’s eaten cold, left-over pizza as breakfast. The added cornflakes now just makes that breakfast pizza slice a little bit more legitimate. Is the world ready for cornflake covered pizza crusts? Well, that’s a different question entirely.

4. Durian Pizza 

Oh man, this one is a doozy. For those of you who aren’t familiar with durian, this Asian fruit is notorious for smelling absolutely terrible. It smells so bad, in fact, that it’s actually banned in many types of public transport across Thailand, Japan, and Hong Kong. In Singapore, taxis will even go so far as to carrying signs that specifically say they won’t carry passengers transporting the smelly fruit. Those who have smelled it describe it as a combination of turpentine and onions garnished with a gym sock. Though, it’s probably way worse to those who didn’t grow up passing by grocer stalls selling these fruits in markets. And those who turn their nose at durian aren’t even close to ready for Hong Kong’s stinky tofu. In any case, putting it on top of a Pizza Hut pizza was a very bold move indeed, and it’s definitely got us raising our eyebrows. If you thought pineapple on pizza was a deal-breaker, wait until you try this. The unique innovation of this pizza certainly created a lot of buzz, which attracted customers. In China, the advert for this hot pie states that only big chunks of durian can satisfy your cravings. Well, we don’t know who they’re talking to, but they’re not wrong. According to the pizza chain, the durian pizzas actually sold surprisingly well, which means that there are a lot more bold foodies out there then we’d expect. Hats off to you.

3. More Crust Than You Could Ask For

Okay, I know what you’re thinking. How many more crust based items can Pizza Hut roll out? We’re wondering the same thing! Unlike the hamburger crust, the hot dog crust, and the cornflake crust, this particular menu item doesn’t involve combining pizza with some other food item. At Pizza Hut Singapore, they’ve done the unimaginable: they’ve added even more crust to their pizzas. They simply make the crust thicker or increase the diameter of the pizza. No, they decided to plop a second crust smack dab in the middle of the pizza! There is a reason for this, though. The inner crust is filled with sausages, giving us a purpose to pick up the extra crust. But couldn’t they have just add more sausage to the pizza to begin with? Why go through so much effort to create more crust when everyone’s least favorite part of the pizza is usually the crust? While this is probably just a way for the company to make a few bucks on the novelty of it all, we really just want to know what was going through their minds when they released this one. Please, Pizza Hut, we just want to talk. In any case, if you’re part of the 1% of the population that actually enjoys the crust, this was specifically made for you. Yes, you. The one who eats everyone else’s leftover crust!

2. Topped With Fish And Chips

While this is unconventional, it’s certainly one way to make your pizza unique and stand out. It seems as though Pizza Hut is really just throwing anything on their pizza and seeing what sticks, and can we really blame them? If people loved durian pizza, who’s to say they won’t love fish and chips pizza? Pizza Hut Indonesia has decided to test out the theory that customers will really just buy anything with this innovation, and you know what? We’re a little bit perplexed as to why this actually works. While these aren’t two meals you would see combined in literally any other context, this just seems to… Work okay together? Yeah, we don’t know why either. Is it paving the way for other fish-themed pizza? No. Is it amazingly delicious for your taste buds? Also no. But is it disgusting? Apparently not. This pizza is topped with potato chips and crispy fish, and while the flavor combination is questionable, it’s kind of like getting two meals in one. 

1. Taco Pizza

Back in 1979, someone at Pizza Hut had the brilliant idea of combining two classic foods together. Pizza Hut’s Taco Pizza was a pizza-looking, taco-tasting masterpiece, and we’re still waiting for it to come back to us. It certainly seems as though Pizza Hut has a penchant for combining their pizza with everything and anything, and the taco pizza isn’t exempt from that. If you think about it, this one actually isn’t so surprising. People love pizza, and people love tacos, so who wouldn’t love the combination of the two? Maybe this isn’t so much as a combination of a pizza and a taco so much as it is a pizza who met a taco and was then inspired. This pizza was topped with shredded cheese, jalapenos, seasoned ground beef, tomatoes, taco sauce, and beans. It was released back in the 1980s, which makes it the oldest creation on this list. Unfortunately, the mysterious Taco Pizza hasn’t seen the light of day for more than 30 years, though there are plenty of homemade recipes online trying to recreate its majesty. This has got us wondering: if the folks at Pizza Hut can come up with giant cookies and a poutine pizza, why can’t they give us what we truly need, the taco pizza? Well, we’ll all just have to keep waiting.

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