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10 Most Insane Fast Food Secret Menu Items


10 Most Insane Fast Food Secret Menu Items

Sometimes, we’re just tired of the same old food. Sometimes we’re in the mood for something different. Well, if you agree, then boy do we have something for you! Here are ten secret menu items that just may be available at your favorite fast food locations. Dig in to the 10 Most Insane Fast Food Secret Menu Items.

10. The Incredible Hulk At Taco Bell

No, we aren’t saying that you can see the Incredible Hulk at your local Taco Bell. Although that would certainly be pretty amazing. If the Marvel character did happen to stop by, especially in “Hulk Mode,” we wonder if they had enough tacos and burritos in stock for the larger than life hero? They surely wouldn’t, as his appetite would be monstrous, no doubt. But what is actually known at Taco Bell as The Incredible Hulk is something not many know exist. It’s actually a burrito … a secret burrito. We know, what an explosively brash name for an item of food, especially one that’s supposed to be a secret. But what can you do? Some people just love The Hulk. Can that love of a Marvel hero inspire you to eat something named after it? As it turns out, the secret burrito has no meat. But not to worry, there’s still tons of protein … in the form of beans of course. Vegetarians and vegans go to beans for a lot of their dietary needs, and this item would be the perfect burrito for them. It’s filled with beans, cheese and … avocado, so hence the name. The green avocado spills out of the burrito with every bite, it’s so full of it. So the color green was the inspiration for this one, obviously. 

9. The Butterbeer Frappuccino At Starbucks 

You heard that right. We said Butterbeer. And if that word transports you back to a time of wizards and witches, then that’s because it was available near Hogwarts at The Hog’s Head or The Three Broomsticks, all a part of The Harry Potter Wizarding World, brought to us all by none other than author J.K. Rowling. For so many others, Butterbeer was shown on screen in the films as well, and obviously, somewhere along the line, people got a hankering for the seemingly tasty beverage. We mean, Harry seems to love it a great deal, as did the other cast of characters. So, it was just a matter of time before someone decided to sell it in real life to all us “Muggles” who just wanted a taste. Now it is available at Universal Theme Parks in Orlando and California, but if you can’t make that trip, then look no further than your neighborhood Starbucks! Just be advised that it won’t exactly be the same, as the product at Starbucks is coffee based. As Professor Snape would have said: “Ob-vi-ously.” Are you really that surprised, given it’s a coffee shop? We didn’t think a coffee version of butterbeer sounded good, but apparently it comes close to the official stuff. So … let’s raise our mugs (or paper cups) in unison and drink to our Harry Potter friends that are still with us, and of course, to those that are not. 

8. The Poor Man’s Big Mac At McDonald’s

The Big Mac is probably one of the greatest burgers on earth. It certainly is one of the most successful, and we more than understand that that probably is because of availability. We mean, there’s a McDonald’s restaurant practically on every street corner of the world, but still, we all must admit … the sandwich is pretty darn good. If it isn’t the meat patties, then it’s the sauce, and of course if it isn’t any of those, then it’s the bread at the center. Unfortunately, it can be pretty costly, overall. But what if we told you that you could still enjoy the taste of the good old Big Mac without having to pay the relatively high price? Well, you can. As it turns out, McDonald’s secretly has an option for one and all, especially those not being able to spend the money needed for a Big Mac. It’s called The Poor Man’s Big Mac, and essentially, it’s a McDouble dressed as a Big Mac. Of course this is all without the middle piece of bread and the sesame seed bun. But you’ll still get the sauce and of course the two patties, along with all the other great and tasty ingredients. In the French-speaking parts of the world, the sandwich is known as a “McDouble, GCM,” the acronym standing for: “Garni Comme Mac,” which means, “Dressed Like Mac!” Pretty cool, isn’t it? We think we like the French description better, as no one really wants to be reminded that they can’t afford their favorite burger. Besides, McDonald’s is supposed to make you smile, right? 

7. The Keto Macchiato At Starbucks

Tasty Butterbeer renditions aren’t all Starbucks is good for; especially pertaining to this list. As it turns out, if you’re trying to drop a few, or trying to cut your frame in order to showcase the muscles you’ve been working on so diligently, and are in search of something low carb, then Starbucks is the place to stop. As it turns out, they have a Keto Macchiato, and apparently it tastes as good as it looks, for a diet beverage and all. Don’t knock it, as people have been raving about this secret menu item—in secret of course. Trying to eat healthy is difficult enough when you’re out there on the go; we don’t doubt that someone walked in a Starbucks location somewhere and asked if they had something low carb and healthier than what was on the menu. We could just picture the barista leaning over the counter and whispering the words: “We might have just the thing for you,” saying this all with a wink and a smile of course. Oh, and you can get it low fat too, if you get it with almond milk. Just another secret from the barista. Wink! Wink!

6. The Chicken McGriddle At McDonald’s

Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles is world famous, and for serving just that: chicken and waffles. They have many locations in the beautiful state of California, and if you get a craving for them, we see the purchasing of a plane ticket in your future. That’s of course if you don’t live near one of their locations, that is. Unfortunately, we don’t mention the restaurant on this list because we’re aware of some secret item on their illustrious menu, but we can help you out just the same. As it turns out, word on the street is that another neighborhood fast food restaurant can get you what you need, especially if chicken and waffles is what you need. Apparently good old McDonald’s actually has something like this on their oh-so-secret menu! They mimic chicken and waffles by combining two of your already favorite menu items: the McChicken and the McGriddle. Essentially, they just serve the chicken from the McChicken between two McGriddle pancakes and voila! There you have it, friends. And no, it isn’t Roscoe’s and it probably doesn’t even come that close at all. But close enough? We’ll let you decide.

5. The T-Rex Burger At Wendy’s

Sometimes, there’s nothing like rolling into Wendy’s and having one of good old Dave Thomas’ epic novelty burgers or menu items. And if you happen to be hungry, why not add a second burger to your order. No one’s judging. A lot of people do it, as sometimes a burger can seem quite small, especially if you happen to be eating later in the day than you usually do. But in researching this next item, we are plagued with one question, and it’s a burning question at that: just how hungry does someone have to be in order to be able to eat a whopping 12 beef patties in one single burger. We can understand two. We can understand three. Heck, we can even understand four. But twelve!? If you do happen to be that hungry, you can always go down to Wendy’s and order yourself what is secretly known as the T-Rex Burger. Now if the name conjures up images of a tall T-Rex chasing smaller animals around a prehistoric backdrop, and Brontosauruses nibbling at leaves up in some overgrown tree, then that’s appropriate, as the burger is stacked quite high. And although we can eat, we don’t think we could manage those proportions. How about you? 

4. The Surf & Turf Burger At McDonald’s

When eating out, sometimes a single option for protein on your dish isn’t enough. Sometimes, you just want something a little extra on there, and thanks to the cuisines of old, the dish known as Surf & Turf came into existence. It first appeared on a menu back in 1960 at a Lowell, Massachusetts restaurant known as The Continental. It’s the perfect dish, as it has the best of both worlds on there: beef and seafood—usually lobster tail. Fine dining restaurants and chefs on the food channels have done and outdone this famous dish, so it’s pretty popular. Now, we can’t always go to the restaurants that are considered to be higher-end places. Sometimes, we’ve gotta rough it a little. And by roughing it, we mean, going to fast food restaurants—which really isn’t roughing it at all, especially if you can really get Surf & Turf at a fast food location. And at the most familiar place of all, no less. That’s right, the good old place with the celestial Golden Arches: McDonald’s. Apparently, if you enter a location and whisper to the attendant at the register that you’ve got a mean old craving for some Surf & Turf of all things, then well, they’ll get to making you something quite special. And what they do is quite simple enough. What they do is put a fish filet and a burger patty in a bun and well … voila! It’s as simple as that. They also have an interesting sandwich they secretly call The Land Sea And Air Burger, which features the addition of chicken. So yeah, a burger with chicken, beef and a fillet of fish, all rolled up into one bun. What will they think of next?

3. The Tomato Burger At In-N-Out 

Now we’ve all heard of lettuce-wrapped burgers, and for practitioners of the aforementioned Keto diet, it’s definitely a good way to stick to the plan. But what about wrapping your burger in another common vegetable found inside of burgers and not around them? Like say … tomatoes? Well if you think it’s a joke, it isn’t. Secretly, this item is actually available at In-N-Out. Why did they come up with this, or make it secretly available. Probably because of a particular demand for it. Maybe someone out there, or quite a few out there don’t happen to like lettuce, yet they want to stick to the diet regardless? Could be, right? Regardless, it’s at some locations if you want to try it … off the menu of course.  

2. The Mc10:35 At McDonald’s

Sometimes movies influence what we get a craving for. And for years, Hollywood has been putting actors in scenes that revolve around food quite often enough. Why do they do it? Because it works. We love to see celebrities in situations we go through every day, or maybe a tad worse. Two Hollywood memories come to mind in particular: In Falling Down, cinematic gem Michael Douglas enters a fictional burger place called “Whammyburger” and asks for a breakfast menu item. The clerk tells him that breakfast is over, but according to Douglas’s character, he still had time to order. Let’s just say that the character gets quite frustrated—a little too frustrated at the idea that he’s missed breakfast. But he isn’t alone. In Adam Sandler’s Big Daddy, he meets equal amounts of disaster when he gets to his neighborhood McDonald’s much too late for breakfast, “30 minutes and four seconds late” to be exact. So you see, even Hollywood shows us that you can never win when dealing with the infamous cut-off time for McDonald’s breakfast and lunch times. But alas, there’s finally a way to do away with all this nonsense and the potential outbursts. Also on the secret menu at McDonald’s, there is the Mc10:35 burger. And although we’re sure it doesn’t need an explanation, we’ll go ahead and say that yes, there are both lunch and breakfast items inside, including beef patties and eggs, which really, at the end of the day, is just steak and eggs. But maybe today the burger can get a name change since now McDonald’s is serving all-day breakfast.

1. French Toast Grilled Cheese At Denny’s

But if you’re tired of going to McDonald’s for your eggs and bacon, or in other words, for your breakfast, then perhaps a stop at Denny’s would do you good. Like iHop, Denny’s will get you fed, and pretty well we might add. But they too have a secret menu item, should you dare to try it, and it sounds really good. Apparently, they have a Grilled Cheese turned French Toast at some of their restaurant locations. They make it by putting cheese between two slices of bread, but instead of grilling it like that, they throw it in some egg wash and then go ahead and throw it on the griddle. Add a wee bit of maple syrup and you’ve got yourself a mouth-watering concoction available to one and all. You just have to ask for it, because just like all the other items on this list, it’s existence is a secret. Officially, these items don’t exist at all. Then again … Are you really here? Are we? Time is an illusion, after all. Anyways … whatever you’ve heard, you didn’t hear it from us. 

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