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10 Most INSANE Cruise Ships of 2018

For those who have been working all year long and saving every penny hoping to go on vacation and enjoy some of that hard earned money on something that leaves memories that never fade then what you need to do is book a ticket on a luxury cruise. This may sound less appealing than hopping on a plane but for those who have been there, a luxury cruise offers far more entertainment than a single flight to one destination ever could. On a cruise, it is possible to visit various tourist destinations with pit stops to enjoy the scenery and interact with the locals.

If you thought that cruise ships were crowded with horrible food and zero or no entertainment with that creepy dungy feel that most horror movies portray then think again. There are luxury cruise ships that come with insane amenities that are beyond your comprehension and can only be believed by boarding one of these ships and enjoying the ambiance. From spas to luxury hotels and high-end shopping, luxury cruises is the Paris of the sea world, and they never disappoint. If you are still not convinced, then it’s time to sample the following 10 most insane cruise ships of 2018.

10. Seven Seas Explorer

The seven seas explorer is in a class of its own with such majestic beauty it towers over the waters in an intimidating fashion making it hard to miss. The cruise ship was first sailed and christened in 2016, but it still held the crown as one of the most luxurious cruise ships of our time. This cruise ship can take 752 passengers with 500 staff members on board and this is what truly gives it the exclusive feel of a cruise ship with a person at hand to wait on you at any time. Not such a cool job but they get to cruise around in a luxurious ship and it certainly tops all the jobs in the world.

This cruise ship is quite great and it comes with amenities that are out of this world. One of the amenities is connoisseur club, casino, three exclusive lounges, a spa, a theater, a business club and if you thought you have heard it all, there are eight eating places and of course high-end shopping to keep your appetite whetted. Are you impressed yet, well, you should be. The rooms on this ship are all suites priced for as low $7,699 and as high as $88,000 if you think this is exorbitant, then the seven seas explorer is not for you.

9. Crystal Serenity

The Crystal Serenity is a little overcrowded by the standards of the rich and famous with a capacity of 1075 passengers. The good thing is that it meets the objective of a cruise to meet a lot more people with the disadvantage of longer buffet lines. Launched in 2003 but don’t think it is aged. The cruise ship has undergone millions of dollars’ worth of upgrades putting it amongst the most luxurious cruise ships of our time.

The cruise ships come with cabins and suites ranging from $3,800 to $14,000 which isn’t much compared to some other pricey cruise ships. The ship is not behind on the luxuries though as it comes with first-class spa treatments and if what you are looking for is a ripped body, This is the place to be and the gym here is not shabby at all. For the mother, this is the best cruise ship for you as it comes with a play area for the kids and even babysitting services so you can socialize with the grown-ups while someone else takes care of the kids for a few hours. For the foodies, the cruise ship is quite perfect with cafes, ice cream bars, bar and grills and even coffee and espresso places.

8. Liberty of the Seas

This is the cruise ship you want if what you are looking for is round the clock fun. This cruise ship is A Royal Caribbean Cruise Ship which has the capacity to carry a small village of 3768 people on board as well as 1400 members of staff. This cruise ship was first launched in 2007 but it was still the most popular cruise ship on the high seas. If you think we are just blowing our trumpet then read on because the activities on this cruise ship will have you saving round the clock to get aboard. The cruise ship has not one, not two but five water slides, a rock climbing wall, a surf simulator, a mini-golf course, an ice rink and a basketball court.

Okay maybe you still are not impressed so let’s go on. The cruise ship has plenty of activities to keep the kids active with kids water park, outdoor movie screen, 3D cinema, a theater, a Broadway musical, a casino, a spa,15 restaurants and 22 bars and to burn those calories after all that food there’s an in-house gym with fully fledged trainers to ensure you stay in shape..

7. Riviera

The ship sounds classy just by the name of it and it would be a classy way of telling your friends where you are going. I mean, nothing sounds more classy than ‘ am going sailing on the Riviera!’ the cruise ship takes 1250 passengers and it was launched in 2011 but comes with the feel of a 2022 cruise ship. This ship is not only classy, even its destination are breathtaking as it sails around Italy and Greece. This is not enough to have you sign up for the next cruise we know but at least, the online activities should be enough to have you lining up for the sign-up.

The cruise comes with the best On-board activities that aptly suits this magnificent monster of a ship. If you like your morning swim, this cruise ship comes with an amazing pool, a spa, and a great gym that with the best equipment enough to whip you into shape before you touch the ground after the cruise. English tea anyone? This cruise ship offers a proper English tea and really expensive shopping in case you still have any money left after the cruise cost. Feel like recouping your money back? The cruise ship comes with a casino and if you do not win the money back, you can mourn in the bar or lounge or get buried in a book while you lie in your $1,710 or $25,560 cabin.

6. Silver Muse

Newest of the luxury cruises is the Silver Muse which was launched in 2017 and was perfect for those who do not like big crowds with a capacity of just 596 passengers which means, there are shorter buffet lines for the foodies and the bar is certainly not crowded. The cruise ship is the staff of dreams and is perfect for those who love to sit on the right side of luxury with its rooms classed as suits. The entertainment on the ship is incredible but only for the adults. It comes with eight high-end restaurants.

The hotels offer tapas, pizza, Japanese and French dining, classic Italian as well as Asian dining and a bar and grill. The cruise ship is meant as a relaxing cruise ship with a lounge, an art gallery, a bard, dolce vita, a pool deck, two more lounges and a casino spa. If what you are searching for is a time to relax and unwind then this is definitely the cruise ship for you all you need to do is cough up a whopping $2,430 to $20,000.but if what you want is a fun-filled cruise ship, you would be best advised to look elsewhere.

5. Seabourn Ovation

The Seabourn Ovation comes in as a cruise ship worth featuring in an episode of ‘lifestyle of the rich and famous’. The ship which first sailed the high seas in May is quite impressive, to say the least. The Seabourn ovation has suites for rooms perfect for those who prefer the better side of life. With such expensive prices, the Seabourn has suites named to impress like the Signature Suite, Wintergarden Suite, Penthouse Spa Suite, Owners Suite, and the Veranda Suite sounds quite classy if you ask us but Just naming the suites with fancy names does not make a cruise ship great but the entertainment onboard should be enough to elevate any cruise ship.

The Seabourn Ovation comes with a gym for those who plan to get a physical makeover before they alight from the ship, a spa, hot tubs, a movie screen placed right above the pool so you can swim and catch up with the new episodes on Netflix, a salon so you never experience bad hair days, and to top it all off, an in-house gym with a trainer and fancy work out equipment . So how much would you be willing to shell for this fancy cruise, well, a cruise costs between $5,499and $30,000 all you need to do is save for two or more years and you are onboard.

4. Harmony of the Seas

If you have always wanted to go to Disney land then the harmony of the seas should serve you just as well. The cruise ship comes with a theme park feel and is enticing enough to have people lining up for tickets. The cruise ship was first launched in 2016 and is the perfect place to meet that perfect stranger you have been hoping to meet coming with a capacity of 5,479 passengers, which means it is up there as one of the largest cruise ships in the high seas. Most of us prefer to stick in our rooms and binge on all the great foodstuffs on board while watching series after series on the onboard movie theater.

The entertainment here is not too shabby as it comes with an ice rink, trivia, aqua theater, poker, basketball, amazing pools and an amusement arcade. The foodies are not left behind with an array of meals and buffets in the offing. If that is not a crowd puller, picture this, the cruise ship with all its fancy nicknacks comes at a low price of only $961 – $1500. This is probably the cheapest luxury cruise ship out there and it is quite affordable, so book a ticket.

3. Symphony of the Seas

This one also comes from the Royal Caribbean line of cruise ships and it also promises to knock your socks off. The ship made its sea debut in 2018, March and its towering height and sheer size are intimidating, to say the least. The ship has the capacity to hold 5518 passengers which makes it the perfect cruise sheep to meet your Mr. Right I mean, one month on a cruise ship with over five thousand people you would be quite unlucky not to meet someone and the best thing is that what goes on at sea stays at sea.

The Symphony of the Sea is a beehive of activities which are truly in a class of their own with a surf simulator, rock climbing, laser tag, zip line, various water slides, pools, escape rooms, hot tubs, baking classes for the domesticated, arcades, and a lot more. For the foodies, the meals here are the stuff dreams are made of with every cuisine on board and all you have to shell for all this is a mere $1,142 – $ 2,942. This is definitely the kind of cruise ship you want to save for as the activities are far more than the cost.

2. Scenic Eclipse

This is the first cruise ship that scenic has ever made making it perfect as a trial cruise ship and guess what, it is also a yacht. The cruise ship aptly suits the rich and famous and it is the kind of cruise ship that sets you back thousands of dollars starting at $12,000 upward to figures that we don’t feel comfortable mentioning. This cruise ship is not crowded with a capacity of only 228 people which means its clientele will be exclusive and moneyed not to mention being the kind of people who love the good life.

There is a pool on board to while away the afternoon as you sip some red wine and if you need to relax, the ship has yoga, pilates as well as a spa and gym all this to help you burn off excess calories thanks to the many on board cafes on the ship. After you have relaxed, its time to go shopping in their expensive shops and later watch that movie you have been meaning to catch they have a theatre waiting for you. if you are looking for class and luxury then this is the cruise for you and the entertainment on board promises to be out of this world.

1. Queen Mary 2

First came the Titanic, a cruise ship that had space for the rich and the not so rich who had saved their life savings to see the world aboard this monster ship and now, in comes The Queen Mary 2, which is fashioned after the Titanic and is the most recognizable ship on the high seas as well as the most luxurious and the envy of many. The cruise ship may not be as huge as some of the ones we have featured already but it can hold its own with a capacity of 2691 passengers.

You still get to socialize with thousands for those who like to do so and for the introverts, there is still the option of sticking in your room for as low as $539 and as high as $30,000. The difference is quite huge and it would be interesting to see what difference there is in the rooms. The ship comes with all the great amenities like afternoon tea, spa, theater, library and the best part of it, you can carry your pet on that cruise thanks to the kennel on board the ship so you don’t have to grease your neighbors to pet sit.

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