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10 Most Humorous Avengers Comics


10 Most Humorous Avengers Comics

The Avengers are a team of fictional superheroes with varied powers and origins that work together to reach one common goal, which is, saving the world against superhuman threats. Even though The Avengers are a team, they all have individual stories and settings that they live in and grow as characters. The writer Stan Lee, created a series of comics following the story of their adventures as a team. Nowadays, these comics have evolved into individual movies for several of the characters so the uninitiated public can learn their origin stories. There have also been three movies about The Avengers team. Nevertheless, all of the individual comics each member has and the Avengers comics are still considered part of a connected series. Below are 10 of the funniest comics in The Avengers series.

10. The Hulk in the Circus

Hulk or “The Green Giant,” is a scientist whose gamma rays experiment went wrong. Dr. Bruce Banner (Hulk) turns into a green humanoid when Banner gets either angry or is threatened. This transformation causes Dr. Banner to triple in size and turn green. The Hulk also has superhuman strength, speed, resistance, and a very fast and effective healing process. In an issue of The Avengers that takes place at a circus, Hulk is disguised as Mechano, an animal juggling robot. This event is considered funny because Hulk appears out of Dr. Banner’s anger and it is being used as a silly act of entertainment for a circus.

People usually relate circuses with clowns and animal acts, and Hulk being a part of one, in which he actually juggles animals dressed in a clown outfit, seems to be the comic relief in this issue. However, some fans might also find this humorous moment a little insulting to the character, because Hulk is supposed to represent strength and seriousness. By portraying him in such a ridiculous circumstance, fans feel that the writer is undermining Hulk’s abilities and what he represents. Nonetheless, Hulk has shown us that he is an admirable character, no matter what he does or where he is.

9. Some Avengers Unite!

Among the members of the Avengers, it is well known that Spider-Man is not only the youngest but also the most manipulated character on the team. Spider-Man, aka Peter Parker, is a 15-year old teenage boy. He is recognized as a genius inside the scientific sphere, but socially he is shy and commonly bullied in school. Yet, he is distinguished from the rest of the team by his peculiar sense of humor and his sweet personality, especially towards his Aunt May, who is his “adoptive” mother after the death of his parents in an overseas plane crash.

While forming The Avengers, millionaire Tony Stark appeals to heroes that he wanted to be part of the team from the beginning like Wolverine, Falcon, and Spider-Man. While negotiating for their participation, he uses their weaknesses, where in this case we observe that Spider-Man’s weakness is money. It is important to see that not all heroes originate from families with a lot of money. In this case, Spider-Man has a weakness for money so he can give things to his loved ones, Aunt May and Mary Jane (depending on the series). Money is pretty much the motivating factor for most 15-year old boys.

8. Thor and Loki

Thor is an Asgardian prince/warrior, and the God of Thunder. He has proclaimed himself to be the protector of the Earth. Thor is technically considered an alien since he was born and raised on another planet. He also holds a secret identity on Earth, Donald Blake. Loki is Thor’s adopted brother, whom, despite their rivalry for their father’s throne, he maintained a good relationship with during their childhood. However, as time progressed and Thor became the apparent favorite for the throne, Loki began to resent him. In the most recent The Avengers issues, Loki is portrayed as the antagonist that Thor fights multiple times.

In issue #88 of Journey Into Mystery, we are presented with a snippet of a fight between Loki and Thor that is happening on Earth. In this instance, Thor is separated from his hammer, which leaves him without much of his real power and turning him basically into Donald Blake. Loki takes this opportunity to steal the hammer and then is tricked by a plastic Thor dummy, planted by Thor himself. This instance seems more insulting to Loki and actually funny. Loki is a villain that possesses many powers and comes from an elevated society but a plastic doll fools him. It seems that Loki is being portrayed as very dumb which anyone with any familiarity with the two, will know is not the case.

7. Spidey Super-Stories #39

Things were not always as they are seen in the Avengers films. Before he was seen as a super powerful, world demolishing beast, Thanos was only an average criminal who was always being handcuffed by the authorities and ending up incarcerated. The only place where crooks of his kind belong. Thanos was just your typical, hit and run villain with a craving for bad jokes and an incomprehensible need to label his means of transportation, his aircraft because he wanted to stand out from the rest. You never know when you could be mistaken for someone lower than your standards.

Thanos and his copter-like ride are fantastic in issue #39 of Spidey Super-Stories. In the comic, Thanos has gotten his hands on the Cosmic Cube, an amazing object so powerful that it can shape energy and matter throughout the universe. Thanos wields the power of the cube to make the ground shake below Spiderman and the Cat. The only problem is that Thanos did not think things through, so as the ground below him shook, he tripped and dropped the cube. He was later cuffed by the police and sent back to jail.

6. Invincible Iron Man #26

The life of Tony Stark, the industrial billionaire and genius inventor who hides under the mask of Iron Man, is not as dramatic and plagued by calamities as Peter Parker / Spider-Man. Despite this, we could say that we are facing the second or third character of Marvel most punished by misfortune. What happens in his case are that his problems are mainly due to his dangerous alcoholism, as well as an inopportune accident. Moreover, perhaps, to his oversized ego. Our hero is built on the archetype of a tycoon and inventor who uses his fortune and wealth to fight against evil. Stan Lee and Larry Lieber created this initial formula, taking as inspiration the figure of producer and aviator Howard Hughes and that of the inventor Nikola Tesla.

It is common for most people to think that all the adventures and all the trouble that superheroes from way back in the day got into had to be cheesy and ridiculous. In all honesty, the idea of people or beings from other planets coming here with superhuman strength is a stretch of reality, to begin with. But, it doesn’t mean the stories have to go out of their way and be really ridiculous. An example of one would have to be 1998s issue #26 of Invincible Iron Man. In this story, Tony’s iron suit falls in love with its wearer. The suit becomes an obsessive stalker and a psychotic machine who loves to have Tony inside of it. As the story progresses, the armor gives its heart to Tony who desperately needed a way to heal his wounds. A sacrifice worth being considered a tragedy.

5. Thor is Too Naïve!

Thor, son of Odin, has shown us to be very naïve from time to time. Back in the day, Thor was naïve enough to think that it would be to his advantage to yell his pseudonym all around and people would care enough to pay attention. Besides, a name like Doctor Don Blake might seem a little too uptight. Nonetheless, in more recent times, Thor has demonstrated how easy it is to fool him. There was a peculiar story during the 90s where a crazy patient escaped from the hospital and fooled Thor into believing that he was Heimdall, a very dear friend of his from way back.

Thor later came to understand that the guy was just a thief and a great liar with the gift of gab. One of those type of people who could sell ice to an Eskimo. After all this, Thor has led us to believe that he is either too gullible or has been found in too many truly unbelievable situations. Maybe that is why he always has his helmet on. Regardless of this, Thor will always be dearly loved and worthy of his fans. He has won the hearts of many all over the universe.

4. Corona Motors Spidey

We all knew the origins of Spider-Man, created by Stan Lee in 1962 and that, over the decades, has become one of the most beloved Marvel superheroes by fans. However, very few know that the first Spider-Man in the history of the comic was Spanish. The cartoonist Víctor de la Fuente, known for his western stories, published El Hombre Araña in 1944, put out by the Rialto publishing house. Unlike Spider-Man, who was bitten by a genetically modified radioactive spider, El hombre araña discovers a resin during a trip to Africa, which allows him to stick to any surface. However, he wasn’t as friendly as Peter Parker.

Being that Parker is always in need of money, he’s always looking for opportunities. When Johnny Storm from the Fantastic 4 offered him a car to help him promote the Corona Motors new eco-friendly car engine, Peter did not think about it twice. Spidey developed a strong tie with that car since they shared a lot of memories and journeys together. However, just like all over the top relationships, the ties had to be roughly broken by The Tinkerer. He transformed the car into a dreadful machine.

3. Hawkeye Constantly Leaves the Team

When you are out of ideas and you need to attribute some characteristic to a character without superpowers, what do you do? You allow him to be the center of all jokes and constantly leave the team in a desperate cry for more attention. Yes, we are talking about Hawkeye! Commonly without any notice, Hawkeye has left the Avengers many times. So much so, that he once left and he did not tell anyone about it. He just left a simple note on the fridge as if it was not a big deal.

In one particular issue, Wand arm is hurt from a very hard hit she received in a fight. While the she and the rest of the gang are contemplating their plans for the evening, Captain America radios in to ask how Wand is doing. She replies that she’s fine and her injuries aren’t anything a bowl of Hawkeye’s chili won’t fix. They all then wonder where he is since they hadn’t seen him since returning to base. Then someone notices a small sheet of paper taped on the fridge door. It is a note from Hawkeye saying that he was off and that he would come back when least expected. Just another way that Hawkeye drops the mic and leaves.

2. Avenging Spider-Man #1

The main plot in the storyline of issue number one of the Avenging Spider-Man series, your friendly neighbor Spider-Man is working side by side with the famous team known as the Avengers. He’s working with them to fight against gigantic robots only to discover that a handful of the Moloids are destroying the streets where a marathon is taking place in New York. However, instead of booking a flight back home like everybody else or borrowing one of Stark’s private jets, Spidey had to stand a bumpy ride home on Red Hulk’s back.

Red Hulk possesses immense superhuman strength. Unlike the Mass, its strength does not increase with anger, but it is constant. However, it can increase it by absorbing radiation. It can survive in the vacuum of space without the need for oxygen, food, water or rest. It has a healing factor that slows down its aging and is able to move at great speeds. It emits gamma radiation constantly, and it increases when it rages. It also has the ability to control their transformations. Additionally, it is capable of absorbing energies of all kinds.

1. Hitting on Spider-Woman?

There’s a lot going on in the New Avengers storyline Siege, but to try and put it succinctly: Norman Osbourne, Loki, and Sentry want to take over Asgard (which is floating over Oklahoma), while also rebuilding Osbourne’s public persona as a helpful billionaire. While most of the Avengers are fighting the Sentry and Norman above the panhandle state, Spider-Man and Spider-Woman are staking out Osbourne’s office and bantering away like crazy. Spider-Man, being the dork he is, delivers most of his lines like he’s at a renaissance faire, and Spider-Woman takes it about as well as any woman would.

Siege is the new Avengers issue where too many things are going on with too many people. Loki, Mr. Osbourne and the Sentry have machiavellian plans to overthrow and rule Asgard where, in the story, it is somehow levitating over the United States instead of out where is belongs. Also, they look forward to cleaning Norman’s public reputation to that of a very kind and giving multimillionaire. While the fight is underway between the Avengers and the rest, Spidey and Spider-Woman are keeping a close eye on Norman’s office. Spidey tries to seize the moment and makes a play for Spider-Woman, but fails miserably by delivering a lame pickup line.

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