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10 Most Expensive Celebrity Engagement Rings


10 Most Expensive Celebrity Engagement Rings

Most girls spend years of their lives, from the time they are a small child, on planning their dream wedding. Probably the most important part of the planning is the bling in their ring they want to flash to the world. Engagement rings are a symbol of love – it is believed that rings are worn on the left “ring” finger because it has a vein that connects directly to the heart. And hearts are of course associated with love. When a ring is given and worn on this finger, it is a representation to the rest of the world that this individual is taken by their significant other in a way that is more sacred than simply being in a relationship.

The ring symbolizes a deep bond between two individuals and a commitment to one another to share their lives together. Because of the symbolism surrounding this piece of jewelry, an engagement ring is a very important part of the proposal. As mentioned, girls spend countless hours imagining and designing their dream ring. When the time arrives and their partner is down on one knee, the excitement of the ring’s big debut is overpowering. Imagine all of this as a celebrity! We all know that celebrities possess the resources to really have the wedding ring of their dreams. Let’s look at the top 10 most expensive celebrity engagement rings!

10. Melania Trump

The majority of the world is familiar with the vast wealth that the Trump’s possess. If you didn’t know them before, you surely know them now as President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump. Before his political venture, he was known as Donald Trump, billionaire extraordinaire and grew to fame by becoming a very successful real-estate business owner and TV personality. Melania Trump had a successful career in modeling, but it wasn’t until she became a part of Trump Model Management, that her fame increased. It was this endeavor that led to her meeting and dating Donald Trump. Being that Donald Trump is one of the wealthiest men in the world, it would be hard to not want to see him down on one knee.

It is no surprise that this woman would come in on the list’s top 10 most expensive engagement rings. Nearly 15 years ago, when Trump proposed to Melania, the glamorous ring that he gave her is a beautiful emerald cut diamond that is located between two smaller diamonds that come in at $3 million. The ring has a flashy 12-carat diamond that surely matches their extravagant lifestyles. Now that they are in the limelight, seemingly 24/7, it is hard to not catch a glimpse of this ring on TV and in pictures.

9. Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis

At number nine, we have another First Lady on our list. Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, more commonly known as Jackie Kennedy, was a highly respected and adored woman by almost everyone in our nation. The ring that brings her in on this list, however, is not the ring given to her by John F. Kennedy. Even so, that ring was also very beautiful – just not quite expensive enough to constitute one of the most expensive in the world. We, of course, know of the tragic assassination of her husband John F. Kennedy, which left Jackie Kennedy widowed. Her engagement ring given to her by Aristotle Onassis is the ring that lands her a spot on this list.

While this ring is truly a ring fitting for a woman such as Jackie Kennedy, beautiful and empowering, it was only worn as her engagement ring twice before she had it stored in a bank vault in New York City until she passed away. Originally sourced from a South African Lesotho brown diamond that was a whopping 601 carats, her ring carried 40.42 carats of it and was purchased for $2.6 million, in the late 1960s. Her ring is known as the “Lesotho III” and is a stunning marquise cut. It’s hard to think of anyone more deserving and fit for such an elegant ring.

8. Vanessa Bryant

Vanessa Bryant’s ring that puts her at the number eight spot on our list, was not a ring used during the initial proposal by Kobe Bryant. At the time this ring was given to her, they were already married and had a child. When Vanessa Bryant was taken to a jewelry store and surprisingly gifted the ring, she was only 21-years of age! Can you imagine becoming a wife to one of the most famous NBA players and being given one amazing ring, and then being gifted a whole separate extravagant, 4-million-dollar ring? Talk about a girl’s wedding ring dreams being fulfilled and surpassed!

When news of this ring broke, it was coincidentally around the same time that Kobe was being charged with rape of a 19-year old at a resort he had visited. There were surrounding rumors that the ring was bought as an apology to his wife, but it was later reported that the gift was purchased prior to the alleged date of the incident. All that drama didn’t seem to affect Vanessa, as she proudly accepted and showed off her stunning 8-carat purple diamond ring. If the apology rumors were true, Kobe had spent $4 million dollars on what could be considered one of the most expensive apologies of all time. But, since the rumors were denied, we now know that this was just a $4 million-dollar way to show his love to his wife.

7. Grace Kelly

Many girls often play dress-up as a child and fantasize about being a princess. Many girls also often dream of becoming a celebrity one day. Watching films and seeing beautiful, glamorous women on screen makes the idea of becoming a celebrity oh so glorious. While the chances of becoming a famous celebrity are unfortunately very low; the chances of becoming a princess are even lower. Grace Kelly was one of the most fortunate people in the world to not only have a successful film career but to also meet and marry Prince Rainier III, Prince of Monaco.

As one would expect, a Prince’s proposal was extravagant and the ring that accompanied the proposal was even more extravagant. This royal ring encompasses every aspect of what it means to be royal. The prince sure knew how to make his lady swoon. He asked her to marry him with an emerald-cut, 10.47-carat diamond ring worth 4.3 million dollars. As fun and exciting as it is to see pictures of modern-day royals such as Kate Middleton, their rings don’t stand a chance against this unique piece of jewelry in terms of worth. It is truly mesmerizing to imagine the day that Prince Rainier III popped the big question and sealed one of the most glamorous unions in the history of time.

6. Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez has been a famous, looked-up to celebrity since the early 90s with her debut in a popular movie, “Selina.” We have always watched and been in awe of Jennifer Lopez as an actress and especially in her relationships with equally attractive celebrities. J-Lo is such a desirable woman that she has been proposed to five times and married four; the most recent marriage being to the popular baseball star, Aaron Rodriguez. While the ring given to her by A-Rod is breathtaking, the ring that lands her on this list is the one given to her by Ben Affleck. Surprisingly enough, this is the one relationship that didn’t make it on her marriage list. That just goes to show that money can’t buy love and happiness. Despite this, it is still worth ooing and awing over for the purposes of this article.

J-Lo ultimately returned the ring to Ben Affleck when their relationship ended; showing us just how much of a commendable woman she truly is. Many probably wouldn’t have been able to let go of such a stunning ring – even if it did represent a love that didn’t last. But, while she was in possession of the ring, it suited her perfectly. This 6.1-carat pink diamond ring was a Harry Winston piece and worth $2.5 million dollars.

5. Kim Kardashian West

There should be no surprise here that the most famous women in the world are on the list of the most expensive engagement rings. Kim Kardashian is now married to famous rapper Kanye West, who is notorious for sporting gaudy and flashy clothing items and jewelry. Of course, he would make sure his wife-to-be is of his same caliber. Although Kim and Kanye are now happily married, Kim also was married to Chris Humphries for a short period of time and was also given a very expensive, beautiful ring – just barely falling off the top 10 list. Being that we are speaking of one of the most talked-about celebrities in the world, it is no wonder that she would be given two insanely gorgeous, expensive rings.

Aside from the massiveness of the ring, it is also accompanied by a unique story and engraving. Kanye proposed after landing a deal with the sports clothing giant Adidas, and so he had the inside of the ring engraved with “Adidas.” An unfortunate series of events led to her ring and other expensive jewelry being stolen from her Paris apartment, but luckily, the ring was salvaged and later returned to Kim. This terrifying experience led her to invest in a smaller, less gaudy ring. Although this beautiful $4 million-dollar, 20-carat emerald-cut diamond is hidden away, it is still one of the most jaw-dropping rings of all time. Lucky for Kim Kardashian, Kanye didn’t consider her to be a gold digger.

4. Paris Hilton

We all know Paris Hilton for her extreme wealth and flamboyance. Her wealth is thanks to her grandfather, Conrad Hilton, the founder of Hilton Hotels. Paris was a television personality when she had a reality TV show with her then best friend, Nicole Richie; and funny enough – it was called “The Simple Life.” Paris is far from simple and has no shame in flaunting around her wealth, especially when it comes to her lifestyle. She encompasses all there is to the lifestyle of the rich and famous. In 2004, she was engaged to Paris Latsis, but they never actually sealed the deal. Although Paris and Paris were billionaires, this just wasn’t enough to walk them to the wedding altar.

All of that aside, she still lands in at number four with a 23-carat, $4 million-dollar engagement ring. She ultimately did not want to wear the ring because she claimed that it was too heavy, but that doesn’t take away how spectacular this ring is. It is probably a good thing that she didn’t want to wear the ring, seeing that the relationship didn’t work out and she had plenty of other fancy and shiny possessions to flash around. It was also pretty confusing to many with the same-name thing going on!

3. Beyoncé

Oh, the Queen B herself – Beyonce comes in at number three on our list. It’s safe to say that most of the world has been in awe of Beyonce since her days in “Destiny’s Child.” She is consistently referred to as “The Queen” and it’s easy to see why, with her impeccable voice and accompanying lyrics and dance moves. She constantly tops the charts when her songs are released and is easily considered one of the most beautiful women in the world. She is one of the most renowned artists of all time and pairs perfectly with one of the most famous rappers of all time, Jay-Z.

Jay-Z found that Beyonce was not only Queen-B of the music industry, but also of his world when he decided to pop the question. They dated for quite some time, which gave him the absolute certainty that spending the amount of money he did on this ring would be the best decision he could make – aside from locking her down for life. He proposed with a breathtaking 18-carat emerald-cut diamond with a beautiful split shank. I guess Jay-Z sure did like it, because he put a $5 million-dollar ring on it.

2. Elizabeth Taylor

Elizabeth Taylor was a British-American film star and became one of the most popular Hollywood movie stars in the 1950s. Her elegance, beauty, and talent are why she was such a memorable celebrity personality. While Elizabeth Taylor had several marriages, the one that tops them all is her marriage to Richard Burton. It’s no surprise that they fell for one another on the set of “Cleopatra,” although she was married to Eddie Fisher at the time. This didn’t stop her from embarking on one of the greatest love stories in the history of time. What a perfect setting to find love as she played the role of one of the most powerful women in history – talk about fantasies becoming a reality.

Although she had one marriage to get out of, the regret would be hard to find when being faced with a handsome man down on one knee offering an 18.61-carat emerald in a platinum setting surrounded by diamonds. What was so special about this piece was that it was not only a stunning ring but could also be worn as a brooch. Richard Burton not only spoiled her with her engagement ring but many other extravagant pieces of jewelry throughout their marriage. They did divorce for a short period of time, but remarried and showed the world that true love does exist. Good thing his $8.8 million dollars spent on her engagement ring didn’t go to waste!

1. Mariah Carey

This glamorous bombshell tops our list at number one with her shockingly $10 million-dollar ring given to her by billionaire James Packer. Unfortunately, the wedding was called off seven months into the engagement, but luckily for Mariah, she was able to keep the ring since Parker was the one to call off the engagement. The above photo is actually one taken a year after the engagement was called off. It’s hard to blame her for holding onto and showing off such an exquisite piece of jewelry, despite it being a symbol of love that is no longer.

Mariah Carey and James Parker met at a movie premiere in 2014 and were confirmed to be in a relationship in 2015. It wasn’t but just a few months that they were together that Parker proposed with what is considered to be the most expensive engagement ring in the world. As a successful Australian businessman proposing to the five-time Grammy winner, he couldn’t propose with anything less than top notch. Unfortunately, the ring wasn’t enough to keep this couple together, and Mariah ended up on the lucky end coming out with not only the ring, but she also received millions of dollars in their settlement. Recent reports have shown that Parker wants his ring back, but looks like he should have thought twice before calling off the engagement!

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