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10 Men Kylie Jenner Was Linked With Before Travis


10 Men Kylie Jenner Was Linked With Before Travis

The youngest of the Kardashian sisters is now a mom! She has grown up right in front of our eyes. From a skinny tall girl who later blossomed into a curvy supermodel and now, a mom. We are feeling really, really old. Kylie has had a very public life with almost everything she does splashed on Instagram, thanks mainly to the fact that she is part of the Kardashian clan who have no qualms about airing their dirty linen in public.

Kylie’s sisters are known for their loud personal relationships, and being the youngest doesn’t mean that she has had a less checkered private life. In fact, at her tender age, Kylie may be the sister with the most exes in her family. She started dating her current partner, Travis, who is also the father to her daughter Stormi, barely five months after her breakup with Tyga. This sparked speculations that he was her child’s father. The rumors were cleared up though and the couple is now enjoying the newest entrants into the Kardashian family.

For a young lady her age, Kylie’s loves and hookups go beyond her finger count and they come in all shapes and colors, but with one thing in common, they are all into music. This leaves us with no confusion as to what her taste in men is. Here are ten men that Kylie Jenner was linked with before Travis.

10. Tyga

Kylie met Tyga when she was only 14-years old and even then, she appeared smitten by him. In 2014, the two met at Kendall’s sweet-16 birthday party and they started hanging out as a group together with his friends. Tyga became a staple on Kanye’s Instagram page. At the time, Tyga was still engaged to Blac Chyna with whom he had a child. After rumors of his involvement with Kylie intensified, the two broke off the engagement and in October of 2014, Tyga started captioning Kylie on his Instagram page. He vehemently denied that he was dating her, but later they made their relationship public and the two dated for three years with a few breaks here and there.

They seemed to be in love the Hollywood way, proof of which were two matching tattoos. Even though the two were eight years apart in age, which is nothing in the celebrity world, Kylie insisted that Tyga was her first true love. That is why we were all caught by surprise when the two broke it off. In an interview Tyga insisted that even though Kylie had moved on, he had no ill feelings, insisting that he had a love for her but was not in love with her.

9. Partynextdoor

Jahron Anthony Brathwaite is a hip-hop artist of Canadian origin. He got the inspiration for his name from a filter with a similar name used in the editing of digital audio. The artist is quite talented and he was behind Drake’s most famous hits notably If You Are Reading This, Nothing Was the Same and It’s Too Late. He was also the co-writer for Rihanna’s biggest hit Work. Clearly, Kylie has a type, preferring musicians in all her relationships and especially those that produce ‘in your face’ kind of music.

The rapper who is signed by the record label OVO owned by Drake was rumored to be dating the stylish Kylie Jenner after they made out in his video Come and See Me. She supposedly started dating him in 2016. Kylie confirmed the rumors but insisted that they were not a couple nor were they girlfriend and boyfriend and only ‘had fun together.’ Whether those words mean they just hooked up or were just friends, we are left to only speculate.

But the two were supposedly hot and heavy around each other, but the relationship was not documented much after that. Either way, Partynextdoor earned himself a slot in the Kylie Jenner hookups.

8. A$Ap Rocky

Nothing makes for uncomfortable dinner parties more than knowing that your man has dated your younger sister. As much as age brings with it wisdom, it also comes with a lot of insecurity and for a woman to be able to fill her younger sisters shoes or even feel comfortable enough in them, it takes a lot of guts. Especially if the said sister is a supermodel. It was alleged that in 2015 Kylie Jenner hooked up with rapper A$AP Rocky. The rapper whose real name is Rakim Mayers and was born in 1988. The American rapper, actor, record producer and songwriter is also a member of the group A$AP Mob, which is a hip-hop group.

His mixtape hit some highs leading to record deals with the likes of Sony Music, RCA Records, as well as Polo Grounds. This saw him record his debut album in 2013, Long. Live. A$AP with high critical acclaim and debuting on the 200 Billboards, followed by his second album At. Long. Last. A$AP. Their relationship must have been a hit and run as not much is documented about it with most people focusing on A$AP’s relationship with Kylie’s sister Kendall. Their relationship seems to be going well and appears as though he forgot her sister, if ever there was anything there.

7. Stitches

The rapper was born Phillip Nickolas Katsabanis and is well known for his long-standing feud with The Game. The rapper, who was exposed as a fraud by the Miami New Times claimed to have been a teenage kingpin dealing drugs. He also claimed to have clocked his high school principal in the face, something the principal went on to deny. He has also stooped too low by claiming on social media that he was suffering from cancer, which he claimed disappeared the following day.

It is not clear whether he truly hooked up with Kylie, but the rapper claimed to have done everything with her, emphasis on the everything. The rapper who sports stitches on his face, akin to the Joker claims the stitches are a statement that if one jokes around with him he gets stitches. This character was not Kylie’s best idea of a guy friend, seeing as he once gave cocaine out to his fans at a concert by inviting young girls to snort cocaine on stage with him. The crazy part is that he later threw cocaine into the crowd, probably in an attempt to make his allegations of being a drug pin believable.

6. Inkmonstarr

It is always a bad day in a girl’s life when the man she has hooked up with forgets that it is in bad taste to kiss and tell. Kylie found herself in such a situation when Inkmonstarr and Stitches collaborated in a diss video where they both alleged to have hooked up with her in an attempt to rile her then-boyfriend Tyga. While we are aware of the fact that their age largely contributes to their rash decisions, this video was truly in bad taste. They say a woman scorned has more fury than hell, but in the case of these two, we are not making a mistake when we replace their names with the woman scorned.

They stooped too low and this is why we applaud her for dropping them. Inkmonstarr, who is a social media junkie has over 210,000 followers on Twitter. He is a rapper who seems to make no apologies for his behavior.

The rapper who never thought he could wind up in this position gained fame when he released his first video Innocent Malice. He may have hooked up with her, but broadcasting and documenting it in an explicit and really repulsive movie was in very bad taste.

5. Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber and Kylie Jenner, who formerly were good friends were rumored to be dating in 2014, straight after he broke up with Selena Gomez who had accused him of being abusive. Even with his past record, it appears that Kylie did not care or chose to judge him based on that part of his past. The Canadian songwriter and singer was discovered by his manager Scooter Braun through Youtube videos that Justin had posted in 2007. Braun was so impressed with the videos that he immediately contacted Pattie, Justin’s mother, expressing his desire to work with him.

His mother agreed and Braun arranged a meeting between Justin and Usher, which was to take place in Atlanta, Georgia. After the meeting, Justin signed a deal with RBMG and later Island records and he released his maiden EP My World, which was released in 2009 and certified platinum. Justin was to become the very first artist to have seven of his songs from a first album make it to the Billboard 100. With such an impressive record, we are not surprised that Kylie found him date-worthy, seeing as she is also a go-getter who always gets what she wants.

4. Miles Richie

With parents as famous as Lionel Richie, we are not surprised to find Miles here as part of this list. The Kardashian family never dates nondescripts, preferring instead to go for the A-listers and the more successful the better. Miles Richie met Kylie when he went to a tattoo parlor to get a tattoo and Kylie controversially decided to tattoo him herself by giving him her initials. Proving to the rest of us that if you want something you do not sit on your haunches. While it is wrong for someone under the age of eighteen years to give a tattoo, Kylie did not seem bothered and this brewed a love connection between the two of them in 2014.

The son of Lionel Richie, Miles is always in controversies with his birth being an equally controversial conception. Lionel was married to his first wife Brenda Harvey when he started an affair with Diane Alexander. Brenda caught the two in a hotel room in Beverly Hills by pretending she was room service. In the ensuing confrontation, she managed to brutally injure Richie and his companion. She was arrested and charged with spousal abuse, assault, vandalism, and trespassing.

3. Jaden Smith

When it came to Jaden Smith, this was a case of two famous families uniting. Jaden, is the son of Jaden Pinkett Smith and Will Smith. He is also brother to Willow Smith and Trey Smith. Jaden’s first movie was alongside his father in the movie The Pursuit of Happiness, in 2013. The actor has also made an appearance in The Day the Earth Stood Still, After Earth, also with his father and The Karate Kid. Jaden dated Kylie in 2013.

The philosophical teenager is homeschooled and attended classes every day without a summer break. Jaden is well known for his gender-fluid dressing, as well as his deep personality, seems to relish riling people up, claiming that he and his sister are scientists and that everything for them is a scientific test carried out on humanity. He continues to say that they are lucky they are in the position to where they can affect a lot of people. With such deep thoughts and sentiments, we are not surprised that Kylie and he did not go far, as their personalities, as well as smarts, seem to differ quite a lot.

2. Cody Simpson

In true Kylie fashion here is another singer under her belt. Cody also doubles as an actor and has appeared in shows like Cougar Town. which airs on TBS. In the show, he plays the role of a student named Pete. He also made appearances on the show Dancing With the Stars, but unfortunately, he could not make it past the fifth week. The artist boasts of such a good memory that all he has to do is hear a song twice or so before he grasps every single word. At least we know that he does not lip synch in his music.

Cody has had diverse career choices and was once a competitive swimmer, something he was quite good at but he gave it up to focus on his music career. He was signed to Atlantic records and is now about to release his first album through his label Coast House. In 2011, he briefly dated Kylie Jenner in a relationship that was quite short lived. He later said that the reason they broke up was that the whole thing did not work for him. Cody is now dating the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills actress, Yolanda Foster’s daughter Gigi Hadid, and even though they had broken up briefly, they seem to have found their footing and are happy together.

1. Ramsey IV

Girls blossom fast and in the celebrity world, a young girl of 12 is considered a woman able to date and have relations with any man as long as of course, he is of the right age. Kylie was a fast bloomer and she seems to have been in a hurry to do everything and savor everything. She may be only twenty or so but Kylie has had a very interesting action-packed ten years. It started when she was just 12-years old when Kylie Jenner started dating singer Ramsey IV. The relationship lasted from 2008 to 2011, which is a long time considering the fact that she is a Kardashian and they are well known for their short-lived romances. Kylie acknowledges that he was the first guy she ever dated.

This relationship lasted longer probably because she was still young and trying to get her footing before she fully submerged herself into the celebrity world. Of all the relationships that Kylie has been in, this one and the one she had with Tyga lasted longest, with Ramsey IV taking the crown as their relationship and was steady and smooth for that period. It didn’t have as much breakup drama as the one with Tyga did.

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