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10 McDonald’s Food You’ll NEVER Get To Eat Again


10 McDonald’s Food You’ll NEVER Get To Eat Again

The McDonald`s menu items are always big news, as a lot of them don`t last a long time. The staples of the menu are items that can be enjoyed time and again, but these items come around every once and a while. But what if they didn’t come back? What if you never got the chance to try them ever again? We’ve got 10 such items for you here.

10. McPizza

Who doesn’t love a nice slice of pizza or two? Heck, maybe even three! What`s not to love? The melted cheese, the succulent pepperoni, the sauce rich in garlic and seasoning … it`s enough to take you all the way to Italy and all without having the need to border a plane s and endure the rough flight back. But of course, not everyone does it right, and there are many pizza joints that miss the mark altogether. We`re sure you`ve all had such experiences: maybe the cheese isn’t real mozzarella, maybe the pepperoni is gross and badly cooked, maybe the crust is so big and doughy, the taste of the actual ingredients gets completely lost somewhere along the way. Whatever the case, not everyone does this creation of epic proportions justice.  But for McDonald’s Pizza, there were a definite meshing of reviews, as there were those that absolutely loved it and would love to see it back on the menu, and of course there were those that detested the pizza with a passion and are happy that it probably won`t ever make a return to a McDonald’s restaurant near you. It was first added to the menus in Canada and was a pretty good selling point there, predominantly among children. It made it to the States in the eighties and yet it didn’t survive the tumultuous winds of the nineties. Two locations in the US did still keep it on, however … Pomeroy, Ohio and Spencer, West Virginia, but these two went the way of the Rolodex.

9. Fish McBites

The McDonald`s menu has seen quite a few fish options over the years, and most recently they’ve added the Fish and Chips menu item that’s creating a decent amount of buzz. But probably the most famous is the fish filet sandwich, which has been on the menu for quite some time now and doesn’t seem to be going anywhere, thankfully. But the same cannot be said for the Fish McBites, if you can remember them at all. The fish filet sandwich was added to the menu in the sixties and as we mentioned, it was received quite well. But these bites were introduced in 2012, which makes them quite the recent menu addition in terms of how old some of these other examples are. Fish at McDonald`s was first added because of the large amount of Christian clients that flooded the restaurant in the sixties. Because of Lent, a period of preparation for Easter, many Christians abstain from meat on particular days, particularly Fridays, so the fish items first appeared on the menu to facilitate this group of the clientele. It also was a great option for many other religious groups and nationalities that abstained for meat, so fish has always been a top seller at McDonald`s. Except for these little buggers, that didn’t end up doing so well in the end. We hope the fish and chips do better. After all, even though this item is fried and in a batter no less, it is a bit healthier as well, as fish contain omega 3 fatty acids, so give the fish and chips a try if you haven`t so far.

8. McSalad Shaker

Everyone tries to eat a little healthier these days, especially with the approaching summer and beach weather that`s looming just around the corner. A menu item like this would have seriously done well right about now, right? Maybe not. At the end of the day, McDonald`s thrives on the tastier items it sells, and by tastier, we do mean naughtier. How many of you have ever told yourselves that today at lunch, you`ll go for the healthier option? Today, you won`t cheat on your diet? But when you made it to the food court, those golden arches pulled you forth like a magnet pulls at metal? We`re sure it`s happened to you all, and the addition of a salad option on the menu still won`t deter you from chomping down on that double quarter-pounder with cheese, as the failure of this item proves. And these were easy to consume, as they were served in cups and all you had to do was add your dressing and shake up all the ingredients, but still that facilitation wasn’t enough to get the throngs of people that flooded the restaurant to buy them, no matter how many pounds they wanted to lose. They were dropped off the menu in 2003. Now salads in general are a great lunch item, especially for those trying to lose some weight, but maybe McDonald’s isn’t the best place to look for it. You know, as the popular saying goes: don`t look for good pizza at a steakhouse, well, you shouldn’t look for salad where the hamburger and fries reign supreme.

7. Fruit and Walnut Snack

Now if you take a look back at the annals of time and see just how many McDonald`s food items have been done away with like we have, you`ll definitely be shocked. We’ve just touched the tip of the iceberg and have selected some of the most popular, but it is really incredible to see how many failed items they actually served over the years. Just goes to show that not all the items served at the golden arches are golden, so to speak. Take this healthy snack option. For starters, this item, or something like it, can easily be found at your neighborhood grocery store. One doesn’t need to actually go to McDonald`s to get something like this, and as it turns out, not many people did; especially when there are so many other tastier things to choose from. If you walk in there and want a snack and not necessarily a meal, you can walk away with many of the McValue items, which are cheap and light. Who couldn’t eat a single cheeseburger in between meals? This fruit and walnut medley was done away with in 2013. Besides, if and when you were inspired to purchase one of these in the spirit of good health, you almost always raced back in line to order a double Cheeseburger and fries—especially of you happened to be seated in the restaurant still when you were finished with your fruit and nuts.

6. Chicken Fajitas

Probably one of the single most successful cuisines in the US and in parts of Canada is Tex-Mex. Thus the massive success of restaurants like Taco Bell. Who doesn’t get a massive craving for a really good burrito or a nice crispy taco every now and again? We know we do, as most of you probably do as well. So, it wasn’t long before the good people at McDonald`s decided to add a little Latin flair to the menu. Now the breakfast burrito that was brought on has done well and is still a top seller on the famous McDonald`s breakfast menu, but the chicken fajitas that they had added to the lunch and dinner menu didn’t survive the nineties, unfortunately. Now this item, like so many of the others on this list, wasn’t at all bad tasting. It was actually good. But the reason that a menu item disappears isn’t always because of how it tastes. This one`s definite proof of that. Perhaps the public figured that with Taco Bell out there pushing out decent Tex-Mex, maybe they`d go down to the old golden arches for what they did best  … and that was hamburgers and fries.

5. McHot Dog

Now when you think burgers and fries, you immediately think of hot dogs too, as they are the staple of the North American carnival and recreational diet. Who doesn’t have a hot dog and fries every now and again, especially when visiting a carnival or amusement park, and it just makes sense that McDonald`s would serve this other staple in such foods, doesn’t it? Of course it does, and the fast food restaurant titan definitely did serve hot dogs for a time. But as it turns out, the public really wasn’t buying them as much as originally expected. Truthfully, this one`s a bit of a paradox, as you`d think that this item would have done better than the salads and snacks, and yes, even more than some of the burger options that came and went, but no. Now we know that in certain North American cities, you can practically get a good hot dog on any street corner, but still, its inclusion on the menu at your local McDonald`s would have simplified the situation when somebody in your group wanted hot dogs and somebody else wanted burgers. Instead of going to multiple locations and eventually meeting up, you could have gone to the same place and enjoyed a great conversation as you chomped down on the goodies only McDonald`s could amply provide. This item failed harder than some of this other fare and it left executives scratching their heads a tad. And we must say, that`s reasonable, as you`d think a hot dog would sell pretty well at any fast food joint—especially one as cheap as it was. Back at the inception of the franchising of McDonald`s Ray Croc actually stated publicly that he would never allow Hot Dogs on the menu as even back then, quality control would have been an issue with these tasty little buggers, but yet his warning would not be listened to by those that followed in his footsteps.

4. Triple-Double Burger

But as we stated, not all of the burgers and fries on the menu did well, as this one here proves quite nicely. There are a lot of fast food chains that have multi-patty burgers, and yes, as does McDonald`s still to this day. The Big Mac has two patties, but the Double Big Mac has four patties and it`s an item that has done considerably well. But the triple double burger, as it`s shown here is and was a burger that people didn’t exactly gravitate towards. Interestingly enough it was launched as a promotion for the nineties era superhero film, Batman Forever, but it didn’t survive the decade it was introduced in. This, as well as a few of these items would seem to do quite well in this era, however, as bigger is definitely better nowadays, despite how many people are eating a tad cleaner. Burger King, McDonald`s direct competitor has many multi-stacked hamburger options, and so does Wendy`s, so maybe the good people at McDonald`s should think about trying this one out again, only this time, they should probably try to attach the promotions to a better film.

3. Spanish Omelet Bagel

The name sounds really appetizing. In fact, as we work on this one, we find ourselves getting a pretty big craving to give this one a try. But to our deep chagrin, we can`t, unless we somehow find the recipe and start sauteing omelets right here in the office on a portable burner. Not likely, we know, besides we have a deadline to work on, as we`re sure you`re quite busy as well, but this item was a decent item and many enjoyed the international flair it added to a breakfast menu that back in the day was a tad boring, we`d say. But as it seems the general public was weary of changing the dependable status quo that we all get a little attached to every now and again. The spices and taste that this item brought were definitely not for everyone, especially those that liked their food to be simply prepared and readily available. It was on the menu until the early portion of the 2000s, but went the way of many items we`ll never see again. So if you were the type to enjoy a little of the old Spanish flair with your morning coffee, we`re sorry for your loss.

2. The McAfrika

And talk about an international flair. This item pushed the boundaries of what McDonald`s was willing to offer its consumers. Of course the biggest leap in that direction was the flat bread that sandwiched this item, particularly popular in Africa and the Middle east, hence the sandwich`s name. Now most in North America didn’t even get to taste this one during it`s one and only run, as it was introduced in Norway during the Olympic Games held in that country, but many believed it to be in horrible form, as it was launched at a time that Africa was suffering one of the biggest famines in the continent`s history. It was discontinued in 2002, never to be seen again.

1. Chopped Beefsteak Sandwich

Here`s an item that`s served in almost every diner across North America. It was released way back in 1979. It`s easy to prepare and the meat is readily available in such types of restaurants as well, as all it is really, is chopped hamburger meat, formed to look like a steak. Essentially, it`s Salisbury steak, and if you top it with caramelized onions and some gravy, you’ve got a more sophisticated menu item, but really all it is a hamburger, just worked around in a different way. Many restaurants like to have this on their menu, as it shows the customer a different item, but the restaurant won`t suffer any extra losses, as the ingredients use to prepare this dish are pretty much already around, as they all probably prepare countless burgers for their own clientele. Now McDonald`s actually introduced this in sandwich form and gave it a name all its own, but perhaps the issue lay in that very name alone, as the public was probably anticipating actual steak in that sandwich, and not the minced meat variation they got. And there wasn’t an ounce of steak sauce that was going to convince them that it was actual steak, no matter how many dollops covered the piece of meat and onion. They should have called it The Salisbury steak Sandwich; maybe it would have fared better in the end.

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