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10 McDonald’s Food You Can Only Get In South America


10 McDonald’s Food You Can Only Get In South America

There is no denying that McDonald’s are the masters of the fast food industry. For decades those infamous Golden Arches have stretched themselves to every corner of the globe. Although their food has become a staple of modern life, McDonald’s aren’t afraid to take inspiration from local food and incorporate it onto their menus. While many McDonald’s offer a variety of different choices, today we are focused of the continent of South America. Here is our list of 10 McDonald’s Foods You Can Only Get In South America. 

10. Torta Banana

Just imagine finishing your last bite of a BigMac or Double Cheeseburger and you’re still feeling a wee bit hungry, if that’s possible? What you crave next is something sweet. Thankfully the South American McDonald’s has a treat for you with their Torte Banana. If you’re familiar with the apple pie found in most McDonald’s around the world, and you’re a fan, then the Torte Banana is a similar sweet treat ad is a must for you. Imagine yourself biting into that warm crusted dessert and instead of apples, you taste the banana. The taste is a cross between a banana split and apple crumble. Whether you’re partial to the crust or bananas, this one is sure to blow your mind. We bet you won’t even make it home before you start to chow down on this desert you’ve ordered. It may have you wishing you ordered more. We’re not exactly sure why North America is yet to sell this banana dessert or in fact why the rest of the world are yet to jump on board the banana boat. Maybe the South American Golden Arches want to keep this to themselves, or get us to visit more often. The Torte Banana might well be worth a plane ticket!If you ever do find yourself in that part of the world, buying three at a time is something to keep in mind. When it comes to bananas, you know they are good for your overall well being, packed full of potassium and will keep you feeling full for longer periods, so why not make yourself feel better and order it. You likely won’t be disappointed. 

9. Empanadas Con Queso

With a lot of fast food restaurants there is an important question to be asked; Do you like cheese?  If so what about melted cheese?  If the answer is yes to both, then we have something special for you. If you are not a big cheese fan, then this entry probably isn’t going to be your cup of tea. But for everyone else, we give you the Empanadas Con Queso. These delicious Empanadas can be found in Chile and Venezuela but to be honest, we really think these cheesy pockets of joy should be sold everywhere. The Empanadas Con Queso comes in threes, because all good things do! The best way to describe them, for anyone unfamiliar with Empanadas; imagine your favorite pastry dessert like an apple turnover or blueberry, or whatever your favorite fruit is, now image cheese, instead of fruit, melted between two pieces of delicious pastry. The warm crunch of the pastry, mixed with the smell and taste of the melted cheese, it’s like a big hug for your insides. This cheese pocket is for the type that likes to get up early, drinks black coffee and rides their bike to work… You know where your priorities are, stick to it and you’ll reach your goals. I believe in you.

8. McWrap Palta

If you’re a little more health conscious when you pop into your local McDonald’s, nowadays they offer great alternatives to burgers and fries. Salads and wraps are particularly good choices. If wraps are your thing, and you happen to find yourself in Chile, then this one’s for you. This McWrap is jam-packed full of all the goodness that you need. It’s comparable to the McWrap you can find in any other McDonald’s except, they add the ultimate ingredient; we’re talking about the avocado. Avocado is a big thing for McDonald’s in Chile, in fact you can ask to add avocado to any item on the menu. If you ever take a trip to Chile, why not make that burger or salad taste a bit different by adding some avocado? It can feel like a whole different meal. Avocado aside, the McWrap Palta is a tortilla wrap packed with thinly sliced fried chicken, onions, tomatoes, mayonnaise and of course, the avocado. unfortunately for lovers of McDonald’s wraps, the McWrap Palta is only available in Chile. We’re hoping that this item will one day grace our lands.

7. Arepas

Imagine all of your favorite ingredients stuffed between two cornmeal patties. That’s what you get with the Arepas. The Arepas come in a few different kinds and fillings, similar to a sandwich. Famous in Venezuela and Columbia as a staple meal, Arepas have been re-created in a few different countries around the world as they try and replicate it. We can’t blame them for trying, but none seem to have come close to the original South American favorite. Now McDonald’s have their own version flying off the grills. Arepas are stuffed full of cheese, meats, and veggies which are then wrapped into a perfectly folded, buttered shell. It’s then grilled to perfection and enjoyed down to the last bite. These are a staple in homes in Venezuela and can be re-created to fit on any dining room table. McDonald’s pulled a good move, introducing it on its menu to keep up with the cultural movement. 

6. McCriollo

This next one is exclusively offered in Columbia. Sorry to the rest of the world, you’ll jus have to make a special trip to experience the McCriollo. The McCriollo is a breakfast dish, but can be eaten for lunch or dinner if you’re a late riser. The McCriollo includes eggs, a sausage patty, some sweet corn, hash browns and arepas. If you are a breakfast person and love the idea of a McMuffin or two to satisfy your breakfast needs, then wait till you see what the McCriollo has to offer. It will blow your minds! Having all that food laid out in front of you, is truly a great way to start any day. The McCriollo is for the people who lead busy lives, need to have one really good hearty meal in order to function for the rest of the day  and want to enjoy it till the very last bite. Make your eyes wide, open your mouth, close your eyes and take in every bite of the McCriollo, the way it’s intended to. 

5. Saltadita

Across this list we have guided you across the glorious continent of South America to see what delights their McDonald’s has to offer. For our next entry we are off to Peru. This little number resembles a regular hamburger but its not your average Joe. Packed in between these two patties is comprised of 100% beef, sautéed onions, tomatoes, and pork loin. It may sound a bit strange to have two types of meat thrown in there, but somehow, Peru makes it appealing. Peru’s food culture is heavy on lots of meat, so of course, McDonald’s incorporates that aspect to its own menu to appease to the audience. Calling all carnivores; the Saltadita is right up your alley and will definitely be feeling like you deserved every bite to the full extent. Every country tries to differentiate itself when it comes to food, travel, and experiences so it’s good to see that the giants of the fast food world are doing everything they can to accommodate this. If you do ever find yourself in Peru and are looking to try the local food, then starting with a McDonald’s Saltadita  is a good thing to sink your teeth into before you start to hike up the Machu Picchu!

4. Cheddar McMelt

For the next entry on our list, we are off to the tropical country of Brazil. Famous for it’s beaches, the Amazon rainforest and of course, the statue of Christ the Redeemer; which tower over Rio de Janeiro and is considered one of the Seven wonders of the World. This Portuguese speaking nation is no stranger to standing out from the crowd; it’s often the one at the front of the crowd, dancing and showing us the bright and fun side of life. After all, it is the home of the famous Carnival! So we are not surprised to see that McDonald’s has tried to cater to the fun loving Brazilians. On the surface, the Cheddar McMelt looks a bit like a typical Big Mac. However, there is a twist. The Cheddar McMelt is stacked with two beef patties, with plenty of melted cheese in between; grilled onions and soy sauce finish off this mammoth burger. The inclusion of soy sauce may be an odd choice to a McDonald’s burger, and may even put some people off, but we trust that the Brazilians know what they’re doing. Especially with all that melted cheese and meat goodness. 

3. Mega Mac

If there is one thing that McDonald’s are truly world renowned for, apart from the Golden Arches, Ronald McDonald, Apple pies….. actually the list is long. Besides a few things, a real winner and crowd pleaser has always been the infamous Big Mac. Two grill beef patties in a three part sesame seed buns top with fresh salad, pickles and their famous ‘special sauce.’ It truly is the perfect burger. So why, you might ask, would anyone change the Big Mac and what could you do to it? The answer to that question is The Mega Mac. The Mega Mac is in no way a replacement for the Big Mac, it’s more like the Big Mac’s older and tougher brother. Not everyone can handle such a monstrosity, but for those who can, they are in for a real meaty treat. The Mega Mac is actually offered in several countries around the world, each of them have a slightly different name for it. but in South America it’s the Mega Mac. While the Big Mac may be  large enough for most, some like the challenge of a monster. The Mega Mac adds two more beef patties to it’s Big Mac burger, as well as more toppings and dressing. The Mega Mac is for the real McDonald’s extremists and it’s not to be taken lightly. 

2. McNífica

“It’s real and it’s magnificent,” stated McDonald’s, Argentina. Let’s talk about this. A grilled beef patty squished in between two sesame buns, topped with lettuce, tomato, slivered onions, pickles and creamy mayo sauce. Sounds like your average burger but when you sink your teeth into it, all your dreams start to come true. The simplicity of the ingredients makes it a delicious choice for dinner time. The McNifica  is available pretty much all over South America, however, it’s Argentina that really excel with this burger. Famous for their meet, particularly their steak, Argentina take great care, and pride, with every cut of meat and McDonald’s is no different. Sticking to the Argentine code of meat, each burger is packed with pure Angus beef, fresh tomatoes, onions, lettuce and the big three condiments; Ketchup, Mayo and Mustard. Not only that but each burger is cooked on charcoal, rather than being fried or grilled on a regular grill. Not only does this make the meat taste amazing but the McNifica is one of the few kosher friendly choices. Which, believe it or not, this is a rare sight with in the fast food market and we welcome it. Even more so when it tastes this good. 

1. Cono de Arequipe

Ice cream is popular anytime, anywhere and all over the world. Most of us enjoy it as an after dinner snack, or on a hot summers afternoon when you just need something cold and sweet. Then there are those rare occasions where sometimes, and we mean sometimes, ice cream can be enjoyed for breakfast. As long as it’s on the side of a plate of tasty waffles or pancakes. But how about just ice cream for breakfast? This is every kids dream. Well, in South America you can. They serve ice cream all day, everyday, and it’s not just your regular vanilla swirl.  We all have our favorite ice cream toppings but in South America it’s Dulce de leche. Dulce de leche is one of the sweetest treats you could experience at a fast food restaurant. It is very similar to caramel sauce, only a lot sweeter and stickier. While a lot of South America does serve this, It’s mainly Argentina that serve the best and most wide spread varieties.  This sauce isn’t just limited to ice cream; you can swirl it in to sundaes and it can even be added to drinks, However, it is on the classic ice cream cone that fans love Dulce de leche the most and it’s available all day long. Taking a trip to a South American McDonald’s doesn’t just have to be about burgers and fries, with this sweet treat everyone’s sugar craving will be more than satisfied. It’s fair to say that most McDonald’s around the world try to put their take on the local delicacies, and while many of them may be crowd pleasers, we can’t wait to visit South America to get our hands on these tasty treats.  

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