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10 McDonald’s Breakfasts That America Wish They Had


10 McDonald’s Breakfasts That America Wish They Had

McDonald’s breakfast menu items vary from nation to nation. Breakfast menu choices at American McDonald’s are great, including Egg McMuffins and Hotcakes, and many of these menu items are available all day long, but there are breakfast menu items from other countries that are also very appealing. Some Americans wish that they could indulge in these exciting menu items, from Malaysian chicken porridge to Australian Big Brekkie Burgers and beyond. If you’re into Mickey D’s and you love learning about popular food from other countries, you’ll enjoy this list. You may be able to sample some of these breakfast menu items while you travel. While sampling breakfast menu items from McDonald’s in other countries may not qualify as bucket list stuff, doing so could be one facet of an unforgettable travel experience.

10. Chicken Porridge Is Available At Malaysian Mickey D’s

Would you eat chicken porridge for breakfast? If so, you’ll love the Chicken Porridge breakfast menu item available at McDonald’s locations in Malaysia. Simple, nourishing and delicious, it offers a bit of of a traditional Malaysian vibe, while still having that typical McDonald’s taste. McDonald’s in different countries adjust their menus to suit the tastes of local customers. This is why there is such a big difference between breakfast menu items at Mickey D’s in Malaysia and McDonald’s locations in America. While Americans don’t typically indulge in congee-style porridge for breakfast, it’s not hard to see why it’s such a good idea. It’s warm and comforting and features carbs which help to boost energy at the start of the day. Chicken Porridge is also available at McDonald’s locations in Thailand. People who’ve enjoyed this unique McDonald’s breakfast menu item tend to give it high marks. It includes fresh, hot chicken. The porridge is made from rice congee. Congee is produced by cooking rice in plenty of water, until it softens into a porridge-like consistency. It’s possible to enjoy savory or sweet rice congee. The McDonald’s rice congee is a savory choice for a tasty and satisfying morning meal. If you go to a Malaysian McDonald’s and order this menu item, you’ll receive a piping-hot bowl of porridge that includes chicken on top. This dish is seasoned well and it’s definitely worth trying. It also offers lots of nutrition and taste for an affordable price. 

9. A Rice Dish Called Nasi Uduk Was Sold In Indonesia

A rice dish known as Nasi Uduk was originally offered at Singapore McDonald’s locations in 2017. In 2018, the same dish was offered at McDonald’s Indonesia locations. This particular menu item is obviously a big hit with McDonald’s fans in Asia and Oceania. Nasi Uduk is made with rice that’s steamed with pandan leaf and coconut milk. The rice is served alongside a variety of side dishes. After its introduction at Mickey D’s in Indonesia, it got plenty of buzz and fanfare. According to a news report from, Indonesian McDonald’s restaurants were offering two forms of Nasi Uduk meals for a limited time only. Limited-time offers create excitement and drive sales. One limited-time-only Nasi Uduk meal was available for breakfast and another was available at other times of the day. The breakfast meal featured shrimp paste, fried shallots, steamed rice, scrambled eggs, hot milk tea or coffee. The chicken-based Nasi Udek meal was called Paket Nasi Uduk McD Komplit, and it featured steamed rice, spicy or crispy chicken, fried eggs, scrambled eggs, fried shallots and sambal terasi, plus the customer’s choice of tea or coffee. The non-breakfast dish was added to the menu because it featured chicken alongside the steamed rice. McDonald’s Indonesia was interested in promoting its chicken menu items. McDonald’s Indonesia may reintroduce Nasi Uduk at some point. It’s an example of how McDonald’s breakfast menus in other countries offer an enticing touch of authentic regional taste. McDonald’s customers in Indonesia got excited about the breakfast meal and pics of Nasi Uduk meals from Mickey D’s found their way onto Instagram and other social media platforms.

8. Bacon Rolls Are On The Menu In The UK

Americans who make their way to the United Kingdom will be able to enjoy filling Bacon Rolls from McDonald’s for breakfast. The Bacon Roll comes with the customer’s choice of brown sauce or ketchup. A lot of UK McDonald’s fans probably wash down their Bacon Rolls with cups of tea. Tourists from America may prefer hot cups of coffee. Coffee fans will be pleased to know that Flat Whites are featured on the UK McDonald’s breakfast menu, along with plenty of tasty menu options, including Cheesy Bacon Flatbread, toasted bagels and the typical McMuffins and Hotcakes. This Bacon Roll is traditional enough to classify as comfort food. It features plenty of flavorful back bacon on a soft, white roll. It’s simple, to be sure, but just right for bacon fans. If you’re not the fruit-and-yogurt for breakfast type, the Bacon Roll may be right up your alley. It’s an indulgence that lots of Americans probably wish they had access to.  Salty, chewy bacon on a bun, with sauce. It’s genius, unless you’re vegan, vegetarian or living the gluten-free way.

7. Spanish Customers Feast on Omelette Sandwiches

A good omelette is nutritious and delicious. Eggs are treasure troves of vitamins and minerals and that’s why omelettes are excellent choices at mealtime. A good omelette on a bun is a great breakfast. Unlike American Mickey D’s customers, McDonald’s customers in Spain are able to feast on Spanish Omelette Sandwiches from McDonald’s in the a.m.  If you’re in the USA and you’re an omelette fan, you may wish that these breakfast sandwiches were available at your local McDonald’s. In the USA, there are ways to enjoy eggs at McDonald’s in the morning, but not in omelette form. Traditional Spanish omelettes are made from potatoes and eggs. They may contain garlic, onion or chives. These delightful omelettes are sometimes served cold, but not at Spanish McDonald’s locations. Traveling to Spain just to sample one of these breakfast sandwiches may be a little over the top, but there are so many other great reasons to enjoy Spain. So, why not head for Barcelona or another sunny Spanish city, and then enjoy a Spanish Omelette sandwich while you’re there? 

6. Polish Customers Enjoy Kaiser Roll Breakfast Sandwiches

Polish Mickey D’s customers flock to local McDonald’s restaurants for satisfying breakfasts. One breakfast menu item that is in demand is the Kaiser Roll Breakfast Sandwich. Loaded with bacon, sausage, lettuce, tomatoes and cheese, Kaiser Roll Breakfast sandwiches are served on hearty Kaiser rolls with sesame seeds. These sandwiches will satisfy even the strongest appetites. They are substantial enough to fill people up.  If you make your way to Poland and order one of these big breakfast sandwiches, you’ll be able to wash it down with a nice McCafe. You will find familiar food and drink on the Polish McDonald’s breakfast menu, but the Kaiser Roll Breakfast Sandwich is recommended, because it will offer a bit of pleasant novelty. Of course, it’ll also taste great. In a world where many people are trying to cut down on carbs, a lot of McDonald’s global breakfast menu items are a bit heavy on the carbs…but they’re filling! Clearly, there are plenty of people in Poland who do like a good roll for breakfast, with plenty of meat inside, and a few fresh veggies, too. Restaurants offer higher-carb options because they sell. That’s why so many Mickey D’s breakfast menu items all over the world are served on buns or with rice. 

5. Halloumi Muffins Are Available in Qatar

In Qatar, an exciting Halloumi Muffin is on the breakfast menu, so don’t hesitate to fly to Qatar to check it out. One McDonald’s customer who posted a pic of a Halloumi Muffin on Instagram recommended ordering it with a cup of hot chocolate and a plate of pancakes. Even if you skip the hot chocolate and hotcakes, you’ll find that the Halloumi Muffin really satisfies. This delicious breakfast option features creamy Halloumi cheese, a slice of ripe tomato, fresh lettuce and an English muffin-style bun. This unique breakfast sandwich gets a shot of enticing flavor from its rich olive paste. If you want to sample the traditional flavors of Arabia, while also enjoying a bit of conventional Mickey D’s taste, then the Halloumi Muffin will be a perfect choice. Halloumi cheese tastes fantastic when it’s grilled. Grilling really brings out its creamy texture and distinctive flavor. This cheese is white and springy and it’s made from a combination of sheep’s milk and goat’s milk. Some versions of Halloumi cheese are now made from cow’s milk. The cheese is brined and its melting point is high. It’s perfect for grilling and may be fried, too.

4. Singapore McDonald’s Restaurants Offer McGriddles

According to one social media user, the Singapore McGriddle really stands out. It’s made from a couple of pancakes that are filled with egg, cheese, a sausage patty and maple syrup. While American McDonald’s fans can enjoy their own McGriddles, and they can get them with the same ingredients, they may enjoy the Singapore McGriddle more, because it’s loaded with the perfect combination of sweet-and-salty ingredients, thanks to the addition of maple syrup. There was a time when McDonald’s Singapore took these delicious McGriddles away. This bummed out many Mickey D’s fans in the island city-state of Singapore. There was protest. McDonald’s Singapore execs listened to the outcry and then reinstated the McGriddle during summer of last year. While McGriddles were off the menu, some Singaporean McDonald’s customers tried to make their own by assembling different components off of the McDonald’s breakfast menu. That’s dedication, right? Is the Singapore McGriddle really so legendary…and so different from what Americans get? The only way to know for sure is to visit Singapore and try it. Gorge on these apparently exceptional griddle cake sandwiches. Then, compare the experience to the one that you have back home. While you’re in Singapore, be sure to check out the local attractions, such as the Singapore Flyer Ferris Wheel and Marina Bay Sands. If you can’t make it to Singapore, ask for maple syrup and douse your McGriddle with it.

3. Finnish Customers Can Order Raspberry Oatmeal

Finnish McDonald’s locations offer delectable Raspberry Oatmeal on the breakfast menu. If you love oatmeal with a touch of tangy, sweet fruit, you may wish that you could get the same thing at an American Mickey D’s. Oatmeal isn’t exclusive to Finland McDonald’s fast food joints. It’s only the raspberry flavor that’s unique. It comes in a nice-sized cup and it’s a healthy indulgence in the a.m. In the USA, fruit and maple oatmeal is on the menu, which will offer the same kind of taste. McDonald’s has been steadily introducing more healthy menu items over the years, to meet the needs of health-conscious consumers. Oatmeal from Mickey D’s will be a great choice if you want to skip the usual deep-fried goodness. If you’re strong enough to resist the McMuffins and McGriddles and order a cup of oatmeal, more power to you. You could always order both. Super Size Me was a documentary that highlighted the alleged downside of McDonald’s. There is another side and that’s the healthier side. Oatmeal from McDonald’s isn’t a bad breakfast decision. It’s a solid choice from a nutritional perspective.

2. Aussies Nosh On Big Brekkie Burgers

Australia is an awesome vacation spot that American McDonald’s fans should definitely visit. When they explore Sydney or Melbourne, or any other Aussie locales with McDonald’s restaurants, they can treat themselves to Big Brekkie Burgers. These delicious and hearty burgers contain hash browns, which sounds amazing. Each burger comes with a hash brown inside of the bun, along with rasher bacon, egg, a patty of ground beef and some tasty BBQ sauce. The bun features sesame seeds. Melted cheese is also a component of this exceptional breakfast option. Ground beef used to make the patties is sourced from New Zealand. If you can’t make it to the Land Down Under, assemble a faux-Big Brekkie Burger by ordering a hash brown patty, a sausage McMuffin and a cheeseburger. Then, put everything together. Australian McDonald’s sound like a lot of fun. They do offer some exciting menu options and not just at breakfast time. If you love big burgers anytime of the day, you’ll find fun choices at Aussie Mickey D’s locations. The next-level Big Brekkie Burger was introduced during February of 2018. It’s designed for the types of people who wake up feeling really, really hungry. If you’re in that category, you may find yourself dreaming of the Big Brekkie Burger, even if you can’t actually get your hands on it.

1. Soup Is Served In The A.M. In Hong Kong

Breakfast soup in on the menu in Hong Kong. It reflects local tastes and looks amazing. Filled with aromatic broth, curly noodles, meat and chopped veggies, this soup may be enjoyed along with hash brown patties and coffee. If you love warm breakfasts, rather than energy bars, cereal or cold yogurt, you may wish that you could order this menu item at an American McDonald’s. While the idea of having soup for breakfast might be hard to wrap your head around, tons of people all over the world think it’s a great idea. While some breakfast menu items at Hong Kong McDonald’s are available all day long, the soup is just for the morning hours. This twirly pasta soup is apparently a real treat and very popular. One happy customer who posted about the soup online chose a broth with twirly noodles, an egg and sausage. It’s possible to grab a hash brown patty, the soup and a regular coffee for a very affordable price. This nutritious breakfast option is a perfect choice for chillier mornings and it brings a little authentic Chinese tradition into the whole McDonald’s experience. 

Now that you know some of the most unique, interesting and tasty McDonald’s breakfast menu items worldwide, you’ve got the inside scoop on what McDonald’s breakfasts are like outside of the USA. Our ten picks really just scratch the surface. Exploring the world just to sample a variety of McDonald’s breakfast items may not be possible, but it may be possible to try at least a few of these unique breakfast items someday. 

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