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10 Little Known Secrets about WWE Stars

A secret is meant for one person to keep to themselves. But how can it be widely known yet manage to maintain the same secretive quality? This proves true to the extent that this oxymoron applies to some of the WWE stars that have little-known secrets.

Over the years, WWE has gained a lot of attention, not only from the interesting shows that they put on but also from the legal issues that faithfully trail behind them. Some5 of the stars as well, have found themselves entangled in dramas that warrant a good raise of the eyebrows based on some of the shenanigans they appear to get themselves into.

10. It is All Scripted

This is one of the biggest, but already known secrets that some of the WWE fans figured out. The stars spend a good amount of time exercising in order to minimize the number of injuries that they would suffer in the ring. This is also the reason for the well-built bodies that most of the stars rightfully boast of. It is, however, hard for some not to believe as the moves done, if repeated carelessly could lead to serious injuries. However, it has all been choreographed and rehearsed ahead of time to get the best possible response from the fans.

We have as well witnessed cases of some of the wrestlers like Stone Cold not sticking to the written script. The stars not only exercise to gain the right body to sustain them in the ring, but also rehearse the words that they ought to say to each other. It would be an interesting experience to witness how far the careers of some would have gone and lasted had they followed the example of Cold. A Raw script came out back in the summer of 2014 when one of the facilitators forgot their script, which was later found and shared by a fan. However, there is still some hardened fans that refuse to believe it isn’t real.

9. Didn’t that Hurt?

Oh yes, it certainly did! As mentioned above, despite the fact that the wrestlers practice a lot to ensure accuracy in performance, accidents still happen now and then. This is because all the animals (yes, even the snake) and weapons, though specially made, that are used are real. John Cena, for example, has had multiple surgeries performed due to the mishaps in the ring.

After being hit on the head, sometimes wrestlers go down and stay there for a while, only to get up with blood dripping down their face. The blood usually appears not necessarily because of a hard hit, but it mainly has everything to do with the wrestler removing a razor from its perfect hiding place in the wristband and making a small cut right next to the hairline. Due to the fact that blood from the face is usually profuse, it easily flows down the face of the wrestler giving the illusion of a good beat up to the excited and involved crowds. This is called balding and though it happens, has been declared illegal in WWE, attracting a heavy fine directly to the wrestler.

8. Their Love and Hate are Controlled

One would imagine that some wrestlers are generally really good fighters who are loved by the crowd. While this may be true, Vince McMahon is the real backbone of their careers. Those of us who enjoy watching the show from the comfort of our homes miss a lot of the happenings that are omitted upon editing before the official release. This is all thanks to Vince who has the final say in WWE, controlling what should be put up and what should not.

Sound speakers are perfectly fixed in the area are usually used to enhance the cheers and jeers of the crowd. The reactions can also be easily filtered. For those who have had a chance to see backstage, they are aware that many cameras are usually strategically placed all over to be able to get the perfect angle for the fights. Though this is a good thing, at times it is used in favor of the management and not the wrestlers in that some scenes are removed in order to build up the image of those Vince wants. There is always a storyline behind the matches, made up by those who put the matches together. These make it more fun and interesting for the fans.

7. Not Everyone is Completely Financially Covered

The lives of celebrities are often seen as always glamorous from the huge sums of money that they make. Otherwise, why would one put themselves through all the hard work only to earn the same amount of money as the average working person and still struggle to maintain their name? As sad as this may sound, it is true. There have been allegations that some wrestlers have had to pay for their own medical coverage and tickets to travel to venues. This may be because they were not yet under contract with one of the leagues but was trying to make a name for themselves.

Nevertheless, we do have some of the wrestlers who have earned a good name over the years and not only make a fortune but are well covered in many aspects financially. Some wrestlers have claimed to earn little pay and as a result, we have seen their careers come to an end as soon as they took off. One would not entirely blame management, however, as wrestling is not only about the money, but about skill, passion and the ability to endure for a long time to be able to build up one’s name. Many things are put into consideration besides skill when one’s contract is considered.

6. Never Kill the Messenger

It is surprising but interesting to know that not only do the referees control the match, but they also communicate with people backstage to be able to receive instructions from the controllers. Most times when they go down to check if a wrestler is out, they relay the information on the next move. Talk of good strategies and teamwork! This is because, despite the rehearsals, the wrestlers sometimes need reminders on what they are supposed to do next. The same may apply when they receive warnings as well.

The referees also have the power to end the match when they think that the match has extended beyond the script or in case a wrestler is seriously injured. We have witnessed cases where the crowd is clearly aware that a move seriously hurt, but the wrestlers still keep up with the act, which later turns out for the worst. Therefore, next time, remember that they are important people as well in the match and that though they can get annoying at times, we should not be too quick to mark them as unfair and support their beating. Remember that they too receive orders and what choice do they have but to follow them?

5. Disagreements Sometimes Get Personal

Who would have imagined that as much as Vince McMahon completely controls the show, the wrestlers can also decide to have a mind of their own that extends beyond the ring? Some wrestlers like John Cena are known to be the best loud communicators in the ring. Apologies are usually passed from one wrestler to the other in case of a wrong move and at times those with the best memories remind their opponents of what to do next for the match to continue.

The stars as well do their best to keep this away from the media due to ‘kayfabe,’ which is a secret word that they use to notify one another of fans nearby, of which they need to maintain their images for the sake of their careers and the business. The opposite is also true, that most of the wrestlers are really good friends outside the ring. We have seen them embracing and having good laughs and communication together as the hate is all an act for the gullible crowds. We must, however, agree that that kind of social sacrifice for the sake of their fans is very impressive and commendable.

4. Alleged Steroid Use

Certain scandals like the alleged use of steroids by the wrestlers have attracted unwanted attention to Vince McMahon. It has forced him to come out and speak on the issue on behalf of the whole team. This is not a good way to gain publicity as it defames all the work, effort and time that the whole team puts in. Steroids are known to boost the abilities of a performer to support exceptional superhuman abilities. They as well, boost the bodies of the wrestlers and builds muscle mass, which completely raises doubts about some of the bodies we see contrary to the statement earlier on the intense exercise by the wrestlers. However, even when taking steroids, a person still has to put in the intense exercise. You just get more out of it, but they can be a huge risk.

This was the case with Scott Steiner who fell under such claims. Upon being asked for a test, he took it offensively and thus additionally wanted other wrestlers to be tested alongside him. This is not to say that all wrestlers are partakers of this vice. Most actually put in all the work and spend uncountable hours in the gym and in training to gain the ultimate body perfection.

3. Star Couples

We have seen that Vince is the one with the final say but is this always the same with matters of the heart? He gets to decide who fights against whom, when and where, and who gets to win. This is the man who is also responsible for the formation of couples and maintaining or breaking them. Examples of fake couples that we have seen are Zack Ryder and Eve Tomes, Alicia Fox and Cedric Alexander, Nia Jax and Enzo Amore, Kane and Tori, and Trish Stratus and The Rock.

On the other hand, love is like a flower that blooms where it sees fit, rarely with any control. There are real love stories that have formed as a result of WWE. Examples of these are the likes of Rusev and Lana, Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella, Maria and Mike Kanellis, The Miz and Maryse and Triple H and Stephanie McMahon. These are beautiful couples and some have resulted in marriage, thus boosting the profiles and careers of each wrestler while adding a bonus of not only finding love in what one is passionate about but also working with their partners.

2. Some Have Blackmailed to Take Part in the Show

This is another addition to the scandals that we have seen. Who would have thought that wrestlers actually loved taking part in the show, from the fighting to the hype associated with it all? Yes, this was one of the claims that were made. Apparently, some wrestlers would do anything to have their names included in the performance list as we know this results in more fame, thus more pay. For something that pays so well, it may be quite worth depending it on what angle you choose to look at it.

Financially, it may sound logical to put money where it will grow, for example, how many people believe in taking part in lotteries and actually winning. However, this may not be entirely wise looking at it from the point of extreme loss as in this situation for what good will it do a person to have a lot of money but with a spoiled name alongside? Jeff Jarrett, for example, was to fight with Chyna but allegedly declined the match unless his ultimatum of $300,000 was paid to him to appear for the match making him a black sheep in the WWE family.

1. Long Hair is Useful for Communication

Yes, that is entirely right. Although long hair is not a qualification to be part of the WWE family, those wrestlers who have it have a fair and worthy advantage over the others. Just the same way referees communicate with the wrestlers, wrestlers have to have special and strategic ways of communication that favor them in the best way possible while still keeping it a secret. Who would have thought that natural added glory, which is hair, could play such an important role?

This is more reason to wonder why specific wrestlers have specific modes of dressing in the ring and with specific items with them. One should not be surprised to learn that about everything that the wrestlers do or have is not merely a preference, but special ways to make the show the great and usual success it normally is. Next time, in case one wants to cut their hair, they should remember that some would love to have it, not only for beauty, but because it is necessary to aid them in their careers. It is more than hair; it is a great booster and secret aider.

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