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10 KFC Food Items You Can Never Eat In America


10 KFC Food Items You Can Never Eat In America

Finger lickin’ good flavor is available all over the world, at a host of KFC fast food joints. If you’re a KFC fan who appreciates the Colonel’s classic blend of eleven “secret” herbs and spices, you’ll probably enjoy learning about the Top 10 KFC Menus Around The World. In the USA, KFC rakes in roughly 23 billion bucks each year. KFC is also popular in other countries. Founded in North Corbin, Kentucky, KFC opened its very first franchise sixty-six years ago. Today, KFC HQ is located in Dallas, Texas. Overall, there are 20,000 franchises in 123 territories and nations. This fast food chain is a branch of Yum! Brands. Yum! Brands is also the owner of Taco Bell, WingStreet and Pizza Hut. Founded by a Colonel named Harland Sanders, who started doling out fried chicken to customers from a roadside eatery in Kentucky, during the dark days of the Great Depression, KFC is known for its pressure-fried chicken, which is seasoned to perfection, thanks to the top-secret recipe. Now, let’s look at ten amazing ways to enjoy KFC all over the globe.

10. Spicy Chicken Rice Is Available In Thailand

Thailand’s KFC restaurants offer Spicy Chicken Rice, as well as Spicy Chicken Lemon Rice and Spicy Roasted Chicken Rice. If you’re a rice fan, you’ll love indulging in KFC fare in Bangkok or another Thai city. A lot of Asian KFC fast food joints cater to the tastes of Asian consumers by offering meal options with rice. Rice makes for a nice change from fries or coleslaw or seasoned potato wedges or other classic American KFC sides. Anyone who prefers rice to other carbs (and loves a bit of spice as well!) may want to visit a Thailand KFC. The spicy chicken rice meal is reasonably-priced and gets rave reviews from people who’ve tried it. KFC Thailand also offers some exciting dessert options that are a bit off the beaten track, including egg tarts that come in a choice of flavors, such as Original and Chocolate Banana. Egg tarts are egg pies with crispy textures and soft custard fillings. Another fun and tasty option at KFC Thailand is the Wing Zeed. It’s chicken with chili-lime seasoning. This chicken meal selection is fried, spiced and then given a liberal sprinkling of lime juice. For a unique side dish. order your Wing Zeed alongside a “shrimp donut”. Shrimp donuts from KFC Thailand are pieces of shrimp that are breaded and then fried. They are shaped like donuts. KFC with a Thai spin sounds delicious. Many traditional Thai dishes have wonderful flavor profiles, because they are seasoned with traditional spice blends.  

9. Aussies Go For The Zinger Stacker Burger

In Australia, KFC Zinger Stacker Burgers are on the menu. These burgers are decadent choices. If you’re in the Land Down Under, be sure to treat yourself to one of these behemoths. You won’t walk away from KFC hungry! Made from a couple of Zinger chicken patties, a “super-charged” sauce, chili relish, a couple of slices of cheese and a wholemeal bun, the Zinger Stacker is a weighty Kentucky Fried Chicken meal option. If you want to eat a little lighter, go for a one-patty burger instead. If you’re starving and want that full feeling, you’ll do better with the classic Zinger Stacker. It’s got enough protein to satisfy even the heartiest appetite. With a burger this extreme, you may not even need sides, but you may want to order them anyway. You’re already going all in with this burger…why stop now? At Aussie KFC locations, you’ll be able to choose from a host of delicious sides, some of which will be familiar if you’re from North America. Opt for regular seasoned chips. French fries are known as chips in Australia and some other countries, such as the UK. You might also choose mashed potatoes with gravy or a nice coleslaw side. 

8. Tiramisu Is Available For Dessert In France

KFC goes refined in France, where tiramisu is available for dessert. This delectable dessert will be the perfect finishing touch to your meal. It’ll also be a great snack if you’re craving something sweet that you can get your hands on in minutes. Made from sponge cake, plus cream whipped with a hint of aromatic Italian Mascarpone cream cheese, this luscious dessert contains a bit of alcohol, as well as eggs, milk and gluten-based grains. If you’re planning on polishing off a KFC meal before you nosh on your Tiramisu, be sure to save enough room for this tasty dessert. Some KFC meals are quite filling. Sweet Pie is another dessert option for Kentucky Fried Chicken France customers. Sweet Pie is a small egg-shaped pastry that’s basically a cream puff. It contains gluten-based grains, milk, soy and egg. Experimenting with new cuisine when you travel is always fun, so it’s nice to know that you may indulge in some exciting sweet treats while visiting KFC fast food joints in France. While gourmets might point you towards other restaurants while you’re in Paris or another hot tourist destination in France, such as Provence, you may like the fact that French KFCs offer a little taste of home, with some interesting new menu item options. 

7. Ramadan Specials Are Available At KFC Locations In Arabia

KFC Arabia provides menu items for Ramadan, just like McDonald’s Arabia does. Mickey D’s doesn’t offer delightful doughnuts with its Ramadan specials, like KFC Arabia sometimes does, so KFC may have the edge when it comes to Ramadan specials . When you order a Ramadan special from KFC, you may get a cluster of tasty and miniature Krispy Kreme doughnuts with your order. It’s safe to say that you’ll gobble up the mini-doughnuts fast. If you’ve sampled Krispy Kreme doughnuts in the past, you already know that these sweet treats are downright addictive. If doughnuts aren’t offered, you might get cookies instead, and you might have the option of choosing Arabic rice, rather than typical KFC French Fries. 

In the Middle East, fast food chains have worked hard to attract customers during Ramadan’s holy month. These fast food chains are popular year-round, but many lose customers during Ramadan. This is why fast food joints like KFC offer special meals or other special promotions, such as all-you-can-eat deals or lower prices. While other menu items at KFC Arabia locations will seem pretty familiar to you, the Ramadan specials are unique. These specials may vary from time to time. Another interesting option on the KFC Arabia menu is the Zinger Shrimp Supreme sandwich. Order it as a combo, with French fries and a cold drink. This shrimp sandwich is hearty and features breaded seafood, along with a bit of pleasantly spicy seasoning. 

6. KFC Cajun Boxmaster Meals Are On The Menu In London, England

Does breaded Kentucky Fried Chicken served in a soft tortilla sound good to you? Do you enjoy Cajun flavors? If so, you should head for London, England, where you can enjoy a Cajun Boxmaster meal at KFC fast food joints. This exciting meal option offers plenty of zesty flavor. When you order, you’ll receive a one hundred percent chicken filet, made from chicken breast, as well as tomato, spicy, Cajun-style sauce, lettuce, cheese and a hash brown patty. All of these yummy ingredients will be wrapped up in a soft tortilla. The Cajun Boxmaster combo meal comes with fries and a drink. The addition of a hash brown patty and Cajun sauce makes this UK meal item really special. The hash brown patty adds heartiness and the sauce spices things up. Since the wrap is so portable, it’s also a great choice if you want to nosh on the go. 

5. Indian Twister Menu Items Are Available At Denmark KFCs

At Kentucky Fried Chicken fast food restaurants in Denmark. patrons may choose menu items from a special menu called the Indian Twister Menu. Whether hungry customers go for chicken wraps with curry sauces and jalapeno peppers, or potatoes with black pepper, or both, they will be accessing unique KFC taste that isn’t so easy to find anywhere else. Clearly, Denmark is a place where Indian flavors are appreciated. KFC menus vary from nation to nation because they are altered to reflect the tastes of residents of different countries. It’s fun to see what KFCs in other nations offer to their clients. The Indian Twister Menu sounds impressive and customers in Denmark are able to polish off their meals by ordering hot vanilla tarts. These warm and sweet tarts are the ideal finishing touch after spicy meals from the Indian Twister menu. Their sweetness definitely balances out the savory spiciness of the Indian Twister Menu. 

4. KFC Japan Offers All-You-Can-Eat-Chicken Sometimes

How much KFC could you eat in a single sitting? If you visit a Japan KFC during an “all you can eat chicken” promotion, you’ll be able to find out once and for all. Quite often, with promotions of this type, people find out that they can’t shovel in nearly as much food as they thought they could. In July of 2018, participating KFC in Japan offered customers all you can eat chicken on Fridays only, from the 20th of July to the 31st of August. It cost the equivalent of twelve USA bucks and change to access the all you can eat chicken action. This type of promotional gambit actually dates back to 2014. It’s a special promotion that KFC Japan brings back now and then. Customers who enjoyed this promotion were able to consume as much original fried chicken as they wished, for up to forty-five minutes. They were also welcome to gorge on unlimited biscuits, fries and soda. Kids didn’t have to pay full rate. If kids were young enough, they could eat for free. 

While there is a time limit on this offer, because patrons have only forty-five minutes to chow down, it’s safe to say that hungry customers could scarf down a lot of Kentucky Fried Chicken, sides and sodas within that limited time frame. If there was no time limit, people might sit in KFC Japan locations for hours, leisurely grazing on KFC fare. That’s actually kind of a pleasant concept, isn’t it? Anyway, this cool offer for all you can eat chicken was exclusive to Japan, and it’s just a sometimes thing. Limited-time special offers are something that customers look forward to. They get them excited about fast food brands. The Japan KFC experience is more upscale and expensive than the North American KFC experience. Staff members at KFC Japan locations have culinary training. They have a higher tier of education and experience. 

3. The Watt-A-Box From KFC India Is Sadly Discontinued

In 2016, KFC India came up with unique and innovative meal packaging for its newly-launched, “5 In 1 Meal Box”. Some lucky customers who ordered these menu items at KFC India locations were lucky enough to receive their meals in boxes that included built-in power banks. These boxes were limited edition and they were known as “Watt a Boxes”. Each Watt-a-Box would allow a KFC customer to charge his or her smart phone while eating. Only some customers at some Kentucky Fried Chicken locations in Delhi and Mumbai were fortunate enough to receive these meal boxes with built-in power banks. KFC also gave away some Watt-a-Boxes through contests that were run via social media. It must have been exciting for people who received Watt-a-Boxes at KFC India locations to sit down at KFC tables, enjoy their five-in-one meal boxes and watch their phones charge as they gorged. While this promotion is sadly discontinued, it definitely spoke to the needs of an increasingly smart phone-addicted society. Can you make it through a whole fast food meal without trawling the Web? If so, you may not need a Watt-A-Box, but you might still want one. 

2. Nigeria’s Big Boss Burger Was A Short-term Menu Item

KFC’s been doing some expansion within Africa, although it has hit a few roadblocks along the way, such as dealing with the fact that importing chicken is a no-no. This means that KFC outlets in Africa need to rely on local suppliers, who are sometimes not that dependable. Also, sadly, a lot of people in African nations with KFC fast food joints are too poor the patronize the restaurants. Despite these very real issues, KFC Africa has managed to win the loyalty of a lot of customers, in part thanks to its appealing menu items, in addition to in-restaurant air conditioning and free Wi-Fi. Menus at KFC eateries in South Africa have been adapted to fit the preferences of locals. This meant offering Big Boss burgers for a while, as well as jollof rice with a spicy kick and some vegetarian menu items. During 2014, Nigerian KFC outlets provided customers with iconic Big Boss burgers, which contained chicken patties that had been deep-fried. The Big Boss was supposed to give Big Macs from McDonald’s a run for their money. Customers were encouraged to try and wolf down their Big Boss burgers in under a minute and most customers couldn’t do it. 

1. The Chizza Is On The Menu In The Philippines

Does the idea of scarfing down a pizza with a fried chicken base appeal to you? If so, you might want to order a Chizza from a KFC outlet in the Philippines. These fried chicken pizzas are decadent options. Instead of crusts made from typical pizza dough, they have fried chicken crusts which are seasoned with the Colonel’s unique blend of eleven herbs and spices. The Chizza was introduced in 2015, with a fried chicken filet base that was boneless. Toppings for the Chizza include bell peppers, cheese, pineapples, onions and cheese. The Chizza comes in a small cardboard pizza-type box. With a substantial, personal-size Chizza on the table or in a take-out bag, you may not need the usual side dishes. You’re going to be getting a lot of filling protein. You may need a drink so this hearty menu item goes down easier. The base of the pizza tastes a lot like the chicken filets from the notorious Double Down sandwiches. The infamous Double Down features two fried and seasoned chicken filets, which take the place of typical burger buns. Double Downs are the height of fast food decadence. As you can see, there are some exciting and unique menu items available at KFC locations all over the world. Major KFC fans may want to put together bucket list tours of KFC restaurants in different countries. They can then enjoy a range of appealing menu items that just aren’t available in the USA and Canada. 

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