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10 Insane Homes From Around The World

Home… the one place you can put your feet up, feel free and comfortable and seek refuge every day. It is your space, your own little world behind the bricks. There are so many different styles of homes, the possibilities are endless when it comes to your pile of bricks. 

People can get really creative when decorating or building their dream house. You can have the modern and minimal mansion surrounded by acres of land, or a quaint little cabin in the woods far away from the city. 

From country to country, the looks of homes change and can definitely impress passers by. When we look inside some of these houses, we can be totally blown away. Let’s open the doors to 10 insane homes from around the world.

10. Versailles, Florida

This house is absolutely incredible and has drawn major attention since the first brick was layed to start building. It is a 90,000 square foot property that belongs to David and Jackie Siegal. This house is pretty private considered it is in a gated community in Orange country. The house has a worth of an estimated $100 million USD and is the fourth most expensive house in the USA. What is inside the house is what makes it worth that much aside from its enormous size. The house has its very own bowling alley, 11 kitchens, 14 bedrooms, 32 bathrooms and place for 32 cars in the garage. The extravagance does not just stop there! The house also has multiple indoor and outdoor pools, a movie theatre, a roller rink, an arcade and a ballroom for events. This house has pretty much anything and everything that you can imagine. It is a type of resort on its own and definitely can hold more than the average two parents, two child family. Although it seems like the life of luxury, not everyone seems to think that way as the house has been critisized as a gauty and a total waste of money.

9. Hearst Mansion, Beverly Hills

You may recognize this property from a famous film called The Godfather! The hit movie was filmed on this estate, which has recently been put on the market with a pricetag of $195 million USD. Jackie and John F. Kennedy even honeymooned here! It was built in the 1920s and has not had a lot of turnover in ownership since. The house is ver famous and has been frequented by celebrities over the years. To begin, the mansion includes 30 bedrooms and 40 bathrooms for your choosing if you need to go. It also has a two story library, a spa, a game room and an emaculate yard. The attention to detail in the carvings and architecture of the mansion is exquisite. If the owners choose to have a party, the estate has a built in disco, a yard fit for 400 guests, tennis courts, a gym and several villas for guests to stay on the premises. The style of the home is a mix of Spanish and Italian style, which fit in perfectly for The Godfather. To this day, this home remains very historic and famous for its size and for its popularity among tinsle town. It really is a piece of art.

8. Carson Mansion

This amazing mansion is located in a place called Eureka, California. It has been known to be “the most grand Victorian home in America”. Its style is very unique and it is one of those mansions, you can’t help but get fixated on. It is no longer an actual home. The mansion has been transformed to be a private club now since 1950. The house actually has been recognized so much that it has begun to be emulated at popular attractions. Disneyland’s clock tower on the train station is a replica of this home. It took over 100 people to construct this home and over two years. It was originally built for a lumber baron, William Carson. Inside you can find beautiful, intricate stained glass and carvings on different kinds of wood throughout the house. The house was designed by Samuel and Joseph Newsom. The two prided themselves on creating very picturesque architectural structures. The home is built with a lot of redwood and white mahogany. Many of the woods were imported from all over the world like The Philippines, India and Mexico. The home looks like it is straight out of a storybook and continues to due itself justice with the many sight-seers daily.

7. Fallingwater, Pennsylvania

This house was designed in 1935 and has become incredibly popular over the years for many reasons. It was built partly over a waterfall, which is the main attraction about the house right in the center of lush greenery. The design has been recognized by The American Institute of Architects quoting the home as: “best all time work of American architecture”. It was originally constructed to be a family weekend home for Edgar J. Kaufman’s family. They used it between 1937 and 1963 as thier own getaway home. Eventually the home got deeded to the public and is a popular attraction to visit. The home actually attracted more than 160,000 tourists per year! Unfortunately over the past 80 years, the home has begun to show some deteriating and it is vital to upkeep it well in order to preserve the amazing place. The outer walls must be washed very well on a regular basis. Regular painting of the rooms is done when needed. Overall, there is a very close watch on the home and in making sure everything is at its best. Upkeep is very detailed including changing of the cork floors for the bathroom when needed for long-term preservation.

6. Flintstone House

This is one of the coolest houses ever! It is a recreation from the popular show The Flintstones and it is practically to a tee the exact replica of their home. It is fully functional with modern amenities but still holds the VERY old school vibe of The Flintstones era. The 2,736 square foot home is located in sunny Malibu, and was designed for TV personality Dick Clark. The home is worth $3.195 million, so it is no cheap deal and0 it is much more of a work of art. There were multiple architects and designers on a team in order to satisfy every idea and turn it into a functional reality. The home also includes access to a private beach and incredible views from high up in the hills. The window frames are cut in order to resemble exactly how the original Flintstones house looked like. Inside from the floor to the ceiling and walls, are all made to resemble stone. Although the home is located on 28 acres of land, it is actually not that large. It simply has one bedroom and two bathrooms. A benefit of this design and location is that the home is surrounded by natural sunlight.

5. Clocktower penthouse

This is a $15,000,000 condo in New York with 3 bedrooms and 3.5 bathrooms. The views are completely insane, giving you a full skyline and full city view from your home. The condo is in the clocktower in Brooklyn with four 14 foot glass clocks surrounding your building. This property includes your own private elevator and is designed for major comfort and entertaining. It is naturally the most expensive penthouse in Brooklyn as there are three stories and a massive glass elevator in the center of the condo. You can even enjoy a relaxing bubble bath while overlooking all of New York, you are staring right at The Statue of Liberty. The amenities are very modern and high end, making living very comfortable and glamorous all at the same time. There is a lot of natural light that enters the condo because of the huge windows and the location at the top of the building. The original asking price for sale was actually $25 million, but over the years the price has dropped. It is very spacious with some cielings reaching to roughly 15 meters. The master suite has views to Lower Manhatten and the kitchen is completely renovated and is a crisp white color.

4. Glass House, Tokyo

This home is definitely not like many others and requires a certain personality and taste for those who choose to inhabite it. First of all, it is entirely see through. All of the walls are pretty much giant windows allowing for passersby to see into your home and anything and everything that you are doing and the design was made apparently to resemble a tree. There are three levels to this home and it;s created to make you seem like you are climbing a tree and perching on a branch because of its interior design. Thankfully this neighborhood is not too busy, allowing for some form of privacy considering the nature of the house. It is 914 square feet and cannot fit too many people inside. To get to another level one must use a small staircase or the multiple ladders within the home. For more intimate moments and rooms within the house, curtains were installed in order to give the residents some form of privacy. It is doubtful that neighbors would want continual access to these sights. There is no question that this is definitely one of the most unique types of houses in the world. Architecture allows for any type of home these days and this is proof of that.

3. Sharma Springs, Bali

This is not just a home in Bali, Indonesia, but a work of art that attracts thousands of people on a regular basis. It is the largest bamboo structure in the country currently standing at sixty feet high. It is a villa with four bedrooms and a guest room close by as well. There are amazing views and it is located right next to a river, it really is in the center of nature. This villa includes a pool, an outdoor spa, a yoga area and multiple rooms with different themes to please anyone staying there. This area is a major business opportunity for anyone to invest is any of these homes or simply buy for their own relaxation and living space. Each villa has its own personal attractions. They all range from having media rooms, different amounts of rooms and sizes. These homes have been gaining a lot of recognition over the years. They have even been featured on American television talk shows as well as in American magazines. The segments and articles showcase how amazing these spaces truly are to live in and recognize its ability to make you feel totally relaxed all while being in your own person space.

2. Croft House, Australia

This house is a major work of architectural greatness and has been recognized as so around the globe. It has a very minimalist look to it as well as a very modern type of design. It is located in Victoria, Australia and may be difficult to catch your eye as it is blends in with the hills of nature, sometimes completely camouflaging it. The home was designed by James Stockwell, whose idea was to build a house that blends in with the land surrounding it. It is an easy home to maintain because of the materials used to help build it. Zinc as well as some metals and compressed sand were used, which helps make the home last long term. The home is surrounded by wide cieling to floor windows allowing for a lot of natural sunlight to enter the residence. The colors used for the entire house are grey, light wood and white. A great feature about this house is that it is incorporated with solar energy, which diminishes the living cost greatly in terms energy. The home is quite sturdy as well with many large beams within it ensuring security and safety. It is a very unique place to live.

1. Malbaie VIII, Québec

The great thing about this home is that it has been created by architects who were truly influenced by many different parts of the world. They took the knowledge they aquired from exposure to many different styles and looks in regards to creating and designing a home. This home has a modern look that intertwins a wooden cabin feel and ties it all together. Located in the heart of nature, the home has many features for residents to enjoy. It is two stories and has views of The St. Lawrence River and is surrounded by trees. There was a lot of white cedar used as well as grey metals to tie the looks all together. It has a very large and open plan concept throughout the entire house. It is a perfectly designed space for entertaining large groups comfortably. There are ceiling to floor windows that help to capture views of the gorgeous mountains over looking the river. The home is located in Charlevoix, Québec and has been able to draw a lot of attnetion for its unique style and location. The home helps to tie together the historical farm-like vibe with a modern twist and exceptional architectural design.

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