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10 Hilarious Celebrity Mom Pics

Celebrities are photographed basically every day of the year. Often, they will be aware of the presence of the cameras, sometimes not so much. Sometimes a cameraman appears at just the wrong moment and they are pictured doing something that will not place them in the most flattering light. Sometimes those pictures get them in a great deal of trouble. If you are a well-photographed celebrity and you are going to misbehave, you had better make sure there are no cameras around. This can prove impossible with the modern paparazzi culture. Equally, social media means that a picture can be flashed around the world from a mobile phone in seconds.

10. Duchess of Cambridge with Paddington

The usually pristine and elegant Duchess of Cambridge took a trip with Princes William and Harry to Paddington station to meet some children who had been helped by their charities. The Duchess wasn’t expected to attend the event, as she was recovering from extreme morning sickness, as she was pregnant with Prince Louis, but she wanted to be there to meet the children. The children they met were off on a special day out by train after having suffered from difficult times in their lives. They set off on their trip of a lifetime, waved off by the Duchess and her husband, Prince Harry and several familiar faces from the world of children’s books.

One of these was the bear who takes his name from the London station. A life-size Paddington bear greeted the royal group and then encouraged the Duchess to embark on a dance, as the Metro reported. Kate seemed to thoroughly enjoy the experience before waving the children off on their journey, along with her new furry friend. Other members of the cast of the film Paddington 2 were at the station to wave off the lucky youngsters.

9. Celine Dion hugging tree

Celine took part in a fashion shoot in Paris and entertained us all with a series of bizarre, dramatic poses as she modeled. She wore a grey tweed ensemble, which she teamed with a slanted black hat, and posed with a number of garden tools, giving facial impressions that could have won Oscars. One of the more hilarious pictures was of Celine hugging a tree, with a sincere and intense look. Celine has won Grammys for her singing, perhaps she is after similar accolades for her acting. As she posed in the Palais Royal in her Dior suit, she looked as if she was auditioning for a bizarre horticultural horror film.

She posed intensely with a set of garden shears, as she twirled around the Parisian park and imitated the poses of the nearby statues. She donned a black sombrero style hat to add to the drama of her poses and stood atop a set of step ladders seemingly lost in awe and wonder, reported Eonline. Her enormous skirt provided her with a useful prop, as Celine mimicked some of the more dramatic moves from the pasa doble dance, and then stood in apparent disgust or depression in the next shot.

8. Beyonce falls off stage

Oh dear, poor Beyonce. The sexy songstress performed at Coachella in a typically tiny outfit and invited her sister, Solange to join her for the performance. The sisters gyrated and danced together and then suddenly they were both on the floor. The normally composed and confident singer, Beyonce was a consummate professional, picked herself up and carried on with the performance. It appears from the footage that Solange had fallen, and her sister tried to help her back up but fell with her in the process. The girls covered up their accident so effectively, that some audience members thought it was all part of the routine.

It has all been going so well. Beyonce had changed outfits, welcomed guest stars onto the stage and provided high octane entertainment for the audience before the incident. However, it is not the first time Beyonce has been involved in a dramatic on stage disaster. She once  caught her hair in a fan on stage and was trapped by the equipment until it was turned off. Once again, the consummate professional carried on singing as if this were an everyday occurrence. As they say, the show must go on.

7. Madonna falls off stage

There was great excitement that pop legend, Madonna was performing at the 2015 Brit awards. Ed Sheeran and Sam Smith collected awards and the Queen of Pop was ending the show. Madonna started a dynamic performance on the night, but soon afterward, a dancer tried to untie a cape that she was wearing as part of the dance routine. Apparently, the cape had been fastened too tight, and the dancer struggled to remove it, sending Madonna tumbling down a small flight of steps and landing in a bit of a heap. Madonna got up and carried on with her performance. Apparently, some of the fans at the massive O2 arena in London didn’t notice the accident and thought it was part of the routine, as her tumble seemed to tie in with the lyrics she was singing at the time.

Madonna played down the incident, saying that she was ok and that she had been inspired by the love of her fans. However, cynics thought that perhaps she was trying to hide the embarrassment of a highly orchestrated routine going badly wrong because of a wardrobe malfunction. After all, it does appear that Madonna has a habit of taking herself a little too seriously.

6. Holly Willoughby hand marks on bum

Holly Willoughby is admired by men and women all over the world, and millions tune in to see her and her on-screen chemistry with fellow host Phillip Schofield on ITV’s This Morning. The two presenters have a jovial relationship and a cheeky history of practical jokes. Holly has an amazing figure, with an ample chest and Marilyn Monroe hourglass shape that is the envy of women and the object of men’s desire. Her thick blonde locks and natural beauty make her one of the most attractive women on British tv, and her sunny, optimistic personality have drawn fans to her.

One morning on the magazine show, Holly was wearing a tight fitting Diane Von Furstenberg red dress that showed off her enviable curves. During a cooking demonstration when Holly and Phil were making pizza with Gino D’Acampo, Phillip couldn’t resist planting a pair of flour-covered hands on Holly’s rear. The resulting hand prints took social media by storm and Holly took it all her stride. No doubt she planned to take revenge on Philip as soon as she could.

5. Judy Finnigan falling out of her dress

This must be one of the most famous moments in UK TV history. It should have been a celebratory moment. Judy and her on-screen host and real-life husband, Richard Madeley, were on stage to collect a National Television Award back in 2001 for a show they presented together. However, as Judy was making her acceptance speech, her halter neck dress had become untied, the top fell down and Judy’s whole flesh-colored bra and ample chest were exposed to the world.

Judy and Richard seemed oblivious to the incident and carried on. Husband Richard didn’t notice his wife’s dilemma and stared obliviously into the audience. However, their fellow This Morning host, John Leslie, who was watching in the front row, couldn’t bear the embarrassment any longer, and he rushed on stage to restore Judy’s modesty. Judy looked shocked as Leslie sprinted onto the stage to recover her dress but afterward expressed her gratitude to him in her moment of need. Apparently, Judy was so annoyed at the incident that she binned the bra the next day. She had changed her underwear at the last minute because the planned black bra she had planned to wear was uncomfortable.

4. Christina Aguilera fake tan stripes

Christina Aguilera was given the honor of performing at Etta James’ funeral in California. She took to the stage in a somber black outfit and began to belt out one of Etta’s legendary songs, At Last. She stood on stage, looking elegant and sang the song with glorious precision. No one faulted the performance, it was Christina’s legs that caught the attention of viewers. The bare-legged star had evidently had a bit of trouble with fake tan application. Streaks of brown could be seen cascading down her legs as she sang. She may have been aware of the issue as she can be seen wiping her legs before the performance with the sleeve of her jacket, but by that stage it was too late, and the show had to go on.

Apparently, Ms. Aguilera, who was a huge fan of Etta James’, was extremely nervous before the performance and this had caused her to sweat a little. This is what caused the embarrassing stripes to appear on her calves. Her supporters chastised anyone who focused on this seemingly irrelevant note on such a sad day, but nonetheless, the pictures went viral.

3. Chrissy Teigen asleep at Oscars

The Oscar ceremony is long one. Celebrities have to arrive ridiculously early and take their seats to endure the hours and hours of warm up and award ceremony. Understandable then, that they may get a little tired during the proceedings. Chrissy Teigen attended the event soon after having her baby and was definitely suffering from a lack of sleep during the four-hour stint. While Casey Affleck was making his acceptance speech, Chrissy snoozed on the shoulder of her husband, John Legend, and can be seen clearly in shots of the crowd as it panned round to take a look at the audience’s reaction. She had the misfortune of sitting a couple of rows behind Meryl Streep, who the cameras focused on, and revealed Chrissy’s sneaky nap for the world to see.

Later when Emma Stone picked up her award for La La Land, Chrissy was once again seen dozing on her husband, John Legend’s shoulder during the speech. John had a role in La La Land, so Chrissy was there to support her husband. Social media went wild after Chrissy’s nap was posted. Her night had started badly altogether as she had badly burnt her leg and had to be patched up before arriving.

2. Adele breaks Grammy

Receiving a Grammy is every artist’s dream. Perhaps for Adele, winning her fifth award of the night was too much for her at the award ceremony. She accepted the award for album of the year for 25, and then proclaimed that Beyonce was a more worthy winner for her album Lemonade. She spent some time extolling Beyonce’s virtues and declared that she loved the singer and always would. She was genuinely surprised and shocked that Beyonce had not won.

It appears that it was a genuine accident that Adele’s award broke in two. However, social media went wild, wondering if Adele had deliberately broken her award in tribute to Beyonce, who is a darling among her peers. She jokingly offered half of the gramophone-shaped award to the superstar before sheepishly taking it back. It appears that the breakage was an accident though, as Adele handed her award to an assistant backstage, and took a fully complete replacement. Adele was overcome by her multi-winning night. She broke down in tears backstage as the enormity of her success descended on her. Despite her assertions that Beyonce was a more worthy winner, it appears that it really was Adele’s winning night, broken award or not.

1. Britney Spears half shaved head

Britney’s mental breakdown was awkward and traumatic to watch. The child star had been through a great deal of media exposure and emotional heartbreak which finally became too much for her in 2007. She behaved in a persistently bizarre and troubling way for months. One day, she simply walked into a salon and had her head shaved. It was a terrible time for Britney, who was going through a complete emotional meltdown. She told the paparazzi outside the salon that she had done it because of them. The pressure of the young woman’s situation was just too much for her to take. She checked in and out of rehab and famously attacked her ex boyfriend’s car with an umbrella.

Britney was suffering from the breakdown of her relationship with Kevin Federline, and declared later that she was ‘shedding stuff that had happened’ according to Huffington Post. Britney eventually lost her children and ended up in a psychiatric ward, and has made a monumental comeback in recent years from her public rock bottom. She shows an inspiring example of how to come back from a rock bottom moment in life and how it is possible to rebuild everything with the right help and determination.

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