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10 Funny Fast Food Fails That Will Make You Want To Eat At Home (Part 2)


10 Funny Fast Food Fails That Will Make You Want To Eat At Home (Part 2)

Millions of fast food products are eaten every single day, which proves that no matter how many mishaps there are, people are still not going to give up their food habits. Just know that you are certainly not alone when it happens to you. Here are 10 funny fast food fails that will make you want to eat at home.

10. The Domino’s Pizza That Came With a Present 

There are many ways a pizza delivery could fail. You could end up with missing toppings, burnt crust, the wrong toppings, toppings falling off from lackluster construction, and of course, a cold pizza from the long delivery time. However, what you usually don’t expect to find are items that generally don’t belong in the box. This customer was surprised to see that their Domino’s pizza contained something extra – the tray. Domino’s is no stranger to controversy. In the last decade, the company has been climbing back from various incidents of bad publicity. For example, in 2009, two employees were caught posting a video prank where they tampered with customers’ food orders by putting mucus on sandwiches and shoving cheese up their nose. Sounds gross, right? Well, the world agreed and the company’s success began to dwindle. However, since 2010, the company has been undergoing what the CEO calls a “pizza turnaround” to improve their food and their image. Maybe providing this lovely pizza tray was a gesture to the company’s loyal customer? According to the comments on the original post of this pizza fail, these trays can actually be a game changer for homemade pizza. So, this seems to us like it’s a big bonus for this customer. Those pizza trays can’t be cheap. 

9. This Wendy’s is Serving up a Side of Salmonella Poisoning

Undercooked chicken is no joke. This particular Wendy’s customer was going about their day, getting ready to enjoy a chicken sandwich, when they got this unfortunate surprise. Thankfully, they noticed before they ate the entire sandwich. Imagine the heart attack you’d have if you bit into your lunch and it was raw. Unfortunately, it seems as though it’s difficult to tell that the chicken is raw from the outside since the breading is cooked. Someone is clearly slacking on their temperature monitoring. This could cause a serious problem if this person hadn’t noticed or if they swallowed this bite. Raw chicken is one of the top trigger foods for salmonella poisoning. And if you know anything about salmonella poisoning, you know it’s not pretty. According to the CDC, salmonella poisoning can leave you out of commission for up to a week with extreme flu-like symptoms that will make you unable to leave the washroom and potentially need to visit the hospital. Not something you’d like to pay for when you purchase food from your local drive-thru. It’s one thing to refer to your food as fresh and never frozen. It’s another to have your food be so fresh that it’s not even cooked. 

8. An Extra Crunchy McDonald’s Burger 

So, we’re not even really sure what happened here. There isn’t a lot of backstory from the original post on Reddit. Either this customer received an extra crunchy surprise on their burger, or they decided to try the McDonald’s Nacho burger and the result was this monstrosity. Probably the second option. Now, in some countries, McDonald’s released a promo with burgers that replicated beloved American tastes for people elsewhere in the world. On this menu was a nacho burger that promised a Tex-Mex style taste with the crunchy addition of nacho chips. This particular user is somewhere in Europe, so they got to take advantage of this promo. However, this particular burger seems to be severely lacking in, well, everything. It can’t possibly be acceptable for a burger that brags about its nacho crunch to only have one broken nacho chip inside. Also, where are the rest of the toppings?

7. Subway Sandwich with a side of Knife

Now a lot of these are funny, as the title suggests, but this next one is a bit more on the scary side. Though it’s so unbelievably crazy that you’ll probably still have a laugh at the insanity of it all. So a customer pulls up to a Subway, goes in, orders their foot long sub sandwich, all is normal here. But when the sandwich is opened, a discovery is made: A huge knife, sharp as can be, just wrapped up with the sandwich… This knife is no joke, it’s almost as big as the foot-long sub itself! Subway meticulously wraps their sandwiches with multiple layers of parchment paper. The knife was lodged between the regular parchment paper and the Subway branded paper. Thankfully that was the case, as we don’t even want to imagine a possible outcome if it were somehow lodged inside the sandwich itself… Thankfully though, the huge blade and green handle of the knife were found outside of the sandwich, and clearly the worker just forgot it was under his prep area and ended up wrapping it along with the sub by accident. Just seeing the large knife resting on top of the sub sandwich is kind of comical but wow we’re glad we can laugh this one off, it could have been much worse. So make sure next time you’re at Subway, or any sandwich shop for that matter, check that they didn’t wrap any kitchen accessories in there with your sandwich!

6. Taco Bell Running on Empty

Next up is a blunder from our friends at Taco Bell. Who doesn’t love a delicious taco or burrito packed to the gills with your favorite meats and toppings?! Well we can also tell you what everyone doesn’t love. Ordering up some tacos, leaving the restaurant with your take-out bag ready to devour them one by one. Only to get home and realize, your tacos are empty… There’s multiple instances of this happening at Taco Bell unfortunately. Some even having just a bit of meat, which is almost worse. You’re sitting there thinking, was this a mistake or are they actually selling this as an actual taco? This customer believed it was an actual taco they were trying to sell him and he claimed it to be “the saddest taco in the world”. We really can’t disagree with that claim, I mean just look at it… Some of the other Taco Bell tacos that are worthy of this list are just straight up empty, like this one. Just an empty taco shell, with a few measly strands of shredded cheese. I mean come on, how does something this pathetic and clearly empty even leave the prep area in the back of the Taco Bell, let alone make it into the hands of a customer … But here they are, these hungry Taco Bell customers, getting their food, and instead of having pictures of a delicious fast food feast to share on social media, they are sharing these pictures of the saddest, most empty, and of course hilarious taco fails.

5. Did Someone Say Extra Extra Mayo at Subway?

Now, mayonnaise is one of the most popular and best-selling condiments in the United States. It’s a key ingredient in a lot of foods, like deviled eggs, and goes great on sandwiches. Some people really love it, while some despise it. But even the biggest mayo lovers would argue this is way too much mayonnaise. Imagine opening up this Subway sandwich. If it can be called a sandwich. It’s more like a mayo stew. How does this even happen? Wouldn’t the customer have seen this being made in front of them? There’s a chance they may have had it done through a take-out service or someone picked it up for them and wasn’t paying attention. However, that doesn’t erase the fact that this happened at all. This is probably one of the most unappealing fast food fails we’ve ever seen. Who in their right mind would eat this pile of sticky, messy cholesterol? If you do a little digging about the proper amount of mayo on a sandwich, you will find that there is a significant amount of divide on the Internet. Some people are in agreement that most sandwich shops are way too generous with the mayo, while other people believe that there is no such thing as too much of it (clearly they haven’t seen this photo). This old Reddit thread is a great example. Let’s just call this the Great Mayo Debate. 

4. McDonald’s Takes the Order a Little Too Literally 

When you order a burger, the toppings may change depending on someone’s preference, but the constant is always the burger patty. Right? That’s what this person thought, anyway. Turns out, when you want a cheeseburger with just ketchup and cheese, you still have to remind them that you want the patty. This particular McDonald’s customer learned the hard way when they opened up their burger to find it was just a bun with cheese and a tiny, tiny squirt of ketchup. Now, some of the more skeptical people out there may argue that this person just took the patty off to get social media attention. These days it’s hard to trust who is telling the truth and who is just trying to get likes or attention. However, if we truly take a look here, you can see that there is no sign a patty was ever on this burger. Let’s put our detective caps on for a minute. The cheese is not very melted like it would be under a hot patty, what little ketchup is there is not spread out, and there are no little marks to indicate meat was ever present in this scenario. So, we’d like to conclude by saying that this is truly seems to be a case of neglect by the McDonald’s employee.

3. Don’t Forget The Cheese at McDonald’s 

Somehow half of this piece of cheese didn’t even make it onto the sandwich. This customer was really looking forward to their lunch, but clearly whoever prepared it wasn’t paying attention to the construction. The cheese is supposed to be inside of the buns with the rest of the ingredients. Now it looks like it’s melted onto the box, which means that piece of cheese is gone forever and this poor customer will have to settle for a lack of cheese flavor. Even if they tried to peel it off and put it back on the sandwich, they would barely be able to get it all back on. The worst part is that now we’re wondering how long this particular person had to wait in the drive-thru to get this disappointing product. Everyone makes mistakes. That’s part of living life as a human being. Especially for fast food workers who likely have to prepare thousands of burgers and sandwiches over and over every single shift. We may have self-service machines at McDonald’s locations now, but ultimately the food items are still being prepared by living, breathing human beings. But this person had to have been not paying attention at all to not realize they weren’t actually placing the cheese anywhere in the sandwich. Didn’t they feel their fingers making contact with literal cardboard? Maybe they were distracted. Who knows? All we know is that this would be pretty disappointing if it happened to us. Also, how did this piece of cheese end up half on and half off in the first place?

2. An Inside Out Breakfast Sandwich from Dunkin’

We can’t always get what we want. But it’s really not too much to ask that the fast food you’re ordering comes reasonably prepared. This person expected their Dunkin’ Donuts breakfast sandwich to have the ingredients somehow arranged on the inside. You know, like a regular breakfast sandwich should be organized. Now the cheese is melted onto the wrapper, the egg is literally everywhere, and the English muffin doesn’t look so hot. Try putting that back together when you’ve basically lost your cheese to the wrapper. This person must have noticed this mistake when they were wrapping it up, seeing as these ingredients are clearly not in the shape of a regular sandwich. Dunkin’ has been able to position itself as the ultimate and most obvious choice for an on-the-go breakfast. The franchise has been built on the idea of coffee and donuts, but as people have begun to expand their breakfast options, the chain has introduced a variety of new creations for people to choose from first thing in the morning. That’s how they ended up with a list of plenty of different breakfast sandwiches to choose from, including the All You Can Meat sandwich, which comes with bacon, ham, and sausage on a croissant. As this customer found out, it’s probably just best to stick to the muffins or donuts since you can see them and you know they’re hard to mess up going from shelf to bag.

1. This Burger King Employee Forgot How to Build a Burger 

Sometimes you just forget things. Everyone does it. We forget to bring things with us or to pack certain things. In a world where everyone is always multitasking and rushing around, that’s just a fact of life. But sometimes forgetting things can impact others around you, like when you’re working at a fast food restaurant and preparing orders for customers who are looking forward to a delicious, greasy burger. This particular customer noticed that the employee that made their burger at Burger King didn’t quite remember that the buns are supposed to be on the bottom and the top. So, what they received instead was this creation. We’re not really sure what the proper process for building burgers is at Burger King, but we think that it doesn’t quite end up like this. In fact, this employee probably should have noticed that the products they were stacking together weren’t really going on very well. It looks like they would have had to balance those toppings and that patty on top of the sloped bun, so why did it get this far? You can’t really do a flip here, either, because everything is probably already melted and stuck together by now. Hey, at least all of the ingredients did make it on the burger, right? That’s more than we can say for some of the other incidents on this list.

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