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10 Funniest At NFL Stadiums

The NFL has been providing sports entertainment to the American people and its fans all over the world since 1920. The sport is very popular in the U.S.A., right up there with America’s greatest pastime, baseball. In the beginning, they were called American Professional Football Association (APFA) but quickly changed it to NFL. The league started with just 14 teams, two of which are still members at present. These two are the Chicago Bears (then known as Decatur Staleys) and the Arizona Cardinals (known before as the Chicago Cardinals). It was actually kind of fun in the old days, the Super Bowl would be against the NFL and a whole other separate league, say the AFL (American Football League) but as the years went by, the league grew. The NFL started to get a grip of football in the whole of North America, and the 14 teams are now 32, divided between the NFC (National Football Conference) and the AFC (American Football Conference).

The NFL attracts thousands of fans every time they have a game. In a single season, the NFL sells an average of 18 million tickets. The biggest NFL stadium is the Dallas Cowboys’ home field, the AT&T Center in Arlington, Texas with a max capacity of 100,000. The smallest is the StubHub Center in California, home of the San Diego Chargers with a max cap of 20,700. That’s more or less an average of 60,000 fans each stadium every game, And some of them are crazy, but some funny moments come from the players themselves.

10. Clay Matthew and his flowing gold locks

Home field advantages are as important in NFL as they are in baseball and basketball. This particular position gives a team a bigger percentage of winning, if it is their home field, that is. One other thing is that it gives the home crowd an opportunity to prepare for their own gimmicks and costumes or whatever it is they planned that they cannot do in a different city.

Players, on the other hand, are more comfortable, more confident, and have more inspiration and motivation when they are playing in their home field. Take Clay Matthews, for example. Clay has been the Green Bay Packers’ integral part of the defense for nine years now. He is a linebacker and has made over 400 tackles in his career. He is the third generation of football athletes being Clay Matthews III, his grandfather played for the 49ers and his father played for the Browns and the Falcons.

But what separates him from his father and grandfather is his prince charming-like golden hair. He has long hair that any man should be proud of. If you’ve got it, flaunt it, as they say. Add here he is in a captured moment adjusting his hair, complete with the matching head, shoulder, arms, and fingers flicking motion only an NFL athlete (and all women) can pull off.

9. Hardcore Broncos fan

Ever seen a fan like this in the picture? Now that is one true hardcore Denver Broncos fan. He comes to games every season, probably has season tickets, and has been watching long before he saw the first gray hair on his beard.Through all those years of coming and cheering for his team, maybe he got a bit bored. He wanted to shake things up, show everyone how he loves his team. This is the product of all that pondering. That’s how you show love to the Denver Broncos!

The Broncos is a team in the NFL that’s based in Denver, Colorado. They’ve been in the NFL since before the 1970 merger, in 1960. This team is one of the best teams in NFL history, having played in 22 playoff seasons in the last 47 years. Arguably, the most popular Bronco is a hall of Famer quarterback John Elway. This fan could actually be inducted in the Broncos Fans Hall of Fame if there was one. There are a few, if not none, people who can pull off a keg worn from the chest down to the knees. Held only by a pair of suspenders, clipped onto the keg, just like regular trousers. Add a pair of gloves for the cold, and a favorite hat. What we were wondering is if he stood the whole game, can’t sit down in that crazy outfit.

8. Tom Brady famous meme

Rarely do we see an athlete that looks like he’s built from a superstar factory. Tom Brady is such an athlete. He may be the best quarterback to ever play in the NFL, he may be the best NFL player of all time, period. Being the superstar that he is, every game his team has would always have national overage. With that said, every dead ball moment in the game, the camera always finds its way and focuses on Tom Brady, no matter where he is or what he is doing. This image was actually a CBS broadcast of a game between Tom’s New England Patriots and the Pittsburgh Steelers. The Patriots are sitting on a comfortable cushion of a lead, up 47-31 and we see Brady just trying to have fun with his teammates, giving high fives in a wacky manner. If you have it paused in a certain moment, like that moment captured by this picture, it would get the meme world crazy with thousands of ideas.

That is actually what happened, countless memes, gifs, and whatever else these images or videos are called nowadays, blew up the internet with this exact frame. It was a funny moment, Tom Brady looking foolish and out of character. There’s a price to pay for being very famous, and this is, unfortunately, one of them.

7. Captain….America?

Browns is the name that’s popular in Cleveland, there along with Cavaliers, Indians, and Monsters. Before LeBron James and his Cleveland Cavaliers, and shortly after, the Lake Erie Monsters won the Calder Cup. But before those two trophies, Cleveland was a city that’s dry of a championship team. They have not won any major championship in any major sport for 51 years. They called Cleveland than a cursed city, most ball clubs were feeling the pressure and were kind of down. But not the fans!

Here we see one dedicated fan dressed like… Captain America? Maybe a retired Captain America, just chilling and enjoying the game. Look how creative, dedicated, and hardworking these Cleveland Browns fans are, they are just adorable. From three-headed dogs to werewolves and complete head to toe costumes, these fans walk in the arena looking like they just went trick-or-treating. We like the energy, we like the passion, we like the creativity, and most of all we like more pictures of these crazy fans!

It didn’t matter if their team, or their city, has not won a championship since before they were born, they will still pour their support and continue to make watching the game and cheer for a not-so-winning team a great and fun experience for everyone involved. In our book, that’s what a heart of a champion is made of!

6. Oops, there’s that ball

Every dog has its day, that’s a famous saying. You can’t teach an old dog new tricks, that’s another one. Here’s a new one, Dogs don’t jump in the air and leave the ball on the ground. That’s what Cleveland Browns quarterback Josh McCown, as seen in this picture, is doing exactly. Not everything worked out for him in this picture, unfortunately.

Josh McCown is a career second-stringer quarterback and an NFL journeyman. In his first four years, he played for the Arizona Cardinals, but after that, he’s been to 7 different clubs in 10 years. This picture was taken in 2016 when he was still a member of the Cleveland Browns, presently he is the starting quarterback for the New York Jets. He’s played for the following teams throughout the years: Detroit Lions, Oakland Raiders, Carolina Panthers, Chicago Bears, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and the Cleveland Browns.

This image does not do Josh McCown’s career any good, leaping for the end zone without the ball in his arms. It’s so funny because we can imagine him saying I will just dive for the touchdown, it’s easy, just jump and brace for impact, hope that I land on the end zone. But he forgot one crucial thing, the ball! There he is, in the air, smelling victory and tasting glory, but when he looked down, the ball is not cradled in his arms, he dropped it on the ground. In a super slow motion, he’s in the air muttering to himself, Ooooohhh nnoooooo……

5. Most famous cheerleader of all time

It’s not uncommon to find a famous celebrity in NFL watching the game, After all, they are just the same as us, football fans wanting to witness a very good game. Once in a while, we’ll see someone up on the big screen, a famous Hollywood star, a TV personality, an NBA player, a tennis athlete, baseball player, or any kind of celebrity, most of them are die-hard football fans, believe it or not. What’s uncommon is when we see a famous celebrity cheering the team on in the field, completely dressed in a cheerleader outfit. What’s even rare is a male celebrity dressed as a cheerleader cheering the Denver Broncos on. And that’s one of a kind and special is Robin Williams dressed as a Denver Broncos cheerleader.

In this picture, we see Robin Williams in a sequined ensemble, a mini-skirt, fancy boots, and the Broncos orange neckerchief. It was an episode of his sitcom a while back called Mork and Mindy they’re filming. What the plot of this episode was, we don’t know, but it sure seemed hilarious. He was cheering the team from the sidelines, filming for Mork and Mindy, while the game is going on. The cheering worked too, as the Broncos clobbered the Patriots 45-10.

4. Cardboard Signs aren’t just for fans

There was a time in the NFL that touchdown celebrations got longer and longer, flashier and flashier, more elaborate, and just a little bit too much. The organization had to put a stop, or maybe just a filter, to how players should be doing while celebrating their touchdowns. It started as a 15-yard penalty if a player celebrates “incorrectly” after a touchdown. Not only that, they also are fined lots of money for the “unruly” display. Some aspects around this excessive touchdown celebration penalty make sense, like taunting, violent gestures, delaying of the game, those are all okay, we guess. But there are some that the league could maybe let go, they actually did that just recently. The football can now be used as a prop, again, and some other form of leniency when it comes to touchdown celebrations.

For a bit of history, the first NFL player to make a kind of touchdown dance or celebration was NY Giants wide receiver Homer Jones in 1965. At the end zone, he spiked the ball, and that was the first ever touchdown spike in NFL history. In this image, we see Cincinnati Bengals Chad Johnson, or Chad Ochocinco (what a cool name), holding up a sign after a touchdown. He was fined, this was back in 2003. But we appreciate the simple yet funny effort.

3. Wally or Tim?

One of the best fan signs ever produced by creative NFL fans in the history of NFL fan signs. This award is determined by a witty remark with minimal words, a matching costume, and an agenda. These are the ingredients of a successful and funny fan sign. These Buffalo Bills fans were smart enough to think of the funny sign and find Where’s Wally costumes, from the red and white striped sweater and headgear to the black spectacles. What a way to call out Tim Tebow’s New York Giants season.

Tim Tebow has not always been non-existent in games, in fact, he was a very good quarterback for the Denver Broncos. He started his NFL career with the Broncos as a backup quarterback, not long after he showed moments of glory in his style of play, he was the kind of quarterback who runs with the ball more. It is a little unorthodox for the traditional QB, but that’s what he does. He would go on to win more games for Denver and even get the starting QB position. But what he lacked in a professional level is the passing skills, crucial for a successful quarterback in the NFL, and that consistency. He would win a game today, then get sacked multiple times and have fumbles the next game. His career went south after he was traded to the Giants, making fewer and fewer appearances in games, hence the funny image.

2. The saints of New Orleans Saints

The New Orleans Saints is a team in the NFL since 1967, they belong to the NFC South division. As most young teams were in the NFL, the Saint did not start very good, they always finish their season below .500, but after 20 years they got into the playoffs and had another winning season the year after. The first time they won in the playoffs was in 2000, and against the defending champs (St. Louis Rams), no less! They were destined for greatness as they survived Katrina and brought home the Vince Lombardi trophy and the championship in 2009, beating the indianapolis Colts. The best Saints players of all-time are Archie Manning, Rickey Jackson, and of course, current QB Drew Brees.

The city of New Orleans is like Brazil’s Carnival, fun in the streets and all-nighters every day. The same goes in the Mercedes-Benz Superdome (home arena of the Saints). Fans get to the arena, inebriated or not, and don elaborate and extravagant costumes. An array of costumes, all colorful and shiny, funny and naughty. But the best we’ve seen are these fans dressed as the religious figures, maybe the Pope. Anyway, it is a hilarious image, seeing these kinds of people in a football game, watching and cheering, paying homage to their Saints team. It’s just priceless!

10. Funniest Cardboard Sign

Amidst the chaos that we see in a stadium of any NFL team, there are also snippets of brilliance from clever fans. Most of them are fan costumes, creative and smart, some of the best we’ve shown in this article. It’s kind of like an art form, an expression, a way to show their support for their beloved ball clubs, a chance to be shown on the big screen for more than 5 seconds, and if God wills it, maybe a timeout or halftime interview. But there are also some shining moments that appear in the form of fan signs, or game day signs. Various topics like indecent proposals to athletes, “Clay Sack Me”, “Marry Me Aaron”, and “Brett Favre, Stop Texting Us.” Some are blows to the other team’s players, “What’s Wrong, Brady. You Look Deflated”, “Gronk Wears Crocs”, and “Hey Colts, Why The Long Face?” There are even some that are just naughty and funny, and are just not related to the game, “Still Drunk From Yesterday”, The Guy Behind Me Can’t See”, and our favorite “Card Board Sign.”

The Card Board Sign fan sign is actually not nonsense. It’s a rather witty and clever attempt to acronymize CBS. At times, you’ll see fans acknowledging the broadcasting network, perhaps in high hopes of getting a few seconds of fame on national TV. Some similar signs we saw were from a Raiders fan, “Can’t Beat Silver and black”, and from an NBA fan for TNT, “This city Needs The Sonics.” This NFL game day fan sign is still the best of all-time.

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