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10 Frozen Pizzas Ranked From Worst To Best


10 Frozen Pizzas Ranked From Worst To Best

Sometimes a frozen pizza is like a fine work of art. It is magnificent. It is memorable. It makes the moment you are in all the better. Yes? No? Maybe this is an exaggeration, but the point is sometimes the frozen pizza you make at home is mind blowing and sometimes it is just garbage! Here is a list of the Top 10 Frozen Pizzas Ranked From Worst To Best!

10. California Pizza Kitchen Four Cheese Crispy Thin Crust Pizza

The California Pizza Kitchen Four Cheese Crispy Thin Crust Pizza is arguably a pretty bad pizza. Sadly, it does not seem to have pleased the public. Some online reviews state this pizza had to be thrown in the garbage because it was inedible. Other reviews said it was gross, tasted and looked like cardboard, was over-priced for what was given. On particularly savage review made a comparison to a saltine cracker. That is correctly, a saltine cracker. Like the ones you dip in soup or eat a box of when you have the flu. Honestly, saltine crackers are awesome, but if you are using a saltine cracker as the reference for a pizza something is obviously very wrong with the pizza. If you love this brand of frozen pizza then maybe you need to get out there and write a good review for it because right now the California Pizza Kitchen Four Cheese Crispy Thin Crust Pizza is getting battered by public opinion. Now, yet another reason this pizza has been getting some flack on the internet is because of its packaging. It is apparently wrapped in plastic and then topped with something and then wrapped in plastic again and again. One online review said unwrapping the pizza was like opening a Russian nesting doll or conducting an archeological dig. Ouch. All in all the California Pizza Kitchen Four Cheese Crispy Thin Crust Pizza needs to do some serious renovations to its product and packaging before it can wow its clients. Too bad so sad for this frozen pizza company.

9. 365 Three Cheese Mini Pizzas

Warning. This next item on our list is not a real classic frozen pizza but frozen mini pizzas. But, they still deserve to be on this list because they are frozen and they are pizza so in this case size doesn’t matter! A lot of people even prefer this style of pizza as it can actually be easier to eat. All the bite-sized pizzas just waiting to be gobbled up one mini pizza at a time. That said, the 365 Three Cheese Mini Pizzas are bad. That is putting it mildly. Reviews for these cute little pizzas say that they are mushy, taste fake, and one even said they were offensive. Oh my goodness, to think that these cute, little, unassuming, bite size pizzas can offend someone is hilarious. Now, what we learn when reading the reviews for the 365 Three Cheese Mini Pizzas is that reviews can be dramatic, that sometimes frozen food does taste manmade (obviously – come on every the food is in fact frozen), and that the words mushy and pizza should not go together. Considering all of this we may want to acknowledge that people do buy the 365 Cheese Mini Pizzas and so there must be a market for the mushy taste. It’s surely recognizable and when toasted it gets all hot and steamy and gooey. Maybe this can be yummy? Maybe there are a bunch of people out there who crave this stuff?

8. Home Run Inn Premium Pizzeria

Next up on our list of the Top 10 Frozen Pizza’s Ranked From Worst To Best is the Home Run Inn Premium Pizzeria collection. They offer an array of pizzas, such as: Classic Cheese, Classic Sausage, Classic Pepperoni, and Classic Margherita with Sausage to name a few. They also offer some signature pizza options as well as some ultra thin crust options. The Home Run Inn Premium Pizzeria collection is great. They have a good selection. They do not taste like cardboard (which can be an honest concern when talking about frozen pizza). They have good flavor. They seem to tick all the boxes, right? And they do. They are good and there is nothing so obviously horrible about this brand of frozen pizza… but… they just don’t inspire us. The Home Run Inn Premium Pizzeria is yummy but not extraordinary. It is not something you would likely recommend though you may have eaten it and perhaps even bought it a second time. It is not something that has blown your socks off or floated your boat. It is certainly not “Premium” and yet, it is not so bad that we have to wail and moan and beg for it to be removed from the frozen food section. Home Run Inn Premium Pizzeria is making good pizza and that’s about it. Nothing more and nothing less. End of story.

7. DiGiorno Original Rising Crust Pepperoni Pizza

The DiGiorno Original Rising Crust Pepperoni Pizza is one that has many customers coming back for more. But, it is also a pizza that has customers writing on online message boards in a tizzy. The deal is this: some people think it tastes like heaven and other people think the crust is overwhelming and weird. If eaters can get their purchasing right then maybe this frozen pizza would have a better reputation. So, here it is, frozen pizza buyers listen closely, if you do not want a very thick crust then the DiGiorno Original Rising Crust Pepperoni Pizza is not for you. Woah, so glad we have that out of the way for the thin crust only crowd. Now we can talk about how great this frozen pizza is and how fluffy that delicious crust rises to be. And we have to mention that due to the large rising crust, this is one very filling pizza! The DiGiorno Original Rising Crust Pepperoni Pizza is super awesome for either any meal and especially great as a late night snack that you know will fill you up. It is bready so it is also good for soaking up any alcohol that may be in your system during said late-night snack time. It tastes good and it gets the job done. When you put it in the oven you are hungry and then you eat it and you are no longer hungry. That sounds like a success where frozen pizza is concerned!

6. Tombstone Pizza

Tombstone pizza’s questionably dark tagline “What do you want on your Tombstone?” may be a great place to start when considering where this pizza falls on a list of the worst to best frozen pizzas. Why? Well, the tagline’s tongue in cheek attitude toward death is grimly humorous and yet totally fine. The analogy of pizza toppings and an epitaph seem absurd and yet very well placed.  It is for these reasons that the frozen pizza does not seem to take itself too seriously (if that is at all possible – let’s all suspend disbelief and consider the pizza as able of having an attitude for just a couple seconds here). Unlike a frozen pizza chain like Home Run Inn Premium Pizzeria, which seems like it wants to show off and be like “Ooo, look at me! I am premium!” the Tombstone Pizza seems more down to earth and able to give a joke and take a joke. These silly interpretations of the attitudes pizzas can have may actually have more of an effect on your frozen pizza purchasing than you think. Tombstone Pizza is kind of cool. They are aware that they are just a frozen pizza company, which is made clear by their funny tagline, and boy are they rocking the market. People like this pizza. Maybe, just maybe, people like it not only because of its flavor but because of its brand. There is something reassuring about it that is hard to pin down. It is like the funny uncle you have whose sarcasm is so ripe that some people can’t get behind it but it is actually so true, so honest, so present, and basically so great. So, all in all Tombstone Pizza is like your funny uncle. Hopefully that is a digression and metaphor which makes sense!Not to mention it is iconic for having no box, how cool/funny uncle is that?! If Tombstone Pizza is the funny uncle then Home Run Inn Premium Pizza is the uppity aunt. Yeah?

5. Trader Giotto’s Organic Three Cheese Pizza

Trader Joe’s rocks. Obviously. It is no wonder that their in-house pizza would rock too. It bakes well and has really good sauce. This seems like a winning situation but a pizza is not rated only on its ability to bake well and its sauce. So, we must acknowledge that there has been some negative feedback regarding the Trader Giotto’s Organic Three Cheese PIzza… mainly in terms of the quality of the cheese. Some people online have stated that they did not like the cheese in its own right while others thought that the cheese and sauce balance was not great. If we consider these comments we must consider what can be done to fix this pizza and make it a better frozen pizza. If the sauce is yummy but there is too much of it it seems like it would be better to simply add more cheese than remove sauce. Right? Like, if consumers were the ones to make the decisions regarding changes in a product it seems likely that they would just add more cheese, maybe even better cheese and voila – an instantly better pizza! Trader Giotto’s Organic Three Cheese Pizza certainly has room for improvements but that does not mean it isn’t a great choice for a night in which you just need a frozen pizza! Some folks have even been known to throw their own cheese on the frozen pizza. What?! You can do that!? Yes! You really can! The trick is to bake the pizza for a bit and then maybe eight to five minutes before you think it would be ready to take out of the oven you add your own cheese that you have cut. You can add anything! Cheddar, blue cheese, Gouda, Swiss, emmental, anything! That is the beauty of making the frozen pizza at your house. You can add what you want to it! But, it is important to note that the pizza is good as it is. Essentially, whether you add cheese to Trader Giotto’s pizzas or not you will enjoy it and it deserves a good tasting! Get on out there and find your favorite one and give it a go if you have not already and find out if the cheese to sauce issue is in fact and issue at all.

4. Signature Select Rising Crust Five Cheese Pizza

This is Safeway gold. The Signature Select Rising Crust Five Cheese Pizza is a Safeway in-house frozen pizza that you may have purchased before. It works like this – you go to Safeway, you buy a Signature Select Rising Crust Five Cheese Pizza – right? When you bake this pizza the smell will make you drool. For just a little bit your home will turn into a pizzeria and you will be so glad it did. You may even image yourself with an apron on, throwing the pizza dough in the air. You are probably singing in Italian here as you toss and toss and toss the dough up and up until you have formed the perfect pizza pie size. You imagine topping the pizza and putting it into your oven. Oh the magic of it all. Okay, okay, okay… Let’s snap out of it. You are not baking this incredible pizza (though hey – you probably could bake an incredible pizza! Give it a go!), you are simply putting a Signature Select pizza in the oven. All imaginings aside, this pizza is really really good.

3. Red Baron Classic Crust Pepperoni Pizza

Now we’re talking! The Red Baron Classic Crust Pepperoni Pizza is a frozen pizza favorite! It is not super greasy and yet still turns out so good it seems freshly baked. Some folks even think that this pizza was good enough to be confused with a pizza that you ordered in for delivery! Go figure! Now here is a fun challenge! Why not pop a Red Baron Classic Crust Pepperoni pizza in the oven and order a pizza from a chain and then test your family and friends. That will be the only way to know if you believe Red Baron good enough to beat delivery. Of course this all depends on the place that the delivered pizza is delivered from… but still! It is a fun experiment worth playing with!

2. Freschetta

A Freschetta pizza is the perfect blend between crispy crustiness and soft supple warm bites. This is because of the naturally rising dough (meaning it is made with yeast); ultimately producing a crust that is magnificent. Other than raving about the crust on this pizza people have said that there are pretty good ratios on this pizza. Now, this is something that does not happen every day! Sometimes you have too much sauce or not enough cheese. Sometimes the toppings taste fake or are non-existent. Getting a balanced pizza is pretty difficult! Having balance doesn’t just matter on a balance beam or tightrope, it matter in food and drinks! It matters in your cocktails and it matters on your burger! In this case it particularly matters on your pizzas! Even on the frozen pizza’s you buy and cook at home. Balance is key! Freschetta is known for having quality toppings and for being well balanced – so that’s a big fat win for all of us frozen pizza buyers! Freschetta is a frozen pizza you will not only recommend but will purchase religiously. Aren’t you hungry just thinking about this perfectly executed delight?

1. Newman’s Own

Newman’s Own tagline is “In crust we trust” and boy is that the truth. This heavenly frozen pizza so is scrumptious it may be your favorite pizza ever. Ever. That includes delivered pizza, pizza eaten at restaurants, and even homemade pizza! It apparently has no trans fats and no preservatives! That is important! Frozen food is sometimes packed with things to keep it from expiring but not this bad boy! The other incredible thing about Newman’s Own is that they give all of their profits to charity. You may be thinking this is absurd and improbable… It isn’t! The Newman’s Own website states “Newman’s Own, Inc. continues his commitment to pay 100% of net profits and royalties from the sale of our food and beverage products to Newman’s Own Foundation, a charitable organization supporting non-profits around the world.” Wow! Isn’t that amazing! So with every delicious Newman’s Own pizza you buy you are not only getting an incredible product but helping out! That’s bonkers!

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