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10 Food Trends from the Last Decade that we’ve Already FORGOTTEN About (Part 2)


10 Food Trends from the Last Decade that we’ve Already FORGOTTEN About (Part 2)

Trends may come, and trends may go, but one thing that’s forever, is food. No matter what you eat it with or how you prepare it, food will always be as tasty and as essential, so why not have a little fun with it? Let’s go down memory lane as we list down 10 Food Trends From The Last Decade That We’ve Already FORGOTTEN About (Part 2).

10. Mason Jars

Usually, when you think about mason jars, you probably think about jams, pickles, or any other type of food that needs to be canned to be preserved. Had you asked anyone 10 years ago, that’s the answer you would’ve gotten, but ask again today, and you get all sorts of kooky-sounding replies as to what you can do with a simple mason jar. Some people might think that the “mason jar trend” has run its course – you know, as in, it was fun for a year or two to just stuff every single meal you had into these little glass containers, but now it’s time to move on, but the Internet has something different to say. Despite its very long run, mason jars can still be found as the vessel for the occasional breakfast parfaits, salads, and inventive food gifts. Most people also still use these trusty little jars as drinkware, and while it is pretty darn aesthetic for your outing at the beach or an Instagrammable Happy Hour, let’s face it, they’re not the easiest thing to drink out of. The trend might have died down a little, but it never completely fizzled out – you’re always stuck with the jars, only now it’s no longer a temporary thing; it became a daily occurrence. Can you even remember a time when you didn’t receive your cocktail in a bigger-than-life mason jar? That’s what we thought.

9. Charcuterie Boards

Just like it might be hard to remember a time without any mason jar, it must also be hard to remember when putting a bunch of cured meats and an assortment of cheese and crackers on a board wasn’t considered “cool” or “in.” The charcuterie board trend obviously wasn’t born yesterday; it actually spawned from an age where refrigeration didn’t exist, and people needed to preserve the meats. Charcuterie is treated in a way that gives the meat an exceptionally long shelf-life, making this the perfect preservation technique. As for cheese platters, well, these aren’t news, either. Cheese and crackers have been served for ages, as they are the ultimate snack combination. So, why did people suddenly decide to turn these seemingly ordinary snacks into the peak of social media? Beats us. Charcuterie boards really kicked into high gear during 2010 as cured meats began popping up in every restaurant and social gathering, only to make an huge comeback in recent years, as millennials and gen Z-ers revived the beauty of food boards. The only difference between the modern charcuterie boards and the ones from ancient times? We have way more options today! From gourmet meats like prosciutto and salami to gourmet cheeses, nuts, and sweet components like dried fruits or honey, the possibilities are simply endless.

8. Ramen

Looking for a budget-friendly meal? A college student diet staple? Something you can buy for 10 cents at the local convenience store? Ramen noodles are there for you – that is, of course, if you’re not looking for the elevated version of ramen noodles. Because, yes, what was once a meal solely for the young and the broke has now become a fully-fledged food trend. This noodle soup has undoubtedly evolved since its beginning, and it all went down around 2014 when restaurants began coming up with their own spins and their own recipes to wow the fans. Over are the days when all you could choose from was beef or chicken; now, there are countless broths, spiciness levels, noodle kinds, and topping options to customize your bowl of ramen. Ramen soup originally originated in China but made its way into the Japanese culture in the 19th century and soon became an important part of their diet. Ramen bars quickly became a thing, and the idea spread around the world like wildfire. For a while, it even seemed like it was the only thing people agreed to eat. For goodness’ sake, there was even a ramen burger at some point! People went bananas over ramen, and while the cult-like following is still very much alive today, just like any good trend, it calmed down over time.

7. Mock Meat

It’s no surprise that vegetarianism and veganism have both been on the rise in the last decade. This means recipes involving animal product alternatives became more and more popular, creating some genius and some rather questionable ones. People were really determined to forsake meat once and for all, and it gave birth to the infamous mock meat trend. Products like Impossible and Beyond Burgers began rising in popularity like crazy in 2019, even making their way to fast-food restaurants – the last place you would ever expect a meatless-meaty option. The ongoing rise of plant-based eating took over a good portion of restaurants, grocery stores, and social media – all determined to offer the best vegan options. Not only do most mock meat items usually look like the real thing, but some are shockingly similar in terms of taste. It’s really the perfect way to keep enjoying your favorite meals, only in a meatless way. Some mock meat even “bleed” like beef; how much more similar can you get than that? Of course, you don’t need to be a vegetarian or a vegan to have been a part of the trend; mock meats are so widespread, it’s even possible you’ve had some without even realizing it. Of course, the mock meat trend has not necessarily been forgotten as it is still very much current nowadays. This is one trend that will most likely keep ongoing for a while, especially considering plant-based eating doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere.

6. Rainbow Everything

If there’s one thing we can be sure of, it’s that when we commit to a trend, we commit all the way! Whether that’s a good thing or not, it’s exactly what happened that time every food item you saw was either rainbow or unicorn-colored. Seriously, people really took this trend to the next level. From the classic rainbow bagels with the sprinkle-cream cheese to the ever-bizarre rainbow sushi, there was no limit set to see just how far people would go. Don’t get us wrong; colorful foods are fun: they have a little something more to look at, but the way things transpired, it seems like things went a little too far. At first, rainbow foods were so innocent and easy on the eyes. Sour gummy belts, funfetti cake, and ice cream; the colors all seemed so magical and fitting for fun, sweet treats like these. It was all fun and games when it was in moderation and reserved for carnivals or candy stores. But, then? Things got a little out of hand. Rainbow pasta, rainbow latte, rainbow hot dogs, grilled cheese, sandwich bread? It just sounds like the perfect recipe for disaster. Not only were these overly stimulating to the eye, but the price that came with them was not too delicate either. Let’s be honest here, the only reason why anyone would buy anything rainbow was to have the perfect picture to post on your feed, and that’s it.

5. Everything – Bowls

You know how we talked about the mason jar trend earlier and how shoving and layering a bunch of ingredients in a little glass container made people happy? Well, as it turns out, dropping everything in a bowl made them just as happy – even maybe a little bit more. Acai bowls became a pretty popular breakfast – and a pretty intense food craze. Who knew that mixing a bunch of fruits blended into a smoothie with a choice of toppings would become so trendy? Back in 2017, acai bowls were all you could find on every menu at every breakfast spot, and the Acai berry market was valued at $712 million. Not too shabby for a mere berry. Again, this is all thanks to aesthetic and Instagram. People would do anything to have a pretty picture, even spend a lot of money on smoothies in a bowl. But the Acai bowl isn’t the only mix-and-match meal that became popular on the Gram; burrito bowls also had their time to shine. Burrito bowls are pretty straightforward; it’s everything you would find in a regular Tex-Mex burrito, only forgo the tortilla. That’s it; nothing more, nothing less. Although, it does offer a nice alternative to those looking to get a little more creative in the burrito fixings while enjoying a lower-carb dinner. The two bowl trends are still current today; they’re simply not as “impressive” or “extraordinary” as they used to be.

4. Cauliflower Everything

Swapping foods with other foods can be for a lot of reasons. It can be about taste preference, allergies, or even simply trying something new. But, more often than not, it’s about trying to save on a few carbs and calories. And that’s what the whole “cauliflower thing” is all about. In the last decade, people started using cauliflower as a gluten-free, low-carbohydrate alternative to replace some of the more carb-rich items of their everyday diet, most notably pizza crust, gnocchi, and rice. These have been seen all over the Internet and more and more on the shelves of grocery stores. The frenzy started off with the pizza crust, and then people realized all the other wonderful things you could do with cauliflower: it can be breaded, fried, riced – you name it. With cauliflower, you can practically make anything you want, as long as it’s prepared properly; mashed potatoes, pasta, and even some surprisingly delightful buffalo chicken. Even though cauliflower is a non-starchy carbohydrate – like all vegetables – it’s also low in sugar, high in fiber, and loaded with essential nutrients like vitamin C to boost your immune system, folate for healthy cell growth, and function, and vitamin K for bone health. With a neutral taste and texture, it’s the perfect canvas to add your own flavors and create a delicious meal.

3. Food Trucks

Have you ever walked down the street and suddenly started craving some juicy, greasy food? Or perhaps, a sweet, iced treat? Chances are, it’s happened more than once, and what better way to satisfy that craving than to get it on the go, right there from the back of a truck? Food trucks have been around for what seems like forever, or at least since the 1870s. Of course, the modern food truck fever didn’t start until the 2000s in Los Angeles, but the popularity has grown into so much more and has spread across the world, in cities big and small. Traditional street food items include pizza, tacos, ice cream, gyros, and the ever-famous hot dog. Of course, today, there are no limits as to what can be sold out of a moving vehicle. More common brick-and-mortar meals like pasta, cupcakes, and even pho are now also part of the food truck scene. Some people argue that food trucks are out of fashion and no longer popular, and while it is true that most of the hysteria has died down since the beginning, food trucks are still very much alive. The idea of selling food out of a moving vehicle is probably one of the brightest to ever exist, and we would be fools to let that trend completely disappear.

2. Edible Gold Leaf

Sometimes, it’s nice to feel like you’re eating something a little fancier, even if what you’re eating is a simple burger. You can make your meal fancier by choosing the right ingredients or by simply adding a touch of gold. But, how do you that exactly, you ask? Why, with edible gold leaves, of course! Jazzing up your food with some bling was very popular back in the 2010s, and people really went all in. They would add a gold leaf to the dullest, most regular foods, all in the hopes of adding a touch of decadence. Since gold leaves really don’t have any distinct taste, it’s all about the show. Although gold leaves might be considered the ultimate something in gourmet luxury, it adds nothing more to the dish than some glitter and the feeling of wealth. From a $2ooo gold-covered pizza in Manhattan to a burger made with a 24-karat bun in Australia, there is really no telling the lengths people will go to spice things up. Obviously, there were some more affordable golden treats like ice cream toppings and cupcakes, but nevertheless, it’s still gold, meaning it doesn’t come cheap. This over-the-top addition still exists; it’s just not as popular or dignified as it used to be.

1. Milk Alternatives

Okay, obviously, non-dairy milk is nothing new; lactose-intolerant people can attest to that. Milk alternatives have also been around for some time, but it wasn’t until the last couple of years that the industry really took off. Before, at most coffee shops, you had one option if you didn’t drink milk: usually soy milk, and that was it. But, today, the possibilities are insane! Whether it’s for consumers worried about the environmental impact of the dairy industry or simply to stay away from anything with milk, the choice to go with plant-based milk has never been so easy to make. Nowadays, you can get soy, almond, oat, coconut, macadamia nut, and even cashew milk, no matter where you go. It’s even been proven that dairy milk consumption has been on the decline for years, as each generation drinks less and less milk than the last. Meanwhile, the non-dairy milk market has been on the rise for environmental and moral reasons. If you’re looking for dairy-free milk that tastes the most like milk, your best bet would have to be soy milk. With a mild and creamy flavor and the most similar in nutrition, soy milk has it all. It goes without saying that milk alternatives are still a thing, only now; it’s like they’ve become a part of our routine, instead of being a trend.

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