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10 Food Mashups That Will Blow Your Mind


10 Food Mashups That Will Blow Your Mind

Mashing things up is popular on the radio and it is popular in food. For some odd reason taking two things everyone knows and loves and putting them together really tickles people’s fancy. Here are the craziest and most exciting food mashups that will really blow your mind!

10. Taco Bell Doritos Locos Tacos & Doritos Locos Tacos Chips 

This Doritos and Taco Bell team up really hits it out of the park. Like, really. Out. Of. The. Park. Off the field, over the fence, across the street, through the neighboring lawns, across town, into the next country and beyond. This mashup is so good and did so well that it was even more than out of the park if that’s possible. Taco Bell Doritos Locos and Doritos Locos Tacos Chips launched on March 8th 2012 and quickly became the chains bestselling product. Taco Bell stated that they sold 100 million Doritos Locos Tacos in only ten weeks! That is craziness! That is one hell of a mashup! This idea sprung up, surely among many others, in an ideation sessions at Taco Bell headquarters. The company wanted to find something really extraordinary for their 50th anniversary. They wanted to stay hip and reach younger audiences. Nothing like bringing two favorites together to reach those audiences, and many more. Right? This mashup exceeded everyone’s expectations. It disrupted the fast food market and marked that 50th anniversary in the best way possible!

9. Burger King Mac ‘n Cheetos

Next on the list is the Burger King Mac ‘n Cheetos. Yes. It is a triple threat. It combines Burger King (love it), mac ‘n cheese (love it), and Cheetos (love it). So really there was no way this thing could fail. Much like the Doritos and Taco Bell mashup that did wonderfully on the market, the Burger King Mac ‘n Cheetos launched for a limited time and sold out within a few weeks. Well done! If you missed it, then too bad for you. You snooze, you lose. Isn’t that right? The first launch of these delicious and mushy treats was in June of 2016, but thankfully it gets relaunched every now and then. So, if you were snoozing last time be careful or you will miss it again! Everyone has to be on the lookout. Stay ready, much like a real life cheetah would be, because when it is time to pounce on these bad boys you need to be there. If you don’t channel your inner wild cat you might miss them, yet again. But, never fear. This mashup is so popular that it wouldn’t make sense for Burger King let them die out completely. Stay cheetah ready for the Burger King Mac ‘n Cheetos!

8. Dunkin Donuts’ Donut Sandwich

Okay, this one is for all those people out there who never know if they should order the sweet breakfast option or the savory breakfast option. You know who you are. You know we’re talking about you if you get to the magnificent brunch place that you found on Instagram and is super trendy and you spend fifteen minutes on the menu oscillating between the eggs benedict or the buttermilk chocolate pancakes. Sweet or savory? You know we are talking about you if this decision almost kills you and even after you have ordered you are regretting it and wishing you had taken the other option, but gosh, you just weren’t sure. If you identify with this at all then take a deep breath and let it go because your problems are behind you. Well, at Dunkin’ Donuts at least. Dunkin’ Donuts mashed up donuts and a breakfast sandwich. Hmmm. While the may be the solution to many people’s breakfast turmoil, the question is, if this flavoring combo will work for you? For many people it does! They enjoy the soft and sticky glazed donut and the crispy bacon. They enjoy the party this creates in the mouth. Others feel that this combo should come in the form of a combo and not actually be combined. That’s fair. To each their own. But, mark our words… If you identified as an undecided breakfast orderer, then this will very likely be the mash up for you. Dunkin’ Donuts really tried something new with this item and for that we appreciate the effort! We applaud the dedication to customer satisfaction.

7. Cinnabon’s Pizzabon

Close your eyes and take a minute to think about being under ten years old. At home, watching cartoons, the floor is probably made of lava, and you are living your best life. Then, you smell it. You smell the sweet and rich sent of cinnamon buns. You know what they will taste like and you are gearing up to be licking the stickiness of your fingers. Nothing beats that right? Now try this, close your eyes again and take a minute to think about being in your old dorm, or maybe even your classroom, and it is pizza day with all of your friends. We’ve all had a pizza party at some point. Maybe it was a birthday party? Maybe you won the pizza day on merit? Or maybe you are simply treating yourselves? You can smell the cheesiness wafting form the boxed as you open them to take a slice. You and all your friends share pizza. You eat and laugh and have fun. Now, imagine you could have that at home, Saturday morning, the floor is made of lava feeling AND the eating pizza with all of your friends feeling. Well, Pizza Hut and Cinnabon made that happen with their Pizzabon! It is basically a cinnamon bun shape and cinnamon bun dough, with tomato sauce, cheese, and pepperoni on top. It is perfect for sharing with friends, tastes like your regular pizza order, and looks like a cinnamon bun! Just like mom used to make! Thanks Pizza Hut and Cinnabon for bringing these two magical foods together!

6. Denny’s Mozzarella Stick Grilled Cheese

The Denny’s Mozzarella Stick Grilled Cheese sandwich is next on the list for mashups that will blow your mind because really, why didn’t you think about this one first? Cheese sticks, yummy. Grilled cheese sandwiches, extra yummy. And of course you could put cheese sticks between two pieces of bread to make a grilled cheese sandwich! But, no one thought about that! No one until Denny’s. While this mash up does seem ingenious, it has been discontinued. That doesn’t mean this is stopping you from trying it at home. It also doesn’t mean that this sandwich wasn’t extraordinary. Maybe it just hovered between the appetizer menu and the main course menu and people didn’t know what to do. If you want to recreate exactly what Denny’s did with the Mozzarella Stick Grilled Cheese sandwich at home, then serve it with a side of fries and marinara sauce. You can even charge your friends! Denny’s priced it at four dollars! Go ahead and have a flashback evening and feature this mashup! You get to decide if you would put it as an appetizer or a main! Or, if you are really crazy, you can put it as both!

5. Carl’s Jr.’s Pepperoni Pizza Fries

Pick up your forks and dig in for Carl’s Jr.’s Pepperoni Pizza fries. Much like the trend for “loaded fries” this mashup loads pizza toppings right onto the fires. This is a calorie packed snack that takes a regular pizza night to the next level. The $2.39 cost is also very appealing. Imagine having a whole slice of pizza and a side of fries for that price? Impossible. Now, you can find your pizza and fries together! And they are affordable! Carl’s Jr. launched this product at select locations in Southern California hoping to reach young male millennials. But, really this mashup reaches a much larger demographic! If you are feeling adventurous then try it at home! You can either put the toppings on as if you were dressing a homemade pizza or you can actually order a pizza and actually order fries and then scrape off the top off the pizza onto your fries. Doesn’t that sound great? Carl’s Jr. did a good job loading fries with a familiar food rather than haphazard toppings. This is a mashup we can trust.

4. KFC Double Down Dog

Number four on the list is chicken wrapped around a hot dog. Never thought that would be a sentence did ya? There is so much chicken in this order that KFC says there is no more room for the bun. What? No more room for the bun? But, what are you doing with all the extra buns KFC? Where are they going? Will we see a Wes Anderson movie a few years from now about an isle of lost buns and how they worked their way back to civilization to reclaim their rightful place around these hot dogs? Huh? Where are the buns? Losing the buns is the whole point of this double down thing that KFC has going on and even though it might be unsettling it is also a carnivores dream. This mashup is so amazing and actually so exclusive. When it was launched there were only 50 Double Down Dogs available for purchase at select locations. So maybe you were one of the lucky ones or maybe you missed it and are actively looking for this madness of an order to return. The Double Down Dog can be topped with your choice of ketchup, mayo, and cheese. Not more than that though because you really need to taste all that meat. This mashup is as tender as it is innovative and should not be pushed aside. That being said… if you have seen some of the photos of this mashup you might not be so impressed. Some locations might not have really gotten the advertised look that the brand had been going for… It is probably pretty hard to get a piece of chicken to act like a bun and wrap around a hot dog. But, don’t let the photos online get you down. Not everything you see on the internet can be true. Maybe, just maybe this tender mashup will be what you hope it to be and not look like some of the sad pictures. Fingers crossed!

3. Taco Bell Cheetos Burritos

Much like the Taco Bell Doritos Locos Tacos & Doritos Locos Tacos Chips, this is a mashup between Taco Bell and a chip favorite; Cheetos. Taco Bell is actually owned by PepsiCo Inc. PepsiCo Inc. also owns Frito-Lay. So mashups between Taco Bell and chips have not been uncommon in the past and we should expect many more in the future. This mashup is prefect if you are not afraid of a little crunch in your burrito! The juices from the meat may mingle with the Cheetos, causing them to soften and maybe even melt into the rest of the burrito. However, whether the Cheetos are super crunchy or kind of mushy and soft, they are a neat little addition that brings a ton of familiar flavor! Once again, this is a mashup that puts to the combo together into one item. So if you are on the road and can’t be bothered with both a burrito and a bag of Cheetos, then this is a stellar solution. Thanks PepsiCo Inc. for owning so many things and allowing them to mingle like their single!

2. Burger King’s Whopperito

We’ve made it all the way to number two on the list of mind blowing mashups! Hungry yet? Number two is brought to us all by Burger King and it is yet another twist on the fan favorite Whopper. The Whopperito is exactly what it sounds like, a Whopper, but in a burrito shape. Now this may float your boat or not, either way it is a pretty amazing way to bring the Whopper to life. Don’t you think? If you don’t, it could be because your allegiance lies in other fast food chains that serve burritos. But, we have to give Burger King credit for a few things with this mash up. First of all, they succeeded giving the Whopper yet another form. Secondly, they are actually holding their own against so many different fast food restaurants at the same time! This burrito option can pull customers away from Mexican themed joints. So, now you know. Whether you wanted a burger or a burrito Burger King has your back. Burger King seems to be the place you can get it all!

1. Pizza Hut Cheeseburger Crust Pizza

Wow! We have already made it all the way to number one on the list of mashup foods that will blow your mind. Number one is really wild and crazy. It is almost absurd. Almost too far to be considered okay and acceptable… But, it is just far enough to have use curious. Number one is the Pizza hut Cheeseburger Crust Pizza. Okay, real talk. Who could think about such a thing? Like really, who up there in the corporate ladder at Pizza Hut thought it would be brilliant to put burgers and pizza together, or actually, burgers and crust together. Like, this is either the most ingenious thing ever created or it is totally off the mark. We’ll let you decide. The big issue with this mashup has been the reviews saying that what gets served in the restaurant is not at all like what is seen in the advertisements. Uh oh. But, that being said, if Pizza Hut can deliver on this then maybe all of a sudden you’re eating a burger one minute and then having some pizza the next. That sounds pretty dope. We could get into that vibe. But, it would have to taste good too. It would have to taste like a solid burger and the pizza would have to be up to par with the other pizza’s being served at Pizza Hut. So all in all, the Pizza Hut Cheeseburger Crust Pizza is really a tossup. It could go either way and even if it does flop over to the bad side of things at least someone tried it and now we all know what a burger crust pizza is like. Ming blowing no? Maybe not like, “OMG I need this right now! Let me send a snap to all my friends” and more like “Woah. That was a trippy experience”…. You know?

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