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10 Five Guys Secrets That You Never Noticed!

Who doesn’t like a big, juicy, meaty, burger? Well… vegetarians. But, other than that… Would wouldn’t want to eat a scrumptious, well grilled, hamburger? Well… vegans… But, really, other than that who would not want to go to Five Guys? Five Guys rocks!Five Guys is dope! Five Guys is really one of a kind! 

10. The Money that started Five Guys was the College Fund for Four Boys

Okay, now, knowing that the money that funded Five Guys was originally meant to be a college fund does not mean that this is some kind of sick and very lucky story of gambling and risk taking in order to hopefully make millions. This is a story of practicality. It is a story of parents who did well by their kids. How you may ask? To start with, the two parents in question – Jerry and Janie Murrell – were able to save 70,000 dollars for their four boys to go to college. Yes, some colleges would cost more than that, especially for four boys, but the sum is still pretty significant. Kudos to those folks. They did something right from the beginning! This should be taken as a message of warning to all you folks out there with young children. Save money for them! You never know what they may use it for! They could go to college, they could put a down payment on a house, condo, or piece of land, or just like the Murrell family they would start a business! As the four Murrell boys grew up their parents saw that they did not necessarily want to go to college. They decided that the alternative was to invest the money into a family business. That’s a good deal no? Keeps the family together, keeps the boys working and educating themselves, and at the end of the day it became a profitable business! Well done!

9. Five Guys does not Deliver

Back in the day when Obama was the President of America even he had to go and wait in line for his tasty tasty burger. People probably let him cut in line though. Right? Wouldn’t you? Picture this: you see him come in and he is waiting behind you with his security detail and your just on your phone scowling though Instagram and you don’t really have anywhere to be and you know that he must have some crazy kind of business to attend to and that his time is like ten thousand times more valuable than yours, or so you assume because he is, you know, the President, so offer to let him cut in front of you. What would he say? Do you think he would happily take you up on the offer or just let the whole thing go? Hmmm. Something to think about. Whether or not someone is a line cutter may actually reveal a lot about their character. This is a valuable thing to think about because Five Guys does not deliver so this kind of problem could affect so many people if they are in line and then a famous person comes in behind them. Then, there is the question of who you would let cut and who you would just be like “nahhh – they can wait.” So many questions all because Five Guys has no delivery service.

8. Uber Eats does deliver Five Guys

Well, where there is a will there is a way and if you have the Uber Eats App then you can surely stay home and order from Five Guys without ever leaving the sofa. However, that would mean that you may potentially lose the best time to eat your fries and your burger. You know, the perfect, perfect time to eat it before it is too cold, but also after it has cooled down just slightly. There must be a name for that goldilocks moment in time? Like, optimal food consumption time? Something like that would work, no? Clearly this is nothing scientific or even legitimate in anyway. It is just the time between your food being cooked and then being eaten in which you would most enjoy your meal. Surely everything has its own unique time in which it should be consumed. Apparently meat needs to sit just a little bit after being cooked so that that magic can happen. You know? If you order your Five Guys with delivery you may miss this magic moment… Or, you may discover it is actually the best way to hear your food! Only one way to find out!

7. If you have a Peanut Allergy Five Guys could Kill You

This is no joke. Everything is Five Guys is cooked in and with peanut oil. So if you are deadly allergic to these scrumptious nuts you just stay as far away as humanly possible. Last thing the nice people that own this company needs is a dead person on their hands. Yes, yes, this is gruesome and a horrible thought. But, it could happen! There are peanuts, peanuts everywhere! Not only is their peanut oil literally ALL over the kitchen and kitchen tools, but they are actual peanuts in big boxes all over the restaurant. So, even if you went in with a friend and did not get anything the sheer smell of the boxes and boxes of peanuts could cause your some kind of harm. So be cautious! Tell your friends! No one wants an ambulance showing up at their local Five Guys. Right? Furthermore, no one wants to be waiting for their burger and watch a stranger go in to anaphylactic shock. How horrible would that be? That is not some kind of bucket list thing to check off… that is not something that will make your day. So please, hear this message: If you have a peanut allergy Five Guys could KILL you. That being said, if you do not have a peanut allergy please, please go to Five Guys. It is so good and it deserves your business. Do not live in fear that some silly peanut allergy person may be there waiting to snack on some death peanuts to ruin your time. This will ninety nine point nine percent never happen. We hope. Right?

6. Some Five Guys Locations have Milkshakes

Now, there are a whole bunch of people being like, “Yeah, duhhh… of course Five Guys has milkshakes, get with the program!” and then there are a whole other set of people that are like “Say what?! Come again? You can get a milkshake at Five Guys?” Well you see, not all Five Guys restaurants offer milkshakes. The reason is very clear and super understandable. Not all of the Five Guys locations has a freezer. Not all restaurants has room for a freezer and Five Guys particularly put a lot of emphasis on the quality of their ingredients. You will not see frozen produce with this company! No sir! They want freshness everywhere! So, for that reason some spots just have not put a freezer in, hence, they have not been offering milkshakes. There you go! That is the lowdown on the milkshake situation at Five Guys. If you do find one that offers them though, you really should try one. They have all kinds of flavors, including… wait for it… Bacon. What?! A bacon milkshake? What could that even taste like? It is… it has… It’s kind of like… No. You just have to go try it for yourself. It has a tendency to leave people speechless.

5. SHAQ and Five Guys are Super Tight

Shaq… The Shaq… Shaquille O’Neal… You know, the American basketball player? Yeah, that’s the one. Well he actually owns a whole load of Five Guys. Cool, isn’t it? When athletes are not being athletic they have to find a way to pass their time and probably even spend their big bucks they earned getting physical. Shaq has used his money, time, and over all resources to open and operate around one hundred and fifty five Five Guys restaurants. That is quite a bit! That is more than ten percent of the whole company’s franchises. Not only does Shaq invest in burger joints, but he also invests in a myriad of other things! He is dipping his toes in all kinds of industries: food, fitness, tech, and even real estate. Some may call him thrifty. Some may call him and investor. Others may call him a genius entrepreneur. However, really, if we get right down to it he is a business mogul! He is just working his athletic butt right off to make the best deals and do the best business. Truly an inspiration to us all.

4. Five Guys has a “Secret Hack Menu”

No fast food joint is ever complete without its little hidden secrets. Every one of them needs to stand out and be different, however, remain totally sneaky at the same time. Secret menus and off menu items are a way to make customers feel special and in all honesty probably control quantity. If everyone was ordering these secret things it would probably cost the company more money or they would have to keep larger quantities of whatever ingredients they need for the secret thing. For example, at Five Guys the secrets are all about the cheese. Cheese can be damn expressive! Who blames them for wanting to keep some extra cheese under cover? What you would need to do if you wanted to experience more more more more more cheese on your burger than you would normally get is ask for a Double Grilled Cheese burger. Now, apparently some restaurants will not honor this order. This could just be because it was not requested properly. If something is a secret it won’t just be given away like that. It won’t be so easy, because that would ruin the fun and it would mean that the item should just be on the regular menu. So, if you want to have more cheese on your burger than ask and ask with conviction! May the force be with you and may the odds be ever in your favor.

3. Five Guys almost did not Franchise

Yes. There is an alternate world in which the founding members of the company did not come to the conclusion to franchise. In that world there is only one Five Guys restaurant which does super well, but obviously does not hold a candle to the kind of success the company has had due to franchising. Five guys is considered by many to be the fastest growing franchise in the U.S and has even made its way into Canada and London. The easy did not come easily. Apparently there is a sound proof room in the Five Guys offices because the family that started the company would get pretty rowdy and vocal when they argued on such subjects. Nothing like a good screaming match to clear the air. Surely whomever disagreed with franchising sees that they were in the wrong? Come on. How can you argue with actual success! It is all in the numbers… and these days, with social media being a rampant reality… it is all in the reviews!

2. The peanuts are a distraction

The peanuts are there only to distract customers from being nosy, fidgety, unhappy, and downright unpleasant. This is probably the most brilliant thing ever. This and the last minute items that are popping up all over department stores, grocery stores, and really anywhere in which you may have to wait in line and get bored. Having a distraction when waiting in line for something will make the wait seem quicker. It will also prevent complaining. It will occupy the mind. The idea behind the peanuts is actually even more clever than anything before it because it is also occupying the mouth! How can people talk snack when their mouths are full! It is also great because customers appreciate getting free things. Who doesn’t?! Getting something for free is like Christmas Morning or winning first place. It gives a buzz inside your soul. Like, you feel you are special and that you are saving money and that you are enjoying something that you did not have to think about not having because of the cost. The peanuts are like the best fast food trick anyone has ever played ever. They are an amazing way to keep customers happy! Then, on top of that, they are also cool. There is an appeal to them because they are in every store. It is reliable. Therefore, the company gains even more respect in customer’s minds because they can be trusted. Heaven forbid the day that the cost of peanuts rises and we have to pay for them. There would be an uprising. It would be a potentially gruesome event that would transpire. Or, can you imagine if they just stopped serving them at all. Woah, that would be even more devastating. All kidding aside, people would be very upset if Five Guys got rid of the free peanut system that they have going. That is because it is a system that is working and has been doing all the customers some good! In this world there is nothing like a free stack to win trust, create loyalty, and give pleasure.

1. There are six guys, not five

Woah. Now you are thinking that everything the company is and has offered you must be a lie because how in the world and why would they ever lie about how many people there are? What is this anarchy?! How could they do this?! The original five guys are all members of the Murrell family: Papa Murrell (Jerry) and his four sons (Jim, Mat, Chad, and Ben). Then who is the sixth imposter? Did they need support and advise? Is it a cousin? Is it an investor? No, no, no. It is none of that. We can all calm down. The truth about the six guy is that after the business was started, another son was born! Awwww. Yes. Cue the water works. That sounds like a prime time story to me. Yes, yet another little boy was brought into this entrepreneurial family. Welcome to the team Tyler. So this is a good story. One of love and family rather than one of trickery. We can all commend the family for putting family first. And… Frankly, for only producing boys. Although, Five Gals sounds catchy too.

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