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10 Female Wrestlers who Never Want to Get Married


10 Female Wrestlers who Never Want to Get Married

Female wrestlers are big business. Many have long and successful careers in the sport. The dedication and time that it takes, to reach the top, should not be underestimated. Many women have to sacrifice a personal life and a family to succeed in the sport. Some have tried dating men in the sport and it hasn’t worked. In other situations, they tried dating men outside the field and found it harder. Some women are just resigned to the fact that they need to be wrestlers first and last and that marriage and a family is not possible while they compete.

10. Lita

Lita is one of the most successful female wrestlers in the sport’s history, according to Short Biography. Although retired now, she won a number of titles and a huge following of fans. Lita is a singer now and having dated a number of professional male wrestlers, remains single. Lita was involved in a storyline on a wrestling show where she was supposedly married to another professional wrestler. However, this was a storyline on the show and not a real marriage. She got involved in other stories that resulted in feuds with other professional women wrestlers and left WWE because she was getting so much abuse.

She took up a singing career with a punk band and says she is not interested in returning to WWE. However, fans believe that if the offer was right she may return. Her relationship history is complex and turbulent, but it is hard to know what was made up for a story on the show and what was real. While she was with one pro wrestler, Matt Hardy, she reportedly had an affair with another called The Edge. This led to more rivalry on the show which was great for viewers. Apparently, it took a toll on the three of them. Once again, it’s hard to know what is real and what’s for the show, but it seems to have put Lita off dating wrestlers and off wrestling, for now.

9. Ivory

Ivory is also a wrestler who worked with WWE and won titles with other wrestling corporations. She co-hosted the show for some time. She retired from wrestling to run an animal shelter according to Revolvy. She became involved in a feud with fellow wrestler, Tori, by which time the WWE carnival involved promoting the physical appearance of the ladies, who engaged in ripping each other’s clothes off and occasionally wrestling in a pool of slop.

At this time, Ivory was portrayed as a villain and moved to remove this persona, by becoming more conservative in her behavior. She got more kudos in her career and was given more respect for her wrestling talent from commentators. Ivory became involved in more feuds on WWE especially when it divided into Raw and SmackDown, with Ivory affiliating with the latter. She became disenchanted with the scene and acted as a trainer, then moved to the independent wrestling circuit. Once that was over she devoted her time to caring for animals, initially for those affected by Hurricane Katrina, then as a full-time career. She has never married and shows no inclination towards it.

8. Melina

Melina had a successful career with WWE, winning various titles during her time with the shows. She maintained her connection with the show for seven years, having moved into wrestling from modeling, according to Wikipicky. She has certainly been involved in on-screen storylines, but remains unmarried. She dated other professional wrestlers, including Mike Knox and John Herrigan. Melina and John were together for eleven years but never married. There was speculation that they had married, which turned out to be untrue.

Melina was a high profile personality on the wrestling circuit, known for her sexy entrances and toned curvaceous figure. It is hard to avoid other wrestlers on the circuit, as they travel and work together, so relationships between stars are common. However, Melina has managed to stay out of that ratrace and stay with her men without becoming embroiled in too much controversy. She remains unmarried and despite being in a very public arena, has managed to keep much of her life private. She has also trained as an actress and performed on screen alongside her wrestling commitments. She dropped to the independent circuit after a long stint on WWE, still managing to win titles under a less pressured environment.

7. Jacqueline

Jacqueline is another female wrestler who gained fame on WWE. She worked as a wrestler, trainer, and manager as well during her time with the TV networks. She was also involved in feuds with other wrestlers, notably Sable, with whom she traded titles in a long-running battle. When Jacqueline beat Sable in the Women’s Championship, she became the first African American women to do so. She was a tough opponent and despite the wrestling women’s reputation for being a diva, Jacqueline proved she was so much more, she was a serious wrestling contender.

Jacqueline moved from WWE to the independent circuit, then became a face on Nonstop Action Wrestling in 2004, before returning to WWE in 2016. She is highly regarded on the wrestling circuit and achieved the accolade of being included in several WWE video games. She also starred on MTV as a trainer, for the MTV/WWE collaboration Tough Enough. Her wrestling feats include being the only woman at the time to win the WWE Cruiserweight Championship which was a title only previously held by men. There were constant rumors that Jacqueline was involved in relationships with her professional colleagues, but she managed to keep them under the radar and remains single.

6. Katie Lea Burchill

Katie Lea became involved with Raw in 2008, where her brother was already competing. She became his manager and there was even talk of an incest storyline being introduced, but fortunately, this was quickly dropped. She was known as Katie Lea in WWE, but also went by the name Katarina Waters. She was involved in several feuds and also worked as a trainer. She had several unsuccessful fights in a duo and also singly, before being let go by WWE in 2010. However, she then joined Total Nonstop Action (TNA) and won a number of titles with them under the stage name Winter.

More recently, she has been seen in a number of films and TV shows as an actress, as well as in wrestling movies. She had studied drama for a number of years to perfect her art. Katie Lea is a master of reinvention, having changed names and networks several times during her career. Katie Lea’s personal life is not well documented. Apart from the fact that she is the sister of a wrestler, Paul Burchill, there is not a great deal of gossip about her relationships, which is highly unusual on the wrestling circuit and she remains unmarried.

5. Shayna Baszler

Shayna, or the Queen of Spades, is a star of WWE, known for her famous hammerlock maneuver, which has won her many matches. She has a background in martial arts and combines this with her wrestling moves. She is also known for the ‘chicken-wing’ submission which she nicknamed the ‘Schwing’ according to Powrestling. She has been a professional cage fighter in a former life as well. She competed under the TXT division of WWE and has been involved in many wings of the wrestling world. She competed on the independent circuit for some years and in the Invicta Fighting Championships.

She has been involved in the Ultimate Fighter and the Ultimate Fighting Championship. More recently she fought with the World Wonder Ring Stardom and WWE, where she has fought well and had notable success. Hailing from South Dakota, Shayna is an advocate for there to be a combat sports commission in the state. She works as a coach for a roller derby team and is a trained Emergency Medical Technician. However, not so much is known about her personal life as many of her WWE counterparts. She remains unmarried. She has a loyal fan base, who she calls her Queen’s Army and who loves her own particular brand of competition annihilation.

4. Billie Kay

Billie Kay is of Australian descent and joined the Pro Wrestling Alliance in 2007. She then joined the independent circuit and wrestled with the Shimmer Women Athletes. She has taken many titles including the PWA Women’s Title. She has also been involved in Combat Zone Wrestling, Ring of Honor and Chakara. She joined Shimmer in 2008, then joined WWE in 2015 as an NXT trainee and gained her fighting name of Billie Kay. She has had success on this circuit and won notable matches.

She has been involved in feuds and duos, as is popular in WWE and she is most recently associated with a duo called the Ilconics on Smackdown. She is a great advocate of women’s wrestling and its evolution to the phenomena it is today Billie Kay loved wrestling from a young age and always dreamed of being part of the circuit, according to Heavy. She grew up with fellow wrestler, Peyton Royce and has teamed up with her on NXT. She has appeared in films as well as on TV as an actress. Not much is reported about her personal relationships and she seems to be content to be married to her wrestling career.

3. Sonya DeVille

Sonya is a mixed martial artist as well as a wrestler. She joined Tough Enough in 2015 and then progressed to WWE in the same year. She trained with NXT but did not experience much success individually or in a team. In 2017, she joined Raw and formed a trio called Absolution and achieved more success. Although openly gay, Sonya remains unmarried. She is one of the only openly gay performers on the wrestling circuit and has a close friendship with Maria Menounos.

Sonya hopes to be a force for good in terms of changing perceptions about coming out as a lesbian and to make it easier for others to break into the sport if they are gay. Although she doesn’t want her sexuality to be a defining quality, she recognizes her power to challenge conventions and make it more normal. She is well respected as a wrestler for her performance and her technique. She has recently moved to Smackdown and is an opponent to be reckoned with. She has led the Women’s Division on Raw and focuses her attention on her career rather than on marriage and settling down with a family. Although she has had a public girlfriend, Christina Heath who is an MMA trainer, the couple were dating rather than engaged.

2. Asuka

Asuka is a Japanese professional wrestler, known as Kana or the Empress of Tomorrow. She signed to WWE and Smackdown under the name of Asuka. She has experienced considerable success on the circuit, notably as the longest reigning NXT Women’s Champion. Asuka combines her wrestling career with her talents as a graphic designer and game developer. She has worked with Microsoft and written reviews on video games. Another sideline that Asuka has is her own hair salon. After putting her graphic design career on hold, Asuka began her professional wrestling career in 2004. She won her first title in 2007 along with Takahashi winning the TEO Tag Championship and retaining it for two months.

She’s also appeared on the Pro Wrestling Wave and Smash. She started on the Wrestling New Classic circuit in 2012 and has promoted and produced her own events. In 2015 she joined WWE and appeared on TV in New York. She has managed to combine her multiple careers with a serious kidney illness, and seemingly has no time or energy for marriage. There is little known about her personal life and she has managed to steer clear of the wrestling gossip machine. She enjoys her position as a role model and seems determined to remain focused on her work.

1. Nikki Cross

Nikki wrestles for WWE in the NXT training program, having begun professional wrestling when she was just ten. She has an aggressive wrestling style and has a penchant for enjoying pain. Nikki has other talents, she is also a professional personal trainer and fitness instructor, according to Othe nine world of wrestling. She managed to gain a Bachelor of Arts degree as well as training for her dream of professional wrestling. She built up her career by fighting in her native Scotland and the UK with local wrestling promoters.

Fans became frustrated that she was not involved in some of the more profile fights on the TV shows for WWE. She joined TNA in 2014 and by 2016 she was with WWE and built up her reputation with a rebellious team called Sanity. She’s been involved in three and four-way fights along the way, until Sanity were moved to Smack Down and Nikki was left to fight on her own whilst with NXT. Nikki has had notable success in patches and seems determined to build up her lifelong dream of wrestling professionally. She has kept her personal life private and is not involved in much locker room gossip. She remains career focused, single and unmarried.

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