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10 Fast Foods You Need To Try At Least Once In Your Life


10 Fast Foods You Need To Try At Least Once In Your Life

Ready to indulge in some awesome and downright decadent fast food? If so, you’ll gain inspiration from this list of 10 fast foods you need to try at least once in your life. These choices aren’t low-calorie fare. They are designed to satisfy even the most intense fast food cravings.

10. Deep-Fried Big Mac

To sample this incredible delicacy, you will need to grab a Big Mac from McDonald’s and then head for your home kitchen. The deep-frying part will be up to you, because deep-fried Big Macs aren’t on the menu at Mickey D’s. Once you have your burger with special sauce, it will be time to gather a few tasty ingredients and get to work. Dazzle friends and family as you turn a commonplace Big Mac into a deep-fried burger that is definitely worthy of an Instagram post. You may want to consume a few TUMS after you eat this burger, or eat a few pieces of fresh ginger. Any assistance you can give to your digestive system will be helpful. To prepare this beauty of a burger, you’ll need oil, Panko breadcrumbs, toothpicks, a plastic knife and eggs. Coat the Big Mac in eggs before adding your breadcrumbs. Then, deep-fry it in oil until it has the perfect, golden-brown finish. Once you fish it out of the oil, and please be careful while you do so, let it cool a bit and then stab it once with a plastic knife. Pretend you’re a Game of Thrones character while you do it. The knife doubles as a convenient stick that should hold this burger up. Some people garnish their deep-fried Big Macs with extra Big Mac sauce. They usually make homemade Big Mac sauce from “dupe” recipes that they find online. Hellman’s makes a Chunky Burger Sauce which is another, easier option. This extreme fast food burger isn’t for the meek. It’s going to provide calories and fat galore. It’s going to be very filling. There may come a time when you decide that this burger must be a part of your life.  

9. Triple Treat Box From Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut Canada is currently offering a Triple Treat Box which is really a show-stopper. It’s retailing for $33.99, as of late May of 2019, and it comes in a big pizza box with three separate drawers for the goodies. The top drawer contains one medium pizza with two toppings or one recipe pizza. The middle drawer has another medium pizza with two toppings or another recipe pizza. The bottom drawer is loaded with a side dish and a tasty dessert. The side is regular breadsticks and two dips are included. The dessert is a big cookie known as the Ultimate Hershey’s Chipits Cookie. This Triple Treat Box may not be around forever, so be sure to get one soon if you want a unique fast food experience. The packaging of the limited-time-only Triple Treat Box is just one reason why pizza fans are excited about this special Pizza Hut promotion. The packaging definitely offers a lot of novelty. Getting a side and dessert as part of a two pizza package deal is also appealing. While nothing about this box deal is particularly astonishing, it’s just fun. It’s a different way of enjoying pizza, breadsticks and dessert. Maybe the Triple Treat Box will be so popular that it becomes a regular menu item. Ordering your own Triple Treat Box may help to make that happen. This special offer will be fun for office meals or family get-togethers. Or maybe you’re hungry enough to put a big dent in this extravagant box all by yourself, or with a little help from a friend.

8. KFC Double Down Sandwich

Oh, the legendary Double Down! It’s a fast food menu item that has gotten so much press. It’s a fast food sandwich with two fried chicken fillets in the place of typical sandwich buns. The sandwich also features a couple of strips of bacon, mayo and cheese. The bacon, mayo and cheese are the filling for the sandwich. It’s a standout menu item that positively screams fast food decadence. Unfortunately, the Double Down isn’t on the KFC USA website right now, and we checked the Chicken, Sandwich and Promotions categories to make sure. KFC didn’t pull this crazy sandwich off the menu due to lack of sales. It got huge sales while it was being offered. It caused a sensation, so maybe KFC will bring it back at some point. Sometimes, fast food chains create buzz and excitement by bringing back menu items that drove the public wild. Holding back these menu items sometimes triggers insane demand. It’s a marketing gambit that works. The Double Down doesn’t seem to be on the menu in Canada, either. Canadian KFC fans were able to get a variation on the classic Double Down in 2018, which was enticingly named the Waffle Double Down. The Waffle Double Down is no longer on the online menu at KFC Canada, but it sounded exceptional. It featured a couple of fried chicken fillets, with a Belgian-style waffle in between. The Waffle Double Down was finished with a drizzle of aioli that had Canadian maple flavoring. It’s hard to believe that the KFC Double Down sandwich will never be on the menu again. It’s got to come back, right? When it does, get it while you can. 

7. XXL Grilled Stuft Burrito: Beef From Taco Bell

If you want to go big while you’re visiting Taco Bell, consider treating yourself to the XXL Grilled Stuft Burrito (Beef). This mammoth beef burrito is absolutely loaded with fillings, including a blend of three cheeses, seasoned ground beef, rice with seasoning, reduced-fat sour cream, refried beans, pico de gallo, guacamole and avocado ranch sauce. Can you finish it all? While this burrito may not be huge enough to be a true “eating challenge” meal, it is big enough to satisfy even the heartiest appetites. Like most Taco Bell menu items, you may customize this burrito to your heart’s content, so it’s possible to make it even bigger if you want to. Fast food experts at Taco Bell recommend sipping water while you work your way through this burrito, or taking sips of a cool and refreshing Baja Blast to help it all go down easier. This is the type of 870-calorie burrito that may make you crave a nap after you’ve finished it, but, sometimes, that’s just what the doctor ordered. Available for just $4.79 USD, without add-ons, this burrito is a fun indulgence that won’t cost a bundle. 

6. Stroopwafel McFlurry From McDonald’s

This exciting new McDonald’s menu item will be available as of June 5th, 2019. That’s good news, isn’t it? McDonald’s is having a little fun by bringing some of the most popular menu items from McDonald’s in other countries to customers in the USA. This McFlurry comes from the Netherlands and it’s bound to be a huge hit stateside. What’s not to like about this this cool and creamy sweet treat? It’s got tons of fun novelty, thanks to its Dutch-style waffle cookie pieces, which are caramel-flavored, and its luscious soft-serve ice cream. This is a great way to beat the heat in the summertime. This menu items is impressive, but it’s not the only international menu item that McDonald’s is bringing to the USA. In early June, USA Mickey D’s fans will be able to enjoy a Tomato Mozzarella Chicken Sandwich from Canada, a Grand McExtreme Bacon Burger from Spain and Cheesy Bacon Fries from Australia. All of these menu items will be available for a limited time only. 

5. Large Cajun Fries From Five Guys

Fast food doesn’t need to be incredibly innovative to be amazing. At Five Guys, the delightful Large Cajun Fries feature awesome seasoning that makes them addictive, but most of us have enjoyed Cajun seasoning in the past. While the seasoning is superb, what’s really special is how much care is taken while preparing these large orders of seasoned fries. Five Guys has a strict quality control things happening. They’ve gotten preparing first-rate French Fries down to a science. Large Cajun Fries from Five Guys are an example of fast food artistry at its finest. They are well worth trying. Grab a burger, too, while you’re at Five Guys. The burgers aren’t too shabby, either. Five Guys delivers boardwalk-style French Fries. They are always fresh and hot. They are always made to order. They are cut fresh and then cooked twice, rather than the usual once. This leaves them really crispy on the outside and soft and mashed potato-tender on the inside. If you don’t want the Cajun version, order them plain. Just order fries of some sort from Five Guys, because they are really, really great. Five Guys succeeds because the fast food chain offers generous portions of skillfully-crafted fast food, including these golden and aromatic fries.

4. Baconator Sandwich From Wendy’s

If you don’t mind taking in 950 calories in just one burger, the Baconator from Wendy’s is a burger to try. A lot of people have enjoyed this burger already and it’s a regular menu item at Wendy’s fast food joints. Each Baconator comes with a half-pound of ground beef, which has not been frozen before being cooked, plus a whopping six pieces of bacon that has been smoked with Applewood and then cooked to crispy perfection. This iconic burger also comes with mayo and ketchup. Naturally, people who don’t like bacon aren’t going to want this burger. It is loaded with bacon taste. This burger is a vegan’s or vegetarian’s worst nightmare. It’s got ingredients from pigs and cows. Some people dig that. Do you? Fast food fare like the Baconator shouldn’t be consumed exclusively. It should be consumed in moderation. When it is consumed in moderation, it’s a guilty pleasure that is really just a lot of fun. Filling, tasty, bacon-y, beefy, cheesy fun! If you add fries, a soda and dessert to your Baconator order, you’re going to be enjoying a feast. It may be tough to finish a Baconator, plus fries and a drink, but it’s a challenge that you may want to take on.

3. BK Ultimate Breakfast Platter From Burger King

Looking for an epic fast food breakfast that helps you to make it through the day? If so, the BK Ultimate Breakfast Platter may be right up your alley. This isn’t a diet-friendly breakfast choice. If you want something diet-friendly, go for Greek yogurt and fruit, or something like that. Maybe some steel-cut oatmeal? The BK Ultimate Breakfast Platter contains 1170 calories and 65 of those calories come from fat. That’s a fair bit of fat grams for one meal. Anyway, most people who order this breakfast platter know that it’s hearty, to say the least. They don’t seem to mind the high calorie and fat count. Loaded with yummy Hash Browns, scrambled eggs. tasty sausage, a trio of hot cakes with sweet syrup and a biscuit that’s been warmed to perfection, this platter will be a good choice if you’re planning on spending the day doing hard physical labor. You’ll really have something to burn off. You may want to wash this platter of food down with a BK® Café Caramel Frappe. You’ll need to pay extra for the Frappe, which will add another 510 calories to your meal. Burger King currently offers six kinds of coffee drinks to customers. Sadly, the breakfast platter and the Frappe that may wash it down don’t appear to be available at Burger King eateries in Canada. Maybe Canadians can cross the border into the USA to get these breakfast treats.

2. OREO Cookie Pizza From Domino’s

This limited-edition menu item was very popular. It is not available these days, but it may return for an encore. We’re mentioning it here because it gave people with sweet tooths a dessert pizza experience that was wonderful. Crafted with a graham cracker-style crust and topped with vanilla icing and crumbled OREO cookies, it was perhaps too sweet for some people, but perfect for those who love sugary treats. Sweet icing was drizzled on this dessert pizza once it came out of the oven. When launched, this dessert pizza was available for just under four bucks, with purchase. Domino’s partnered with OREO to make it all happen. Domino’s desserts vary by locality and country. In Canada, Chocolate Lava Crunch Cakes are available, which are actually pretty darned good. They’re very affordable, too. They arrive warm and they aren’t much different from the lava cakes sold in fine restaurants. They have luscious, soft centers. Until the legendary OREO dessert pizza returns, Chocolate Lava Crunch Cakes may be a great substitute. Domino’s in some countries, like Australia, offer a wide array of desserts to choose from. In Canada and the USA, the selection of desserts is minimal. Check your country’s Domino’s website to see what’s available for dessert. Keep an eye out for any limited-time offers. With any luck, the OREO cookie dessert pizza will return.

1. Famous Bowl From KFC

Now, it’s time for the last fast food indulgence on the list. It falls into the comfort food category. It’s a Famous Bowl from KFC. Kentucky Fried Chicken is known for its delectable chicken seasoning, which contains a special blend of 11 herbs and spices. The Famous Bowl includes yummy, bite-sizes bits of chicken with seasoning. It’s fried chicken for that authentic KFC taste. Famous Bowls also come with sweet corn, gravy, mashed potatoes and a blend of Monterey Jack cheese, American cheese with peppers and cheddar. When you order one of these bowls, you’ll get a full pound of food to fill you up. The Famous Bowl was introduced at a price point of three bucks back in 2018. There was also a Spicy Famous Bowl available, which came with Nashville Hot Sauce. The sale price of three bucks was a limited-time thing. The Famous Bowl typically retails for five dollars. Now that you have the inside scoop on 10 awesome fast food indulgences, many of which are still available today, and other of which may reappear in the future, you’ll be ready to try some of them. These fast foods stand out because they are decadent choices. They aren’t side salads or anything along those lines. They are meant to be filling, tasty and special. They are iconic options for fast food fans. Since menus at fast food restaurants vary from time to time and place to place, you’ll need to check local locations to see if these menu items are available.

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