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10 Fast Food Items You Should Never Order According To Reddit (Part 4)


10 Fast Food Items You Should Never Order According To Reddit (Part 4)

Have you ever really stopped and wondered about you’re favorite menu item when ordering at a restaurant? Well, fast-food workers have the answers to all of your doubts and worries on Ask Reddit to help you sleep better at night. Or terrify you. Either way, here are the 10 Items You Should Never Order According To Reddit (Part 4)

10. Decaf Coffee From Literally Anywhere

Now, picture this: it’s a Sunday night, you’re on your way home, and you want to stop for coffee. But, only if they have decaf because you don’t want to be up all night. That sounds like a good plan, right? Well, don’t be fooled, it’s not. Reddit users had a lot of interesting details to reveal about their restaurants’ decaf coffee. From fast-food joints to coffee shops, they all have something in common: the decaf you’re asking for? It’s as old as time itself. That’s right, old, warmed up coffee. It is practically impossible to find fresh decaf anywhere. Most places will literally make one or two batches for the entire day and leave it at that. This particular aspect might not be a bother for some, especially if you’re one of those who drown their coffee with milk and sugar, but there’s another underlying issue. Some places will simply not bother to make decaf at all. They’ll use the regular coffee and make you believe that it’s decaf. Say what? A worker from Burger King confessed that his manager would water down the regular coffee and sell it as decaf. What an evil, evil scheme. The trick given by employees is to order something which uses a decaf espresso instead. That way, you’ll ensure the freshness and the authenticity of the coffee. So if you enjoy drinking coffee past 7 pm and are a fan of sleep, you know what to do – or better yet, what not to do. 

9. Waffle House Grits

It’s no secret that Waffle House might not be the best option when you want a healthy meal. Everyone knows that. It’s just common knowledge. But the least you can expect when you pop by is freshly cooked food – well, that’s the hope anyway. A Waffle House cook had a lot to say about the so called ” freshness” when asked what people should never order. According to him, the grits are the worst thing you could get there. Because they’re not the most popular item, they sit for hours and hours and hours. The worst part is managers will literally try anything to make them look fresh and give them a second life, so you have no idea. Another former cook stepped forward, saying he used to stir the grits’ pot with a lit cigarette in hand, possibly dropping the occasional ash. Yummy. Other Reddit users were quick to defend the beloved chain and were well aware of what they put in their bodies. One even said it might just “add a little bit more flavoring to the grits.” Not sure if this is total devotion or just plain denial. Some people sure are attached to the Waffles House and aren’t ready to let go yet… even if they probably should. 

8. Movie Theater Hot dogs

Now, here’s an item that often gets taken for granted: the hot dog. But not any hot dog, the kind you get – or shouldn’t get- at the movie theater. According to many – and I say many workers from different movie theaters across the country – hot dogs are the number one enemy, and you should avoid them like the plague. They stay in the warmer for longer than 4 hours a day, are never rotated, and the most important part: they turn… green. Yep, not exactly the kind of “greens” you’re supposed to eat every day, that’s for sure. A worker explained that since it’s always dark in the theater, people never notice the ill-looking sausage and just put their condiments on like nothing’s wrong. But oh, if only they knew. Oh, and if it gets dropped in the kitchen, no worries, they’ll just pick it up and serve it anyways. So old, greenish, possibly dirty hot dogs should probably not be on your go-to movie theater snack list, unless of course, you want to spice things up or you’re going to see a scary movie. Then the fear begins now. Now that’s spooky. 

7. KFC’s Chicken

Reddit’s thread for KFC was absurdly long and all covered almost the same point: stop ordering KFC altogether. From food poisoning to plain bad hygiene, employees are trying to warn you about what really goes on behind the kitchen doors. According to a former employee, the manager would force them to sell chicken past its expiration date. Well, that’s appetizing. Not only is that completely unsafe, but it’s also not ethical – at all. Not wasting food is a rather “important” value at KFC, but at what cost? This was supported by another employee claiming that, under almost no circumstances, were they allowed to throw away food. Dropped, spoiled, overcooked, all gets used. No discrimination. This would explain why many users came forward, saying they would get food poisoning almost every time they go to KFC. Maybe that’s a hint to stop eating at KFC. The active presence of mice in many restaurants could also be associated with customers getting sick, but you know, it’s just speculation. Basically, if you care about your health and have certain standards when it comes to the food you eat, employees ask you not to order any chicken – which is kind of hard to do at KFC, but hey, they still have fries, right?

6. Sodas From Soda Machines

What fast-food meal would be complete without your favorite ice-cold soft drink. The perfect bubbly addition to whatever food your heart desires. However, you might be better off buying your soda from a bottle rather than a fountain. Why? Because believe it or not, these machines are barely cleaned – if ever. Many employees from various fast-food chains like McDonald’s and KFC have come forward on Reddit and revealed that most of them have never been asked to clean any of the soda machines. They didn’t even know how because no one had ever shown them. Now, that’s a cause for concern. With a combination of bug and possibly rodent droppings, the soda machine might be one of the most unsanitary things in a fast-food restaurant. Say it ain’t so. Someone even claims to have caught a guy peeing in the ice at the soda machine once. Now, that can’t be sanitary. The moral of this story is don’t get a soda with your food. Under any circumstances. Steer clear of soda fountains! Well, unless you saw an employee cleaning the machine with your own eyes, then you should be fine. But, just a heads’ up, it might be a rare sighting. 

5. Applebees

Not quite a fast-food restaurant, and yet, not a 5-star dining experience either. Applebees is basically just a fast, casual diner with pretty reasonable prices for quality food. Or so you would think. A former employee reported that, while most people might think they’re getting freshly cooked meals, most of the food arrives in frozen vacuum-sealed packages. Worse yet, all the food is thawed out in microwaves or boiling water. Talk about freshness at its lowest peak. They added that most of the food, like meat and grilled vegetables, spend a mere 2 minutes on each side of the grill to “make it look nice,” but that’s about it. Nothing is actually fresh. What a lie. And to top it all off, gloves are apparently not in fashion anymore when it comes to the food preppers –  almost none of the employees wear them. The gloves probably don’t go with their outfits. Or with their values of hygiene. Who knows. Some Reddit users argue that Applebees is universally bad, but others insist that it’s only bad in certain regions and that their Applebees is special and tastes better than all the others. Special or not, they still use the same preparation techniques so, tough luck. If you’re in search of a warm, cozy microwaved meal, then Applebees is the place for you, no matter which one you go to!

4. Jack In The Box Bacon Cheddar Potato Wedges

Even though they are a very popular item, one Jack In The Box employee shared their concerns about the Bacon Cheddar Potato Wedges phenomenon. This employee can’t understand why people keep on ordering this item, since it is literally one of the fakest foods on the menu. Fried potatoes topped with fake cheese and fake bacon? Sounds about right for a fast-food joint. Not only are these loaded with trans fats, but they can’t even be bothered to have real cheese on them. What a rip-off. It didn’t come as a surprise when the employee distinctly mentioned that nowhere on the cheese’s packaging was the word “dairy” included. However, the potato wedge lovers did not seem fazed by the information at all. They took turns defending the beloved item and claimed it was the best late-night snack. What you don’t know can’t hurt you, right? But in this case, apparently, it doesn’t matter if you know or not. People will keep buying their favorite items, even if they know they’re bad for them, just because they taste good. From the outside, the Bacon Cheddar Wedges might look like a “healthier” option because they’re lighter than, let’s say, a burger, but in reality, it’s just as bad as any of the other items on the menu.

3. Wendy’s T-Rex Burger

The first question to ask here is why? Who would ever want a T-rex burger? Who in their right mind would ever want to eat a 9 patty burger? Well, Wendy’s employees are asking themselves the exact same question and begging you to stop ordering this burger. One user even called this monstrosity a “one-way ticket to the emergency room.” These giant burgers are a headache to make and just, so you know, you’re probably not the kitchen staff’s favorite when you order one. You most likely get the eye rolls and the heavy sighs from every cook in the place. Not only can’t it be wrapped properly without falling over, but they take forever to make. And, they’re just as impossible to eat. Obviously. One mildly satisfied customer warned the other users that if you do get the T-Rex burger, the grease from the patties will all be directed towards the bottom, soaking your bun – leaving it looking like some kind of sad, greasy pancake. An employee also expressed that most people don’t realize how big the burger actually is and just order it on a whim after hearing about all the hype. 9 patties is just way too much beef for one person to eat, but that still doesn’t stop people from ordering it. Only available off of the secret menu, the T-Rex burger is unhealthy, annoying to make, and all sorts of crazy – and most of Wendy’s employees would be more than happy to see it disappear forever. 

2. Subway’s Chicken Or Deli Meats

Sadly, Subway’s slogan “Eat Fresh” hasn’t always been very representative of the brand. The restaurant’s employees have used Reddit to warn customers about their favorite sub’s real freshness. Almost every item at Subway has come under fire at least once over the years, but what the employees really want you to know is how bad the meats really are. Like really bad. And especially the chicken. One former member of the Subway crew described it as a “chicken flavored sponge,” which sounds yummy, I know, but that’s beside the point. You should apparently avoid ordering anything with chicken in it, unless you want to eat some of the lowest grade meat ever. Another beloved item that should be avoided – and according to one angry employee, banned – are the deli meats. Arriving at the stores covered in a pink, sticky slime, the deli meats just aren’t worth jeopardizing your health for. And to make things even better -or worse – the turkey is said to smell like fart. Isn’t that what everyone looks for in a deli turkey? A noxious gassy smell? No thank you. Basically, according to these employees, the only things safe to eat at Subway are the bread and the veggies. At least, we hope they are…

1. Starbucks’ Breakfast Items

Sometimes you might be tempted to get a sweet little pastry or a warm, delicious sandwich to go with your morning coffee, and that’s totally fine. Just don’t expect them to be fresh. Or even homemade. The only things actually made at Starbucks are the drinks. Period. Anything else you order, from croissants to sandwiches and cake pops, are all delivered to Starbucks in big, brown boxes straight from the factory, all wrapped up in individual plastic bags. So, no, the ones you see in the display case are not the “fresh ones” they are, in fact, the complete opposite. If an employee tells you they’re out of cookies; there’s no need to point at the one in the display case and say:” but there’s still one left”…. that one could have been there for a year. It’s a display. Most employees who commented on Reddit think it’s just a funny, silly mistake that customers make, but others are just sick and tired of constantly justifying why they can’t just give you that last cookie. Another employee kindly asked people to stop ordering the egg white bites in the morning. They come in a vacuum-sealed bag and need to be “massaged” a certain way before being served, which, honestly, sounds kind of weird and not very appetizing. The egg whites are just too much trouble to heat up. They move around like crazy while in the oven and, more often than not, end their journey on the floor, swimming in their own grease. Then, the employees need to start the whole process again and hope the new bites don’t meet the same fate. For their really ordinary and plain taste, they are simply not worth all the trouble. So next time you want to treat yourself to a nice, pleasant breakfast, maybe have one at home instead. 

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