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10 Fast Food Hot Sauces That Take Spice To A New Level! Part 2


10 Fast Food Hot Sauces That Take Spice To A New Level! Part 2

Do you find yourself craving fruity, fiery spiciness of hot sauce? If so, then you’re the type that seeks out the heat. The world of fast food has caught on to people like you. Today, there are more hot and spicy items on the menu than ever before. It’s surprising to think that you can go into almost any fast food joint and burn the roof of your mouth. If you’re a chili addict, you can get your fix anywhere these days. You already thought it was difficult enough trying to figure out what to order from the menu board. Now that there’s hot sauce involved, the choices have become even more difficult.

10. Wendy’s Hot Chili Seasoning

Who doesn’t crave a big bowl of Wendy’s chili from time to time? It doesn’t matter if it’s cold outside or in the heat of the summer, chili is good all the time. Wendy’s chili has big chunks of their famous ground beef in it. The chili also has hearty beans, and it’s pretty good considering that it comes from a fast food place. Do you ask for a big handful of crackers? If you do, then you’re probably the type who wishes they kept the crackers with the utensils and napkins. Who doesn’t love a little chili with their crackers? Some of you need to kick your chili up notches unknown. Yes, that’s an Emril reference. How can you talk about hot sauce and not mention his name at least once? It’s not possible, and trying to do so is only foolish. Did you know that Wendy’s has Hot Chili Seasoning? You do if you’re the type who craves everything hot and spicy. At least one of you right now are kicking yourself for not knowing that this stuff exists. Don’t beat yourself up over it. Head on over to your local Wendy’s and get a large chili and ask for a packet of hot sauce.

9. KFC Hot Sauce

Some people love to dab a little hot sauce on their fried chicken. As if the wonderfully golden deep fried skin isn’t heavenly enough, they’ve got to take it one step further. Are you the type who can’t eat fried chicken without some hot sauce on it? If so, then you probably already know that KFC has hot sauce. You’re more than likely the type who asks every fast food restaurant if they have hot sauce. Don’t worry; you’re not alone. At least you’re not asking every joint in town if they have ranch dressing. That would be a little embarrassing. Those of you who have no idea that KFC has hot sauce will want to ask for a few packets the next time you’re ordering a bucket of chicken. KFC Hot Sauce tastes surprisingly like Tabasco Sauce. A true chili head would be able to tell the difference between the two when it comes to taste and consistency. But, the hot sauce at KFC comes pretty close to the stuff sold in those little glass bottles all over the world. We already know what you’re thinking by the time you read this far. Ask for a couple of extra packets so you can spice up your mashed potatoes. You know you want to do it so bad.

8. Jack in the Box Hot Taco Sauce

What’s the first thing you think of when the name Jack in the Box enters your mind? If you lived through the 90s, then the first thing you think of is E. coli. You probably didn’t immediately think of their hot taco sauce. A lot had changed since 1993 when over 700 people got sick from eating at Jack in the Box. The average person reading has probably long forgotten about those times. It’s hard to think about E. coli when a restaurant serves up food that’s as tasty as Jack in the Box does. No one mixes up their menu quite as they do. That means the entire family can go there without worry if picky eaters will find something they like. There aren’t many restaurants where you can get a burger and a taco. You can at Jack in the Box, and they also have some pretty good hot sauce. Some say that their hot sauce is more like fancy ketchup with a kick. It also has a healthy dose of MSG in it. Rarely do you see anything from fast food restaurants with MSG in it. Does the MSG make the hot sauce taste any better? Why their hot sauce contains MSG is a mystery to many people. You can also put it on their other menu items if you feel that it needs a serious jolt of excitement.

7. Burger King Buffalo Dipping Sauce

You’re at the home of the Whopper, and you need a spice fix bad. You’ve got fries that need some heat. What do you do? The thing that you don’t do is freak out. You simply ask the friendly cashier if you can have a container of Burger King Buffalo Dipping Sauce. Some people might look at you a little strange if you’re not dipping chicken nuggets into it. You can always turn your back to them if their stares begin to bother you too much. You can’t help it that your mouth is in need of a little action. Some of you may want to avoid all the stares and buy yourself the smallest container of chicken nuggets they have. That way, you can feel like a chili addict who doesn’t have a problem. Burger King Buffalo Dipping Sauce isn’t going to cause you to call the fire department. It’s not so hot that the sweat will bead on your forehead. There’s a pleasant little kick to it that’s meant for the average person and not someone who loves to breathe fire. But, it’s has a slight burn for someone who finds themselves at Burger King and in need of some heat. You know who you are. You find yourself craving Burger King, and something spicy at the same time. Don’t worry; you’re not pregnant. If you were, you’d be craving pickles and ice cream. Fries and buffalo sauce isn’t as odd as it sounds and there’s no need to buy a pregnancy test on your way home.

6. Church’s Purple Pepper Sauce

Are you ready for a heaping dose of nostalgia? Sometimes you have to go down memory lane to know how good life was back in the day. Church’s brought back their Purple Pepper sauce for a limited time a few years ago. Don’t you tear up when you hear the term “limited time”? It has to make you feel all sad and blue. It does considering that Church’s Purple Pepper Sauce had such a devote following. Sometimes you have to wonder why the fast food companies do this to us. Is the McRib really that good or do we love it so much because it’s not always on the menu? If you’re feeling sad right now, don’t shed a few unwanted tears. Who knows Church’s may bring back this wonderful sauce. Always remember that tomorrow can be a better day than today. What’s the stuff that we’re all so upset over? It’s the one and only Church’s Purple Pepper Sauce. The sauce has red bell and habanero peppers in it. Those who were fortunate enough to enjoy it know the sauce is more like a jam. A thick, peppery jam that hugs so wonderfully to chicken tenders. Go get yourself a tissue. Crying is okay when you lose a loved one.

5. Popeyes Sweet Heat Sauce

Popeyes is delivering the sweet heat again. They bring home the flavor as only a Louisiana inspired restaurant can. You go there for a spicy kick along with some greasy goodness. Let’s be honest; Popeyes is a guilty pleasure that has little to do with nourishment. It’s like saying the bowl of ice cream you ate yesterday was for calcium. No, it was because your sweet tooth needed a fix. The same thing is true when you’re going to Popeyes. Don’t pretend that you don’t go there for a heaping helping of spicy greasy goodness. It’s okay; people like us no longer need to be ashamed about our love of calorie-laden food. So, what is Popeyes Sweet Heat Sauce? You’re not a true Popeyes fanatic if you’ve got to ask that question. We’ll answer it for anyone who doesn’t have Popeyes grease clogging their arteries as we speak. It has honey, Lousisana hot sauce, vinegar, and a special blend of peppers. Yes, the peppers are special. Doesn’t that make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside? It will if you can get your hands on some of this fantastic sauce. You may even consider taking a few tubs of it home with you to eat with other things. Don’t say we didn’t warn you that sticking a variety of items in Popeyes Sweet Heat Sauce can be addictive.

4. Bojangle’s Hot Sauce

You get the drift by now. Hot sauce and fried chicken go together like fries and ketchup. You can’t go to a fried chicken joint and not get your fill of hot sauce. Those who are new to the spice train will be surprised to find out that all of these fried chicken places have hot sauce. If they don’t, then it’s time for you to head on out the door. No matter if they give free unlimited soda pop refills or not, fried chicken without hot sauce is like a summer day without the sun. If you’re the type who loves the burning sensation the day after, then it’s impossible to go into a fried chicken restaurant and walk out without a few packets of hot sauce. Don’t lie; you’ve even sneaked a few out before. We’re onto you. Those of you who live in the south have a plethora of Bojangle’s restaurants within reach. The rest of the world can only be envious of you. They don’t have access to this wonderful fried chicken or their hot sauce. It’s sad, but you’ve got to get a grip on yourself. If you want some of this hot sauce that bad, then book yourself a flight anywhere down south. Just ask the pilot to take you where the hot sauce flows like water and the fried chicken tastes like heaven. He’ll know to take you to the nearest Bojangles.

3. Rally’s Angry Buffalo Sauce

Anything with angry in the title has got to be hot. Fast foodies know the deal when they go to Rally’s. They know that it’s about more than big delicious burgers and spicy seasoned fries. Though, it’s hard not to go there and get a Big Buford. It has to be one of the best burgers in all of the world of fast food. The way the juice oozes from the patties while you’re sinking your teeth into it. Oh man, that’s what life is all about right there. Okay, somehow we’ve got to pull it together to talk about their fried chicken. It’s so hard to do when they cook up some of the best burgers to ever come off a grill. So, you’re going to Rally’s for chicken. Right? Well, sometimes you’ve got to mix things up a little. Maybe what you want is a snack to go along with your Big Buford. The best sandwich in the entire world. Okay, we’ve got to get through this somehow. Let’s just stick to the script and talk about Rally’s Angry Buffalo Sauce. If you like things spicy, then ask for this sauce on your wings. They’ll toss your wings in the angriest sauce that you’ve eaten in quite some time. You’re still not going to be able to forget about the Big Buford. Get yourself one even if you are getting some super hot wings. Make that two. A sandwich this good should never feel lonely.

2. Del Taco Del Scorcho Sauce

Customers who go to Del Taco have no shortage of hot sauce options. They have everything from mild to the downright wild. It all depends on your perspective when it comes to heat. Anyone who is craving burning at both ends can get precisely what they’re looking for at Del Taco. Ask for a few packets of Del Taco Del Scorcho Sauce the next time you’re pulling up to the window to get your order. The thrilling taste of hot peppers will delightfully awake your taste buds. It’s the same excitement you have on Christmas morning opening packages, the difference is, you can enjoy this all year long. What makes the Del Taco Del Scorcho Sauce so good? It has a slight vinegary taste and plenty of heat from jalapeno peppers. Those peppers pack the kind of punch that’s a jolt to the pleasure zone. How many packets should you put on your taco? If you’re new to the world of heat, stick to one. Those seeking a little more adventure go with two. If you need more than two packets, then it’s time to climb the Scoville unit ladder and upgrade to a new hot sauce. Don’t worry, Del Taco has all the heat you need and then some.

1. Taco Bell Fire Sauce

Every hot sauce lover has a few packets of Taco Bell Fire Sauce tucked away in a kitchen drawer somewhere. You don’t need to be shy about the fact that sometimes you suck the hot sauce right out of the packet. No excuse is needed to love something as good as fire sauce. Come on; we’re friends here. No one gets it like we do when it comes to the desire to enjoy the burning sensation that only hot sauce can provide. Would it make you feel any better to tell you that we keep a few packets of fire sauce underneath our pillow at night? Just don’t tell anyone. Some secrets are best unspoken. Taco Bell Fire Sauce has a surprisingly complex flavor. You can taste the hot peppers in it, but it also has a beautiful black pepper punch to it as well. With a name like fire sauce, you’d expect it to burn quite a bit. Some say that it is fiery hot, while others say that it only has a nice little burn to it. If you refer to burning sensations as nice, then it won’t be too much for you. The average person may find the fire sauce to be a little too much. Those people aren’t called wimps, they’re not used to eating the blazing hot stuff the rest of us are. There’s no need for name calling is there?

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