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10 Fancy AF Celebrity Vacation Homes

There is no question that celebrities know how to make the big bucks. What they do with their paychecks makes the average Joe a little bit jealous. From yachts, incredible trips, unheard of amounts of clothing to multiple fabulous homes, show business pays. If their lavish lifestyle does not make us green with envy, the fact that they have not one but many homes is the icing on the cake. 

There are serene and isolated homes located in private areas where some celebrities can escape the public. Some of these places are like a private all inclusive resort of their own. They include swimming pools, game rooms, movie theaters and gorgeous views. Let`s open up the doors and peak inside 10 fancy AF celebrity vacation homes…

10. Drake- Beverly Hills

Drake is one hell of a guy, he just gave away $1 million of his music video God’s plan budget. There is no question is has money in the bank to be able to afford to do this. He recently just stayed in this mansion with AirBNB for his stay in California, instead of his already purchased home a few towns away. He enjoyed his stay so much that he bought another home right near this one. He relaxed in this home enjoying the canyon views, the home theater, sauna, multiple walk in closets and six bedrooms all with an on suite bathroom. YOLO! The price tag nightly for this AirBNB rental goes for *drum roll please* $13, 882! It is 11,000 square feet with six bedrooms and is totally renovated and gorgeous. It boasts of relaxation and entertaining and has an Italian style of architecture to it. Why would there just be a regular pool also when it comes to this palace? Of course it has an amazing outdoor infinity pool built for royalty. While taking a dip in this amazing pool, you can enjoy the panoramic view of the Benedict Canyon! There are countless outdoor set ups making it easy for an outdoor barbeque with class! 

9. Brad Pitt/Angelina Jolie- Chateau Miravel France

This stunning home is located in Correns, a quaint, small town in the south of France. It is also known as Chateau Miraval, it is actually a castle and vineyard. Who does JUST fancy vacation homes anymore, right? It was the location of their famous wedding and it came with a price tag of $65 million, when they bought it in 2008. This chateau has 35 rooms, surrounding the beautiful building is even more stunning grounds. There are ponds, a chapel, groves, fountains, an array of different kinds of trees and a vineyard. The home even includes an indoor swimming pool, spa and gym. Before The Pitts had moved in, the previous owner held the home for recording music. He built a recording studio and really famous musicians like Sting and The Cranberries recorded on the property. Naturally because the property is part vineyard, Chateau Miraval is best known for it`s excellent wines. The couple invested themselves in making some wines. They made Miraval wines in 2013 and were very successful. The first 6000 bottles of the rosé wine they helped to produce completely sold out in just the first five hours that it was released! Since the couple has divorces, Brad has been spotted there more than Jolie. The lifestyle is very private in France at the chateau and the community respects that. There is no doubt that this is quite the property that would be worth fighting for in a divorce, it is really over the top and a world in its own.

8. Oprah- Hana, Hawaii

When you think of Oprah, you absolutely know that whatever it is associated with her, it is fabulous! This Billionaire does not pinch her pennies when it comes to her lifestyle and her properties. This is no different with her home in Hawaii. She purchased an extravagant 163 acre property! Hawaii is naturally full of mountain sights and ranges and it so green, it is definitely a serene and peaceful place. This spot is great for celebrities because it is very private and combines the small town living with the amazing views. This home is a pit stop on many tours of the Hawaiian area known to host celebrities and that includes amazing, beautiful homes. This home includes a private road  just for her that is about four miles long in order to access the property. She actually paid to have it built and it definitely cost a lot of money. There have been privacy issues with it, because it is such a well maintained and attractive road, it draws people to it. Unfortunately, it is not open to the public and was built to make Oprah`s access much more easy when she visits this lavish home. It has a bed and breakfast feel and is home to 12 separate rooms and is one of Oprah`s many properties. Oprah has an estimated worth right now of 2.7 billion dollars. It is absolutely incredible that she is literally able to build her own roads for a certain amount of money. Her possibilities seem endless!

7. Richard Branson- Necker Island, British Virgin Islands

When you are Richard Branson, you do not just simply buy a mansion, you buy an entire island! Necker Island is 74 acres and accommodates 34 people and is pretty much a really swanky private resort. It was a dream of his to own an island and he worked towards that goal regularly. He was able to buy it at age 28 and invested $10 million into making it into a nice resort. He actually legally had to make this island into a resort otherwise the state would reclaim ownership of it. When he originally bought it, there was absolutely nothing on it. It costs $2,167 USD per day to stay there. This price tag allows you access to two different beaches, tennis courts, private chefs and a staff of about 100 people. Since Branson purchased the island, there has been an increase of 33233 percent of the island`s value. It was estimated at $60 million after he invested in creating it to what it was. Many famous people have stayed at the resort. This includes Mariah Carey and The Obamas. It was a terrific vacationing spot for the celebrities because it is not very populated and is very private. You are also majorly catered to, of course because of the price tag you pay for your stay. Unfortunately on September 6th, 2017 Hurricane Irma completely demolished the beautiful island. It was a category 5 hurricane and left absolutely nothing after crashing into the island. Branson was completely devastated and has said he has never seen anything like it.

6. Johnny Depp- South of France

This house has gone up in value majorly since the actor bought it. It was for sale in 2016 with a price tag of $63 million. Depp bought the property in 2001 for an unknown amount and within 15 years, it sky rocketed up. It is located Plan de la Tour which is very close to St. Tropez. Depp has put in over $10 million in restoring and up keeping this old property, with elements dating back to the 1800s. The property is actually a very tiny village on it`s own. It is 10,000 square feet and home to 15 bedrooms and 14 bathrooms. The main house is 4,300 square feet and has 5 bedrooms. On the property, what was an old church was actually reconstructed to be a guest house. The confessional booth was even turned into a closet. This estate does not just stop there. It has a pool, an entire art studio and it`s very own restaurant that Depp named Café Marcheline. All those dollars from Pirates of the Caribbean really do pay off because Depp is no doubt living the good life and very large in his own European world. Can we come for a visit?

5. Armani- Yacht

When it comes to lavish homes for the ultra rich, why stop at just a mansion? A traveling fancy home is a step up when you truly have made it big. Take Georgio Armani for example, he is a self made billionaire and leader of the fashion world and he has chosen this luxurious traveling home. His yacht is one of the most recognized and lavish boats built. It took over two years to build and cost $60 million. It has a style that immolates his fashion line, clean, minimalistic and sleek. It has a very dark green color and is nothing like the regular white yachts normally seen, his is a step above and exudes sleekness. He believes in spoiling himself at this stage of his life and buying this yacht definitely proves that. Inside there are several rooms, a modern look and a beautiful fire place. He allows models to soak up the sun on the deck while he is not on it and is pretty much living the dream. He finds the boat to be a refuge, where he can escape and really relax. He has rules for those who stay on the boat, it is very regimented much like the army, but it probably is really worth following the rules at the end of the day.

4. George Cloony- Lake Como, Italy

You may be familiar with this residence because of its widely popular and recent exposure during Clooney`s famous wedding. The couple spent time in Italy and no doubt put their feet up at this amazing location in Lake Como. Also known as Villa Oleandra in Laglio, this stunning eighteenth century home is under ownership of Clooney since 2002. The mansion includes 25 rooms, an outdoor theatre, pool, tennis court, garage and so much more. It even has its own personal pizza room, because of course the house is in pizza’s homeland. He paid 11.7 million euros for it in 2002. Clooney even had some of the scenes for the hit movie Ocean`s Twelve to be filmed around the area of the home. That is what I can mixing your personal life and business perfectly. The downside to this luxurious mansion is that when you are a celebrity, the paparazzi always find you. They can often be seen camped out in boats with their cameras waiting for a great shot. This home is known as a famous hideaway for celebrities. Frank Sinatra and Ava Gardner even came to unwind and relax here in the past. It is no wonder Clooney loves to spend his time here with his family.

3. Pharrel- South Beach

This Miami pad is definitely unique and very recognizable inside. It is filled with amazing art, bright white color and to die for amenities. Pharrell recently put the home on the market for a price lower than he bought it originally. He bought it for $12.525 million and listed it for $10.999 USD. This large home includes five bedrooms, seven bathrooms, is 9000 square feet. You can take a dip on the rooftop pool and enjoy views that encompass a 360 degree view of Miami! The one thing that Williams chose to take with him when he chose to leave the home is the amazing art collection that came with it. The art collection encompasses a modern feel and inspired Williams to even design a chair and got the ball rolling with his artistic side. It is the perfect place for a musician as they are really creative and artsy. This beautiful living space will never have any trouble selling because of its appeal. You can enjoy the beautiful hot sunshine in vibrant South Beach. If you do not want to be out on the party scene, you can relax in the privacy of your own space in this amazing place.

2. Taylor Swift, Rhode Island

This is one of the most beautiful homes in Rhode Island and it belongs to pop sensation Taylor Swift. This pile of bricks is 11,000 square feet and has a price tag of $17.75 million! You can often find paparazzi pictures of Swift with her friends at the mansion. She often throws lavish parties here on for all of her equally famous friends. This home has eight bedrooms, pool and eight fire places and much more. The home includes close access to a beach, that is in talks of being made private just for the residence. This home is very impressive and comes with astonishing views and is actually perched about 20 metres from the highest point on the island. Apparently since she moved in, there have been trespassers who have swam up to the property knowing she lives there. She has since put up a sign reading: “I knew you were trouble when you walked in, no trespassing” It was quite a quirky sign as it includes lyrics from one of her famous songs. If you are lucky enough to be part of Taylor’s squad, maybe you will score an invite to one of her amazing parties thrown at this huge property.

1. Bruce Willis- Turks and Caicos

This area is known as Parrot Cay and is home to the famous Pulp Fiction star. He lives on an island that is home to a boutique hotel and private villas, one of which he owns. This is all on a private island in Turks and Caicos. In order to access the island, one must take a short 45 minute boat ride from the main land to get to this secluded paradise. Other famous celebrities who have been on the island include Keith Richards and Donna Karan. There are 1000 acres of beautiful sand beaches, coral reefs, wetlands and green nature. There is access to snorkeling, scuba diving, massages, yoga classes and around the clock impeccable service. If one choses to stay in the hotel and who are not as rich and lucky as Bruce Willis, the cost of a room per night can range from $1000 to $24,000 USD per night! There is amazing food including fresh fruit and fish locally. Willis combines the luxury of hotel living with private living. It is the perfect combination for a famous celebrity looking to relax in private but still be majorly pampered and feel like they are in paradise. Parrot Cay definitely provides all of that!

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