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10 Facts About Chelsy Davy, Harry’s Ex


10 Facts About Chelsy Davy, Harry’s Ex

From dating one of the heirs to the British throne to owning a flourishing jewelry collection, Chelsy Davy has been living the dream. The Zimbabwean born business woman shot into the limelight when she was romantically involved with one of the sons of late Princess Diana. She looked out of place in the British Royal circle but managed to capture the heart and attention of Prince Harry at least for the duration that their relationship lasted. Although that relationship made her the cynosure of all eyes, she was able to still keep a low profile. She has been devoid of any scandal or controversies. She still maintains a cordial relationship with the now married Prince Harry and has kept her personal life shrouded in secrecy.

Chelsy Davy has been able to achieve a lot and live a normal life without being in the radar of the press and paparazzi. She owns a business that has continued to grow in leaps and bounds, been involved in political advocacy and has never been shy of her roots. This has made fans and a lot of people wanting to know more about her. Here are 10 interesting and relatively unknown facts about Chelsy Davy.

10. Hails from Zimbabwe

Not many people actually know that Chelsy Yvonne Davy is originally from Zimbabwe. Chelsy was born to a white landowner Charles Davy, and a former beauty queen. This may be because she is white and has the attributes and features of the British. However, she has Welsh ancestry. Her forefathers originally hailed from present-day Wales but migrated to the Southern part of Africa at the height of British hegemony and superiority in Africa. She was given birth to on the 13th of October 1985 in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. She has a younger brother, Shaun.

Chelsy has spoken extensively of her growing up in Zimbabwe during the political hegemony of ousted dictator, Robert Mugabe. Although she didn’t experience much of the sufferings and hardship of the Mugabe era because of the wealth and affluence of her white father, she still was vocal about the plight of her people. She even expressed delight and relief when Mugabe was eventually forced out of power. Chelsy’s growing up in Zimbabwe was secluded because of the large expanse of land which her father had. She spent most of her childhood in safari parks and encountered lots of wildlife like elephants, snakes, birds and other beautiful creatures.

9. Daughter of a Wealthy Businessman

Chelsy is from a very wealthy family. Her father, Charles Davy, is one of the richest businessmen in the whole of Zimbabwe. He is reputed to be one of the largest landowners in the Southern African country. Charles Davy is reported to own over 800,000 acres of land in Zimbabwe. Her father has a wide range of businesses, including transportation, housing, and agriculture, but is widely known for owning some safari companies in Zimbabwe.

These safaris attract thousands of tourists from all around the world every year. Chelsy grew up in these safaris and was totally bereft of the suffering that characterized her homeland during the Mugabe era. Many also observed that her father’s involvement in the wildlife trade, which was a part of Harry’s charity, could be responsible for their break up. Charles Davy was also a partner of a popular politician in Zimbabwe, Webster Shamu. Charles Davy was heavily criticized for his involvement with a politician who was dogged with allegations of corruption and embezzlement of public funds. Chelsy’s father maintained his innocence and claimed that his relationship with Webster Shamu was strictly related to business. However, after widespread criticism and public outcry, her father was forced to sell his shares in the business they had shared.

8. Educated in Capetown and England

Chelsy Davy’s affluent background meant that she had access and resources to study at some of the best institutions in the world. Her access to the best educational facilities also boosted those who flocked into her social circle. Davy was educated in England and South Africa. She was briefly educated at Cheltenham College in London. When she left Cheltenham College, she proceeded to Stowe School. Stowe School was located in Buckinghamshire, not too far away from Buckingham Palace. She studied economics at the University of Cape Town where she bagged a Bachelor’s degree. Devy spoke of her time in Cape Town as quite challenging and tough. Despite wealth and connections of her father, she was still subjected to a hard time in Cape Town and this made her tough. Not satisfied with an economics degree, she proceeded to Leeds University in a bid to expand her horizons. She enrolled in law at the University in Leeds. She eventually earned her law degree (LLB) in 2009.

Chelsy Davy is a deeply motivated individual and was passionate about her dreams. She eventually left her practice as a lawyer to learn how to make jewelry. She studied gemology at the Gemological Institute of America.

7. Dated Prince Harry for 7 Years

Chelsy Davy dated Prince Harry from 2004 to 2010. The two of them were introduced to each other courtesy of a mutual friend in England. This was when Chelsy was pursuing her law degree at Stowe College. Their relationship was always the cynosure of eyes. This was because Chelsy was not one who caught the eyes of many as a future queen or princess. Harry started dating her in March of 2004, but much of their relationship that year was shrouded in mystery. They were rarely seen in public until British paparazzi pictured the two of them in December of that year. Their relationship was a long distant one at inception because Chelsy was still studying for her degree and refused to jettison her studies for the prince.

Prince Harry on his part was still undergoing military training at the Sandhurst Military Academy. They were able to spice up their relationship with occasional vacations in London and South Africa. The relationship was an off and on type and this could be traced to the fact that they were both young when they started dating. The relationship eventually hit the rocks because Harry was said to be unwilling to commit to her.

6. Practiced as a Lawyer

Her background did not stop her from pursuing her dreams. After her extensive schooling in South Africa and England, she went to law school at the College of Law in Moorgate. Chelsy then decided to put her law degree to use. She got her first big break as a lawyer when she was employed as a trainee solicitor at the prestigious London law firm, Allen, and Overy. She spent three fruitful years at the law firm, rising through the ranks and making her impact felt. At Allen and Overy, Chelsy Davy was not a practicing solicitor but was more involved in the day to day running of the firm. Chelsy was 27-years old when she started out at the law firm. Devy was earning 69,500 pounds per annum while there. She once revealed that she was inspired to study law after watching A Few Good Men.

Davy also admitted that her time as a lawyer was quite challenging and also fun. She also went on to reveal that it gave her some experience and lessons, which were later useful when she wanted to venture into her own business.

5. Owns a Jewelry Line

Despite her romantic involvement with Prince Harry, Chelsy refused to give up on her dreams. She was determined to carve out her own niche. She aspired to be a model and had deep interests in fashion designing. After resigning from her job as a lawyer, she decided to start up her own jewelry company known as AYA. The AYA collection is inspired by the beautiful gemstones and natural terraces that shaped most of Chelsy’s growing up in Africa. In order to make her business world class, she realized she needed training and the best expertise to bring her ideas into fruition. She proceeded to the USA to get a degree in gemology at the prestigious Gemological Institute of America.

The inspiration for some of her collections can be traced to Zambia, Mozambique and Tanzania, where she got the gemstones for AYA. Chelsy has also collaborated with Gemfields to help her make her preferred designs a reality. She has also in the past revealed that AYA is a jewelry brand that wants to tell the story of Africa and make the whole world know that the continent is indeed made up of beautiful culture, land and precious stones.

4. Was a Victim of Gun Violence in South Africa

Since the abolition of apartheid in the 90s, gun violence has been a recurring problem in South Africa. Chelsy was a victim of gun violence during her time at the University of Cape Town. Davy was exposed to a lot of information and was aware of the high level of crime in South Africa, but she was assured of the security in the cape coast and this informed her decision to further her education in South Africa. She has described that encounter a one of the most traumatic experiences of her life. She was not used to that violent and crime infested environment.

Davy revealed that she was celebrating with her friends and classmates after her grueling studies in school. They had just finished defending their dissertations and decided to go out and celebrate. Gunmen lunged at their table and ordered them to march out. They were subjected to a very degrading and dehumanizing experience. She revealed that she and her friends were asked to lie down on the floor and were thoroughly frisked for cash and other valuables. Throughout the duration of the assault, the gunman pointed a gun at them and threatened to shoot whoever raised his or her head up. Their assailants were never found and she was pretty shaken by the experience.

3. Devy is Press Shy

Chelsy Davy has also stated in the past that she did not like the media presence that trailed her relationship with Prince Harry. She was not comfortable with the spotlight that came with dating a member of the British Royal Family. She was constantly being followed by the press when she first started dating Prince Harry. A lot of mystery surrounded their relationship at times. She did everything possible to limit her public appearances with him. Pictures of them did not emanate until almost a year into their relationship.

She wanted their relationship out of the press because she was still schooling and did not want it to derail her education. She once revealed to the Times that paparazzi were constantly trailing her to school and even her apartment. Every one of her moves and actions was scrutinized by the press. She said she found it “crazy and scary and uncomfortable.” Devy has also claimed that not every person who lives a normal life could have a romantic relationship with a royal. It was the constant harassment and scrutiny from the media that made her to call time on her relationship with Prince Harry. She could not handle the attendant public life that came along with the relationship. No matter how nice the relationship was.

2. Loves Wildlife and Travelling

Devy had an eventful childhood growing up among wildlife in her father’s enormous safari. She was in daily contact with animals. She had a hyena as a pet and was emotionally attached to the pet after it lost both parents. She noted that at her pre-school there were a lot of monkeys present and she and her friends became used to them. Her father’s expansive safari was home to a lot of animals like giraffes, lions and other wildlife. Dangerous species of snakes were also a feature and she had an encounter with a particular one landed on her head while she was playing around in the safari.

Since the end of her relationship with Prince Harry and coupled with the fact that she has her own businesses, Chelsy Davy has more time on her hands these days. She is now more of a travel blogger. She has documented her travels and vacations on Instagram. Her pictures on Instagram include photos of zebras and other animals on her recent trip to Zambia. She has also documented pictures from her visits to the Amazon and the Bahamas and other parts of Southern America.

1. Rumored Engagement to Charles Goode

She was once rumored to be engaged to a jeweler, Charles Goode. She fell in love with Charles after her relationship with Prince Harry came to an end. Charles Goode fit the profile of the kind of man she wanted because he had a relatively low profile. Goode was someone who would not attract the kind of press that accompanied her romance with Prince Harry. He was also someone involved in a business that she has a vested interest in. Charles is the great-grandson of the jeweler who created Goode & Son who have been in the bespoke jewelry business for three generations.

She was even set to announce plans to marry him as far back as 2014. There were even pictures of them from their vacation circulating on the Internet. The pair vacationed in Malawi, Mozambique and Kenya, climbing to the top of Mount Mulanje, where it is thought Charles asked Chelsy to marry him. This further added fuel to the marriage rumor. Society wondered if Chelsy would invite her former beau to the nuptials. Unfortunately, the engagement was called off in 2015, and Chelsey has since been linked with other suitors.

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