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10 Facts About Brie Larson We Bet You Didn’t Know


10 Facts About Brie Larson We Bet You Didn’t Know

Who is Brie Larson? This 28-year-old actress who seems to have come out of nowhere, has been standing out in the independent field for several years now and is preparing for stardom. Brie has won the Oscar for the independent film Room, a surprising film that stands out for the great performances of Brie Larson and the boy Jacob Tremblay. Yet, it’s only natural for us to want to know more about this beauty. Not even the most conservative artists can keep their deepest thoughts and moments close to home. Here are some facts we bet are not so well known about the young actress:

10. Used the media in her favor

After winning her Oscar, she always said that when she returned home she would be the same. Having innocent thoughts of going to take out the trash, feed her dogs and clean their poop. The awards are recognitions and that fills her soul because they show her that she has managed to connect with others, something she never thought she could do. Most stars don’t have the same train of thought. They aim for the high life while Brie has surely demonstrated the contrary.

At school she did not stand out because of her beauty, nor was she the most popular, she went unnoticed, “as if she did not exist”. She perceived confidence in her peers and believed that she was only “a sea of confusion”. She found cinema and began to release and explore those feelings that she was terrified to experience in real life. With Room, she was brought back to moving from California to Los Angeles to settle with her mother and sister in a small room similar to the one where she was in captivity in this film. The three of them slept in the same bed and ate noodles every day.

9. She is a friend of Shailene Woodley

Later, she landed in the series United States of Tara with Toni Collette and a role in the films Don Jon, 21 Jump Street and The Spectacular Now, where she became inseparable from Shailene Woodley. She claims that when Shai and her first met, it was a boom, they understood each other instantly and were the beacon of the other. Something like the always focused light that guides you home, Larson confessed. In Brie, she immediately recognized another strong female spirit, they always felt different, and suddenly, when they met, everything went well, in fact, it was great, Woodley said.

They represent the new model of Hollywood stars, vegans and activists, more concerned with the world around them than with the lights that focus on them. Shailene Woodley has no fixed home and moves from couch to couch of friends, while Larson lives in a house in the hills of Los Angeles without mobile coverage and devotes most of the time to her great passion, typography (she has already designed several fonts). Some people paint, others read. She finds calm focusing on the curves and jagged lines in letters. Both have achieved success in a world that has eluded everything possible.

8. She was a singer and a Disney girl

Her real name is Brianne Sidonie Desaulniers but she calls herself Brie Larson. She was crowned Best Actress for her work in Room (Lenny Abrahamson) when she won her first Oscar. Larson was educated at home before studying acting at the American Conservatory Theater in San Francisco and debuted at age 9 with a skit on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.. She began her career as an actress on television, appearing as a regular in the 2001 comedy Raising Dad, for which she was nominated for a Young Artist Award.

She was the first to experiment with the Disney car stories in Right on Track (2003), but when Lindsay Lohan released Herbie her brilliance was overshadowed. However, before becoming Actress Larson, she was a singer with a brief impact. Her first album, ‘Finally out of P.E’ (Physical Education), was released in 2005 and the title was dedicated to the high school teacher who made life difficult for her every day. “I’m finally out of P. E,” she explained about the album’s title in an interview. Since her success as an actress exceeded that of a singer, she has put aside her musical career since, as she has confessed, she did not want to “play characters every day and be a pop star on weekends”.

7. She is an advocate for sexual assault victims

Brie Larson is one of many in Hollywood who has pointed out problems of harassment and discrimination against women in the movie mecca. Remember that she refused to congratulate Casey Affleck for his Oscar obtained for Manchester by the Sea due to accusations of alleged sexual harassment. Talk about an awkward awards ceremony. Now, something very close to the actress detonated an alarm signal, although there is no conclusive evidence about it.

Cinefamily is a film venue where cinema is shown and funds are raised to contribute to different humanitarian funds. The actress founded a support center for women in this place, but all this is at stake because Hadrian Belove, co-founder of the place and Shadie Elnashai, vice president of its board of directors resigned before a scandal by leaking an anonymous email that shows accusations about a case of harassment that occurred in 2014 and that involves both individuals. According to Variety’s information, that situation was solved through legal means.

6. She embraced her role in Room

She prepared intensely to be Joy. The film tells the story of Joy, kidnapped by a man who gets her pregnant, gives birth to Jack (Jacob Tremblay) in captivity and creates an ideal world for her son. She went to retreats of silence to better understand what went through the mind of that woman who was two years in complete solitude. She met with a trauma specialist, investigated abuses and rapes, put together an album with newspaper clippings and spoke with victims of kidnappings. Talk about being in character outside of work.

She focused on the physical aspects of Joy’s life. She thought about the wear and tear of her body: her nutrition was poor, she did not have vitamin D, nor shampoo or anything that’s considered normal and necessary to have a regular life. Remembering the muffled cries of her mother after the divorce of her father when she was a child helped her to get close to her character and even was inspired by that bond to create it. Brie Larson displays commitment and true professionalism to reach these frontiers in order for her work to be excellent.

5. It is not her real name

We are used to hearing the names of singers and famous actors on television, radio and the news, but the truth is that not all the names we hear are real. At some point, we have wondered why only people with a strange name seem to triumph. Why don’t people with common names like García succeed? Well, it has a really simple explanation; most famous people change their name to adopt an ‘artistic name’ that helps them succeed. Sometimes it is because it is catchy, sometimes because their real names are very complicated but the truth is that it happens more than we think.

There are to stories of why and how she decided to change her name from Brianne Sidonie Desaulniers to Brie Larson. The first story says that she became known because her surname of French origin was difficult to pronounce: Larson is the surname of her great-grandmother. The second, told by her to Jimmy Fallon, rises from a photo of her childhood with the American Girl doll. Larson said that she owes changing her name to the doll since the name of it is Kirsten Larson.

4. Her boyfriend is a Californian rocker

The actress explained about the affinity she shares with her boyfriend, Alex Greenwald, the lead singer of the band Phantom Planet and how they both share a great love for art and for history, especially for the Renaissance. The young man is not well known, but one of the songs of his band, ‘California’, was the main theme of the series ‘The O.C’, one of the great television hits of early 2000. Before being with Greenwald, she dated a couple of handsome guys in John Patrick Amedori, from the series ‘Gossip Girl’, and Cody Linley, precisely one of the teenagers who went through the ‘Hannah Montana’ series that discovered Miley Cyrus.

Brie Larson and Alex Greenwald have been dating for a while now and got engaged recently. In 2013, her romance was confirmed at the presentation of the Gotham Independent Film Awards, when she named the musician in her speech of thanks after picking the award for Best Actress for Short Term 12. She thanked her boyfriend, Alex Greenwald, for making her pasta and taking care of their puppy while she was shooting the film. It is still unknown when and where the wedding will take place, although they may prefer to keep it secret and marry in the strictest intimacy; something that has become the latest fashion among celebrities.

3. She’s a vegan and doesn’t eat anything with gluten

Veganism is gaining ground all over the world. More and more people choose not to consume products derived from animals and adopt alternative eating habits. The reasons to convert to veganism can vary, from the defense of the rights of animals and the protection of the environment to the desire to improve the physical and the image. Although this diet has its detractors, there is no doubt that currently being vegan is the most “trendy”, and the stars of Hollywood, will not be left out. In fact, they always have to be more and Brie Larson is one of them.

Firm with her ideals, Brie Larson is one of those actresses who, when talking about her personal life in interviews, confesses to taking care of herself and the first thing she carries out rigorously is a strict diet in which vegetables and gluten-free products predominate. Although she cares about her diet, Larson has never been one of those stars who maintains an impost glamor… until now. Judging by the firms that fight to dress her, the Oscars could ‘glamourize’ her, as it has happened with other old emblems of naturalness like Jennifer Lawrence or Kate Winslet.

2. She wrote and directed short films

The press and the critics placed her as the future star of Hollywood and they were not mistaken. She was nominated for an Oscar for the first time for her role in Room, a film based on the novel by Emma Donoghue about the struggles of a woman and her child while kidnapped, and she took the statuette after beating Cate Blanchett, Jennifer Lawrence, Saoirse Ronan, and Charlotte Rampling. Take Kleenex to see this movie, because it is not the horrors that Ma (played by Brie Larson) goes through that will bring you tears, but the love of this girl for her son and what she is willing to do for him.

She is a restless artist. She wrote and directed the short film The Arm, which premiered at the Sundance festival and won an award for the best comedy script. Moreover, she filmed another short film that had great reception on the international circuit. Larson confessed that her priority today is acting, but she will not stop exploiting her writer’s vein. Her goal is to direct her first feature film in a couple of years. Hollywood is definitely sure Larson will soon achieve that that if she wishes.

1. Forgives to move forward

In this chaotic world, she learns to walk. Her life was not the color of roses. She went through a tough childhood, her parents divorced, she moved with her mother and her sister, they made many sacrifices that left scars with which she still carries. Life has a particular way of demonstrating the things that really matter. She trusts that the secret lies in learning to forgive, but in the deepest and most genuine way. It’s all about understanding. She finds miraculous the essence of love, friends and closeness with her parents.

Larson believes that strength can come from many things: a good night’s sleep, a delicious meal, laughter, forgiveness and mostly anything that is taken for granted in life. She feels blessed by the family she has, the friends, the man she chose and her dogs, Bowie and Jonathan Nature, which are another escape for her. With two pals like those, what else do you need? When stressed, she concentrates on a plant, observes how it grows when it is in the shade and how it twists to find light. It is the same way she lives her life.

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