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10 Dumb Horror Movie Activities

Horror movies can be quite disturbing to watch sometimes. But to others, horror movies for them are one of the world’s famous genres. Each story gives them the chills and excitement as they watch each terrifying scene. As years pass by, a lot of improvements, in terms of costumes, props, cinematography and visual effects can be seen. There are many factors that greatly affect the viewers as to why they are so into watching horror movies. People love the excitement of being scared biologically because it is not everyday that we experience such feelings. There is really a fantasy feeling of being in another dimension when wanting to see a horror movie, but sometimes, there are some scenes in the movie that are really mind-boggling as to why the plot turns out the way it is being shown. Here is a list of some of the 10 dumbest horror movie activities that the writers planned.

10. Hanging Out in the Dark

This scene is really questionable as to why the actors are staying in the dark. Especially if they know that the creature chasing them might just be around the corner. Any person who is in their right mind, of course, would stay out of the dark and instead join a lot of people in a group or populated area where nobody can come to eat you up. For a not so clear reason as to why these kinds of scenes happen over and over again, maybe there is a different kind of excitement that happens whenever scenes like these are part of the horror movie.

Are dark alleys, creepy undergrounds, and basements the places where one would really go if they were already scared? It is really a questionable thing to do for anyone. Like in the movie, The Blair Witch Project, why not head for the door and go outside the house instead of heading downstairs? That is why people would really expect that no one would ever survive in this movie. Also, in the movie, Lights Out, the actors and actresses are aware that the ghost would appear to get them in the dark, yet they still chose to stay there with it. Ironic as it may seem.

9. Look Around for the Weird Sounds

Now, who is not afraid of hearing creepy and unnatural sounds from somewhere? Big chances are that is that the protagonist will try to look for it, go to someplace where he or she thought that the sound is coming from. This could be a favorite part of anybody else since the excitement and tension that is growing, especially when the scary soundtrack is playing in the background. Funny thing is that they already know that these weird sounds are already signs of impending danger. But still, they opted to look around in the dark to find whatever the creepy noise was.

Again in the movie, The Blair Witch Project, the character of Heather is the one who took charge of investigating the rustling sounds she and her friends had heard in the middle of the night. So they chose to look for where the weird sounds were coming from and they left their tents. This should be the place where they would feel the safest. Another is when the young character of Cole in the movie The Sixth Sense, where he roamed around the house trying to look for the source of some sounds he hears but is already thinking that he is likely to run into one of the dead people.

8. Forget to Look if Something or Someone is in the Backseat

This time, it is not funny at all because even in reality, drivers or the ones sitting in the front of a car would tend to forget if something or someone is behind the car or in the backseat. Unfortunately, in real life people have been attacked from the backseat of their own car. Funny thing in the horror movies, the actors who are in a rush of trying to escape from someone, chooses to drive off and later finds out that the suspects, monsters, ghosts or other creature are already settled in behind them. Also, in a situation where one has the feeling that someone is following his or her moves when one is going straight to the car, it is reasonable that one would check the backseat, right?

In the movie, Interview with the Vampire, the character of Christian Slater was attacked by a vampire from the back while inside a car. Not only him, but also the female characters in the movies Urban Legend and Let Me In. These pretty actresses seemed to be naïve when it came to checking the backseats of the car they were driving. The lesson here is to always check the backseat because the plot of horror movies in scenes like these are always the same.

7. Split From the Gang

Being alone when in times of danger is really scary. So when the lead characters decide to split up in the middle of the surviving phase in the movie, it does not make sense at all because one cannot watch over the other if they are not together. If a certain creepy creature or a murderer is after somebody and is about to kill the characters one by one, then it is best to stick together. This way there would be a bigger chance to defeat it by making a group effort rather than an easy single target.

Yet, best plans in movies is for the group is still to split up and look for the perpetrator. Then one by one, they are taken down by the protagonist in the film. Maybe they do not want to be together in the end after all since they cannot think of anything better than to split up. It is really an insane move when after all the fights and escapes that the group has gone through, they will still split up and at the end, figure out that each of them will die soon. There is a certain movie where they knew that one of them is the killer, but since they split up, they have to figure out separately who is responsible for the entire dilemma. If only they were together right?

6. Scream as Much as You Can While Trying to Escape

All of us understand that in times of panic and danger, our only emotion is to be freaking scared, after all. But if a person is aware that he or she has been followed by someone who wants to kill him or her, it is better to just keep quiet and think of the best place you can go so that you can escape and be safe. This is not the thing that is happening during horror movies though, because the actors and actresses will become so noisy and scream as much as they can like they are calling for help.

In the movie, I Know What You Did Last Summer, the character of Sarah Michelle Gellar’s Helen, almost lost her mind by screaming at the top of her lungs and pounding on each door she would see, trying to find help because the killer is already after her. If she only just kept quiet and ran as fast as she could to escape, then maybe she would have survived until the end of the film. Running and screaming, especially in the remote or abandoned places most horror films take place at, is just letting the enemy know where you are.

5. Hiding in the Most Obvious Places

If someone is really scared and all that is left to do is to hide, then the place where he or she will hide ought to be a safe place. But this is not the thing that happens, especially if somebody tries to hide inside a cabinet or went under the bed. The intense fear is there because the killer is right next to you and you are afraid they should feel that you are just inches away from him or her. You just wish that the bad guy would pass by and march his way out through the room, but that definitely never happens. It makes some wonder why they can’t just run outside the house and call for help from the police, or anyone. These victims would rather hide and choose a place for hiding where it is very obvious for the killer or suspects to find them there.

Not only the places to hide from the actors and actresses are questionable, but also the endless cries and whimpers when they are hiding. Of course, the killer will know where they are hiding. It is like telling the suspects and creepy creatures to get find already.

4. Taking Off Clothing After Getting Hurt

Most of the scenes when a character gets hurt or suddenly bleeds, the first thing they want to do is to remove their clothing. Nothing is wrong with this, but it is better to have some clothes on, hurt or not because the clothes we wear act as our protection from any further harm and damage. It is normal to put pressure on the bleeding part of the body and with this, there is a need for clothes to be cut off because one became a victim of fall or serious crash, but if it is just an accident and no great injuries are present, it is a big no if the actor wants to remove every garment that he or she is wearing.

So, it is necessary for a horror movie scenes not to show more skin exposure because it could titillate the viewers. Unless it is really meant to be that way; where the plot is going that way to where the actors would do something more than just the story of getting safe. So, to all the ladies in the horror movies, because you have a scratch or hurt more than your co-actor, it is not a reason to strip off some of your garments.

3. Do the Dirty Deed in Weird Places

It is very weird to think why writers always want to include a sex act in horror movies. Maybe they just want to mix things up, especially when playing with the emotions of the audiences because it adds excitement and a thrilling feeling if there are added sexy scenes. Can someone imagine knowing that you are already in great danger, but still opted to have sex because you want to do it anyway?

Still, it is worth asking that if the characters are afraid of the situation they find themselves in and they are afraid they are going to die, is it worth trying? It is very obvious that the last thing to do for everyone is to have sex in a weird place. A funny thing to add is that when someone does have sex, either one or both of them end up being killed or probably will go through a traumatic experience since, after the act, they would later find out that their partner is the one who is trying to kill everyone. So, it would seem better to think over the scenes before portraying the characters having sex just to make viewers feel a different catch of the movie.

2. The Last Survivor is Always a Woman

Why is it that in every movie, even not a horror film, women are the sole survivors? It only goes to show that women are more capable of surviving the difficulties they encounter. Not just in movies, but in real life as well. Take for example in the movie, Ouija where there is a group of friends and they must conquer their fear to defeat the dark power of an ancient board game that is being haunted and lead by a spirit. In this specific group of friends, the leader Olivia Cooke was the sole survivor of the movie. Also, Sally from the movie, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, she made it until the end of the movie by setting aside her own fears and fought for her survival.

The genre like horror where females are the lead actors has been a big success over the years. There are a lot of films that were chosen to be a good example of showing women pushing bold new directions in life. Many movies show that women can get through the chaos that is destroying the whole universe. This goes to tell everyone that instead of men, women are bold, brave and complex and more to that, they can still act terrified and succeed.

1. Stumbling Over and Over Again

It normally happens to those who are not aware of the surroundings, especially when one is aware that he or she is facing a dilemma where a killer will do harm to him or her. In some parts of a movie, there will be a time when a character suddenly cannot walk or even stand to save themselves from a creepy villain who is after him or her. The character needs to survive the terrifying scenes with nobody but themselves to conquer the bad things coming after them.

Many viewers call these kinds of scenes “frantically trying to get away or escape from the enemy,” but the problem is that the lead character suddenly forgets how to walk. If these kinds of scenes are happening, one would really go insane because one can see the reality that the character has difficulty helping oneself out. Other scenes are when a character is running as fast as she can but suddenly tripps or stumbles upon something and this can really create a lot of suspense. A woman wearing high heels is dying to run but forgets the fact that she is wearing the wrong kind of shoes.

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