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10 Dramatic Celebrity Weight Losses

Hollywood is a place where all eyes are on you. Being a celebrity means that you are constantly followed, disected and watched. Every little detail of your personal and professional life is under a microscope. It is no surprise that your physical appearance is monitored like crazy when you are a superstar. Despite however the critics that are making note of any weight gain or loss of celebrities look, they will always be ruthless. Celebrities are humans too and despite them seeming like they are living the dream, reading or hearing about how bad or good they look affects them greatly. It is never nice to hear how much weight you have gained and how your life is spiraling out of control and the weight gain is a result of it. Society idolizes dramatic and amazing weight losses by celebrities and the average joe. Celebrities have it a bit easier also when it comes to losing weight. They can afford to pay private trainers and have healthy meals cooked by professionals and meal plans set up. This is what it takes to lose weight, proper exercise and a healthy diet. Let`s  take a good look at the following celebrities and scale their dramatic weight losses…

10. Christina Aguilera

When Christina first came onto the scene, she was as tiny as a twig! She was never shy to flaunt her slim figure with really revealing clothing that was barely there. Her most shocking appearance was when she went through her raunchy phase in releasing her hit song Dirty. She was pretty much almost naked in the music video and had people`s jaws dropping. She was wild, crazy and out of control and did not care at all what anyone thought. This mindframe definitely came in handy when the blonde celeb gained a bunch of weight. Over the years Christina’s weight has fluctuated, and nobody failed to notice. In 2012, she plateaued to a major weight gained that was significant enough for her to decide that it was time to take control in her appearance once again. She began a fresh diet program which limits one`s eating to 1600 calories per day in order to limit what is going in one`s body. She commited to limiting her alcohol consumption, avoiding sugary snacks, eating at her favourite restaurants and limiting her dairy intake. Thankfully the pop princess bounced back from her weight gain and is looking more fabulous than ever and keeps her fans always wanting more!

9. Fifty Cent

Fifty Cent majorly turned heads when he dropped over fifty pounds dramatically. He was barely recognizable! He actually did this in order to act in the film Things Fall Apart about a high school football player who gets diagnozed with cancer. The photographs released were shocking. When we think of this rapper, we remember his buldging muscles that he showed off in his music videos with him working out. He has gone on to pursue other career moves aside from rapping which includes acting. He shows his dedication to the craft of acting by pushing his body to the limits. He lost the weight really rapidly by going on a liquid diet for nine weeks. We are not sure how healthy this diet is because it seems like a major shock to the system. Not only did he lose a huge amount of weight quickly for this role, he also got tattoos removed for it. For some reason, this acting role really spoke to Curtis Jackson AKA Fifty Cent because he went all out in the most physical way possible. He is back to his regular weight and full of big muscles again and is happy to not be starving anymore!

8. Mama June

This lady took the world by storm when she was featured on the TLC show Toddlers and Tiaras with her daughter Alana. They were the stereotypical southern rednecks and the world became obsessed with them. They ended up getting their own show and skyrocketed to fame. Mama June was known for her grotesque appearance and Hollywood changed her drastically. She was transformed into a hottie from a nottie. Her weight loss was featured on television as she worked rigorously with a trainer, changed her diet dramatically and got surgery. She has stunned everyone and has a boat load of new found confidence. She went all out with dental work and dying her locks platinum blonde. She has posed for many magazines showcasing her new look and body happily. She even emulated the famous Baywatch look with a red one piece bathing suit running down the beach as a pretend lifeguard. Her dramatic weight loss was documented in a seven episode series called Mama June: From Not to Hot! It was not all sunshine and roses, it was a really intense and scary process for Mama June. She has said: “This surgery is the scariest thing I’ve ever done, but I mean, there is a skinnier person inside of me.”

7. Seth Rogen

Funny man Seth Rogen makes the list and it is well deserved. It is not all fun and games for this hilarious actor. It must have been difficult for this stoner to curb his munchies during his weight loss, because he smokes a lot! He shaped up for his role in the movie Green Hornet. In ten weeks he was able to lose 30 pounds. He completely altered his eating habits and went on a serious diet allowing him to shed all the pounds. He looks slender and handsome and has a way different look than the usual chubby,funny man. He would eat five times a day and would have really high fiber meals. His meals were designed to keep him with a lot of energy, so that the drastic food change would not slow him down during his busy days. An example of the breakfast he would have includes: eggs, hemp seeds, salmon, oatmeal and veggies. He would work out five days per week and would occasionally take all natural fat burners. He would work out for 45 minutes per time and would always try to increase his weight in weight lifting. The results are awesome and all of his hard work paid off!

6. Khloe Kardashian

This Kardashian did such a phenomenol job at losing weight that she even got her own show out of it! Klhoe hosts and stars in the show Revenge Body which showcases different people following a diet and exercise routine to lose weight. The people are desperately in need of a body change and Khloe helps coach them into positively changing their lives. She is currently pregnant, but did not forget how to take care of herself and has not gained all of her weight back because of the baby. Her diet is very strict and does not include any dairy, fizzy drinks, soy products, dried fruit or juice. She makes sure that every day she drinks tons of water, Kardashian drinks up to 5 litres of water per day! She will only allow herself one cheat meal per week and does not dedicate an entire day to a cheat. Her cheats include pizza, pasta or some cake. In terms of alcohol she will only have a maximum of two glasses. She also chooses to never eat carbs after 3 PM.She exercises five times per week and has her routines down pat. There is no question that this is the best that Khloe has ever looked and felt!

5. Snooki

Nicole Polizzi AKA Snooki from The Jersey Shore has completely transformed over the years. She was first introduced to us at a much heavier weight, full of booze and self proclaimed life of the party. She was wild, crazy and living the complete opposite life than she is today. She is currently married with two kids and has never looked better. She claims that she works out the way she does in order to keep up with her kids and be an energetic mom. She goes to the gym and works out with her private trainer a minimum of four times per week for 45 minute sessions. She also had a customized diet created for her in order to keep everything on track and claims that she eats a lot of grilled vegetables, chicken and turkey. Most of her side dishes for her meals always ends up being a salad. She loves the buddy system which helps keep her motivated. She works out with her sister in law as well as with her husband. She says that she does not love working out with her husband that much because he is lazy and will only lift small weights.

4. Kelly Osbourne

It is absolutely amazing the transformation that Kelly Osbourne has had over the years. She looks and acts like a completely different person. Her days of schlepping around like a gross punk with a bad attitude are totally over. She has blossomed into a very respectable lady and her fashion sense has improved. This new wardrobe has come after a dramatic 70 pound weight loss. She has said that she is the most secure and content that she has ever felt in her life. She works out every single day and does a minimum of half an hour of cardio each day. She will run on the treadmill or do pilates or yoga. She actually credits toning up and getting in shape to a hula hoop! She says that her waist size has gone down and her arms feel stronger because of it! She actually started a group with people in her building where they all hula hoop together. Instead of rocking out at the club like she use to, she hula hoops her with pals. She laughs that they are all sore the next day and got a good work out in with their hula hoops. You go girl!

3. Jennifer Hudson

Jennifer Hudson wow-ed the world when she dropped 80 pounds and looks better than ever! There is more than just losing all the weight, sometimes the bigger challenge is keeping it off. Her size dropped dramatically from a size 16 to a size 6! It has been seven years since she lost all of the weight and she is maintaing her improved look very healthy. She credits her weight loss to watching what she eats because she does not have a lot of time to work out. Some people just do not like working out, it just is not for them. Monitoring what you eat makes the bigger difference in weight loss anyways. She insists that she does not ban certain foods. She is all about portion control. She never wants to be on a diet where she cannot eat pizza or pasta or carbs. She is very mentally aware and strong when it comes to her dieting and eating habits. When she snacks she will choose to have some popcorn, a small piece of chocolate, apples or spoonfuls of peanut butter. She has found a balance and regime that works for her and she looks totally great since her big change!

2. Kristie Alley

This star was once famous for her amazing figure and good looks when she was in her prime. She starred in the major hit television show Cheers as well as the funny movie Look Who`s Talking. Over the years, unfortunately she ballooned up and gained a pile of weight. Thankfully, she was able to knock it all off with the help of Jenny Craig. In her 60`s this star finally learned to discipline herself. Back in the day, it would be too easy to run to the sugar and cookies and sweets, which is definitely her weakness, but times have changed. Her trick to her success is counting calories. She does not deprive herself from any taboo foods, but she does watch the amount of her intake and plans accordingly. She has also said that she has become a lot more physical over the years and loves to get active. She will take bike rides outdoors or do some yoga or dance classes. She does admit she does not like to go to the gym, so the classes are a perfect alternative for her lifestyle. Instead of being bored on the tredmill she enjoys herself and has fun in her classes.

1. Gordon Ramsay

This weight loss came as a total shocker to the public. First of all when you are as good a chef as Ramsay is, it can be very difficult to make healthy choices with all of the temptation constantly in front of you at work. He is constantly taste testing and surrounded by amazing food, that it was no wonder he was not very slim and trim. His wife was actually the motivation behind his 50 plus pound weight loss. Surprisingly, Gordan admits that he suffered from low self- esteem, which seems really hard to believe if you have ever watched Hell`s Kitchen. He was not happy with the way he looked and felt bad that his wife had to climb in bed with someone who was so overweight. He began working out like crazy and eating better in fear of his health declining due to his weight. He rides bikes in his home with his trainer for an hour and works out at least 3 times a week. He has even released a cooking book aimed at healthy choices that he approves. He looks better than ever, feels better than ever and there is no doubt that his wife approves this improved chef.

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